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33 Most Painful Quotes That Will Make You Cry For Sure - Hard Time Quotations

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Aliah Edrosolo (10 hours ago)
I don't want to be weak so i avoid things that will lead to pain... But pain is actually a part of life that no one can avoid. and i realized a strong person will face pains, not run from it, and will be able to overcome it, and keep going in life.
Sangeeta Bisht (1 day ago)
Damn true I am still crying
Pandi Lepcha (2 days ago)
Everyone only can see my smil.. They naver no... How I feel.. Outside yeah m still smiling bt inside day hy day m daying
Liliana Iacob (2 days ago)
no pain who love are togheter doesn t matter the way how they will do
Krishnaiah Rangaiah (3 days ago)
Deepak I love you
Suman Etwareea (3 days ago)
the greatest pain is when someone goes away from ur life without saying anything, just disappear
khan Amyrahh (3 days ago)
There are two types of pain 1 . pain that hurts you and 2. Pain that changes you So I'll go with the pain that changes me because of your bloody idiots friends advice and your comparing me with your office lover's n now i really knows that how u r so now I'm not at all interested in you n there's no place in my life for you n your sorry so don't wait for me ,live your life as you want n need just stay away from me, I'm very much happy in my life. N i really don't want a guy who changes me the way I'm n after meeting or chatting with new girl's why guys r trying to changing me , I'm i really fed up with you and you always irritate me
Ram Taganna (4 days ago)
For you to overcome the pain...? Try to move on ..
uchiha rose (4 days ago)
I just want to recover myself from all that pain💔😢
Sam Berens (4 days ago)
All of this is true for me :'( #broken
Greek Geek Gamer Girl (4 days ago)
I actually almost cried
Wanb Khongwar (5 days ago)
Abhi Gangwar (6 days ago)
feel Paın know Paın contemplate Paın accept Paın... . Without Paın there can be no true peace.. . This world shall know Paın.
Rogelio Ayala (6 days ago)
I'm a have to go with, when you likey wingy for 400 Alex please
Depressed Stranger (6 days ago)
Behind my smile is a hurting heart. Behind my laugh,I'm falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see, the girl i am .........isn't me.
maria mistretta (7 days ago)
Everything happen for a reason doesnt matter when its the past. Who care of the past is gone get over it. To answer the question there no different both would hurt the same way happen to everyone in life. Just because people hurt people doesn't mean that right or cool. Just because people make bad choose doesn't mean every person is terrible person. Each people in life got there own shit to deal with find ways to deal with it. But those who do wrong to me I don't forgive. Obviously where lesson that might be like bee strings. Some people hold to it when just, get over it and move on. People should stop blaming or assusing or accusing.
Zakir Rashid (7 days ago)
That's a real hard one as I don't know what the other is feeling
Subhadeep Dutta (7 days ago)
The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.Guess I am going through one after 7 years of courtship we married but she left me after 7 months into marriage without any explanation. It's the pieces I pick up every day which are scattered all over to repeat it again and again.
xXMEME KINGXx (7 days ago)
I relate to everything in this video :(
Nikita Mercy (7 days ago)
2:10 👍 2:31 4:51😔
Nikita Mercy (7 days ago)
Idk why i found this today
Anjali Premkumar (8 days ago)
The most painful memory, when I walked away and you let me go
Nim Kaur (8 days ago)
Reuben Lorrin (8 days ago)
Ouch....real talk
Gage Hogg (8 days ago)
It’s more painful when someone you trust hurts you I’m a very trusting and gullible so I believe everything my friends tell me so when someone abuses my trust it hurts a lot
Ranjita Udaseen (8 days ago)
Music ❤❤❤❤❤😘🔥
Judith Nomislap (10 days ago)
Its more painful... When u have a dysmenorhea😂😂😂
gnanaambika r (10 days ago)
2:11 that happened
gnanaambika r (10 days ago)
0:36 it's true
rosé aest (11 days ago)
What‘s more painful? : When a person whom you trusted hurts you
Heal Me (11 days ago)
What's more painful?..hmm for me It's the person whom you trust,hurts you..
Tanisha Purohit (12 days ago)
I am so so broken deep inside
Mahjabeen Bhatti (13 days ago)
you don't know pain until you're staring at yourself in the mirror with tears in your eyes begging yourself to just hold and be strong..,😦
BLESSED Ms Lady (14 days ago)
Shaun Davenport (14 days ago)
Horace Walpole once said:"The world's a comedy for those who think, a tragedy for those who feel". I read it 35 years ago and it's always stayed with me.
edgar martinez (15 days ago)
Move on !
Ellen Ravelli (15 days ago)
Dear sir please find my attached CV for your time and consideration
Ellen Ravelli (15 days ago)
Shut up!
Unity Omoruyi (15 days ago)
The problem I have is that am the one that love too much but at the end am always hurt heart break
Unity Omoruyi (15 days ago)
The most painful thing is that trusting some one so much with your heart and never care about it or trust you. Is like trying to put yourself on top but yet you still remain down broken heart
Alina Jugé (15 days ago)
Do somebody know what the beat/song named?
baba ji ke fundey (16 days ago)
It's more painful when you step on legos
Vijaya Kumari (16 days ago)
When a person ,whom I trusted hurts me ...I just smile ..and walk away for ever..!!
pavithra lakshmi (16 days ago)
Very nice video thanks a lot
Hyen Gemeniano (17 days ago)
Oh these are so relatable
P.A .I.N (18 days ago)
“Sometimes you must Hurt in order to know Fall in order to grow Lose in order to gain Because lifes greatest lessons Are learned through 🅿🅰🅸🅽”😘😭
Adri Amaral (19 days ago)
All very poignant and true. We aren't meant to carry pain, disappointment or sad moments alone. That is the beauty of love. Another comes along side and helps you carry it and helps you keep fighting. A shared burden. When you love... You share joy together and tears together because your heart is being held up by another. XO
Kiran K S (19 days ago)
Somethings i agree are painful and extremely difficult to take but I have much healthy take on love. But its ok,thats why feminism - to value your own philosophies not just some distinguished men.They weren't all wrong,but we women are right many times!! That is TRUE LOVE.
유독 한 차 (20 days ago)
Started crying when reminded of my old friends, I had to move far away and they were the only ones that were there for me
yathu nandurkar (20 days ago)
Here comes the pain
Mike Uscila (21 days ago)
That's why a lot of times I stay single.... but it gets lonely and depressing sometimes too....
Mike Uscila (21 days ago)
Sometimes were loyal and faithful to the wrong person at times....
Jhonny Jai (21 days ago)
2:14 it's real
simanta singha (21 days ago)
Victoria Highfill (21 days ago)
Do you want to resolve this or bask in your revenge? Revenge will only back fire on you one day. It shows your soul is full of hate. This is not love but only a little boy's way of thinking. Be a man!
TruthSword (21 days ago)
Front post-none of your business
Sheila Gunn (22 days ago)
I'm in so much pain, life doesn't seem worth it anymore. I want to die, but I don't. I just want this pain to go away.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Richard Grossguth (22 days ago)
She trusted me when I didnt I trust her now, and I made it to where she can't trust me... why did I disrespect her :(
Ayesha Mithi (22 days ago)
Every quotes are imosanal
Roshni Secret (23 days ago)
The most hurtful thing is when u love someone so much that u secretly pray for their happiness and do ur best to make them happy when they feel alone and broken but in return what u get is they take u for granted, do false promises and left u broken and alone without looking back ever.. and the worst part is u still love them and want them and have hope that they will come..😔
Jindrich & Chrizha (16 days ago)
Relate :'(
Jayashree Sreedharan (23 days ago)
don't. worry. every thing. will. be. all. right
Cindy Conception (23 days ago)
The cover ☝️for me it was the same.. two people are they same .becuz,they choose to love to hurt and to be happy . all is carrying the possibilities of everything just trust you're heart and connect always to you're mind you well gonna make it through..if you're heart speechless and you're mind is empty it means you've done enough to proved yourself that you that person too much .and if its talking about hurt it means you've done enough to love him soo deep and soo far enough to you're limits of loving someone than loving you're self.. trust me you well be fine oky.😉🙂
Sac Nik (23 days ago)
I salute you brother , people like you are the shining star of India, a short step towards upliftment.great job
Augusta Yarteh (25 days ago)
wow that a great quotes I feel the same people that will trust you; they will be the same people that will cause pain in your life.I feel it is very hard for me to trust people who have hurts me so much. They make me shame. they will regret that pain or shame they brought into my life. Powerful quotes .
Abdullah Kadri (27 days ago)
Henk Koppelaar (28 days ago)
luke evans (28 days ago)
the most painful thing is when i walk away u let me go
ChocolateLover _13 (29 days ago)
This is beautiful, thank you 💞
Puja Das (1 month ago)
How yo make some disgusting person out of your life who doesn't understand a simple no????
Puja Das (1 month ago)
I have never seen such creepy material. Do have some self respect.Have your own life
Irma Wilkins (1 month ago)
Sorry I hurt you the most beautiful line I love you
Aimee Pique (1 month ago)
It's the same pain vice versa ...the worst painful experience ever . Once trust being broken it takes time to rebuild or there maybe no other chance to rebuild. Both parties in this scenario should try to learn to forgive and see if there's is still any positive things left to keep holding on. Some people don't value trust for the people whom doesn't important to them because they just don't care the feelings if they could heart other. You will only get hurt or feel pain if someone broken your trust really matters to u. But in general as we continue to live life we need to trust whether we like it or not because we need to connect the people around us.
mary joseph (1 month ago)
I really don't have words to say when only through quotes you speak not through your heart I don't believe in quotes
Madhra AL (1 month ago)
Both! But find bliss beyond that! I'm designed to add value to People's lives ( children )! 🙏
INDIAN FRIENDS (1 month ago)
Just want to listen I am with you ....pls
shiva shiva (1 month ago)
The cure for pain is in the pain
Lynn Fernandes (1 month ago)
Robert Ilicic u are free FCUK around some more God gives the punishment AIDS and STDs. Youre a PAIN in the ARSE.
Lynn Fernandes (1 month ago)
I dont want your fake pity love.
Lynn Fernandes (1 month ago)
You deserve to eat my shit. GO FISH. U are a PIG POOFTER. U got what u deserve. I feel sorry for the way u treat your wife. KARMAwill get u. Thats why u are so screwed up. Its so sad your wife knows and puts up wt your shit. Some women will do anything just to be with a man who abuses her.
Mood Moon (1 month ago)
The worst thing about saying the truth is that they never believe you...
AL AL (1 month ago)
Hurting someone you love hurts more
Johanna Kidd (1 month ago)
Wise words
Prince Sharma (1 month ago)
I am always the one who loves more and that's my problem......... Besttttttttttt quotes
Mystic Flare (1 month ago)
1:03 actually made me cry because I know it's true.
Queen Styles (1 month ago)
I miss you... I'll never forget you
Audrey Norton (1 month ago)
Right Now I Don't Know Who To Trust. Because Some People Say That They Are Going To Change. But They Never. 🤔🤔
Heavenly Bliss (1 month ago)
The most painful thing is when I hurt someone he still loves me or trust me bcz it's the nature of the person to hurt you when you loved them the most
Neelam khalil (1 month ago)
Strong words.
Hemlata Newar (1 month ago)
Someone hurted me more than I deserve coz I loved him more than he deserved.... It
Ruhbam Bhatti (2 months ago)
I think k mery liye "The person whom u hurt, still trust u"
Mumtaz Begum (2 months ago)
The person whom u hurted still trust you is more painful.....
Barbara Martinez (2 days ago)
Can relate because my so called best friend hurt me so much and I still trusted her she never understood..that’s painful
Warren Chambers (3 days ago)
Because you willingly hurt them which is bad enough but you also some how didn't know or didn't care how much they loved you and now it is to late to take it back. So don't be a self centered pile of steaming poo and you won't have to live with regret over hurting others due to your own needs. Accept you are not special and your needs are not more important, just equally important.
Autumn Haws (7 days ago)
Nikita Mercy because, once you hurt someone, you are never able to take that back, you’ll always know that you hurt them and it’s a really hard thing to accept, if they still trust you after you have messed up you then realize that you hurt a person who is willing to give you another chance which means they would probably never hurt you the way you hurt them.
Nikita Mercy (7 days ago)
Sumaiya Akthar (1 month ago)
Really it s more painfull
ladylight walker (2 months ago)
For me,the person you trust hurts you.
Vidya Jacobs (2 months ago)
Sooo true
Cyrotix (2 months ago)
I never cry when i feel physical pain. I try to be strong at both, mental and physical. But love is the thing I am weak at..
Markesha Oree (2 months ago)
Love don't abuse
Markesha Oree (2 months ago)
The person who hurt you if you still trust that person then your and well put together young woman or man but if they don't to notice that you have always been there for them the whole time and to blind to see love hurts and it can make you happy at times but it can also tear you apart cause you thought the other person felt the same way but didn't and you sit at home looking for answer you will never find. Cause They played you or They don't care enough to come after you.
Vasanth Keerthy (2 months ago)
Giving lots of affection and getting none in return hurts more than anyone thinks
Islam N (2 months ago)
I am just a visitor here. I don't have any house here but got here many friends. My all time going on with them. every body behave with me well, it's l can't expect, some body will hurt me, I know it that's why my heart will not broken, I absolutely aware about it so nobody could make it. thanks
Waheetha Ismail (2 months ago)
It's more hurting when you expect something from ur loved one but it doesn't come back
Val Nicols (2 months ago)
it' s more painfull when when your hurt already and people take advantage of that and hurt you even more....and pretend they wanted something good for you still can't believe so much evil exists

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