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Good Money Exchange in Tokyo!

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Here it is: http://www.englishfriendlyjapan.com/money-exchange Check out our channel for hundreds more Japan videos! http://www.youtube.com/user/TheJapanChannelDcom?feature=mhee https://www.facebook.com/TheJapanChannelcom https://twitter.com/thejapanchannel Our Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/116813504834813288391/116813504834813288391/videos/p/pub Find English-friendly businesses in Japan here: http://www.englishfriendlyjapan.com/
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Mar-Works (3 years ago)
The worsted rate you can get is at your home airport, but always glad to see positive advice on what to do while in Japan, I'm sure their rates are better then what I mentioned.
Toni Mischitelli (3 years ago)
well done !
Ava. Lunar.Geisha (3 years ago)
I use to live in Seattle and I was in the airport either flying myself or picking someone up or dropping off all the time and they had an ATM machine that you could get any currency from.....it worked like a regular ATM u put ur debit card in and then you just pick your currency and how much US dollars equavalent u want and bam pops out ANY currency you want...it was the only airport I saw it in and I just thought it was the COOOLEST thing ever!!! I got yen out of it all the time ha!
Quint Rankid (3 years ago)
I guess it makes sense for a company that exchanges currency to look for foreign business. Do businesses in Japan accept any foreign currency?  Would this be more likely in a large city?  Do Post Offices take foreign currency? Hmmm.  Checking around where I live there's a place where $1 buys 108円.  I wonder if there's a way to wire transfer to Japan and back for less than 10¢/dollar. Step three: Profit.
Thank you for this one. Informative it is. 
Perdomot (3 years ago)
Excellent! Thought I would have to use an ATM again but this makes it much easier. Thanks.
CaptainFoxButt (3 years ago)
How long did it take you to be fluent in everyday Japanese?
Incubus (3 years ago)
2-3 yrs
Yuki Hill (3 years ago)
Current US Dollar to Yen Rate: 120.36 They're offer: 119.50 .86 Lost on the rate plus transaction fee.  I don't travel often but I'm assuming 1% isn't that bad of a charge unless your transferring multiple thousands of dollars.
Dream Big Productions (10 days ago)
Now the exchange rate US$1 is to 114.17 yen
John Smith (3 years ago)
Wow, I haven't checked the exchange rate for quite some time after my holiday because I know it would bug me. 145 yen for 1 Euro? I really went at the most expensive time I could, now didn't I? I got 95 yen for one Euro when I booked my hotels and rail pass and when I went it was around 110 yen.
Necsord (3 years ago)
https://azimo.com/en/send-money-to-japan.html Rates are competitive and the service is still expanding, hopefully cash pick up at locations will come soon. :)
TheJapanChannelDcom (3 years ago)
Here they are:  http://www.englishfriendlyjapan.com/money-exchange

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