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Hinrichs Trading Co. - Othello, Washington

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Featured are 2 model 4536ESCD SCAFCO Grain Systems bins which will be used for storing garbanzo beans (chickpeas). Included in the project are entrapment prevention anchor kits, a spiral stairway, roof stairs, bin sidewall catwalk supports and an all-galvanized catwalk with walkway. (2) SCAFCO 3648ESCD 36’ diameter 57’9” overall height Total capacity of the 2 bins 88,310 bushels SCAFCO Catwalk is 80’ long and 48” wide supported by SCAFCO catwalk supports. This was erected by our dealer from Hazelton, ID. Earl Reed, owner of E & C construction. Project is storing Garbanzo Beans in Othello, WA. Facility owner is Hinrichs Trading Co.
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