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Is Mining Dogecoin in February 2018 Profitable?

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Text Comments (76)
Jules Gifford (2 months ago)
With Elon Musk and Huobi adopting it we could see at least $0.01 to $1. So if you're like me and have 300k of these things you just wait. Even at $0.01, that's $3,000 more than I had prior.
Sudip Basnet (3 months ago)
thumbs up 3NqsQqNFZsRi3ipHvoUasfvb78sAHriVPu
SammyCatman (4 months ago)
its Dо̄je-coin not dо̄-geh coin or doughcoin
Abdul Malek (4 months ago)
how to mine doge in laptop or with gpu ?
Mayan Shakouri (9 months ago)
Earning a dog by investing at least 300 dogs, equivalent to $ 2. With excellent conditions and different designs and a safe and affordable payment. Through this site, a great way to earn money has been opened up to you, and you just look to earn money. So take action as soon as possible https://www.mrdigicoin.eu/?page_id=29&sponsorid=201
Hardau Daniel (10 months ago)
A mining farm . It holds over 45 cryptomones including USD. It offers a registration bonus, has 3 mining farms, namely China, Russia and USA, and New York has its central office. A link to this page is here https://bithash.cloud/Welcome/Partner/20161
Hardau Daniel (10 months ago)
Online Stock Exchange: A website where you can buy digital shares, the price of one share starts at $ 3. Once bought, the shares can be sold at a slightly higher price than the price you bought. monthly dividends, which may be higher or lower, depending on how the value of an action increases or decreases. A link to the page you find here. https://online-stock-exchange.com/r/301459
J thrasher (10 months ago)
See below if you want to pronounce it correctly..killing me smalls 🤓
J thrasher (10 months ago)
Josh Santos (10 months ago)
When i open the doge purse it says that it will take 4 years to connect to the blockchain
richard rogers (11 months ago)
hello all free doge and cloud mining free doge and real invest https://dogemoon.cc/?boss=54589 see my video for payment proof
MOEDAS DIGITAIS (10 months ago)
http://powerdoge.ru/account.php https://dogegeek.com/?r=735 https://dogemoon.cc/?boss=904
Zepplen Lives (11 months ago)
activate windows
Legendary MuRAMasa1337 (11 months ago)
Send me dogecoins random stranger! Please! DNKpTwQNg2B3WsYRC8YjRRwwbCW1MJ9uGK
Ivan Kukurudziak (11 months ago)
New cool mining site. https://xflow.cc/ref/theredone13
Dian Indrawan (11 months ago)
Try this new faucet, easy claim satoshi every 15 minutes. Find out more in the site! https://dwindly.io/nQXySa
HECTOR DUTARY (11 months ago)
Jaime Bortoni (1 year ago)
Zineddine Zouaouine (1 year ago)
i can earn up to 25 doge a day without mining !
3dw3dw (9 months ago)
@Zineddine Zouaouine which faucet?
Zineddine Zouaouine (11 months ago)
in faucet
Kk Gd (11 months ago)
Zineddine Zouaouine how?
Michał Osiński (1 year ago)
Did you try this https://dogeminer.cc/index.php?boss=159227 for mining Doge?
F U (1 year ago)
Thumbs up Btc 12s4xfiGqJMn8xtFLQfg2MrjrQ4Bmiiei3 Thanks for the great videos
Sealance (1 year ago)
What are the costs involved in doing an ICO of a new coin?
emad badrian (1 year ago)
https://dogeminer.cc/index.php?boss=76841 its a free cloud mining Dogecoin and 1DH/s free speed!!!
Ayadi Mhemdi (1 year ago)
MOEDAS DIGITAIS (10 months ago)
http://powerdoge.ru/account.php https://dogegeek.com/?r=735 https://dogemoon.cc/?boss=904
jason dixon (1 year ago)
Double your Dogecoins in 2 hours!!Deposit a minimum of 100 Dogecoins to DAMiq8ENRERs7y4AR3qdQJCA1wSVUQ3f1n
Yani Priatin Hartini (1 year ago)
keep us inform subscribe and like for ya 1FqHoCtaSMQbVbNRTMC9rB2tQWCketjTo9
Tornike Bibiashvili (1 year ago)
Yellow (1 year ago)
Doge is pronounced Though-shh
Learn Coding (1 year ago)
Best Doge Faucet :http://dogecoins.ga/faucet/
John Galt (1 year ago)
I order Chinese stuff takes about 2 weeks normally. As far as coin miners any delays are probably them mining on your equipment driving up the difficulty before you ever get it.
Hana Nurdin (1 year ago)
Was Like & SubScribe..... 16ekowQnmEMDHCiJYRnnF1NWiCLj1h337H Thanks you so Much....
David Bermudez (1 year ago)
I rather buy or trade DOGE
Prodigy Defender (1 year ago)
Dogecoin is over 100 billion in circulation now. Why is that? Thought its max supply was capped at 100 billion?
INDRANIL GUPTA (1 year ago)
My Bitcoin address 3QXYdj4VQQeD1nWyT4A7E5DhDu5rK4jvXg . Thank you so much...
Chris Chen (1 year ago)
Using my spared HD 7790 mining doge coin though. Got around 180kh/s mining at Aikapool. Thanks for the video!
ARandomGamerDude (1 year ago)
I'm mining dogecoin as we speak :3
Online money teach (1 year ago)
why not its 100% Profitable
Mike Palto (1 year ago)
Dogecoins...Best fork and Jetcoin ,LIFE same
wastelander1400 (1 year ago)
-1d64de07f4734c4c please donate so i get new gear and mining equipment!
kyecell kc (1 year ago)
AllInTest (1 year ago)
Thats nice
Марат Е (1 year ago)
http://doge-miner.ru/?i=26757 каждые 10 минут автоматом зачисляет 0.12 монет. не необходимо впрыскивать слова любой один либо крутить кран. все автоматом. . при регистрации 20 монет в дар. делитесь ссылкой с друзьями и получайте еще больше монет
Fian Bayu (1 year ago)
Nice video 1JuKGyK3TdvYY3HSJREq6ikR1m9utcX2tu
arkilium99 (1 year ago)
Awesome vid. 15EvnUNBicaXVNHajQ7U8UeGT2E9R61nWQ
scorpiomaj27 (1 year ago)
Wow, not even close to profitable, I'd lose $500 a year with my L3+.
darren jiang (1 year ago)
great video!! 1E1bqrX8QLig7RGuHGGRq9HfUXP6amFxCi
Vlasis Chatzistavrou (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on non-Bitmain ASIC miners? 1JAumZbdkEWXaHBdxtzYMcLY9opzQji4Cc
Brian Cappello (1 year ago)
Unfortunately not going to become rich mining Doge. bitcoin:1JUwP23U3981xHrL44qPryTgow4NpG5hMb
z0vc (1 year ago)
apparently bitmain just came out with a new miner called the antminer a3, or if this is an old miner, I've never seen it there before. maybe look into the profitability of that if you want
Raido Radin (1 year ago)
BigWater59 (1 year ago)
Do a video on Baikal Giant B miners please
Michael Brown (1 year ago)
USB Miners are relatively cheap, and use almost no power. Why did you so quickly brush them off as a non-viable option?
Wartime Rs (1 year ago)
Dear @techcashhouse can you make a video showing your financial progress as a youuber? A review over the analytics and growing popularity. I think it will be a good video for you. It’s about money and I’m sure your viewers will enjoy .
Schane P (1 year ago)
Truly loving the vids 1HwoY8CRtH5bXxeBpYz7vUSJRUm484bSQo
Raza Daza (1 year ago)
There will be an unlimited supply of doge, price cannot really be pumped
Kenneth Saul (1 year ago)
so you can't mine dogecoin with a gpu?
Chris Chen (1 year ago)
Kenneth Saul Doesn't worth since the dif is Alot because Asiic can mine much faster
Kenneth Saul (1 year ago)
on older vids did he say "tech crack house" or was I imaging stuff again?
Matt Fleming (1 year ago)
It is weird right? Lol
3dg3Z (1 year ago)
he did say it
Dax Brook (1 year ago)
Kenneth Saul It was the tech crack house lmao
Kenneth Saul (1 year ago)
LivingNetwork lol it was Bernstein bears I knew it lol
LivingNetwork (1 year ago)
Kenneth Saul its Mandela effect.
z0vc (1 year ago)
the only reason to really mine dogecoin I think would be to collect it just in the hope that it would increase a lot in value in the future, this is unlikely to happen, but it is possible, to understand what I am saying, if you think about how easy bitcoin was to mine years ago and how easy it was to get a lot of bitcoin, any early bitcoin miners that sold all their bitcoin now rather than when they mined it, they would likely be millionaires, with how easy it was to obtain just 1 bitcoin way back when.
Agunpro (1 year ago)
Good to know thanks 1KXT3K4xpBswuZ4cxCRSsFPimZ2FmRKDtn
LitGeekSquad Official (1 year ago)
Props for pronouncing doge properly lol
Terlatra2 (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLT7kbx7jBc ^^
Peter Bergman (1 year ago)
Why didn't you look for L3 profitability
Low availability, high price.
Peter Bergman (1 year ago)
And it's dogecoin as in doge the old meme sounding kind of like dojecoin
Peter Bergman (1 year ago)
If ur yt Vids r being demonetised check out dtube
Gohan335i7 (1 year ago)

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