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MEGA Unlock 1.0 - Decrypt your files and remove ransomwares

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MEGA Unlock 1.0 - Decrypt your files and remove ransomwares http://mega-unlock.blogspot.com Features - Detect the ransomware - Count the encrypted files - Calculate the decryption time - Decrypt all files - Remove the ransomware Decrypting all files from following ransomwares / cryptolockers: 7ev3n BuyUnlockCode Cerber Coverton Crypt0L0cker CryptoFortress CryptoHasYou CryptoJoker CryptoWall 2.0 CryptoWall 3.0 CryptoWall 4.0 DMA Locker ECLR Ransomware EnCiPhErEd HOW TO DECRYPT FILES HydraCrypt KeRanger LeChiffre Locky Magic MakTub Locker NanoLocker Nemucod PadCrypt PClock PowerWare Radamant Sanction Shade SuperCrypt Surprise TeslaCrypt 0.x TeslaCrypt 2.x TeslaCrypt 3.0 TeslaCrypt 4.0 UmbreCrypt
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Text Comments (3)
416890259x (2 years ago)
fake do not use
Michael Grosdanoff (3 years ago)
also mal erlich das soll frei sein ist es aber nicht !!!! SChalte einen freien link
johny w (3 years ago)
Total FAKE

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