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Meet 5-Year-Old Surfer Quincy

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See 5-year-old Quincy's sick surfing skills. This young surfer has no fear and is shaping up to have an amazing future.
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Text Comments (33)
Myah Hirons (2 months ago)
Wesley g (7 months ago)
She's Awesome!
Tony Stark (9 months ago)
OH QUINCY, Just watching you surf makes my heart flutter.
: (9 months ago)
cool i love surfing
Steph Hill (10 months ago)
So confused! She has a Kiwi accent but they are in Australia ?
Arianna Skolnick (10 months ago)
this was exactly posted 2 years ago
roblox_sb506a (10 months ago)
Fred Taylor (10 months ago)
If I lives somewhere like that my whole life, then I would be that good too
Gacha Starburst (10 months ago)
She has the same board cover as meh 😃😃
Dance ShadeRoom (1 year ago)
If she’s Really 5.. My sister is six And she Can barley Swim LOL.
Jasrat (5 months ago)
that's what happens when your parents are shapers, don't try to compare :)
Ebony J (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who squinted my eyes when the sun was shining in the coenerv
Katharina (1 year ago)
What an amazing kid 😍 you go girl 🌊
It’s the popo (1 year ago)
iBrodZz (1 year ago)
Justice MSP 7
Nina Koch (1 year ago)
Amazing kid, amazing parents, amazing video!❤️
Charlie Burger (1 year ago)
No way she's 5... she looks like she's 7 or something... You shred!
Groove Duude (2 years ago)
4:40 getting barreled at 5 yrs old!
Thomas V. (7 months ago)
Holy shit and i'm still the 33 old barrel virgin goddamnit
Salphex Playz (1 year ago)
Groove Duude I
Henry Hagemann (1 year ago)
Groove Duude yep isn't that cool!?
naycole (2 years ago)
those shots are pretty epic
H JJJ (2 years ago)
whats the song? :) quincy is amazing
Rita Domingos (11 months ago)
H JJJ Quincy (Ballad of a surfer)
Whitenacho (2 years ago)
Wait what about futbol?
WaTCH GaMEuR (2 years ago)
Énorme Elle est juste énorme le niveau quel a a son age
matatou 85 (11 months ago)
WaTCH GaMEuR 5 ans
amauris martinez (2 years ago)
This was soo dope!
ph0kused (2 years ago)
freakin rad! hope to see her on the CT - ill be rooting for her

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