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Alcohol Riddle

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ANSWER ~ http://www.Riddledrome.com/ANSWER_49 Riddledrome is the place for riddles. A "drome" is like an arena and so this is the riddle arena! Riddledrome shows riddles, puzzles, conundrums, brainteasers, mysteries, problems, and yes, questions. Perhaps even a cryptogram or enigma. But don't be scared to enter this riddle labyrinth full of brain-twisters, mind-bogglers, and catch-22's. Dare test this puzzling conundrum and your IQ and problem solving skills will be put to the test! Can you untangle this Gordian knot? Some riddles you may find easy. Others will seem impossible. Paradoxes and perplexities shape the landscape of Riddledrome. So if you like a good riddle then hit that subscribe button! ..that is if you dare test your riddling skills at the Riddledrome! BTW, if you want to know more about riddles, try a surprise hard challenge, like a math logic test for intelligence and ingenuity. A secret game trick is to riddle the problem with a whodunit mystery for the impossible mind boggler. Mr. Riddle and his coworker Mrs. Puzzle saw Dr. Conundrum for a difficult paradox problem solving question, where the gamers riddled the puzzles so impossibly that the mysterious enigma which was a riddle and a puzzle to Mr. Riddle and Mrs. Puzzle that Dr. Conundrum sought Detective Brainteaser for a surprise puzzling whodunit mystery. Detective Brainteaser said the riddling paradox would be solved by his IQ and smart brain power for answering riddles, puzzles, brain teasers, mysteries, conundrums, problems, questions and more!
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Text Comments (6)
Jazzy Lillie (4 years ago)
HEY! Riddledrome! No one likes a liar... Just sayin......
Rodelin Jean (4 years ago)
Billager (4 years ago)
Sucker... Warm... He's either a giant baby or Dracula: blood
Kay Konele (5 years ago)
No hangover and warm but comes before the morning could possibly mean either he drinks free warm beer or he is polymorphic wich flows and flows could be like a stream a blood stream he is a vampire because he is a sucker to free warm non alcoholic blood during night to day
hamizannaruto (6 years ago)
where is more riddles?
Sagar Pathak (6 years ago)

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