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TOP 50 Funniest SENIOR QUOTES of 2018 | Alonzo Lerone

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anonymous vids (31 minutes ago)
My senior quote is from Lord of the Rings.
JAMES MARRS (1 hour ago)
Mine was, “If no one comes back from the future to stop you from doing it, how bad a decision can it be?
Ghostly_Kage (1 hour ago)
Mine is : bye bye bye BITCH
FilmBucket (4 hours ago)
My guy dont know what club penguin was
Useless Guardian (5 hours ago)
my school likes to change people’s senior quotes, but yeah. mine would be: the only thing that got me through high school is YouTube and hard rock music. y’all suck. see you never again! it’s too true though. high school sucks.
Celia Germain (5 hours ago)
5:46 Luke and Ashton are both famous now. They're in 5sos. They sing professionally
Morgan St jean (7 hours ago)
Mine would be Look mom I didn’t die
Muzzle Bean gurl (8 hours ago)
My senior quote would be, "Just because you are trash, does'nt mean you cant do great things. Its called garbage can, not garbage cannot." -oscar the grouch
blue blur 64 (9 hours ago)
My actual quote for year book: get a dictionary bitch
Ariana Scibilia (16 hours ago)
Am I seriously the only one who was disappointed when he pronounced Azkaban wrong and then forgot that the quote is from Harry potter
Alyssa Langlois (1 day ago)
Lauren Crocker (1 day ago)
Mine was “I’m a very relentless individual and have a lot more insanity coming.” -Alex Hirsch
matthew yow (1 day ago)
If i thought about it alcoholic dinsor and only like three people i know would get it and their all under class men
FireEclipse (1 day ago)
Mine might be if I actually make it might be “ read a Dictionary ” you happy Jk it might be something to roast me
Gracie Shinkle (1 day ago)
My senior quote.. " bye bish's"
Eden Lindsey (1 day ago)
Haynes Gui (1 day ago)
Mine was the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time
When I get into high school I will quote get a dictionary
molly A (1 day ago)
Things with yearbook work so differently in scotland 😂 I don't even get one cause I'm leaving in 5th year rather than 6
Trash Panda (1 day ago)
Muggle -_-
Lily Hussey (1 day ago)
Evidds Wittie (1 day ago)
My quote would be, “I won’t see any of these squibs in heaven because I’m surely going to hell!”
Luke Skywalker (2 days ago)
3:07 I’ve heard that one before.
Celinadailyvlog (2 days ago)
Mine would be ,” follow me on instagram @celina_editing.” 😉😉😉
time of songs (2 days ago)
Nc gangggggg ayyyyyyy😂😂😂
Jackie Dorn (2 days ago)
My future quote: "My grades are the same as my peers, THEY'RE ALL B's"
Reb Amale (2 days ago)
My quote is gonna be "get a dictionary" - Alonzo Lerone
Bree Baby (2 days ago)
Mines would be “I’m not a waiter I don’t take orders.”
Harry Potter fans triggered
Maci Lou (2 days ago)
Mine won’t be anything because I live in Britain and when u leave school here it’s like bye bitches we don’t wanna remember ya .
Favour Tom (2 days ago)
On our school's form they asked us to fill our info such as likes and dislikes. So for favourite color I put ''Blood red". The vice principle called me and asked me to PLEASE change it.
Favour Tom (2 days ago)
I use my textbook more than I use my lecture notes.
Robert Calhoun (2 days ago)
My quote is “Bitch lasagna” Pewdiepie
Joshua DAversa (2 days ago)
When your in the ocean just keep swimming until you hit dry land or a frying pan.
Hello world I'm gay (3 days ago)
Mine will be "Highschool made me hate my life more than the ending of 2012"
Studiovibez Xxx (3 days ago)
When I get My senior quotes mine will be "get a dictionary. ~Alonzo lerone
Tiffany Verrill (3 days ago)
My high school doesn’t even do senior quotes -_-
mary miller (3 days ago)
My quote would be "nugs not drugs" or "I'm bisexual but I'm still single so I guess I'm meant to be bi-myself"
Im not a senior yet but my quote will be. I love school -said no one ever
Brian Stewart (3 days ago)
If you want the best, forget the rest. Vote me US President.
clitlick420 (3 days ago)
its not even that funny for hime to laugh like that lol
Ayatzhere (3 days ago)
Sam x (3 days ago)
5:06 is the thumbnail, thank me later
Jason Gregory (3 days ago)
My best friends and I will do something crazy funny together😂😂
Karlee Brunner (3 days ago)
Mine would be - y’all went to high school while I went to school high
Kaylee RC (3 days ago)
“I’m walking with a purpose but idk where I’m going..”
sapnu puas *Upside down* 😝🤪
walktrhough for all (3 days ago)
Lonely I’m mr lonely I have nobody for my own-Bobby vinton
Spencer Labalan (3 days ago)
That Katya Zamolodchikova quote hahaha.
This bi Emory’s YEET
Amber Haberle (3 days ago)
My senior quote will be get a dictionary
Okay Buddy (3 days ago)
Mine is “apex is better than fortnite”
Ginger bolt 72 (3 days ago)
I ate a bagel once
Luke Bryden (4 days ago)
Probably “is this for a grade” or “is this homework”
Dustin Moses (4 days ago)
2:57 I am 13 and I love naps, and I am not in college but in middle school!
Courtnee Tho (4 days ago)
my senior quote is gonna be “get a dictionary” so ty for that
Naya Tackie (4 days ago)
Get a dictionary
Kaila Trinity (4 days ago)
Luke Hemmings from 5SOS!!!
Poppy Banana (4 days ago)
His voice is as janky as his hairline 😂😂😂
Emma Brownlow (4 days ago)
Okay so this might be a bit long but it’s not funny unless you understand the scene😂 so my friend and I were walking around the school and we were talking about food and she started to say ”my favorite food is peanut butter and pretzels” but just then a kid kicked a soccer ball and i yelled duck and she then continues her sentence a second after this happens but she says “my favorite food is soccer and pretzels” 😂😂😂 instant quote with three months left of school
The girl names Steve (4 days ago)
My senior quote would be everyone says “that’s gay” so I ask “what if I am” 🤔
erween barrios (4 days ago)
STOP SCREAMING !!!!!!!!!!!!
MSF_ D3M0N (4 days ago)
My was GeT A Dictionary
Jada Jones (4 days ago)
Imma freshmen when I get there imma quote you
Say yes to HAMILTON (4 days ago)
I like Turtles🐢
Danielle Stanley (4 days ago)
Your neighbors must hate you.
Floetic Justice (4 days ago)
GET A DICTIONARY-Alonzo lerone
Tranieya Williams (4 days ago)
I don’t have a senior quote I’m only in seventh grade
Kristen Baxter (5 days ago)
If my school did a senior quote I would put "get a dictionary" for you lol
Nanase Haruka (5 days ago)
My senior quote would be “I love hentai, yaoi, and yuri”
byram1 (5 days ago)
He’s not funny at all.
Ellie Trammell (5 days ago)
My senior quote ( Don’t be a yellow starburst )
Morgan Cassingham (5 days ago)
My senior quote will be: “I used to be jealous of Harry Potter for being able to talk to snakes, but it turns out i’ve been doing it for years!”
Bob The Builder (5 days ago)
My sister's senior quote was "I started with straight A's but now I'm not even straight".
Alexa (5 days ago)
7:27 he sounded like that one vine. 😂
Mine will be: “Dont cut your friends” -James Charles or “You don’t just bite someone’s boob when you see it!!” -Grayson Dolan or “Like fuck all those videos that people are cutting open stress toys, try fingering your moms wound” -Shane Dawson
Morgan Thompson Vlogs (5 days ago)
Vivian Cai (6 days ago)
This youtuber is really stupid.
Craig Johnson (6 days ago)
My senior quote was “who turned out the lights” -Helen Keller
Jazmine Lambert (6 days ago)
That's gonna be my senior quote.
Jazmine Lambert (6 days ago)
Get a dictionary !!!! -Alonzo Lerone💘
Łîbbÿ UwU (6 days ago)
My future quote is boutta be “I’ve finally finished my 12 year sentence.” 💀
Urenot Mydad (6 days ago)
I will quote u
eric marquez (6 days ago)
my quote will be: "if you cant find love well love will find you."
Never ever Forever21 (6 days ago)
“When life gives you lemons say I don’t want ur lemons, IM GOING SQUEEZE THEM IN UR EYES”
mangle20607 (6 days ago)
Mine will be: “We are all equal. If you’re black, white, gay, or straight.” Or maybe: “Why school? We have google for a reason.” OR: “To homophobes, the Bible says only god can judge a person. You make a sin when you say gay people are wrong.” Idk, I have time to think about it. WAIT! I got it: “I was only exited for 12th grade because we get to go home for lunch.”
Lexii Taylor (6 days ago)
Mine is “I know your boyfriend didn’t answer your calls last night. He was with me.”
BlueOceanX (6 days ago)
I never knew i was in a school that was all idiots
Velvet Fox (6 days ago)
Azkaban is a prison in Harry Potter
Syreeta Larkin (6 days ago)
My Senior quotes will be: *"Some people say that I'll lose to a guy, that funny because when it's all fun and games until I kick somebody in the balls."*, or *"Sorry boys, I will be not available until adulthood.*", or *" I'm not fake, but your love for your girlfriend is."*, or *"If you don't want your girlfriend, can I have her, please."*
kandra Anderson (6 days ago)
kandra Anderson (6 days ago)
It's a kid in my class named maxamilliani
Julie Carr (6 days ago)
Mine would be "Mr steal your girl😜😜😜"
Dana d (6 days ago)
my quote will be: "Ok what homework did we have due that I didn't do?"
블랙 핑크 Love (6 days ago)
My last name is very long so on my yearbook I quoted “My last name may be long, but so is your dads di-”
LakotaBomb (6 days ago)
My senior quote is actually "Get a Dictionary"
Totiana Leigh (6 days ago)
“ well behaved women rarely make history”
Leslie Gillman (6 days ago)
My other idea for my quote was to give my senior year teachers a final report card basically I was going to figure out what my final grade would be if I averaged the percentages on every assignment and every test for each class tally what my final grade would be then give that teacher that grade then to add insult to injury I was going to put a "comment to parent" to each teachers and finalize the quote by saying please have your parents sign your report card and return to me ASAP. Instead of doing that as my quote I decided that two days before the seniors had no more school I was going to give my four senior year teachers their final grade with the comment to parent and see how many actually played along. (if anyone wants to know all played along but one teacher floored me when she gave me back the signed report card and it was signed "I God on behalf of (blank) and (blank) am signing this very impressive report card due to the circumstances that Mrs.(blank's) parents have split up and she hasn't seen her dad since she was 2 days old and her mother is laying in a coma waiting for her children to make the final call. I am very proud to say on her families behalf she has grown to be quite an amazing person as I know you will be also, Sincerely, God.) I still to this day remember that word for word she and I spent the whole class period just talking and doing some crying it was totally the most impactful moment in my entire life.
Richard Ervin (6 days ago)
“Get a dictionary”-Alonzo Lerone
jaded_bunny 461 (6 days ago)
Azkaban is a prison in a book

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