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Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire

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Umar's insta ▶ https://www.instagram.com/umarashraf/ Book he recommends on Stock Trading ▶ https://amzn.to/2LwshtV Chatting with Another Stock Trading Millionaire ▶ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbbsNsdwjLM&t=952s Follow my instagram ▶ http://www.instagram.com/mrhales109 Get a beautiful watch! Use code "LAHWF" for 25% OFF ▶ https://www.durden.life/ Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire interview "A stock trader or equity trader or share trader is a person or company involved in trading equity securities. Stock traders may be an agent, hedger, arbitrageur, speculator, stockbroker. Such equity trading in large publicly traded companies may be through one of the major stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange, which serve as managed auctions for stock trades. Stock shares in smaller public companies are bought and sold in over-the-counter (OTC) markets." - wikipedia Camera i use ▶ https://amzn.to/2ruQgST Mic i use ▶ https://amzn.to/2Ka6zM7 Subscribe for Weekly Videos ▶ https://goo.gl/6HjQXE Follow My Instagram ▶ http://www.instagram.com/mrhales109 Follow My Twitter ▶ http://www.twitter.com/lahwf Like the Facebook page ▶ http://www.facebook.com/lahwf Things i Use & Love ▶ https://www.amazon.com/shop/andrewhales I am a participant/influencer in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Some more very easy ways (and free perks for you!) to support me: - Have you tried Airbnb? Sign up with my link and you’ll get $40 off your first trip ▶ https://abnb.me/e/XyfWta5TAM - Book a Cameo! I'll shoutout or say/answer anything you want ▶ http://www.bookcameo.com/lahwf - Free $5 Uber first time promotion code ▶ "UberLAHWF" - Liking the videos! - Turning notifications on with the bell by the subscribe button! - obviously subscribing! - commenting! I read them all (at least on the first day anyway) - Buying the Merch or my favorite amazon products Of course, I understand what's most important for my livelihood is to consistently upload interesting content for you that doesn't suck. It's a blessing to make videos for a living and everything you've done for me thus far, even if this is the first video of mine you've ever clicked on, (and especially if you've scrolled down this far in the description!) is much appreciated. I will always be grateful for your viewership. For these reasons, you're the goat. OT4Y OT4Y, Andrew Hales LAHWF Send Fan Mail (or anything else you'd like) to: 5419 hollywood blvd. ste. C825 Hollywood CA, 90027
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Text Comments (5561)
Umar Ashraf (8 months ago)
To answer some of the questions people have: 1) How'd I have 20K saved up at 18? I Bought and resold items off craigslist, primarily iphones. Worked two jobs and I was very smart with my money and frugal and barely had any expenses at the time. 2) How'd I have such a high credit card limit? I opened a capital one credit card at the age of 18 and used it every month and after 6 months, I requested a credit limit increase and then opened a discover account and used it every month. (Many people here need to educate themselves on credit cards and how to get a higher credit limit and ways around it) 3) "Never take a cash advance and start trading. Worst trading advice" First i didnt do a Cash Advance, I did a BALANCE TRANSFER with a 3% fee for 18 months. Basically, you pay 3% on the money you take as a one-time fee and don't get charged interest for 18 months. (look it up). Yes, I know what I did was risky, but at the end of the day, you need to take risks to get forward in life and from what I​ see most people here look at risk at a terrible thing. I believed in my trading strategy and it was working so I needed more funds to get over the PDT rule (need 25k+ in your brokerage). I took the risks I was comfortable with taking and worked out, no one needs to take the same risks. 4) "Trading is gambling" Trading in fact isn't gambling. You need to learn how to read price action and purchase stock whenever theres a lower risk and high profitability in play. For people that know trading understand, for the ones that dont, theres things called Moving Averages. MACD, RSI, Trends, Support, Resistance and so much more that help you align your trades. 5) I post all my trades on my IG story (IG: umarashraf) including losses and show transparency. 6) I never said I took my total brokerage account from 25K to a million. As I got better, I funded my account with more money through jobs I had and then eventually was involved in other businesses and always kept funding my account and kept living expenses to a minimum. This is to educate people on youtube that are starting out that anything is possible. You will need to take major risks and invest TIME into whatever you may wanna do. Don't let "youtube Trolls" discourage you by showing everyone who is "successful" is either a scam, or from a rich family. People put their own insecurities on others so don't let them bring you down. Good luck to everyone trying to get ahead in life, wish you guys nothing but the best :)
Manny Calavera (1 day ago)
rich kids eh
aventador gallardo (1 day ago)
Great thank you
PS4GAMES PS4 (4 days ago)
Make finance videos
KaptainBasketball (1 hour ago)
After watching games videos hes legit, unlike many trades he says its hard and youll have to put in the work.Many of these traders on yt say that its easy, only a little time is required
Abz Cabz (5 hours ago)
Is it a good idea making stock trading friends who might help you or its all gambling and luck? Obviously anyone here won't be here in comments section or actually it's good technic of sharing intelligence to profit... Plus say I have £500 how much could I make in a month.
Nathan Danilowicz (10 hours ago)
Real answer: "I come from a wealthy family."
Nerdi_ Brilliant Idea (10 hours ago)
If there any company that want to derail the dollar I'm here to tell you let play and the dollar would make me so much money I will be rich!!!! So if there anybodi want to play I'm nerd and I dont like when someone talk out of purposion....like they say save some cash and I ask what cash!!! ($)->dolllar.
Andy_playz2003 (15 hours ago)
Big lie
Edgard Ocampo (16 hours ago)
@12:46 he sounds so dumb :o woahhh
Hsauce (16 hours ago)
i love this host, pulls so much information thank you
Olufunso Fawole (19 hours ago)
This comment section is retarded. It's called 'chatting' for a reason and by the host asking basic questions it allows the average viewer to grasp what Umar is trying to say. Interviewers are rarely experienced in the field they are questioning, a prime example being a news reporter. It's simply his job to ask questions that provoke a response and allow the viewer to understand the topic of conversation.
Sogut Aytac (1 day ago)
Freaken liers I teSt their knowledge they fail in 3 min
Dmitriy Steps (1 day ago)
The host sounds like he’s depressed 😬
Emilio Perez (1 day ago)
When u live with ur rich parents and don’t have to worry about rent😂😂😂
Enyeji Johnson A. (1 day ago)
Tahsin Uchiha (1 day ago)
He speaks about ratios and basically explains probability and is still in denial that it isn't gambling. Sure, if you are smart and make better choices then the luck is on your side. It is the same for the best black jack players. But we still consider black jack gambling. He needs to stop being in denial and just accept it. Stocks is risky business.
aventador gallardo (1 day ago)
Dude, who does a interview in the kitchen ?
olairivan benne (1 day ago)
F....Jeff Bishop
Gaming Portal (1 day ago)
Stocks market has made only one Warren Buffett but crypto will make hundreds of billionaires in future 🙂🤗
The host tried his best to show us what we are... If you are smarter, then you shouldn't be watching his vids.... Go f yourself
Mista _Wo (2 days ago)
I like the host, it makes me feel less stupid about the topic 😂 he's just an everyday 9-5 person asking questions
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KhrisCell (2 days ago)
If this guy had 20,000 at that age then he comes from a wealthy family or something. Good story but I'm not impressed, we don't all have 20 grand and less at that age, people with money have it a lot easier.
Young Ebitda (2 days ago)
Anyone who follows this guy for stock advice needs to reevaluate their life, he makes money off YOU and the braindead teen or indian subscribers buying his courses. This man knows very little about investing. A monkey shooting darts at a stock chart will beat his portfolio, and this one is most likely a paper trading one. Please be advised.
Michael (2 days ago)
Amir Khan talking sense
Kwakeka Mdivasi (2 days ago)
Wow, I live the host. Very few people can put themselves out there like he does.
Redi Dibrani (2 days ago)
LMAO! HAHAHAHA the most fugazy dude I've ever seen! the funniest thing of all though is the reporter lol. This kid has no idea that he's being fucked with the WHOLE TIME and that the reporter has not actually believed one single word he's said so far.
Prof with a Mic (3 days ago)
If you want a more extensive finance interview, come here :)
Ehsan Matin (3 days ago)
The interviewer seems like a complete moron
Andrew Richards (3 days ago)
Hard to take advice from someone who’s been trading for 3 years in a bull market 😹
Joora Pa (3 days ago)
This guy is most likely a millionaire from starting his company called StockMarketLab, which is where he likely makes most of his money from fees he charges to teaching people how to trade. There are tons of people like this and on their Instagram they show off their amazing life so people sign up for their program. I see his pictures flying a private jet and going jet skiing in Dubai. The paradox is that most of their money is made by selling this program. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Sinthiya Khan (4 days ago)
KaptainBasketball (4 days ago)
He's definitely high😂😂
Michael Rosas (4 days ago)
This interviewer is cringe
Danny Morrison (4 days ago)
@12:15 "Yeah that's actually a very good book, yeah that's actually a very good book, yeah that's actually a very good book...." lmfao
Danny Morrison (2 days ago)
Alex Pena by no means, I haven’t read it so I really can’t say, but it sounds like it’s probably a good book! I just thought it was funny how the interviewee repeated himself so many times in succession
Alex Pena (3 days ago)
So you are saying it was just an okay book?
Burak Ceylan (3 days ago)
Jay Rush (4 days ago)
the interviewer is high af
Vengu (4 days ago)
The host is the hero , he doesn't know anything about market and asks questions about everything. This clears his doubt as well as the viewers doubt. This is awesome. Thanks very much dear host
eXpas04 (1 day ago)
Oh so you are slow too?
Dee Tyler (4 days ago)
Hate this inteviewer
Dee Tyler (4 days ago)
Wow, pretty accurate 12.50
RICCI TOKYO (5 days ago)
What’s the book he suggested?
Alex Pena (3 days ago)
Not sure, I wish he repeated it more
Wahid Rahman (5 days ago)
who is that guy asking a question? weird!
onosapien (5 days ago)
Spoken like a true 23 year old
Oh no no (5 days ago)
Yeah it's called he got lucky lol
ratanzy brar (5 days ago)
You have 2.3m subs. And 2.3 views currently
zoer_bra (5 days ago)
This guy is lying, bro, he gave 20k without knowing what is he doing ? Comen on
spieg83 (1 day ago)
zoer_bra JC Penny!! 😂😂 he “made” 2.5k
J R (5 days ago)
The host sucks.
naruto Ouzumaki (5 days ago)
YOU GUYS CHECK OUT DONFRONSHOW he explains how to trade as well click subscribe to his channel you will like it
Anthony Rossi (3 days ago)
maybe smoke a little less weed before filming one of these.
John Atkins (6 days ago)
He has only used regulated and licensed firms. It`s apart of his success
ComidaRapida12 (6 days ago)
Then now after being millionarie is a trading teacher? LOL bollocks
Shahid Al Mohamad (6 days ago)
stay positive people...... distraction is a killer. even if he asked the question 100 times.... you might missed something at first. stay focus .....stay positive....and attract $$$$ lol
Shahid Al Mohamad (6 days ago)
Salam Brother. about to invest 50k in Ethereum and I already have 15 what do you think. and where do you see etherium going
Lamoni Mita (5 days ago)
Diversify into XVG, OMG, Vchain, ICX. You'll thank me in July :)
Marxton Dutton (6 days ago)
SEC not SCC! The fact that he didn't know this means he knows next to nothing about trading and literally discredits everything about his trading experience. Good job.
Fortnite is Bae! (7 days ago)
Ceo: "please don't tell anyone that I even called you" This guy: said it in front of 2.3M+ viewers
Ahmad AlYaghshi (7 days ago)
12:45 When my crush smiles back at me
Uncle Mit Mit (7 days ago)
This interviewer is life hahaha
frida kraljica (7 days ago)
interviewer is the real example of dumb money
Tom Butler (7 days ago)
credit card cash advance? trade on margin? everything beginners (or even advanced) traders are not supposed to do
airsofterzz z (8 days ago)
This interviewer guy is drunk/high af
SonicScooter (8 days ago)
The interviewer is an idiot.
Archer Whitney (8 days ago)
make money fast
Vivienne Zhang (9 days ago)
how to earn money
Stracciatella (9 days ago)
The guest speaker is amazing but the host is not good at all
eXpas04 (1 day ago)
Yeah the guest was all pumped up like his stocks just went up, and the host just faped 2x and came in almost asleep
alex t (9 days ago)
lmao "look at the graph and figure out the trend" look at enron, xerox charts. go into debt to speculate, god this is so dumb.
John Jones (9 days ago)
This dude had literally nothing to back up any of his points. Literally just “I feel like it’s good”. Why will the market crash? “It’s extended”. Dude is just regurgitating CNN without any personal input.
Owen (9 days ago)
Trump tanked the whole market this week with just one tweet
Rants/Tips (9 days ago)
20k at 18 yeaaaaaaaahhhh. Rich background..
kewa123 (8 days ago)
stay poor
kewa123 (8 days ago)
dumbest shit i've read today
Robson Smith (9 days ago)
6:58 “ So I took the fifteen thousand out of that and put it up my bumhole” Do I see what I think the subtitles say??
marco mahony (9 days ago)
how does this guy have 2.3 million subscribers? he must of paid for them. this guy is as dense as a rock
Adrian Ng (8 days ago)
That's one of his qualities, but bad for interviewing in my opinion, he used to do pranks and being brutally honest and bold, straightforward which is hilarious.
A. Fahim (10 days ago)
Bro it is sooooo sad seeing how many people insulting the interviewer! like HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET!!! this "Millionaire" is an absolute scam.....but honestly was impressive in all of his responses. The interviewer literally just playing dumb to see how much he'll say and know when to tell him........
Vova Chumak (10 days ago)
banks dont want crypto to be big thing? they use blockchain tech already...
RPkicks (10 days ago)
Is there a way I could get in contact with Uma? Dude seems knowledgeable.
arham ali (10 days ago)
me at 23, im thinking whether i should do the silly mistake of putting 20k or not. lol
aboubakr 152 (10 days ago)
Should’ve invested in bitcoin
Suryavanshi Editings (11 days ago)
Loved this video
Agent 14 I A A (11 days ago)
The host is really dumb sorry
Collin Daniel (11 days ago)
Yeah watched the beginning again he started trading when he was 18 then his first year wasn't that great and that's at least after the first 6 months when he lost everything, so fast forward he's a millionaire by 2012 and then 6 years go by to August 2018 and he's still 23?
Collin Daniel (11 days ago)
Gold was going up because Donald Trump set the economy on fire
Collin Daniel (11 days ago)
If he was a millionaire by 2012 and he 23 now that means he's lying about something. He said gold went up last year in 2017 but from 2012 to 2017 is already five years.
FlyingPanda ? (2 days ago)
+Collin Daniel he was already a millionaire, "gold went up last year". That literally has nothing to do with the fact that he's a millionaire. He never said he became a millionaire after gold prices went up. He just said that he made a lot of money last year. He was already a millionaire AND made a lot of money last year (2017). Gold prices going up last year have nothing to do with the fact that he became a millionaire in 2012 because he never stated he became a millionaire by selling gold last year. What's so hard to comprehend for you?
Collin Daniel (2 days ago)
+FlyingPanda ? he literally said he was a millionaire by 2012
FlyingPanda ? (4 days ago)
He said that the deals he made in 2017 were one of the hottest trades he made. He didn't say that's what made him a millionaire. He just said in 2017 was one of the years he made the most money in.
taylor (11 days ago)
This is an oil rich kid. FUCKING FRAUD.
taylor (11 days ago)
You dont remember why gold was going up but were trading on it everyday? WHAT THE FUCK?
Everything (12 days ago)
Great video!
Reed Richardi (12 days ago)
The Robinhood app is great. No trading fees! Right now you can get a free stock when you sign up. I got Sprint. There's even a chance of getting Apple. Use my referral code and we will both get a free stock! @t
pmurdock123 (12 days ago)
The interviewer is killing me with how dumb he is and his attitude. He is interviewing someone who is more successful, throw a bit of respect on it.
Ashley Victoria (5 days ago)
pmurdock123 😩
pmurdock123 (7 days ago)
+AAA so...
AAA (7 days ago)
The Interviewer is a millionaire as well
Lada Šreibrová (12 days ago)
What’s wrong with the guy who’s doing the interview? Is he high? It was so uncomfortable to was his face.
Cristo Productions (13 days ago)
What a hangover! Thank you for letting me fall as sleep!
Daiq Daiq (13 days ago)
Dont listen to this bullShit
Ayser Pathan (14 days ago)
The host cracks me up lmao.
Rajamanickam J (15 days ago)
He is fake millionaire
Damnit Bobby (15 days ago)
Bernie Madoff entered the chat
Birk Johnsen (15 days ago)
Is this a joke? The stock markets is not a zero sum game
Damnit Bobby (15 days ago)
Dude: I had $20,000 I had saved up. Dude: I bought $20,000 worth of stock. Host: How much money did you have? Dude: Dufuq??
chettra khonn (5 days ago)
he looks kinda guy who got wasted every night before interviewing somebody. sorry!
Damnit Bobby (11 days ago)
+EpicLyrics You seem smart.
BrezzyV2 (15 days ago)
20 iq interviewer
Gav (15 days ago)
If I lost $20k someone else made $20k, thats the dumbest thing I have heard
bulldog sanity (15 days ago)
I tried learning stocks but I can't get a grasp on it
Damnit Bobby (15 days ago)
What stocks have you already invested in?
zod (16 days ago)
Syrah Yasmin
John Huang (16 days ago)
That's a great book. One of the best trading books out there.
ItzVince:P (14 days ago)
quebonic (16 days ago)
The guest is great, the host is terrible
Oliverspin (17 days ago)
All the comments mad at the host don't realize he is acting that way on purpose. He is baiting to see HOW the questions are answered.
Jose Miguel Aliswag (17 days ago)
subs are horrible but nice vid
nikeyathepoet .__ (17 days ago)
Thank you for this. ;)
redprince1000 (17 days ago)
Don't wish to be rude but the interviewer is ruining this for me..he is either half asleep or not the sharpest tool in the box.

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