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The Real Hunger Games - Big Commodity Traders Control World Grain Market

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Sophia Murphy: Four big traders have anywhere from 75 to 90 percent of the global trade in grains get more news at http://therealnews.com
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Neil An (8 months ago)
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viiesyritus (5 years ago)
Why you are talking about speculation, regulations and nationalisations when commodity prices are going up? Where are you when prices are down? Are these speculators have gone on holiday?
pam larson (6 years ago)
PhoenixTears(dot)com and "Running From the Cure" [movie] may save your life. God gave us gifts. We need the courage to take them back. They lied.
Travis Hughes (6 years ago)
there just need to be more companies in control of it. You can't abolish them because they provide an essential service in bringing food to the world markets. Trading commodity futures isn't a bad thing. It has actually been around since before the first stock markets began to emerge. You saw the statistics. 45% of the corn supply was destroyed in a drought... assuming equal demand that = double price. They are profiting from their knowledge not people's suffering. Need MORE companies not less.
Billy Wardlaw (6 years ago)
You're an idiot...unless the change you are suggesting is starving a few billion people by bombing, and thus shutting/immobilizing, the 5 biggest trading markets in the world. How is it that you suppose food get distributed around the world where its needed? Its facilitated by massive market driven load-balancing of surpluses and shortages. This has created a global interdependence that raises everyone's standard of living, without that mechanism, billions starve.
toobphish (6 years ago)
Streisand said it best, but it bears repeating here,"People.............People who eat people, are the luckiest (hungriest) people in the world!"
CosmosPrivateer (6 years ago)
Without money any thing we think we need can be produced. Then the vampires can't feed off our labor anymore.
ytgv3fc7 (6 years ago)
not HAARP - the power levels required exceed more than 100x of every HAARP ever to exist. This is sadly the global warming effect of too much co2 & methane - it makes so much heat the rain can't happen. You need drops in temperatures to drop the rain itself. The air itself is NOT dry - it's too hot to let go of the water, day and night. Again, the total energy is far more than all HAARP can ever produce, 100x over.
ytgv3fc7 (6 years ago)
What's fundamentally abhorrent is the giant theft & counterfeiting from war & money-printing that's allowed concentration of real resources-control - without this banking & government interference, crime & murder, there'd be no such concentration of wealth. IT'S TIME WE PROVED FRAUD, THEFT, MURDER and used THE RIGHT TO FORCE to take back what is ours. THEN evidence in hand we can see what ownership is valid & LEAVE IT ALONE. The rest may rot in prison for life
ytgv3fc7 (6 years ago)
without proxy-money (paper, electrons) money would still be produced (oil, gas, gold, silver, water, food) resources ARE money currency electrons are just a TRADE PROXY, A DEBT CONTRACT money is a resource, not a liability Everyone's been fooled
Barskor1 (6 years ago)
No that is the the other cannabis plant you would need to need to smoke a telephone pole sized joint to get high from hemp.
blackiron60 (6 years ago)
This commentator is far too soft. It is fundamentally abhorrent that four companies can control for their own profit the food supplies that untold millions of people rely on. Not to mention they actually profit from human suffering and food scarcity. These parasitical corporations need to be abolished.
vigilantchannel (6 years ago)
Quenton Williams (6 years ago)
Wow... this is explosive info! Ties in to What Michael Murphy & many others were saying in his films... "What in the world are they spraying" as well as "why in the world are they spraying" Incredible... Truth is stranger than fiction
Barskor1 (6 years ago)
Hemp seed has better nutrition qualities can grow on substandard soil needs no pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers on top of that it is drought resistant. When you press hemp seeds for oil you produce food grade flour than can be used for any normal cooking needs. The oil is excellent for cooking & can be used directly as a Bio fuel. The stalks of the hemp plant product good fiber for cloth & would eliminate the need to wast land & poison the earth growing cotton. Look into Hemp it is good.
mitch lola (6 years ago)
its what passes for it to our leaders who have their heads so far up our beloved ceo class' bung holes. Its actually oligopolistic behavior
Mike TheOrc (6 years ago)
How is that capitalism?
rvdrvd1000 (6 years ago)
With subsidies,there can be no, fair competition,and using corn as a fuel is very destructive,and is causing starvation,right now,in Africa,and Latin America.
Eric Hatchett (6 years ago)
The dust on the horizon? The Loathsome horde!
RedGaribaldi (6 years ago)
mitch lola (6 years ago)
Wow, so four evil(for sure) profit driven corporations determine the fate of humanity. Wow, Time to reconsider capitalism.
elbowbiter1 (6 years ago)
If the food dwindles, who cares! As a good CAPITALIST I realize that there will be more money to be made selling food. If you think the system is a good one.... THEN you should be celebrating this good news too. OR you could grab some humanity and realize that all money and market systems, including capitalism, are shit.
topsham69 (6 years ago)
Climate change is not beyond their control. Create Problem - Reaction - Provide Lucrative Solution. The Banking/Corporate Death Cult is bagging us. Please watch "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" We need to access our instincts as an alternative to corporate msm propaganda. Our last governor became "grain trader" out of Port of Savannah. And No US reserves?? Fill or Kill? Easy choice if you love War and Control.
stophypocrisy (6 years ago)
Waht a great way to starve a nation.
klarionc (6 years ago)
I like the new graphics :)
pipeman451 (6 years ago)
God bless the speculators. They serve such a need that need to drive up prices and reap large profits. Take for example all the speculation in the financial markets and the outcome they provided the world economy. A depression but one in which incredible profits were achieved at the expense of the population through bailouts. Yes we need them so badly those job creators now don't we.
donadthegonad (6 years ago)
I live on the Mediterranean outside of Barcelona and they were spraying the shit out of us today. If you want to know what I'm talking about just look up "Massive Chemtrails Barcelona 21st 9 2011" on youtube. This happens here almost daily to varying degrees, and around the world for that matter.
donadthegonad (6 years ago)
look up.
aujew (6 years ago)
and what would you consider "evidence?" does a government agency have to publish a report? thats clearly not gonna happen. need i bring up 9/11 NIST/ FEMA nonsense?
aujew (6 years ago)
good for you for speaking the truth. i agree. if you arent mentioning the blatantly obvious operations above us, you arent talkin bout much
donadthegonad (6 years ago)
If you're not talking about weather modification you ain't talking about shit.
toknowandgrow (6 years ago)
Haven't seen a spec of evidence for that, to be honest.
musick2138 (6 years ago)
" 'Hunger' is the worst form of violence. " -- Gandhi " Poor people the world over are not dying for a lack o food, they'e dying of colonialism. " -~ Derrick Jensen, e.g. in "I'view P.4 - On Population, Collapse and Genocide" watch?v=N7u7WHoKe5g
musick2138 (6 years ago)
WHAT??!?!?! (for my archives) from world-bank-global-hunger-warning-drought (Thursday 30 August 2012): "The bank said food prices overall rose by 10% between June and July to leave them 6% up on a year earlier..."
aujew (6 years ago)
well, why dont you discuss the mass weather modifications in our skies. the spraying is as clear as day SHOULD be

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