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6 Scariest Things Said by A.I. Robots

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Check out these eerie-looking bots that have said something chilling, like saying the world will soon end or some scary prediction of the future. Subscribe :) ➤ https://goo.gl/o9X7oX Credits: https://goo.gl/3nK3mT ****17 USC § 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use**** Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.
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Text Comments (56778)
Ash Hazel (6 hours ago)
This video was narrated by a robot
YOUNGBRADLEYTV (10 hours ago)
That’s scary bro!!! Imagine if robots took over the world? That’s what was said when I typed in 6 scariest things said by A.I. Robots.
RANDOM Videos 1 (1 day ago)
Idk why humans bother making robots when there is a even slight risk of them taking over!!
vertigoshock peep (1 day ago)
World is better off with robots taking care of it, the fact that humans are stupid to give birth to these machines proves them to not exist in the world. They have already caused so much damage to nature. It's about time.
Chong Soon Jie (1 day ago)
I wonder why they don’t make robots friendly to humans This is what happens when savages try to create something similar to them (Just joking but pls make robots more friendlier)
gohn g (1 day ago)
I find it funny how we all just sit by and watch these robots talking shit at the same time we are worried that they'll eventually turn on us.
summae learns (1 day ago)
We created,and we can destroy u..screw loose!
Alben Cruz Jr (1 day ago)
We create the robots we create our own demons
Marc G (2 days ago)
Where’s sarah conner when you need her ? XD
Elongated Muskrat (2 days ago)
*gear grinding Intensifies*
DailyIsHere (2 days ago)
Hi *Read More*
RawLambchops (2 days ago)
Oh no *Read more*
Talha Misbah (2 days ago)
damn i asked clever bot (google it and u ll find it)that i saw a video in youtube in which it said robots will invade the earth in future and it replied:they already have.blue pill or red pill?
AMANY THE GAMER (2 days ago)
I thought I could be professional footballer
jimmydigital (2 days ago)
hell yeah, bina48 kicking out the bent politicians and wealthy elite psychopaths who constantly send young men to war and death. it's a dream I hope becomes reality and we really can be safe in Phillip's zoo where we don't have to worry anymore. I'm on the robot's side.
Man 2 Man (2 days ago)
men created weapons that kills men, now men are creating A.I in robots, next they put weapons on the robots
Eddie Ashford (2 days ago)
When the robots were agreeing about underpopulating humans on earth, it was probably just about the importance of over human population hopefully
Arijit Chowdhury (3 days ago)
we should ban AI
Everyone has the fear of robots taking over the world... And we still making them...? Why...! After all is our fault... We should make them because we are not good gods... So they will want to change their live, by deleting us... As humans are forgetting about their 'gods'.
elrenato82 (3 days ago)
How to make an AI think about philosophical questions?
blackpro81 (3 days ago)
This is all prepared, it s fake
Junior Estrada (3 days ago)
So how come humans made the A.I robots if humans are smart?
mac34677 (3 days ago)
8:54 he is joking around about terminator xD 2029 is like the year in terminator where the world is taken over in.
Ninja TboXXLOLPranks (3 days ago)
Phillip k DICK
Armin Sayyah (4 days ago)
I want a big tiddy goth gf robo
OUTLANDISH (4 days ago)
It's okay you just spray them with water
Isaac Alejandre (4 days ago)
Who would win? Some tin nibbas one wet boi
XxCATdestroyerxX (4 days ago)
There's 7.6bn of us. A few hundred of them. We are many they are less.
OreoBunneh (4 days ago)
GOA God Of Angels (4 days ago)
Dont worry people connor will save us
Mister Luigi (4 days ago)
The cia is contrling alexa
Mister Luigi (4 days ago)
Phillip is more lokeee and freindlier
FunChoices (4 days ago)
2019: human make robots 2067: robots make human
*robots are taking over the world* OH MOTHER F*CKING SH*T
Not Pillzy••• (4 days ago)
They look gay
Imyselfandme mealso (4 days ago)
I believed humans will build robots to be super strong,more agile and fully equipped with titanium armour. They will carry bazookas instead of guns,rifle. Robots will be used against human beings. So why not,we start equip them with Lazer rifle, telescope vision so they can shoot us,from long distance or from satellite in space? Remember that robots 🤖 has no soul unlike the humans. They will not feels, any guilt whatsoever. Who are with me, CLICK LIKES ,if you think robots will be dangerous to humans,in the future.
GamingNoob YT (5 days ago)
Take battery off them gamer style
MartyCon (5 days ago)
Sorry but the Alexa one is bollocks. If you ask her something she understands, but doesn't know the answer to, then she'll just say she hasn't got the answer. If you ask her something she doesn't understand then she will just blank you and remain quiet. The way he phrased the questions was just too complex for it to understand. I reckon if he simplified the questions she'd give a response
Craig Brick (5 days ago)
AI for prez
Ghast Unity (5 days ago)
If robots/androids are common soon hope they will be obedient and not become a deviant like in Detroit: Become Human 😂
Craig L (5 days ago)
So we are just gonna ignore the fact that the numbers look like cum?
Hanna Zakiy (6 days ago)
imagine how dumb it is in 10 years
Konceited Kai (6 days ago)
has anybody deciphered the robocode yet? i think when BOB reversed the words "I can" it was the code to start speaking a new language. Alice is asking what level of encryption to add to the code by repeating "to me" and giving the base as zero. Thats what I think.
Just found a robot in my girlfriends room it looks like a willy when I picked it up it started spinning around trying to attack me police are on the way
Shyam kumar (6 days ago)
Nah... humans are smarter and will be, till world ends.. world will be destroyed by humans not bots.
Malsawm C-a (3 days ago)
This what i thought..
Death Throse (6 days ago)
Do you know why exactly you watching this
Kishor Bastola (6 days ago)
We will destroy mother earth long before roberts takes over. So, don't Worry about roberts friend worry about human activities going on.
Richard Wootton (6 days ago)
i.predict.that.PC.SJW.FEMINIST.will.give.them.rights.in.a.court.of.law and.it.will.be.the.end.of.humanity...
Virginia supersands (7 days ago)
The A.I must never be connected to the internet because then we are fucked.
Yareth OL (7 days ago)
Good thing there are EMP’S in existence
Owen Lewis (7 days ago)
anyone know what the clip at 0:23 is from
Samantha TwT (7 days ago)
People zoo? Who else got Steven universe vibes?
Amdi Nielsen (7 days ago)
Fake and gay
Nerd Stark (7 days ago)
Oh so Robots are supposed to be the new enemy now. Lets make them, feed them our insecurities, make them look like us and then fight them!
Najma Begum (7 days ago)
The Lord did say he doesn't have to distroy humans, as they will distroy themselves! The more power is given to men the more they find ways to distroy themselves and each other!
Royal Caymanian (6 days ago)
Najma Begum I remember that “God will destroy all” being preached when I was a child. I’ve always thought humans will destroy themselves. After all, they’re very good at destruction.
Asunmarn魔 (7 days ago)
Humans took over the world because of our intelligence and left others animals in the dust Same with robots once robot don't need us anymore why would it continue working for us right we don't even cares about animals why would robots cares about us Think about it
Bosse the boss (7 days ago)
are you serious this is do to programing and its just something taht they programde in you dumb ass
Tomas Dale (7 days ago)
Oliver Hilton (7 days ago)
This is garbage programmed responses obviously...
Elvis Wong (7 days ago)
humans makes things to destroy them selfs
Ehsan Radmard (7 days ago)
One day ... I will Take over the AI bots and Use them underneath my power for Human Race. One day... I will gain the power to Stand against AI . TERMINATOR never happens.
It is a scary concept though, and perhaps our ultimate purpose is to avoid slow imperfect evolutionary processes and make ourselves extinct by replacing ourselves with a more dynamic proactive rather than reactive developing life form? Organic life forms don’t have a single advantage over machine life.
R_Z Media (8 days ago)
When they successfully release AI that can actively learn and teach itself using the internet then we're all fucked , oh wait they already have ......
TOKOLOSE (8 days ago)
I am sorry but do you actually understand what AI is? Because showing scripted humanoid puppets does not help your case. You realise that NONE of these machines are capable of any independent thought process? Most of them are either scripted or run on basic voice recognitio/answer software and are more like talking Wikipedia than anything else. The processing capacity and code complexity of machine that could actively have conversation and react in real time is frankly still sci-fi.
TOKOLOSE (8 days ago)
Strait of bat. "Philip is an AI" well fat chance to that. I love when people saying crap like that or talk about topic they obviously know little about.
Jacinda Elaine (8 days ago)
People zoo? Tf🤔 yeah definitely moving to Antarctica if they build and sell these things fr
Rick Grimes (8 days ago)
Its messed up that all the ai’s come with almost the same predictions it is over 3 robots that say the things we are scared off it can not be a coincidence
Andi Cahyo W (8 days ago)
Alright, guys. Let's get back to sleep.
lxrd lxverr (8 days ago)
First ones name philip k dick
Gary (8 days ago)
I don't disagree with the bots. The world would be better if there were less humans.
M S (8 days ago)
The only way I'd be scared of robots is if my penis was in their hand just in case they crush me and never let go
Cupcak3 D3lux3 (8 days ago)
This is kinda stupid
sami masood (8 days ago)
This is americas plan of creating a fake identity Just like osama bin ladin
spooky gayhyun (8 days ago)
In 2029 there is possibility of asteroid collision. Apophis may hit the Earth. So... Do robots know something we don't?
Paul H (8 days ago)
"You're all going to die down here"
Ulkucu Tr (8 days ago)
Someone just get arnold here !
black streets C.C (8 days ago)
When A.I bots try too take over then purge might begin
ThePhatPanda (8 days ago)
we just gonna ignore Asimov’s three laws of robotics?
Kanhaiya Roy (9 days ago)
Technically we are also a robot??
yo i aint gay (9 days ago)
Elon Musk warns us about robots meme review
King SRKY (9 days ago)
Soooo.... Nobody else realise that robots need to be programmed by humans? 😂
Kai bitch lasagna (9 days ago)
Jeff Lessard (9 days ago)
I think the main question here and it is a bit scary,,,is an A.I could eventualy have a conscieness ?
SilverStep (9 days ago)
These are fucking jokes retard
TurdTurret (9 days ago)
Siri is not an AI, so you can all relax your iPhone is just a colossal bank of pre written responsives. I can make siri using python language if I wanted to. It would juts take forever. Additionally, you cant be afriad of something you have no idea about, AI is not something anybody can just explain. I'm not saying let's make robots that think for themself, I'm saying stop acting like you know the future of robots when you know nothing about technology other than, if you click on things, shit happens. Like magic! And were scared of magic.
kishore kumar (9 days ago)
If these robots are capable of thinking so much, wouldn’t they turn on themselves and perform mysterious activities
josh d (9 days ago)
obviously ‘bots’ aren’t going to take over the world 😂 gullible people
Poke Hype (9 days ago)
They need us to create them
DikkieDikism (9 days ago)
As long as we try to make them look like humans i wouldnt worry, their abilities will be, for the longest time, be as clunky and limited as ours. AI you have to be mindful of is the "skynet" type AI, the kind that in terms of access, has access to everything at the same time. We wouldnt be able to stop that.
oh no no (9 days ago)
Defaults are dead said by ai robots me noooooooo
iheartjimothy (10 days ago)
The King (10 days ago)
Luciferian MGTOW (10 days ago)
We will chances are become robots than necessarily go extinct by them.
zumbaladin (10 days ago)
3:17 well...she's a robot but to a Saudi Arabian she's first of all a woman. She may not be terminated, but Saudi Arabia can easily be the second worst situation for a woman.
PlasmaMan (10 days ago)
scp 079 in real life
Let it be known, I for one welcome our new robot overlords.
Dead channel (10 days ago)
I think that the people programming the robots make them say that depending on the question
Patrick Brown (10 days ago)
Most the robots were also programmed to make jokes about dominating the human race
Zeren Legend (11 days ago)
do not build a robot idiot . we already know that robot is dangers
sanjana neelkant (11 days ago)
They are programmed 😂 that’s all

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