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Learn Currency Exchange Rates http://currencymarketupdates.com/easy-forex Before you start trading currencies you need to learn all you can abour currency exchange rates. It is then that you can start to take advantage of information like this and really make good profits. Today we are looking at the British economy contraction and the latest US data and its effect on the US dollar. Currency Exchange Rates UK Economic activity in the British economy is contracting at a slightly slower pace than had previously been estimated, according to this morning's finalised version of the UK's Q2 GDP growth figures. However, a 0.4% shrinkage in the British economy in the space of three months is hardly cause for celebration. In spite of this, the POUND STERLING has registered moderate gains against most of the other majors so far today, and is expected to trade with a NEUTRAL TO POSITIVE bias moving forward. Currency Exchange Rates US This afternoon's US data made grim reading for investors holding US DOLLAR-denominated assets. The effect of very weak Durable Goods figures for last month were accentuated by Q2 GDP Growth numbers which printed at a much lower level than had been anticipated. The Greenback has weakened in the aftermath of the releases, suggesting that market participants are still viewing poor US data sets as giving the green light for the Fed to up the $40bn per month they have allocated to QE3. While this remains the case, the Buck is likely to trade on a NEUTRAL TO NEGATIVE footing. The GBP USD exchange rate stands at 1.6225. Contributed by Tim Boyer http://www.currencynews.co.uk/forecast/20120927-5044_currency-predictions-for-gbp-usd-eur-nzd.html cmu2012forex Latest Currency Exchange Rates EUR/USD,GBP/USD,USD/JPY,XAU/USD,AUD/USD,CAD/USD For the latest currency exchange rates updates visit http://currencymarketupdates.com Currency Exchange Rates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SpgH8m7e8g
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