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Environmental and Social  Due Diligence in the Banking Sector
This presentation by Roel Nieuwenkamp, Chair of the OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct gives an overview of how the recommendations of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (the OECD Guidelines) may be applied in the context of the banking sector. It was originally prepared for the Annual Meeting of the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas taking place in Montevideo, Uruguay October 27, 2015. The OECD Guidelines as well as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights state that companies should engage in risk-based due diligence: • In the context of the OECD Guidelines ‘due diligence’ is understood as the process through which enterprises identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how they address their actual and potential adverse impacts. • Due diligence is to be carried out throughout the entire life-cycle of a project. For example, due diligence should be conducted in connection with contracting around a new business relationship as well as for ongoing activities. Furthermore it should be dynamic meaning that it can be tailored according to context or circumstances and should be applied with flexibility. • The OECD Guidelines recommends carrying out risk-based due diligence. A risk-based approach should not be designed to prohibit enterprises from engaging in certain contexts or with certain business partners, but should assist enterprises in effectively managing risks of adverse impacts in higher-risk contexts. • It is important to note that under the OECD Guidelines due diligence is an expectation of process not result. For example failure to detect risk in one instance does not mean that the due diligence systems of an enterprise are not generally effective, but due diligence systems should include a process of lesson learning when risks or other issues are brought to their attention. • The OECD produces sector specific due diligence guidance to help companies conduct their due diligence in challenging contexts. Currently guides are being finalized for the apparel, agriculture, and extractives sector. A guide on responsible mineral sourcing was developed in 2011 and guidance on the financial sector is currently being developed. For more information on due diligence in the financial sector see: http://mneguidelines.oecd.org/rbc-fin... For more information on the OECD Guidelines generally see: http://mneguidelines.oecd.org/ and: https://friendsoftheoecdguidelines.wo...
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Innovation, Safety and the Future of Mining | Curtin University Lecture
The future of mining, where is it going? Join our four prominent alumni as they lead this conversation and share their expertise on innovation, safety, policy and leadership within the industry. Speakers: - Mr Neil Warburton (Master of Ceremonies), Executive Chairman at White Rivers Exploration - Mr Greg Lilleyman, Director of Operations at Fortescue Metals Group - Dr Vanessa Guthrie, Chairman of the Minerals Council of Australia - Mr Steve Durkin, Managing Director at Safescape Chapter Markers: This Alumni Innovator Series: Innovation, Safety and the Future of Mining was held on Wednesday 31 May 2017 at our Bentley Campus. This video has been closed captioned.
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Goldstone Resources welcomes support in Ghana for redevelopment of goldmines
Emma Priestley, chief executive of Goldstone Resources Ltd (LON:GRL), tells Proactive Investors there's significant interest in the development of mining opportunities in Ghana. Priestley's comments come as Goldstone's neighbouring Obuasi Mine received environmental permits. She also updates on latest developments at their Akrokeri-Homase Gold Project.
Angkor Gold CEO: Gold Mining in Cambodia, Pursuing Oil and Gas Opportunities
Angkor Gold (TSXV:ANK, OTC:ANKOF) CEO Stephen Burega discusses mining in Cambodia, working side by side with the government, and how it is to be a big player in Cambodia's mining industry. In the interview, Burega also talks about their ongoing programs with JOGMEC, Hommy 5 Resources and Emerald Resources, and provides an update on how the company will be pursuing oil and gas opportunities in Cambodia. Investing News Network (INN) Find out more about investing by INN @ http://investingnews.com/ Want a FREE investor kit? Download here↓ https://investingnews.com/browse-company-profiles/ Follow us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/resourceinvestingnews Follow us on Twitter: @INN_Resource This video interview is sponsored by Angkor Gold (TSXV:ANK, OTC:ANKOF). This video interview provides information which was sourced by the Investing News Network (INN) and approved by Angkor Gold, in order to help investors learn more about the company. Angkor Gold is a client of INN. The company’s campaign fees pay for INN to create and update this video interview. INN does not provide investment advice and the information on this profile should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any security. INN does not endorse or recommend the business, products, services or securities of any company profiled. The information contained here is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of securities. Readers should conduct their own research for all information publicly available concerning the company. Prior to making any investment decision, it is recommended that readers consult directly with Angkor Gold and seek advice from a qualified investment advisor. This interview may contain forward-looking statements including but not limited to comments regarding the timing and content of upcoming work programs, receipt of property titles, etc. Forward-looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements. The issuer relies upon litigation protection for forward-looking statements. Investing in companies comes with uncertainties as market values can fluctuate.
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🇮🇳 India: The Lost Boys | 101 East
India: The Lost Boys Karma,16, has worked as a miner for over a year in India's northeastern state of Meghalaya, crawling deep inside a 'rat-hole' tunnel to dig coal for seven hours a day. "Inside it is very unstable. The smell is awful," he said sitting on a pile of coal. "It is so dirty, and it is difficult to move. You breathe in the coal and the dust. People get sick like this. There is no water to drink and it is so muddy. It is not nice at all." Child rights activists have reported that there are thousands of children like Karma working in Meghalaya's coal pits, because only those who are small in size are able fit in the claustrophobic tunnels. Many of them, like Karma, are believed to be from neighbouring Indian states, or from nearby Nepal and Bangladesh. Hasina Kharbhih has been fighting the exploitation of these children for several years through her NGO Impulse. She said agents working for mine owners help traffic children to the coal-rich Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya. They promise impoverished parents high salaries in return for their children's work, but fail to mention the dangerous conditions they will be living in. The mines often flood without warning or cave in, trapping and killing workers. There is rarely any compensation for the victims. "If we die, we die," said Ram Kumar Rai, 40, a Nepalese miner in Jaintia Hills. "They just bury us here. If we live, we suffer and we can't earn. We rot here and die. People who have money, friends or family here, their body will be sent back to Nepal. And those who don’t have anyone, they will just throw their bodies here or there." Rai was recently trapped in a tunnel after a massive rock fell on him. He had severe pain in his back and chest but received no compensation or money for medical treatment from the mine owner. "When someone dies, they hide the body so no one will know. That way the owner does not pay compensation to the family. He doesn't pay a single cent," he said. There are several national laws in India that set labour and safety standards for mines, and ban children aged under 18 from working there. But the industry in Meghalaya is openly flouting these regulations because the state government has failed to implement these laws and punish offenders. Karma has been labouring here since he was 14. His family of seven moved to Jaintia Hills a few years ago from Assam, desperately searching for work. His father had just died of tuberculosis after spending a lifetime in Meghalaya's mines. "I would like to have the chance to study but then my brother would be the only one working and we cannot afford it. And if I try to do another job, the salary would be less. So do we eat or do I go to school?" Karma said. Karma works most days, using a pick-axe to remove coal from the walls of the tunnels. "When I first went in the rat-hole, I was so scared," he said. "I thought the roof would fall on me. My knees were all scratched, but after two weeks I got used to it." "There are boys who are nine to 10 years of age who are doing this work. Younger than that they cannot do it." Despite several reports by the media and child advocates, Ampareen Lyngdoh, Meghalaya's labour minister, said she had yet to see hard evidence of young labourers. "The mining owners were telling me that a child actually cannot pull out the coal from the mine," she said from her office in the state's capital, Shillong. "You need to verify the ages of these so-called children. We are a community which is very small built. If you looked at my face you would not know how old I am. I can challenge you on that. So I might look sweet 16 but my age is something else. "Every time we rescue these so-called children, they come to a medical officer and they manage to get a certificate which says they are above such and such age." Despite her reservations, Lyngdoh said the government is drafting the state's first ever mining policy so they can register all mine owners and set standards for what they can and cannot do. Child labour is banned under these guidelines but 'rat-hole' mining is not, which is why children are employed in the first place. Child rights activist Hasina Kharbhih is sceptical about the state government's sincerity in tackling child labour. "The political will has not been there because half of the mines are also owned by a lot of political leaders. So definitely there is a vested interest of the political leaders to actually ensure that you slow down the whole process of whatever complaint is coming," she said. "These people have no rights at all. A democratic country like India will not be developing and prospering through violation of rights. It is inhumane." More from 101 East on: YouTube - http://aje.io/101eastYouTube Facebook - http://facebook.com/101east Twitter - http://twitter.com/aj101east Instagram - http://instagram.com/aj101east Website - http://aljazeera.com/101east
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sand mining process (how do they do it??)
this sand mining is done in Goa. It is done in the rivers. plz like,share subscribe.
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Compliance Manager Introduction | Real Time Safety Dashboard for the HSE Personnel
Watch the first video of this two-part Compliance Manager Introduction series and discover how one single piece of software provides you detailed visibility into the readiness of your industrial workers – in terms of their training and the personal protective equipment (PPE) they use. You have real time access to the information know how ready is your workforce to perform its jobs safely, productively and confidently, and in full compliance with company and government safety regulations. What to test it? Request a personal demonstration with Honeywell specialists. Learn more: http://www.hwll.co/ComplianceManager Learn more about Honeywell Process Solutions: http://www.honeywellprocess.com Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeqTN5THQ-08qcPlIBXQdJg?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hwusers Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/honeywell-process-solutions Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HoneywellProcessSolutions Honeywell helps industrial customers around the world operate safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and more profitable facilities. We offer leading technologies, in-depth training and comprehensive services that allow faster unit start-ups and more uptime. We have pioneered process automation control for more than 40 years. We have the right resources to serve the oil & gas, refining, pulp & paper, industrial power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, biofuels, life sciences, and metals, minerals and mining industries. Our broad portfolio of products and services can be tailored to our customers’ process automation needs, from production and supply chain management to project management services, control systems and field devices. Honeywell is inventing technologies that address some of the world’s toughest challenges in energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity. With approximately 132,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 engineers and scientists, we have an unrelenting focus on performance, quality, delivery, value and technology in everything we make and do. We welcome comments and feedback on our videos. All we ask is that you respect our social media community guidelines https://www.honeywellprocess.com/en-US/Pages/social-media.aspx http://www.youtube.com/Honeywell
Performance Standard Four: Community Health, Safety and Security
Michael Torrance discusses Performance Standard Four in the context of international finance and the Equator Principles.
Is Trump Guilty of 'Environmental Treason'?
In part 3 of our interview with President Trump's other legal nemesis, Shanna Cleveland, she responds to an audience question as to whether or not financial self-dealing while in office amounts to "treason." Cleveland explains that financial self-dealing is unconstitutional, but not treason, then goes on to cite an example having to do with clean water, Trump's golf courses, and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Go to https://www.TYTNetwork.com/Investigates for more original reporting from The Young Turks. Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/d8nzTi Follow us on Twitter: https://goo.gl/NFPVKm
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High Salary Jobs in Canada - Part 1
High Paid jobs offered in Canada. How much professors, engineers, managers, teachers, technicians, nurses can earn in Canada. Link to High Salary Jobs in Canada - Part 2 https://youtu.be/oZgV528zGXg You can send your CV at: [email protected] Currently they provide job placements with good salaries. Jobs in Canada work in canada pilot jobs aircraft engineer jobs marketing manager jobs network engineer jobs computer engineer jobs nurses jobs cooks jobs waiters jobs teacher vacancies professor vacancies technician jobs engineer jobs
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New Film Exposes the Devastating Impact World Bank Backing for Land Investments is having in Mali
MONDAY 23 APRIL: Released on the eve of the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington DC, April 23-26, 2012, two new films reveal widespread violations of people's rights and environmental destruction from land grabbing in Africa. [1] The films, released by La Via Campesina and Friends of the Earth International, are first-hand accounts of how privatisation of land, and corporate-friendly policies promoted by the World Bank lead to violent displacements, hunger and facilitate the global takeover of community land by private interests. In Mali, Libyan multinational corporation MALIBYA has been awarded 100,000 hectares of prime agricultural land to grow export crops and livestock. The 25 Billion dollar project includes building one of the largest irrigation canals in Africa allowing Mali's precious water supply to be used by MALIBYA. The project is intended to develop agricultural industry through foreign direct investment -- a strategy aggressively promoted by the World Bank. In reality it has already violently displaced hundreds of families and demolished entire villages. Farmers are deprived of their livelihood and the capacity of the local people to feed themselves is hampered. In Uganda, the World Bank has provided millions in funding and technical support to a large scale expansion of palm oil at the expense of local food crops and forest. Communities are losing access to land for farming, firewood, forest products and water supplies. Despite promises of employment, local people have lost their means of livelihood and are now struggling to make ends meet. Nearly 10,000 hectares are already planted in islands off Lake Victoria with 30,000 more planned. [2] The World Bank conference brings together investors, governments, International Financial Institutions and civil society to discuss land governance. Yet previous policies of the World Bank such as turning communal land rights into private land titles, encouraging private finance to invest in land and providing technical and policy support for foreign land investments has set the stage for a global land grab on a massive scale. Voluntary 'Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment' (RAI), being promoted by the World Bank currently are toothless and unlikely to halt land grabbing. [3] 80 to 227 million hectares of land have already been leased or bought up in recent years, mainly in developing countries, to produce food or fuel for the international market. Thousands of people have been dispossessed and had their Human Rights violated. [4] Civil society groups will voice their opposition to the RAI at the World Bank Conference in Washington DC. Meanwhile, A broad range of social movements are calling on Governments to take strong action to stop land grabbing by: [5] • Implementing genuine agrarian and aquatic reform programmes • Directing public investment towards peasant agriculture, family farming, artisanal fishing and indigenous food procurement systems that are based on ecological methods • Putting in place policies to stop overconsumption that drives land grabbing -- such as agrofuels mandates and high meat diets in the EU and US • Rejecting the RAI principles and instead abiding by their Human Rights obligations as outlined in the 'Voluntary Guidelines for land and natural resources tenure negotiated at the Committee on World Food Security.
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USENIX Enigma 2016 - Data Integrity Based Attacks in Investigative Domains
Eric W. D. Rozier, Assistant Professor of EECS, University of Cincinnati The Trustworthy Data Engineering Laboratory (TRUST Lab) has been working with the World Bank, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the City of Cincinnati to help solve a common problem faced by many organizations involved in data driven investigations: companies and entities that attempt to disguise malicious activities through attacks on the integrity of available data. In this talk we will explore the challenge of assuring data integrity in heterogenous data systems that face the challenges of velocity, variety, and volume that accompany the domain of Big Data. We will examine real case studies in debarrment and corruption in international procurement with the World Bank, investigations into violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with the FBI, cases of violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act with the EPA, and human rights abuses of low income citizens by corporate slum-lords in the city of Cincinnati. In each of these cases we will show how malicious actors manipulated the data collection and data analytics process either through misinformation, abuse of regional corporate legal structures, collusion with state actors, or knowledge of underlying predictive analytics algorithms to damage the integrity of data used by machine learning and predictive analytic processes, or the outcomes derived from these processes, to avoid regulatory oversite, sanctions, and investigations launched by national and multi-national authorities. Sign up to find out more about Enigma conferences: https://www.usenix.org/conference/enigma2016#signup Watch all Enigma 2016 videos at: http://enigma.usenix.org/youtube
Who Should Run the Corporation? A Conversation with BlackRock Co-Founder Barbara Novick
The Corporations and Society Initiative at GSB hosts Barbara Novick, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, in a conversation on corporate purpose, governance, and responsibility. Speaker: Barbara Novick, Vice Chairman, BlackRock, Inc. Moderated by: Paul Pfleiderer, The C.O.G. Miller Distinguished Professor of Finance CORRECTION: At 30:32 of the video, one of the participants stated that a law firm was paid $3 billion in fees in a certain bribery case. The participant has since confirmed that this was an error, albeit inadvertent. The company that was the subject of that case has stated that the number was approximately $230 million. We regret the error.
"Legend of the Blue Mist" Original Creepy Deep Woods Story
A few friends move out to California in the 1800's to try their life at gold panning. Something is in the Blue Mist that hunts them. #Scarystory #HorrorStory #GhostStory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Author: Creepy Ghost Stories Source: Written Exclusively for this Channel by Eranimus Vox (12/28/18) Video: Loops are created by me using a Samsung galaxy 8+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Huge thank you to My Patreon Supporters: https://www.patreon.com/CreepyGhostStories ▶Lilli Michaelis ▶Dustin Fleming ▶Taps fan ▶Dylan Landry ▶Julie Blain ▶Jules Frazier ▶Uncle Ulric ▶Pam Gray ▶Elisamuel Rodrigues Jr ▶Ellie Saint ▶Kira McZesty ▶Matt Towey ▶RIYFINA ▶Valiant Warrior ▶Monette Panthion ▶Tiffany Cannon-Maguire ▶Matthew MacCallum Without the Support of Patreons this channel would not be possible. Buy a Shirt! https://teespring.com/stores/creepy-ghost-stories-store * For the best experience wear headphones. All Video loops are created by me and are filmed using a Samsung galaxy 8+ or of stock images. All audio narrations are provided by me (Creepy Ghost Stories) unless otherwise credited. All stories are exclusively written for this channel by me or my team of writers unless an author's name is given in which I have permission to narrate and monetize their work. ▶ SOCIAL MEDIA ►Instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/creepyghoststories/ ►Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/CreepyGhostst ►Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/Creepyghoststories1 ▶Contact Information [email protected] Snail Mail Creepy Ghost Stories 1207 The Hideout Lake Ariel pa 18436 All music and background soundscapes/music/audio are royalty free and provided by Youtube's Audio library: ▶Music by Myuuji https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji ▶Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.com Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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IndiaTV Exclusive: Illegal sand mining in Pune, Solapur and Ahmednagar
IndiaTV Exclusive: Illegal sand mining in Pune, Solapur and Ahmednagar
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Kenya Environmental Gains, Sustainable Development & Youth Inclusion in Policy Making
On this episode of First Issues we look at how Kenya is emerging as a leader on matters of environment protection- becoming the first African country to adopt a climate change act this year, constructing Africa's largest wind farm and tapping into geothermal energy. And we ask various stakeholders what can be done for youth to play a meaningful and sustainable role in the policy-making processes of this country.
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Project Seeks to Cut Deaths, Build Market for Clean Cookstoves
I'm Alex Villarreal with the VOA Special English Development Report, from http://voaspecialenglish.com | http://facebook.com/voalearningenglish Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced a plan to get cleaner-burning cooking stoves into developing countries. The plan aims to reduce deaths caused by smoke from the traditional use of solid fuels and open fires. Almost half the world's people breathe smoke from coal and biomass fuels like wood, dung and crop waste. The smoke can lead to lung cancer, heart disease, low birth weight and other problems. It also increases the risk of pneumonia, a leading cause of death in young children. Women and children are most at risk because they spend the most time in the kitchen. Also, in areas of conflict, the search for fuel puts women at increased risk of violence. The goal of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is one hundred million homes using safer cookstoves and fuels by the year twenty twenty. Secretary Clinton said that clean stoves could make as big a difference in the world as bed nets or vaccines. She said: "The World Health Organization considers smoke from dirty stoves to be one of the five most serious health risks that face people in poor, developing countries. Nearly two million people die from its effects each year, more than twice the number from malaria. And because the smoke contains greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, as well as black carbon, it contributes to climate change."Founding partners in the alliance include governments and United Nations agencies, nonprofit groups and the energy company Shell. The alliance hopes to raise at least two hundred fifty million dollars within ten years. The United States has promised to donate more than fifty million dollars over the next five years. The aim is to create a strong global market for clean cookstoves. The alliance will identify target markets and work to get women involved in business operations. It will also develop indoor air-quality guidelines, test clean stoves and fuels and develop "research roadmaps."The United States Environmental Protection Agency has donated six million dollars towards the effort. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson says the problem of cookstove pollution is really an issue of poverty. For VOA Special English I'm Alex Villarreal. You can read and listen to our programs -- and learn more about projects in the developing world -- at voaspecialenglish.com. (Adapted from a radio program broadcast 27Sept2010)
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L6/P8: GIFT City & international financial service center (IFSC) Features-Benefits
Language: Hindi, Topics Covered: 1. Case study: Dubai International financial sector- facilities offered 2. Gift City: ownership, location, salient features 3. SEBI provisions for opening stock exchange in gift city, guidelines for hedge funds and mutual funds 4. RBI’s guidelines for IFSC Banking Units: can they accept retail customers, rupee deposits? Are CRR, SLR applicable to them? 5. What are the legal challenges in building GIFT as an international financial service centre (IFSC)? The issue of full capital account convertibility 6. Mock Questions for Mains: Vibrant financial markets are critical to a country’s GDP growth. Examine the importance of proposed GIFT city in this regard, & discuss challenges in its setup. Powerpoint available at http://Mrunal.org/download Exam-Utility: UPSC CSAT, Prelims, Mains, CDS, CAPF, Bank, RBI, IBPS, SSC and other competitive exams, IIM, XLRI, MBA interviews and GDPI Faculty Name: Mrunal Patel Venue: Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India
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KryptoGeneX Green X Mining Presentation
KryptoGeneX is the Ultimate platform for Cryptocurrency education. This is the beginners guide to engaging in the Crypto world. And now KryptoGeneX is the Wholesaler for "Green." Green will disrupt the entire Power Industry by bringing Decentralized Power to the world You will learn everything you need to know to navigate this space and have the ability to earn while you learn. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Alt Coins, Crypto Trading, Crypto Mining and 100% SEC Compliant *This information is intended for educational and training purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. As with all financial decisions you should contact your licensed financial advisor before investing in any financial instrument
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The Lion King Official Teaser Trailer
Disney's The Lion King opens in theatres July 19, 2019. From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau’s all-new “The Lion King” journeys to the African savanna where a future king must overcome betrayal and tragedy to assume his rightful place on Pride Rock.
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Climate concerns over China coal project in Serbia
(30 Nov 2018) China's commitment to carbon reduction overseas is being questioned as they expand more infrastructure projects abroad. In Kostolac, Serbia, a power plant complex is currently being expanded with a 715 million US dollar loan from a Chinese state bank and constructed by one of China's largest companies. A foul smell permeated the air in the grey mining town. People rarely opened their windows as thick smoke billows from the huge chimneys of Serbia's main coal-fired power station in Kostolac. Chinese construction workers wearing hard hats are building a huge chimney for the new, "Kostolac B" Serbian power plant that was to be fuelled by lignite, the "dirtiest" type of coal. It produces a huge amount of ash that has to be carefully deposited on vast fields with water sprinklers to prevent the dust from being blown into the atmosphere or the nearby Danube River. Locals living near the Kostolac plant said that more people were getting ill and there was dust in the air. "When we wash our laundry, we leave it to dry and then in three days you see how white laundry becomes black laundry," said Dejan Grujic, a local resident. Zeljko Lazovic, a Kostolac power plant project manager, said that the project was built in accordance with European and Serbian environmental standards. When US President Donald Trump abruptly withdrew from the Paris agreement on tackling global climate change in 2017, China was seen as the champion in the battle to cut carbon emissions and prevent a global environmental catastrophe. Experts said that while China tackled pollution at home by implementing renewable energy schemes and reducing the use of by far the most polluting fossil fuel, coal, it has been pursuing a different strategy abroad. Chinese companies are the world's largest investors in overseas coal plants. They are currently involved in the building of about a fifth of new coal-fired energy capacity around the world, mostly in the countries along its ambitious "Belt and Road" investment programme, which the West saw as an attempt by China to globally increase its political and economic influence. Beijing issued guidelines on foreign investments, urging environmentally friendly practices. But a major worry was that the guidelines are not binding and that the power stations are built mostly in developing states which have low pollution emission standards, or no set standards at all. "So far they (Chinese government) define 'green' as complying with local environmental standards, and we don't think that's enough because a lot of the recipient countries have very low environmental standards," said Huang Wei, a campaigner at Greenpeace. "So I think it's up to China, both China and the recipient countries to lift the standard. And there has to be effort from both sides," she said. Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork Twitter: https://twitter.com/AP_Archive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APArchives Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/102011028589719587178/+APArchive​ Tumblr: https://aparchives.tumblr.com/​​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/APNews/ You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/3217be2879136b1cdf1eb2272e9706fb
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Bitcoin: Creation, Circulation, Usage, Problems & Advantages - Currency of Internet
Expect atleast one question in your exam from this lecture! Dr. Manishika Jain explains tCreation, Circulation, Usage, Problems & Advantages of Bitcoins - Cryptocurrency "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein Why Use Bitcoin? Peer to peer Account cant be closed On digital wallet Simple as email Secured by Miners (rewarded for maintaining ledger) Changing finance Minimize transaction fee Cannot be frozen & blocked Cryptocurrency - Anonymous Crypto = Hidden Key Signature Bitcoin/Altcoins – 1st decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009 Why Use Bitcoin? @4:014 Cryptocurrency – Anonymous @6:49 Double Spending Problem @8:15 Open Ledger @10:27 Distributed Open Ledger @11:47 Miners @12:53 Block Chain @17:37 Block Chain – Public Distributed Ledger @21:30 Bitcoin Circulation @22:48 History of Cryptocurrency @23:04 Algorithms @24:11 SHA-2 @24:14 Scrypt @24:33 Bitcoin (BTC, XBT) @24:48 Satoshi @25:58 Why Bitcoin Fluctuates @27:33 Who Accepts? @29:37 Global Scenario @30:04 Bitcoin in India @31:18 Bitcoin Thefts @32:52 Mt. Gox @33:09 Bitfinex @ 33:49 #Bitcoin #Ledger #Centralized #Anonymous #Decentralized #Transaction #Frozen #Rewarded #Einstein #Manishika #Examrace Double Spending Problem Open Ledger Chain of transactions Open & public Decide valid/not valid Centralized place Block Chain New group of accepted transactions 6 times every hour – blocks made Nonce: Arbitrary number may only be used once Block Chain – Public Distributed Ledger Its not bitcoin but backend of bitcoin Ledger is open and public Ledger exists in many nodes - decentralized Removes dependency on 3rd party No trusted entity Faster/Immediately Cheaper For new block – 12.5 BTC Every hour 12.5×6=75 BTC After 2.1 lakh block (4 years), amount of BTC is halved – ultimately zero BTC – only transaction fee Bitcoin Circulation 21 million bitcoins in 100 years About over 13 million bitcoins in circulation by 2014 8 million bitcoins will be mined in next 95 years History of Cryptocurrency 1998: We-Dai – b-money – distributed electronic cash system BitGold by Nick Szabo 2009: Bitcoin - used SHA-256, a cryptographic hash function, as its proof-of-work scheme 2011: Namecoin 2011: Litecoin - used scrypt as its hash function Peercoin: proof-of-work/proof-of-stake hybrid 2014: Treasury Algorithms SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) by NSA - cryptographic hash functions Scrypt: Password-based key derivation function – make it difficult to do hardware attacks Bitcoin (BTC, XBT or ) Key and Signature Signatures are unique By Satoshi Nakamoto 31 May 2017: 1 bitcoin = $2257.96 or Rs. 143126.45 Mathematically limited to 21 million bitcoins Satoshi Satoshi / Austrian – one hundred million of BTC (smallest unit) Japanese character シ ("shi") - proposed Katakana symbol サ ("sa") - proposed Circled shi (㋛) Hiragana shi (し) Why Bitcoin Fluctuates? Rate in 2010 ($0.08) USA (buy – uptick) Zambia (sell – downtick) 30 minutes later Decrease in Bitcoin rate by: Merchants accepting Bitcoin Miners “cashing out” to pay bills with fiat Redemption of transmission bitcoin Conversion of bitcoin salaries to fiat (increase in unused bitcoin) Who Accepts? More than 1 lakh retailers Wallet applications Apple Dell Newegg e-Bay Dish Network Global Scenario Japan – Bitcoin made legal (law passed) Australia – removed double tax on bitcoin users Bangladesh – Illegal – 12 years in jail Kyrgyzstan – Illegal (no prohibition from buying and selling) Ecuador – banned (creating its own virtual currency) Bolivia – Banned Vietnam – prohibits credit institutions from dealing in cryptocurrency Bitcoin in India BTCXIndia: 1st bitcoin exchange in India with KYC and AML guidelines Unocoin Zebpay – 5 lakh app downloads & 2,500 users per day are added Fiat is needed to purchase Bitcoin to enter market in India – entry by donations, services or mining Still researching on bitcoin to make it legal Market acceptance, customer trust, investment security, money laundering, hawala Bitcoin Thefts Mt. Gox –mtgox.com, short for "Magic: The Gathering Online eXchange’ in 2006. World’s leading bitcoin exchange in 2013-14 - 850,000 bitcoins were stolen which amounted to $450 million & finally bankruptcy declared Bitfinex - $72 million stolen in Hong Kong based exchange - customers would forfeit 36% of their holdings and be given "BFX tokens" instead that could be redeemed by the exchange or converted to shares in its parent company iFinex. Join our fully evaluated UPSC Geography optional test series at - https://www.doorsteptutor.com/Exams/IAS/Mains/Optional/Geography/Test-Series/, Post evaluation get personalized feedback & improvement call for each test. Ready-made fully solved questions for GS at https://www.doorsteptutor.com/Exams/IAS/Prelims/ Don't miss preparing for IAS CSAT Paper II - http://www.examrace.com/IAS/IAS-FlexiPrep-Program/Postal-Courses/Examrace-IAS-CSAT-Prelims-Paper-II-Series.htm
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Records Management in the Legal Environment
Podcast Link: http://amazon.sjsu.edu/slisPod/colloquia/sp18/maraHarringtonSP18.mp4 Abstract Every industry presents its own unique properties and challenges in the management of physical and electronic records. In this presentation, you will be introduced to the ever expanding and important world of records management within the legal environment of a law firm setting. Biography Kay Harrington, CRM, has worked as a records manager in the field of records management in the legal environment for 30 years at both the local and national level. At the national level, she oversaw seven branch law offices and developed a nationwide records program that encompassed paper and electronic files and brought the backlog of closed files for all of the offices into compliance with the firm’s retention policy. Currently, Harrington serves as president of the ARMA Mile High Denver Chapter.
Ideas for guidelines for energy investments in Indonesia
Torry Kuswardono, Walhi, Indonesian Forum for Environment talks about guidelines for energy investmensts in Development Countries. More info at: www.antenna.nl/wise and www.eng.walhi.or.id
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Serena Lilly White on the OECD Guidelines for MNEs
Serena Lilly White is the Mining Advocacy Coordinator for Oxfam. In this interview with Dr Wayne Visser, CEO of CSR International, she discusses role and effectiveness of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. The interview was conducted at the ACCSR conference on 19 February 2010 in Melbourne, where Serena was a speaker.
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No One Reporting Bitcoin To The IRS - Taxation Is Theft! (Freedom Minute)
Josh Sigurdson does another Freedom Minute update, this time on the recent finding of a survey by Credit Karma showing that only 0.04% of Bitcoin users actually reported their gains or losses to the IRS. 100 out of 250,000 filers. This doesn't come as a surprise to most of us. Of course taxation is theft and cryptocurrencies are great ways to decentralize. Why would everyone run to the IRS to beg them to steal their money? No matter how much FUD is spread in the news with fake stories about regulations, bans and taxation regarding cryptocurrencies, it's futile. People can see through it. The laws surrounding cryptocurrencies are largely unenforceable. Individual demand reigns in the decentalized cryptoworld. This is also good news for cryptocurrencies from another angle. Everyone was concerned leading up to tax day in the United States that everyone would dump their cryptos to pay taxes. Well apparently that's simply not the case. As establishment elites attack Bitcoin all while buying it and attempt to manipulate markets in order to maximize profits, we are at a turning point in the road for cryptos. We have been given time to think not of greed, but of the great possibilities cryptocurrencies provide. To decentralize life rather than speculate on crazy profits. This is an important moment. Bitcoin dodged the death cross recently and actually saw support on it which we had previously predicted. Now what comes next is unknown but there sure is a lot of renewed bullish interest. Stay tuned as we continue to cover this subject! Video edited by Josh Sigurdson Featuring: Josh Sigurdson Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson Visit us at www.WorldAlternativeMedia.com LIKE us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/LibertyShallPrevail/ Follow us on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/WorldAltMedia FIND US ON STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@joshsigurdson BUY JOHN SNEISEN'S LATEST BOOK HERE: Paperback https://www.amazon.com/dp/1988497051/ref=zg_bs_tab_pd_bsnr_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=ZBK6VTXQRA2F77RYZ602 Kindle https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B073V5R72H/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1500130568&sr=1-1 DONATE HERE: https://www.gofundme.com/w3e2es Help keep independent media alive! Pledge here! Just a dollar a month can help us stay on our feet as we face intense YouTube censorship! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2652072&ty=h&u=2652072 BITCOIN ADDRESS: 18d1WEnYYhBRgZVbeyLr6UfiJhrQygcgNU Buy Tickets for G. Edward Griffin's much anticipated Red Pill Expo 2018 in Spokane, Washington by clicking the link below: https://redpillexpo.org/wam/ref/26/ World Alternative Media 2018 "Find the truth, be the change!"
Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Obama isn’t over yet. Environmental advocates have been pushing Barack Obama to use a 1953 law to bar the U.S. from drilling in the Arctic ocean and another part of the Atlantic ocean. He is doing it to improve his legacy. According to Bloomberg and The New York Times, the Obama administration will announce it today. Got Kids or Grandkids? Take a break at our new Kids Channel: (( SUBSCRIBE )) http://bit.ly/sub-to-Banchi-Brothers See the report here: https://youtu.be/7MpXleesRio Read More/Source/Credit(FAIR USE): http://libertywritersnews.com/2016/12/obama-shoots-trump-in-foot-look-at-sick-thing-obama-did-before-leaving-office/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUPPORT THE NETWORK WITH THE LINKS BELOW! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Patreon $5/mo: http://nnn.is/monthly-gift-5 Give Once: http://nnn.is/one-time-gift Give BTC: 13Hd1HFqS5CDLCMcFQPWu9wumubo6X2hSM Tip Brian The Editor: http://nextnewsnetwork.com/tip-the-editor/ T-Shirt Shop: http://nnn.is/get-your-gear-here Teach Your Child About Liberty: http://nnn.is/1HvxU37 Learn What Stocks Will Survive The Collapse: http://nnn.is/n3-trade-genius Watch Us on Tiger Steam! http://nnn.is/GET-TIGER --- $50 off promocode: BUYTIGERSTREAM Get The Tea! http://GetTheTea.com Stock Up On Survival Food Today! http://www.foodforliberty.com/nextnews GET YOUR TACTICAL GEAR! Get The Light! http://nnn.is/tac-lights Get The Pen! http://nnn.is/tac-pen Get The Headlamp! http://nnn.is/tac-headlamp ---------------------------------------- FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL! --------------------------------------- http://Facebook.com/NextNewsNet http://Twitter.com/NextNewsNet http://NextNewsNetwork.com Hashtag: #N3 Copyright Disclaimer: Citation of articles and authors in this report does not imply ownership. Works and images presented here fall under Fair Use Section 107 and are used for commentary on globally significant newsworthy events. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Community Guidelines Disclaimer: The points of view and purpose of this video is not to bully or harass anybody, but rather share that opinion and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about the subject to encourage conversation and awareness.
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SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]
SHAZAM! - Only in theaters April 5. See it early with Fandango on March 23. Get tickets: http://Fandango.com/Shazamearlyaccess ----- http://ShazamMovie.com https://www.facebook.com/ShazamMovie/ https://twitter.com/ShazamMovie/ https://www.instagram.com/ShazamMovie/ ---- David F. Sandberg (“Annabelle: Creation”) directs New Line Cinema’s “Shazam!,” the origin story that stars Zachary Levi (TV’s “Chuck”) as the titular DC Super Hero, along with Asher Angel (TV’s “Andi Mack”) as Billy Batson, and Mark Strong (the “Kingsman” movies) in the role of Super-Villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Peter Safran (“Aquaman,” “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle” films) serves as the film’s producer. We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson’s (Angel) case, by shouting out one word—SHAZAM!—this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Super Hero Shazam (Levi), courtesy of an ancient wizard. Still a kid at heart—inside a ripped, godlike body—Shazam revels in this adult version of himself by doing what any teen would do with superpowers: have fun with them! Can he fly? Does he have X-ray vision? Can he shoot lightning out of his hands? Can he skip his social studies test? Shazam sets out to test the limits of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he’ll need to master these powers quickly in order to fight the deadly forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Strong). “Shazam!” also stars Jack Dylan Grazer (“IT”) as Billy’s best friend and ultimate superhero enthusiast, Freddy, part of the foster family that includes Mary, played by Grace Fulton (“Annabelle: Creation”); Darla, played by Faithe Herman (TV’s “This is Us”); Eugene, played by Ian Chen (TV’s “Fresh Off the Boat”); and Pedro, played by Jovan Armand (TV’s “Hawaii Five-O”). Cooper Andrews (TV’s “The Walking Dead”) and Marta Milans (TV’s “Killer Women”) play foster parents Victor and Rosa Vasquez, with Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou (“Blood Diamond”) as the Wizard. Firmly set in the DC universe but with his own distinctly fun, family-centric tone, the screenplay is by Henry Gayden, story by Gayden and Darren Lemke. Shazam was created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck. Christopher Godsick, Jeffrey Chernov, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia serve as executive producers. Sandberg’s creative team includes his “Annabelle: Creation” director of photography Maxime Alexandre, production designer Jennifer Spence, editor Michel Aller and costume designer Leah Butler. A New Line Cinema production, “Shazam!” is set for release on April 5, 2019. It will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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50 Cent - In Da Club (Int'l Version)
Best of 50 Cent: https://goo.gl/PgrRic Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/o954jF Music video by 50 Cent performing In Da Club. (C) 2003 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records #VEVOCertified on February 13, 2012. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified
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F2: October 2016 full Current Affairs for UPSC IAS
Topics Covered A. Indian POLITY (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal II Verdict 2. Right to Choose 3. Elections In India: Religion and Elections, E-Postal Ballot System for Armed Forces 4. Referendum 5. United Group in Rajya Sabha 6. Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat 7. Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act, 2016 8. Sexual Harassment at Workplace 9. Western Zonal Council Meeting 10. Parity Issues in Army B. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. China-Pakistan 2. India-Bhutan 3. India-Asean 4. India-Singapore 5. India-Russia 6. BIMSTEC 7. BRICS: Eighth BRICS Summit, BRICS Rating Agency, Exim Bank and New Development Bank MoU 8. Nuclear Disarmament 9. Disarmament and Security Committee 10. India and AARDO 11. Maldives Quits Commonwealth 12. International Criminal Court 13. UN Human Rights Council C. ECONOMY (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. Bad Bank 2. Public Debt Management Cell (PDMC) 3. Project Insight 4. IMF’s Recent Growth Forecast 5. Indigenous Defence Production: Dassault Reliance Aerospace JV 6. Indian Bridge Management System 7. India’s First Medipark 8. Power Transmission Planning 9. Regulation of Pension Products 10. Ethanol Pricing Revision 11. Agro Irradiation Centers 12. National SC/ST Hub and Zero Defect-Zero Effect Scheme 13. Options in Agricultural Produce 14. Global Competitiveness Index 15. Mining Surveillance System (MSS) 16. Central Assistance Under AIBP 17. Agricultural Marketing and Farm Friendly Reforms Index 18. Regional Connectivity Scheme ‘UDAN’ 19. Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor 20. Trends in CSR Spending 21. Urja Ganga Project 22. DBT for Kerosene 23. Ease of Doing Business Rankings 24. Nobel Prize in Economics D. SOCIAL Issues (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. Gender Related Issues 1.1. WEF Gender Gap Report 1.2. Janani Suraksha Yojna 1.3. Changes in Domestic Violence Act 1.4. Muslim Personal Law: Need for Reforms 2. Vulnerable sections 2.1. Elderly in India 2.2. Vayoshreshtha Samman 2.3. Amendments to the HIV and AIDS (Prevention And Control) Bill, 2014 3. Health and Diseases 3.1. Dengue and Chikungunya 3.2. Leprosy 3.3. Global TB Report 4. Education 4.1. National Academic Depository 4.2. New Delhi Declaration on Education 5. Miscellaneous 5.1. Liquor Ban 5.2. Swachh Bharat Mission 5.3. Open Defecation in India 5.4. Sugar Tax 5.5. India moves up in the World Giving Index 5.6. Rajasthan Drive to end Child Marriages E. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology 2. Nobel Prize in Physics 2016 3. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 4. Solution to Marine Oil Spills 5. Himansh 6. Hyperelastic Bone 7. GSAT 18 Satellite Launched 8. ICGS Ships Commissioned 9. India Shows Second Highest Growth in Science Research 10. Biotech-Kisan and Cattle Genomics 11. Stable Solar Cells F. SECURITY (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT) 2. Bitcoins Seized 3. Airborne Early Warning and Control System 4. SIT Combing P-Notes Date to Curb Black Money 5. Cyber Security in Banks: Debit Card Data Theft Issue 6. Cyber Security Platform to Fund Startups 7. Range of Brahmos to be Doubled 8. India-China Joint Army Exercise G. ENVIRONMENT(UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. New Urban Agenda - Habitat – III 2. Kigali Agreement 3. Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition 4. NDMA’s Guidelines on Crowd Management, Safety Precautions 5. WWF’s Living Planet Report 2016 5.1. Anthropocene Epoch – Human-influenced Age 6. India Ratifies Paris Climate Deal At U.N. 7. Neerdhur 8. Internal Carbon Price 9. India’s First ‘Green Corridor’ 10. Kashmir's Red Stag 11. World's Largest Marine Park 12. Seaweed Farming 13. Palaeo Channel of North West India H. ART AND CULTURE (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2. Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 3. Deendayal Upadhayay 4. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel 5. Harikatha 6. Alpana Folk Art 7. Kabaddi World Cup I. ETHICS (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) Follow KPupsc J. (UPSC IAS English and Hindi) 1. CPGRAMS 2. Employees Online Mobile App 3. First National Day of Ayurveda Celebrated 4. India’s Speech at UNGA 5. OPEC’s Decision to Trim Collective Output 6. Justice Reddy Committee on OROP 7. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board 8. Sagar Port 9. Automation Threatens 69% of Jobs in India: World Bank 10. Point Nemo- the Point of Inaccessibility on Earth 11. Indian Roller Bird 12. India and Sri Lanka Joint Exercise to Prevent Oil Spill 13. New Species of Pika Discovered 14. T. N. Tops List of Endemic Flowering Plants 15. Scientists find 500 US Seabed Vents of Methane 16. Smooth-Coated Otter
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[LEO SPIRIT] The difference between a virtual currency and Cryptocurrency?
What is The difference between a virtual currency and Cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a particular type of digital currency. Both are virtual currencies but every virtual currency is not cryptocurrency. According to the European Central Bank definition virtual currencies are generally digital, although its precursor, the coupon, is physical. In the present day usage of the term virtual currency, in environments with digital communication and with disappearing importance of physical coupons, digital currency equals virtual currency, as defined by ECB and the Treasury. There are many fundamental differences between a virtual (in general) currency and a cryptocurrency. Please read below some fundamental differences: 1: Environment: Virtual currency (in general): Virtual currency can be anything from coupons to tokens. Virtual currency can appear in video games (like World of Warcraft) and it normally has no value outside of the environment where it was created. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is a special kind of virtual currency. It has very specific rules and is fixing all of the Virtual currencies’ flaws. 2: Control Virtual currency (in general): It is centralized and is governed by its creator. Cryptocurrency: Decentralized and not owned by a single authority, instead it is owned by everyone who owns the cryptocurrency coins. 3: Value Virtual currency (in general): Value can and will be manipulated Cryptocurrency: Value is determined by supply and demand 4: Use Virtual currency (in general): Normally used for a very limited range of products or services that are in domain of the developer. Cryptocurrency: Can be used and exchanged for anything completely unrelated to the developer. 5: Exchange Virtual currency (in general): In most cases transactions only go one way. You can trade fiat currency for virtual but not the other way around. Cryptocurrency: Can be exchanged freely to fiat currency and back 6: Security Virtual currency (in general): Has very low protection and can easily be hacked. Cryptocurrency: Is designed to be extremely protected and non-hackable. 7: Trade Virtual currency (in general): Can sometimes be traded between people in the same company or group. Cryptocurrency: Can be traded by anyone, anywhere and at any time. 8: Age Virtual currency (in general): Has very limited use and an expiry date Cryptocurrency: When accepted it has potential to last forever. 9: Fiat currency flaw Virtual currency (in general): Has almost every single flaw that fiat currencies have. It can be corrupted, manipulated, used to only serve a few people. It has an infinite amount, companies can always issue as much of it as they want. Cryptocurrency: Is solving most of the problems fiat currencies have. It cannot be controlled, there is a finite amount and nobody can issue more. 10: Benefit Virtual currency (in general): Can only be given to those who paid for it. The money it makes goes to the developer. Cryptocurrency: Has the most fair distribution system possible. It is given as a reward to those who help secure the network by a completely transparent process called mining. It is a completely automated process, which no one can interfere with. Join in the Global Leo today: http://www.learnearnown.com/minhhien Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/minhhien.leospirit
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Bitcoin No ETF?! January 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis
***My fully comprehensive road map to becoming a COMPLETE Trading Boss! + VIP DIscord Access*** https://krown-trading.teachable.com/p/trade-like-a-professional-the-art-and-application-of-technical-analysis/ All my trading strategies revealed in a series of 39 Modules of Video and PowerPoint presentation format over 32 hours long + Bonus Material! Reviews inside! ***Master Your Options*** - https://krown-trading.teachable.com/p/master-your-options/ - Years as a Professional Market Maker Authorized Trader synthesized down into a 42 Module Road Map for the Purpose of Derivative Domination ***Krown Jewel Indicator Mastery*** https://krown-trading.teachable.com/?affcode=236462_6ozjtirq My preferred method of scalping by timing both entries and exits with 5 unique oscillators each suited for specific trading styles Complimentary 10% off trading fees for Deribit ***https://www.deribit.com/reg-1170.7653*** Complimentary 10% off trading fees for BitMEX https://www.bitmex.com/register/4l6ovV ***Cave Discord*** https://discord.gg/5Zwuum8 ***Frontier Discord*** https://discord.gg/vYf3AMS Please do consider gently tapping the like & subscribe button as I update my thoughts on the market daily! ***Complimentary Portfolio Tracking and Balancing Tool*** https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y8WtgxCZen4yt8UwAmqxQjfDR42-kFQ8iRx_3rJi0CI/edit#gid=1158545460 If you feel so inclined to support my Coffee and Ground Beef diet then here is a link to my BTC address - 3QnMhH3QKjoNMprArJ2PyY2t8MWPCDtmJv Recommended Reading for Learning the Art of Trading - Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits https://amzn.to/2qQAz7A Reminiscences of a Stock Operater https://amzn.to/2F3WD3G Also checkout my Steemit Account as I do post exclusive content here - https://steemit.com/@realcrowncrypto Twitter for Intra-day Mini Update - https://twitter.com/KrownCryptoCave #Bitcoin #BitcoinNews #BitcoinAnalysis Disclaimer - The content in this video and on this channel are not intended to be financial advice. The content in this video and on this channel are only intended for entertainment purposes only! Bitcoin Analysis, Top bitcoin analysis, price prediction, Bitcoin Trading, Bitcoin 2018, Bitcoin Crash, Bitcoin Moon, Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Today, Best Bitcoin Analysis, Bitcoin price, Bitcoin to 0, Where is Bitcoin Going, Bitcoin bottomed
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Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan launches Green Scheme Development Programme App
Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan launches Green Scheme Development Programme App
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How to mine successfully - CSR
12 Hour MBA in Mining The 12 Hour MBA in Mining is an introductory-level online training course designed to bridge gaps in your knowledge. It is most useful to new entrants, senior managers needing a big picture refresher and professional advisors and suppliers to the field. Explore real-world lessons they don't teach you on the job, from the comfort of your desk. In just 12 hours you will: - Gain a thorough understanding of the mining industry - Master the financial side of mining and learn how to justify exploration expenditure - Look at issues of corporate social responsibility and changes in the industry - Understand the mining value chain - Gain an understanding of equipment selection - Learn how to use financial modelling as a decision-making tool - Look at economic evaluation and risk - Consider how changes to the industry affect business For more information: http://www.terrapinntraining.com/training/12-Hour-MBA-in-Mining
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NEMA to Evict Wetland Encroachers in July
The days are numbered for people settled in wetlands - according to the National Environment Management Authority. The Authority is concerned that settlement has continued despite incessant threats to encroachers. Plans are now underway to force out those grounded in the most fragile ecosystems around Kampala before the end of the year.
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Think Indigenous 11 Dr Pam Palmater_March 20 2015
Dr. Pam Palmater, Ryerson University
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Question Period: Stats Canada and banking information privacy, veteran benefits - November 2, 2018
Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Today in question period the government faced debate on reports that Statistics Canada will be collecting personal banking information and veteran benefits. #questionperiod #cbcnews »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Fireside Chat on Cryptocurrency with Michael Sonnenshein of Grayscale Investments
The Wharton Alternative Investments Initiative hosted an interview with Michael Sonnenshein, Managing Director of Grayscale Investments, and the sponsor of the Bitcoin Investment Trust. This fascinating discussion touched on the basics of blockchain, the growth of cryptocurrencies, and the dynamics of and changing regulatory environment for digital investing.
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Interview with Dr. Alice Kaudia, Kenyan Environment Secretary
May 21, 2010 Nairobi, Kenya: World Bank's InfoDev is piloting Climate Innovation Centers to support the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate technologies in developing countries. This workshop is the second multi-stakeholder engagement that brings together a core team of leaders to provide valuable insights and expertise in supporting accelerated climate technology commercialization, entrepreneurship and small business development in Kenya. Dr. Kaudia is the Environment Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources in Kenya.
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EVS For Class 2 | Learn Science For Kids | Environmental Science | Science For Class 2
Watch Latest Kids Songs ......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYMK4hTwVoo&list=PLnCcvHTIyuPS_OyjYefDCEazz7ROCGCjH Pebbles present Learn EVS For Class 2. This video teaches Environmental Science with the help of Computer Graphics & Animation supported by excellent voice over, which will help the kids understand Science very easily. Science Basics For Kids. Science Made Easy For Children. Visit Pebbles Official Website - http://www.pebbles.in Subscribe to our Channel – https://www.youtube.com/pebbleslive?sub_confirmation=1 Engage with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PebblesChennai Please Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe Easy Drawing and Craft https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdI7XrlCYYeLXuDX9j074DA https://youtu.be/GlpFNgILex4
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CEO of Crypto Finance: "Switzerland is leading blockchain regulation,"
The CEO and co-founder of Crypto Finance, Jan Brzezek, was disappointed by the Consensus 2018 conference in New York last week. The event, one of the most important blockchain summits, didn't offer any news that pushed crypto currency value up again, according to Brzezek. But this only emphasized Switzerland's importance in cryptocurrency. Brzezek praises Swiss regulators, who, for instance, set guidelines for initial coin offerings, and he hopes that other countries will soon follow suit.
HLS in the World | The​ ​Remarkable​ ​Evolution​ ​of​ ​American​ ​Environmental​ ​Law​
In a session titled “Environmental Law: The Remarkable Evolution of American Environmental Law from Nixon to Trump and Beyond,” A. James Barnes ‘67, who served as chief of staff to the first EPA administrator, Harvard Law School Professor and Environmental Law expert Richard J. Lazarus ‘79, Gina McCarthy, former administrator for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and William Reilly ‘65, an administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under President George H. W. Bush, discussed the legal implications of some of the world’s most pressing problems concerning environmental protection, climate change and energy policy. Jody Freeman LL.M. ‘91, S.J.D. ‘95, Archibald Cox Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the founding director of the Harvard Law School Environmental Law and Policy Program, moderated the discussion. Their talk was part of the HLS in the World bicentennial summit, which took place at Harvard Law School on Friday, October 27, 2017. Read more: http://200.hls.harvard.edu/ To commemorate Harvard Law School's 200th anniversary, the law school hosted an extraordinary gathering of global leaders on Oct. 26-27 for HLS in the World, a bicentennial summit designed to address important issues in legal education, the legal profession, law, and society.
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NEMA Part 1
Nema Uganda Oil and Enviromental management
[News@6] MGB: 22 mining firms, lumabag sa mga environmental laws [06|08|16]
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NEI Webinar - November 24, 2014 - Demonstration of the U.S. Government Consolidated Screening List
ABOUT THE WEBINAR ========================= Industry will soon be able to search for a proscribed party on an expanded U.S. Government Consolidated Screening List (CSL) consisting of nine screening lists as easily as doing a Google search! Four U.S. Government agencies/bureaus from three Departments have come together to build a simpler and faster way for industry to get important screening information. This will help exporting companies stay in compliance, ease exporting, save time, and save money. In February 2010, as part of the President's Export Control Reform initiative, the Departments of Commerce, State and the Treasury created a downloadable CSL in the form of a spreadsheet on www.export.gov/ecr that contains entities from seven screening lists as an aide to industry in conducting electronic screens of potential parties to regulated transactions. In the past six months, these Departments have reviewed the screening list utility and made improvements for the benefit of small and medium sized exporting companies and software developers. In particular, the agencies have put all of the names and their information in a CSL “data feed.” From this data feed, any company can build a search engine to quickly find names, aliases, and other screening information that exporters may be looking for. The Departments have built a CSL Search Engine that works with the CSL Data Feed and lets exporters type in a name, country, or source agency to perform the search. ABOUT YOUR PRESENTERS ========================= Gerard (Gerry) J. Horner Director, Office of Technology Evaluation, Bureau of Industry and Security US Commerce Department Employed by the U.S. Commerce Department for over 24 years, Mr. Horner joined the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) in the Office of Technology Evaluation (OTE) in 2006. In the summer of 2012, Mr. Horner was named Director of OTE where he leads BIS's data mining responsibilities that contribute to the evaluation of BIS's dual-use export control system and assessment of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base. Mr. Horner is BIS's liaison with the Census Bureau (Census) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on all matters related to the Automated Export System (AES). Mr. Horner is BIS's representative to the International Trade Data System (ITDS) Board of Directors and a member of the CBP Automated Export Task Group of the Automated Commercial Environment Trade Support Network. Stuart Ridgway Senior Consultant, International Trade Administration (ITA) US Commerce Department Stuart manages several projects for opening ITA's trade data and making it available for use by Web and mobile app developers. He is committed to helping U.S. companies use government data to improve their businesses. Pat Kirwan Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC) Export.Gov FOR MORE INFO ========================= Please contact the NEI at [email protected]
Ban on illegal sand mining turns into a boon for traders
Ban on illegal sand mining turns into a boon for traders
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gov subsidy for mini dal mill project
More Details : http://www.pakistancrushers.com/contact.php INDUSTRIAL CORRIDOR- gov subsidy for mini dal mill project ,CHENNAI-BENGALURU INDUSTRIAL CORRIDOR PROJECT Master planning of three identified nodes namely Ponneri (Tamil Nadu), Tumkur (Karnataka) and Krishnapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) in CBIC has since been completed .NSIC - PROJECT - Facilitating the growth of small ,Preparation of project profiles and brief project reports Selection and supply of plant and machinery from India , CEMENT (MINI PLANT) Capacity: 100 /50 tons (on 3 shifts basis); Manpower: 75; Area Capacity: 1 Capacity: 2 .* Welcome to Maharashtra State Agricultur Marketing Board *Status : The consultancy division is having 5 active projects on hand valued at an estimated Rs25000 lakhs In these mainly projects of establishing Cold chain in the State under RKVY, Rice Mills, Dal Mill, Flour Mills, Fruits .latest subsidy benefits of iron ore pelletization technology ,latest subsidy benefits of iron ore pelletization technology; , hoisting technology in mining quarry , , mini dal mill project report pdf types of table of specification construction techniques equipment and practices ppt one of .Gujarat Energy Development Agency, multi-talented team of over 100 professionals and associates with its headquarters in Gandhinagar and project Offices in Probander and Gandhidham in Gujarat Partnered with various organizations through its The Gujarat .Nabard - Dal MillCapital Investment Subsidy Scheme Pending List Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure National Livestock Mission GSS- Complaints received from Public Home ? Knowledge bank ? Model Project ? Farm Mechanization ? Dal Mill .Welcome to GOVUKGOVUK - The place to find government services and information - Simpler, clearer, faster , Benefits Includes tax credits, eligibility and appeals Births, deaths, marriages and care Parenting, civil partnerships, divorce and Lasting .Karnataka Renewable Energy Development LtdProject Proposals/Status Under different Category Government REC Mechanism RPO Category Status Report Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV First Phase Bidding Documents Second Phase Bidding Documents Third Phase .Ministry of New and Renewable Energy - Small HydroSmall Hydro The Watermills (WM) and Micro Hydel Projects (MHP) have the potential to meet the power requirements of remote areas in a decentralized manner A number of mini/micro hydro projects have been set up in remote .Processing of pulses made easier for farmers - The HinduA unique mini-dal mill developed by the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) is all set to revolutionise processing of pulses in the Hyderabad Karnataka region Priced at Rs 70,000, theAgribusiness Subsidy Consultation - NHB Subsidy ,, service for Food Processing industry such as - Jam, Jelly, Spices processing, Dehydration, Value addition, Rice Mill, Dal Mill, Oil Extraction, Pulp Processing etc Yes! I am Interested Ask for Price Ask for Price We are .:: Ministry of Food Processing Industries ::Guidelines - Project Import Marketing Support Udyog Aadhar-MSME Make In India Stakeholders Suggestion NMFP NMFP (Centrally Sponsored Scheme) Contact Us List of Officials Nodal Officer Public Grievances Allocation and .Subsidy - State/Central Government Subsidies in India ,Central Subsidy Under National Project on Biogas Development in India (During 2001-2002) Farm Subsidies (Direct) on Flue-Cured ia Tobacco in India (1998-1999 to 2001-2002) Pattern of Central Financial Assistance Under .Dal Mill Machine - Manufacturers, Suppliers & ExportersFind here Dal Mill Machine manufacturers, Dal Mill Machine suppliers, Dal Mill Machine producers, Dal Mill Machine exporters, Dal Mill Machine production centers, Dal Mill Machine companies for your sourcing needs What do .PMEGP Sample Project Profiles - KVIC ONLINE INDEX PAGE(Mini Rice Mill) (AGRO BASED FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY ) 355000 View 24 PALM FIBER BRUSH MAKING UNIT (AGRO BASED FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY ) 385000 .Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC)Scaling up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) Waste to Energy Project Nepal Environmental Management Framework (EMF) Document: Download Policy Documnets RE Policy RE Subsidy Policy RE Subsidy AEPC Regulation .Government Subsidy Schemes SIDBI - SIDBI Empowering ,World Bank- GEF Project - Financing Energy Efficiency at MSMEs Receivable Finance Scheme Assistance to NBFCs Finance for Upgradation / Modernisation Government Subsidy Schemes TIFAC- SIDBI Revolving FundJaw Crusher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8OIR8ohTzY
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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward  #DocumentaryFilms spread
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. zeitgeist moving forward, watch zeitgeist moving forward online, zeitgeist 3, moving forward, zeitgeist 3 moving forward, zeitgeist moving forward release date, 3rd zeitgeist film, download zeitgeist moving forward, film, documentary, watch online, zeitgeist information, zeitgeist movies This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical "life ground" attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a "Resource-Based Economy". Website: http://www.zeitgeistmovingforward.com http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com http://shortempire.com Release Map: http://zeitgeistmovingforward.com/zmap $5 DVD: http://zeitgeistmovingforward.com/dvd Movement: http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com guru methismacs forward minions money moving petrutek video youtube zeitgeist http://methismacs.blogspot.com it's coffe time Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney, Credit, Lawyer, Donate, Degree, Hosting, Claim, Christmas, Methismacs http://methismacs.blogspot.it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to T-Series: http://bit.ly/TSeriesYouTube ► Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tseriesmusic ► Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tseries ► Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/InstagramTseries
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Parliament holds NEMA accountable for wetlands degradation
Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee has faulted the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) for neglecting its duty to supervise wetlands in the country, which has given leeway to illicit activities in wetlands. In its preliminary findings, the committee which is investigating activities and land giveaways in wetlands, implicates NEMA in allowing wetlands to be degraded and falling to follow up on what the companies licensed to work in the wetlands are doing. The committee will also summon NEMA to explain itself Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit http://www.ntv.co.ug Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ntvuganda Like our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/NTVUganda
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Gold to $2,300 and Miners to the Moon! How to Invest Now? with Jeff Swinoga
Gold to $2,300 and Miners to the Moon! How to Invest Now? with Jeff Swinoga // Free report at: http://www.portfoliowealthglobal.com/Gold2000 First Mining Gold Corp. website is https://firstmininggold.com/ Tickers are TSX: FF and OTCQX: FFMGF and FRANKFURT: FMG Disclaimer: This video may contain forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, statements containing the words “believes”, “expects”, “plans”, ”estimates” and similar expressions. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which might cause the actual results, financial condition, performance or achievements of First Mining Gold Corp., or industry results, to be materially different from any future results, financial conditions, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Given these uncertainties, the audience is advised not to place any undue reliance on such forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements speak only as at the date of this video. First Mining Gold Corp. expressly disclaims any obligation to update any such forward-looking statements in this video to reflect any change in its expectations with regard thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based, unless required by law or regulation. David Moadel's Legal Disclaimer: This is a sponsored presentation, and the presenter, David Moadel, is receiving financial compensation for this presentation. I, David Moadel, am not licensed or registered to provide financial or investment advice. My videos, presentations, and writing are only for entertainment purposes, and are not intended as investment advice. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed herein. The past performance of any investment or trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Acting on any statements made in this presentation may lead to capital loss. Please be sure to consult with a licensed and registered financial advisor before making any financial decisions.
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