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Python Tutorial - Data extraction from raw text
This tutorial focuses on very basic yet powerful operations in Python, to extract meaningful information from junk data. The overall video is covers these 4 points. 1. Basic string operations for data extraction 2. How to open a text file 3. How to read rows line by line 4. Data extraction from junk Feel free to write to me with suggestions and feedback. Stay connected!
Sentiment Analysis in Excel
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Data Analysis with Python for Excel User Part 1  Read and Write Excel File using Pandas
Data Analysis with Python for Excel User Part 1 Read and Write Excel File using Pandas In this video we are going to learn how to read excel file using pandas Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than possible in languages such as C++ or Java. The language provides constructs intended to enable writing clear programs on both a small and large scale. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles.It also supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. The Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are available in source or binary form without charge for all major platforms, and can be freely distributed. The next part: https://youtu.be/-QKaVu_ebVY If you want to code in python for excel which the syntax is similar to VBA, you can go to this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL902m_5hKTbyJ4tnM0ax-7AI7VePas2QS Our money manager android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leazzy.moneymanagerleazzy
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Import Data, Analyze, Export and Plot in Python
A common task in data science is to analyze data from an external source that may be in a text or comma separated value (CSV) format. By importing the data into Python, data analysis such as statistics, trending, or calculations can be made to synthesize the information into relevant and actionable information. This demonstrates how to import data, perform a basic analysis such as average values, trend the results, save the figure, and export the results to another text file.
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Become an Excel Wizard With Python
In this talk, we will explore how the Python's openpyxl module allows your Python programs to read and modify Excel spreadsheet files. By using Python, you can take your Excel and data manipulation skills to the whole new level. PERMISSIONS: The original video was published on Six Feet Up Corp YouTube channel with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). CREDITS: Original video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueq1iTWQU5U Additional recommended material for Python learners: https://amzn.to/2UMFhRt Python Programming: A Step By Step Guide From Beginner To Expert https://amzn.to/2JsiyZX A Smarter Way to Learn Python: Learn it faster. Remember it longer. https://amzn.to/2CwoGKu Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming https://amzn.to/2Fi4cG9 Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science
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NLP : Python PDF Data Extraction
Code : https://goo.gl/xUjhg2 Python Core ------------ Video in English https://goo.gl/df7GXL Video in Tamil https://goo.gl/LT4zEw Python Web application ---------------------- Videos in Tamil https://goo.gl/rRjs59 Videos in English https://goo.gl/spkvfv Python NLP ----------- Videos in Tamil https://goo.gl/LL4ija Videos in English https://goo.gl/TsMVfT Artificial intelligence and ML ------------------------------ Videos in Tamil https://goo.gl/VNcxUW Videos in English https://goo.gl/EiUB4P ChatBot -------- Videos in Tamil https://goo.gl/JU2WPk Videos in English https://goo.gl/KUZ7PY YouTube channel link www.youtube.com/atozknowledgevideos Website http://atozknowledge.com/ Technology in Tamil & English
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Python Tutorial: CSV Module - How to Read, Parse, and Write CSV Files
In this Python Programming Tutorial, we will be learning how to work with csv files using the csv module. We will learn how to read, parse, and write to csv files. CSV stands for "Comma-Separated Values". It is a common format for storing information. Knowing how to read, parse, and write this information to files will open the door to working with a lot of data throughout the world. Let's get started. The code from this video can be found at: https://github.com/CoreyMSchafer/code_snippets/tree/master/Python-CSV ✅ Support My Channel Through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/coreyms ✅ Become a Channel Member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCezIgC97PvUuR4_gbFUs5g/join ✅ One-Time Contribution Through PayPal: https://goo.gl/649HFY ✅ Cryptocurrency Donations: Bitcoin Wallet - 3MPH8oY2EAgbLVy7RBMinwcBntggi7qeG3 Ethereum Wallet - 0x151649418616068fB46C3598083817101d3bCD33 Litecoin Wallet - MPvEBY5fxGkmPQgocfJbxP6EmTo5UUXMot ✅ Corey's Public Amazon Wishlist http://a.co/inIyro1 ✅ Equipment I Use and Books I Recommend: https://www.amazon.com/shop/coreyschafer ▶️ You Can Find Me On: My Website - http://coreyms.com/ My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/coreymschafer Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CoreyMSchafer Twitter - https://twitter.com/CoreyMSchafer Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/coreymschafer/ #Python
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Python Pandas Tutorial 4: Read Write Excel CSV File
Code (jupyter notebook link): https://github.com/codebasics/py/tree/master/pandas/4_read_write_to_excel This tutorial covers how to read/write excel and csv files in pandas. We will cover, 1) Different options on cleaning up messy data while reading csv/excel files 2) Use convertors to transform data read from excel file 3) Export only portion of dataframe to excel file Website: http://codebasicshub.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/codebasicshub Twitter: https://twitter.com/codebasicshub Google +: https://plus.google.com/106698781833798756600
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Intro to Data Analysis / Visualization with Python, Matplotlib and Pandas | Matplotlib Tutorial
Python data analysis / data science tutorial. Let’s go! For more videos like this, I’d recommend my course here: https://www.csdojo.io/moredata Sample data and sample code: https://www.csdojo.io/data My explanation about Jupyter Notebook and Anaconda: https://bit.ly/2JAtjF8 Also, keep in touch on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ykdojo And Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/entercsdojo Outline - check the comment section for a clickable version: 0:37: Why data visualization? 1:05: Why Python? 1:39: Why Matplotlib? 2:23: Installing Jupyter through Anaconda 3:20: Launching Jupyter 3:41: DEMO begins: create a folder and download data 4:27: Create a new Jupyter Notebook file 5:09: Importing libraries 6:04: Simple examples of how to use Matplotlib / Pyplot 7:21: Plotting multiple lines 8:46: Importing data from a CSV file 10:46: Plotting data you’ve imported 13:19: Using a third argument in the plot() function 13:42: A real analysis with a real data set - loading data 14:49: Isolating the data for the U.S. and China 16:29: Plotting US and China’s population growth 18:22: Comparing relative growths instead of the absolute amount 21:21: About how to get more videos like this - it’s at https://www.csdojo.io/moredata
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Import Data and Analyze with Python
Python programming language allows sophisticated data analysis and visualization. This tutorial is a basic step-by-step introduction on how to import a text file (CSV), perform simple data analysis, export the results as a text file, and generate a trend. See https://youtu.be/pQv6zMlYJ0A for updated video for Python 3.
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Sentiment Analysis in Python with TextBlob and VADER Sentiment (also Dash p.6)
What's going on everyone and welcome to a quick tutorial on doing sentiment analysis with Python. Today, I am going to be looking into two of the more popular "out of the box" sentiment analysis solutions for Python. The first is TextBlob, and the second is going to be Vader Sentiment. Text tutorials and sample code: https://pythonprogramming.net/sentiment-analysis-python-textblob-vader/ Reviews files: https://pythonprogramming.net/static/downloads/short_reviews/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/3jCqXJj Support the content: https://pythonprogramming.net/support-donate/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sentdex Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pythonprogramming.net/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sentdex G+: https://plus.google.com/+sentdex
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Data Cleaning In Python (Practical Examples)
Data Cleaning In Python with Pandas In this tutorial we will see some practical issues we have when working with data,how to diagnose them and how to solve them. ==Tutorial and Data Set here== Github: https://goo.gl/erg89C Blog: https://goo.gl/6PJsdo Reference ====Common Data Cleaning Issues==== Reading File Inconsistent Column Names Missing Data Duplicates Inconsistent Data Types Outliers Noisy Data etc.
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Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.1 Tokenizing words and Sentences
Natural Language Processing is the task we give computers to read and understand (process) written text (natural language). By far, the most popular toolkit or API to do natural language processing is the Natural Language Toolkit for the Python programming language. The NLTK module comes packed full of everything from trained algorithms to identify parts of speech to unsupervised machine learning algorithms to help you train your own machine to understand a specific bit of text. NLTK also comes with a large corpora of data sets containing things like chat logs, movie reviews, journals, and much more! Bottom line, if you're going to be doing natural language processing, you should definitely look into NLTK! Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLZvOKSCkxY&list=PLQVvvaa0QuDf2JswnfiGkliBInZnIC4HL&index=1 sample code: http://pythonprogramming.net http://hkinsley.com https://twitter.com/sentdex http://sentdex.com http://seaofbtc.com
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Sentiment Analysis using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning  in excel 2016 ( Free MS Azure Add in)
Sentiment Analysis using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning in excel 2016 Please click below link to get sample data https://www.kaggle.com/c/si650winter11/d
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How to extract text from an image in python | pytesseract | Image to text processing
In this tutorial, we shall demonstrate you how to extract texts from any image in python. So we shall write a program in python using the module pytesseract that will extract text from any image like .jpg, .jpeg, .png etc. Please subscribe to my youtube channel for such tutorials Watch the same tutorial on how to extract text from an image in Linux below: https://youtu.be/gLUQ8uaaw8A Please watch the split a file by line number here: https://youtu.be/ADRmbu3puCg Split utility in Linux/Unix : to break huge file into small pieces https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADRmbu3puCg How to keep sessions alive in terminal/putty infinitely in linux/unix : Useful tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARIgHdpxaU8 Random value generator and shuffling in python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKwnQQ8TBBM Intro to class in python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6kKZXHS5hM Lists, tuples, dictionary in python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axea1CSewzc Python basic tutorial for beginners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JyjbZc0euY Python basics tutorial for beginners part 2 -variables in python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlsptvP69NU Vi editor basic to advance part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqxQx-NNyFM Vi editor basic to advance part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWKp2DLaFyY Keyboard remapping in linux, switching keys as per your own choice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJz7uKDyZjs How to install/open an on sceen keyboard in Linux/Unix system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d71i9SZX6ck Python IDE for windows , linux and mac OS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tG54yoDs68 How to record screen or sessions in Linux/Unix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx59c15-c8s How to download and install PAGE GUI builder for python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dim725Px2hM Create a basic Login page in python using GUI builder PAGE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCAWWUhwEUQ Working with RadioButton in python in PAGE builder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJbQvpzJDr4 Basic program on Multithreading in python using thread module https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGm3989ekAc
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Introduction to Data Mining and Text Mining #2 (Python & Jupyter)
Introduction to Data Mining and Text Mining - Part 2 - Python Introduction - Anaconda Installation (Data Science Distribution of Python) - Jupyter Introduction (Next Generation Engineering Notebook) “Hello World!” in Jupyter, and so on. by Kanda Tiwatthanont (Phawattanakul)
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PDF file: Reading and Extracting data using Python
This a basic program for understanding PyPDF2 module and its methods. Simple program to read data in a PDF file.
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Making Predictions with Data and Python : Predicting Credit Card Default | packtpub.com
This playlist/video has been uploaded for Marketing purposes and contains only selective videos. For the entire video course and code, visit [http://bit.ly/2eZbdPP]. Demonstrate how to build, evaluate and compare different classification models for predicting credit card default and use the best model to make predictions. • Introduce, load and prepare data for modeling • Show how to build different classification models • Show how to evaluate models and use the best to make predictions For the latest Big Data and Business Intelligence video tutorials, please visit http://bit.ly/1HCjJik Find us on Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/Packtvideo Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/packtvideo
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Data Cleaning Steps and Methods, How to Clean Data for Analysis With Pandas In Python [Example] 🐼
In this Statistics Using Python Tutorial, Learn cleaning Data in Python Using Pandas. learn basic data cleaning steps in excel before importing data in python. We use Pandas Functions to clean data perform exploratory data analysis on our Data set. 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 Jupyter Notebooks and Practice Files: https://github.com/theengineeringworld/statistics-using-python 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 Data Wrangling With Python Using Pandas, Data Science For Beginners, Statistics Using Python 🐍🐼 https://youtu.be/tqv3sL67sC8 Cleaning Data In Python Using Pandas In Data Mining Example, Statistics With Python For Data Science https://youtu.be/xcKXmXilaSw Cleaning Data In Python For Statistical Analysis Using Pandas, Big Data & Data Science For Beginners https://youtu.be/4own4ojgbnQ Exploratory Data Analysis In Python, Interactive Data Visualization [Course] With Python and Pandas https://youtu.be/VdWfB30QTYI 🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 *** Complete Python Programming Playlists *** * Python Data Science https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uct_EbThV1E&list=PLZ7s-Z1aAtmIbaEj_PtUqkqdmI1k7libK * NumPy Data Science Essential Training with Python 3 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ7s-Z1aAtmIRpnGQGMTvV3AGdDK37d2b * Python 3.6.4 Tutorial can be fund here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0FrzbmWoys&list=PLZ7s-Z1aAtmKVb0fpKyINNeSbFSNkLTjQ * Python Smart Programming in Jupyter Notebook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkJI8np1gV8&list=PLZ7s-Z1aAtmIVV0dp08_X-yDGrIlTExd2 * Python Coding Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwtzs7vTG50&list=PLZ7s-Z1aAtmJqtN1A3ydeMk0JoD3Lvt9g
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web scraping using python for beginners
Learn Python here: https://courses.learncodeonline.in/learn/Python3-course In this video, we will talk about basics of web scraping using python. This is a video for total beginners, please comment if you want more videos on web scraping fb: https://www.facebook.com/HiteshChoudharyPage homepage: http://www.hiteshChoudhary.com Download LearnCodeOnline.in app from Google play store and Apple App store
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Data Analysis with Python for Excel Users
A common task for scientists and engineers is to analyze data from an external source. By importing the data into Python, data analysis such as statistics, trending, or calculations can be made to synthesize the information into relevant and actionable information. See http://apmonitor.com/che263/index.php/Main/PythonDataAnalysis
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Text Classification - Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.11
Now that we understand some of the basics of of natural language processing with the Python NLTK module, we're ready to try out text classification. This is where we attempt to identify a body of text with some sort of label. To start, we're going to use some sort of binary label. Examples of this could be identifying text as spam or not, or, like what we'll be doing, positive sentiment or negative sentiment. Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLZvOKSCkxY&list=PLQVvvaa0QuDf2JswnfiGkliBInZnIC4HL&index=1 sample code: http://pythonprogramming.net http://hkinsley.com https://twitter.com/sentdex http://sentdex.com http://seaofbtc.com
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Python and Pandas for Sentiment Analysis and Investing 2 - Pandas Basics
Full Python + Pandas + Sentiment analysis Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ySdEYUONz0&list=PLQVvvaa0QuDdktuSQRsofoGxC2PTSdsi7&feature=share This video tutorial is dedicated to teaching the basics of using Pandas with Python. In this example we grab stock prices from Yahoo Finance, learn how to access specific columns, how to modify columns, add columns, delete columns, and perform basic math on them. This series uses python with Pandas for data analysis. Our data set will be a database dump from Sentdex.com sentiment analysis, containing about 600 stocks, mostly S&P 500 stocks. Pandas is used to work with our data quickly and efficiently. The ideas of Pandas is to act as a sort of framework for quickly analyzing data and modeling it. Sentiment Analysis data: http://sentdex.com/downloads/stocks_sentdex.csv.gz Matplotlib Styles video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmhdQdx8Gjo Python Module downloads: (Get all of the listed dependencies, or at least the major ones like NumPy, Dateutils, Matplotlib, ) http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#pandas https://www.python.org/downloads/ http://matplotlib.org/downloads.html http://www.numpy.org/ http://seaofbtc.com http://sentdex.com http://hkinsley.com https://twitter.com/sentdex Bitcoin donations: 1GV7srgR4NJx4vrk7avCmmVQQrqmv87ty6
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Parsing Text Files in Python
A short program to read lines from a text file and extract information, patterns, from each line.
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Python Pandas Tutorial 12 | How to manipulate Strings of Python Pandas Series
Hi Guys... in this video I have talked about how you can manipulate python pandas series strings. String manipulation is a common task while processing data frame using pandas library and in this video I have shown you various ways by which you can process strings. Other Python Related Videos Python Pandas Tutorial | How to format dates in Python | Pandas to_datetime function https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0_yjR7qFz0 Python Pandas Tutorial | Adjusting Date Ranges in Python as per the WeekDays or Holidays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1LLIXWP_QA Python Pandas Tutorial | How to import CSV data in Python and Configuring options for custom Loads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPECU2BPxIY Python Pandas Tutorial | How to Import Excel data in Python | Getting Excel Data in Python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpfjVPu90Sc Python Pandas Tutorial | How to import JSON data in Python | Importing JSON data in Python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5tzJchww-0 Python Pandas Tutorial | How to import HTML data in Python | Importing HTML data in Python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndwuUzgAiPY Python Pandas Tutorial | How to Manipulate Series in Python | Working with Data Frame Series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuY3LMwclEM Python Pandas Tutorial | How to manipulate pandas DataFrame | Working with DataFrames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uK65aNfQ3I Python Pandas Tutorial | Deleting rows and Columns from a data frame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRurWEfmxC0 Python Pandas Tutorial | How to Sort Data Frame in Python | Sorting Data in Data Frame https://youtu.be/WKhmdOs0wtM Python Pandas Tutorial | How to generate data frame summary statistics | Summarizing data in python https://youtu.be/Q06Y3DUSwz4 python pandas tutorial,learn python tutorial,python pandas,pandas python,python data anlaysis,python data analysis tutorial,data analysis with python and pandas tutorial,data analysis with python and pandas,data analysis with python and pandas tutorial introduction, python string opertions, processing character data in python, how to manipulate strings in python, how to replace data in strings in python, how to convert a string in upper case, how to convert a string in lower case, how to find unique values for pandas series,
How to read Excel files with Python (xlrd tutorial)
Learn how to read out data from an Excel document using the xlrd Python module. The xlsx and xls file formats are supported. xlrd docs: http://www.lexicon.net/sjmachin/xlrd.html Type Numbers: 0 - XL_CELL_EMPTY 1 - XL_CELL_TEXT 2 - XL_CELL_NUMBER 3 - XL_CELL_DATE 4 - XL_CELL_BOOLEAN 5 - XL_CELL_ERROR 6 - XL_CELL_BLANK
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WebScraping to Excel using Python - BeautifulSoup
To automate data extraction from a web page into Excel: I have explained the idea on how to automate a data extraction from a web page to Excel using Python. Libraries - Urllib, BeautifulSoup
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Sentiment Analysis in 4 Minutes
Link to the full Kaggle tutorial w/ code: https://www.kaggle.com/c/word2vec-nlp-tutorial/details/part-1-for-beginners-bag-of-words Sentiment Analysis in 5 lines of code: http://blog.dato.com/sentiment-analysis-in-five-lines-of-python I created a Slack channel for us, sign up here: https://wizards.herokuapp.com/ The Stanford Natural Language Processing course: https://class.coursera.org/nlp/lecture Cool API for sentiment analysis: http://www.alchemyapi.com/products/alchemylanguage/sentiment-analysis I recently created a Patreon page. If you like my videos, feel free to help support my effort here!: https://www.patreon.com/user?ty=h&u=3191693 Follow me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/sirajraval Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sirajology Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirajraval/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirajraval/ Signup for my newsletter for exciting updates in the field of AI: https://goo.gl/FZzJ5w Hit the Join button above to sign up to become a member of my channel for access to exclusive content!
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Convert PDF to Text: Python PDFminer example using Python
In this example we converted PDF into text using stanford code. Source code link https://github.com/shakkaist/Python/blob/master/Day2Session2/pdfconverter.py
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Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Using Python (Jupyter Notebook)
In this video you will learn how to perform Exploratory Data Analysis using Python. We will see how to slice data using Pandas, how to perform computing summary statistics using Numpy and how to vizualise data using Matplotlib and Seaborn. Exploratory data analysis is very usefull while building Statistical/Machine Learning models. It helps to understand the structure of the data in order to be able to build a good predictive model ANalytics Study Pack : http://analyticuniversity.com/ Analytics University on Twitter : https://twitter.com/AnalyticsUniver Analytics University on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AnalyticsUniversity Logistic Regression in R: https://goo.gl/S7DkRy Logistic Regression in SAS: https://goo.gl/S7DkRy Logistic Regression Theory: https://goo.gl/PbGv1h Time Series Theory : https://goo.gl/54vaDk Time ARIMA Model in R : https://goo.gl/UcPNWx Survival Model : https://goo.gl/nz5kgu Data Science Career : https://goo.gl/Ca9z6r Machine Learning : https://goo.gl/giqqmx Data Science Case Study : https://goo.gl/KzY5Iu Big Data & Hadoop & Spark: https://goo.gl/ZTmHOA
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Text mining using Excel, Semantria, and Tableau
In less than 5 minutes, we take 20,000 tweets from Datasift, perform text mining through the Lexalytics/Semantria Excel Plugin, import the results into Tableau, and start visualizing cool stuff. (This process applies to Tableau version 8.2).
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Extract Structured Data from unstructured Text (Text Mining Using R)
A very basic example: convert unstructured data from text files to structured analyzable format.
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Importing data in python - Read excel file
Visit complete course on Data Science with Python : https://www.udemy.com/data-science-with-python-and-pandas/?couponCode=YTSOCIAL090
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Natural Language Processing (Part 4): Sentiment Analysis with TextBlob in Python
This six-part video series goes through an end-to-end Natural Language Processing (NLP) project in Python to compare stand up comedy routines. - Natural Language Processing (Part 1): Introduction to NLP & Data Science - Natural Language Processing (Part 2): Data Cleaning & Text Pre-Processing in Python - Natural Language Processing (Part 3): Exploratory Data Analysis & Word Clouds in Python - Natural Language Processing (Part 4): Sentiment Analysis with TextBlob in Python - Natural Language Processing (Part 5): Topic Modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation in Python - Natural Language Processing (Part 6): Text Generation with Markov Chains in Python All of the supporting Python code can be found here: https://github.com/adashofdata/nlp-in-python-tutorial
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StatQuest: PCA in Python
You asked for it, you got it! Now I walk you through how to do PCA in Python, step-by-step. It's not too bad, and I'll show you how to generate test data, do the analysis, draw fancy graphs and interpret the results. If you want to download the code, it's here: https://statquest.org/2018/01/08/statquest-pca-in-python/ For a complete index of all the StatQuest videos, check out: https://statquest.org/video-index/ If you'd like to support StatQuest, please consider a StatQuest t-shirt or sweatshirt... https://teespring.com/stores/statquest ...or buying one or two of my songs (or go large and get a whole album!) https://joshuastarmer.bandcamp.com/
Simple Deep Neural Networks for Text Classification
Hi. In this video, we will apply neural networks for text. And let's first remember, what is text? You can think of it as a sequence of characters, words or anything else. And in this video, we will continue to think of text as a sequence of words or tokens. And let's remember how bag of words works. You have every word and forever distinct word that you have in your dataset, you have a feature column. And you actually effectively vectorizing each word with one-hot-encoded vector that is a huge vector of zeros that has only one non-zero value which is in the column corresponding to that particular word. So in this example, we have very, good, and movie, and all of them are vectorized independently. And in this setting, you actually for real world problems, you have like hundreds of thousands of columns. And how do we get to bag of words representation? You can actually see that we can sum up all those values, all those vectors, and we come up with a bag of words vectorization that now corresponds to very, good, movie. And so, it could be good to think about bag of words representation as a sum of sparse one-hot-encoded vectors corresponding to each particular word. Okay, let's move to neural network way. And opposite to the sparse way that we've seen in bag of words, in neural networks, we usually like dense representation. And that means that we can replace each word by a dense vector that is much shorter. It can have 300 values, and now it has any real valued items in those vectors. And an example of such vectors is word2vec embeddings, that are pretrained embeddings that are done in an unsupervised manner. And we will actually dive into details on word2vec in the next two weeks. But, all we have to know right now is that, word2vec vectors have a nice property. Words that have similar context in terms of neighboring words, they tend to have vectors that are collinear, that actually point to roughly the same direction. And that is a very nice property that we will further use. Okay, so, now we can replace each word with a dense vector of 300 real values. What do we do next? How can we come up with a feature descriptor for the whole text? Actually, we can use the same manner as we used for bag of words. We can just dig the sum of those vectors and we have a representation based on word2vec embeddings for the whole text, like very good movie. And, that's some of word2vec vectors actually works in practice. It can give you a great baseline descriptor, a baseline features for your classifier and that can actually work pretty well. Another approach is doing a neural network over these embeddings.
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Text Mining Análisis de texto no estructurado AntConc, Excel, VBA y sitios web
Este vídeo contiene varios pasos para analizar Dirty Text, pero si los siguen como una receta, lograrán una lista filtrada de las palabras más frecuentes de un documento no estructurado. Los llevaré desde la recuperación de la información, su formateo y transformación hasta llegar a un par de herramientas de representación para el análisis. El código VBA mencionado en el video está disponible en https://drive.google.com/file/d/1twCcod3ecuCqzBVGiFMoEN9sfMHQ2EU-/view?usp=sharing
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Text Mining with Machine Learning and Python: Word Search Versus Entity Extraction| packtpub.com
This video tutorial has been taken from Text Mining with Machine Learning and Python. You can learn more and buy the full video course here [http://bit.ly/2IKNwe0] Find us on Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/Packtvideo Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/packtvideo
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Predicting Stock Prices - Learn Python for Data Science #4
In this video, we build an Apple Stock Prediction script in 40 lines of Python using the scikit-learn library and plot the graph using the matplotlib library. The challenge for this video is here: https://github.com/llSourcell/predicting_stock_prices Victor's winning recommender code: https://github.com/ciurana2016/recommender_system_py Kevin's runner-up code: https://github.com/Krewn/learner/blob/master/FieldPredictor.py#L62 I created a Slack channel for us, sign up here: https://wizards.herokuapp.com/ Stock prediction with Tensorflow: https://nicholastsmith.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/stock-market-prediction-using-multi-layer-perceptrons-with-tensorflow/ Another great stock prediction tutorial: http://eugenezhulenev.com/blog/2014/11/14/stock-price-prediction-with-big-data-and-machine-learning/ This guy made 500K doing ML stuff with stocks: http://jspauld.com/post/35126549635/how-i-made-500k-with-machine-learning-and-hft Please share this video, like, comment and subscribe! That's what keeps me going. and please support me on Patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3191693 Check out this youtube channel for some more cool Python tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZF17FfRIIo Follow me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/sirajraval Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sirajology Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirajraval/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirajraval/ Signup for my newsletter for exciting updates in the field of AI: https://goo.gl/FZzJ5w Hit the Join button above to sign up to become a member of my channel for access to exclusive content!
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Reading Files and Data into Jupyter Notebook
Demo of loading files (csv, txt, excel, etc.) and data from a database into Jupyter Notebook. Sample Code: https://github.com/xbwei/machine_learning_in_python/blob/master/read_files_and_data.ipynb More about operating files and database in python: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57lmPaijWCo&list=PLHutrxqbP1BxK4KzYL8tJmMhV2yhGZNlY
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Python 3 Programming Tutorial - Reading from a CSV spreadsheet
In this Python 3 programming tutorial, we cover how to read data in from a CSV spreadsheet file. CSV, literally standing for comma separated variable, is just a file that has data that is separated by some sort of delimiter, it does not have to be a comma. Luckily for us, Python 3 has a built in module for reading and writing from and to CSV files! Sample code for this basics series: http://pythonprogramming.net/beginner-python-programming-tutorials/ Python 3 Programming tutorial Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVp1vrfL_w4&feature=share&list=PLQVvvaa0QuDe8XSftW-RAxdo6OmaeL85M http://seaofbtc.com http://sentdex.com http://hkinsley.com https://twitter.com/sentdex Bitcoin donations: 1GV7srgR4NJx4vrk7avCmmVQQrqmv87ty6
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Python Pandas - Read from JSON Write to CSV/EXCEL
Pandas is a very popular Python library for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to read data from a json file and convert it into csv/excel format.
K means clustering using python
The scikit learn library for python is a powerful machine learning tool. K means clustering, which is easily implemented in python, uses geometric distance to create centroids around which our data can fit as clusters. In the example attached to this article, I view 99 hypothetical patients that are prompted to sync their smart watch healthcare app data with a research team. The data is recorded continuously, but to comply with healthcare regulations, they have to actively synchronize the data. This example works equally well is we consider 99 hypothetical customers responding to a marketing campaign. In order to prompt them, several reminder campaigns are run each year. In total there are 32 campaigns. Each campaign consists only of one of the following reminders: e-mail, short-message-service, online message, telephone call, pamphlet, or a letter. A record is kept of when they sync their data, as a marker of response to the campaign. Our goal is to cluster the patients so that we can learn which campaign type they respond to. This can be used to tailor their reminders for the next year. In the attached video, I show you just how easy this is to accomplish in python. I use the python kernel in a Jupyter notebook. There will also a mention of dimensionality reduction using principal component separation, also done using scikit learn. This is done so that we can view the data as a scatter plot using the plotly library.
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Python for Spreadsheets and CSV File manipulation - Part 1 Basics
This video is the first part of the mini-series of how to use the python programming language with spreadsheets or CSV types of files. The main reason why you would want to use a programming language like python to help you with your spreadsheets is it can actually become easier to use python than a typical spreadsheet program. This happens when you want to use extensive formulas or even apply a little bit of coding logic to the spreadsheet's cells. Sentdex.com Facebook.com/sentdex Twitter.com/sentdex
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Getting Started with Orange 04: Loading Your Data
Loading your data in Orange from Google sheets or Excel. License: GNU GPL + CC Music by: http://www.bensound.com/ Website: http://orange.biolab.si/ Created by: Laboratory for Bioinformatics, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana
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Text Mining
Access the Text Mining Workshop materials here: https://rapidminer-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/p/hmatusow/EiY8Z3q_7P1JnkOs_wA-apkBUba1hsQhlaI7RJKoAK0sow?e=GQY0Bm
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Text analytics extract key phrases using Power BI and Microsoft Cognitive Services
Download the PDF to keep as reference http://theexcelclub.com/extract-key-phrases-from-text/ FREE Power BI course - Power BI - The Ultimate Orientation http://theexcelclub.com/free-excel-training/ Or on Udemy https://www.udemy.com/power-bi-the-ultimate-orientation Or on Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PBI.trainigapp Carry out a text analytics like the big brand...only for free with Power BI and Microsoft Cognitive Services. this video will cover Obtain a Text Analytics API Key from Microsoft Cognitive Services Power BI – Setting up the Text Data Setting up the Parameter in Power BI Setting up the Custom function Query(with code to copy) Grouping the text Running the Key Phrase Extraction by calling the custom function. Extracting the key phrases from the returned Json file. Sign up to our newsletter http://theexcelclub.com/newsletter/ Watch more Power BI videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ35EHVzCuiEsQ-68y0tdnaU9hCqjJ5Dh Watch Excel Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ35EHVzCuiFFpjWeK7CE3AEXy_IRZp4y Join the online Excel and PowerBI community https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110804786414261269900
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text mining python
Use Python customize the function and import collection and counter to counter the words. Specify the number of occurrences of each word frequency in the text files.
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Python Basics - 28 part 1 - Check if Specific Words Exist in A File
Master Tkinter by Building 5 Apps! For the first 15 students there is %50 discount. This discount will not last for so long. Here is the link: https://www.udemy.com/master-tkinter-...
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