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Beautiful polio woman
Polio woman with both crippled legs wearing leg brace in one leg and the other leg is nicely bent.
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valentines day with you short leg crippled goddess.
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/145426309122631?id=10640 Valentine dressed in a sexy skirt displays her short hanging leg and foot for you. First a little lotion before putting on high heels and walking with a single crutch outside in the sun. I love watching the foot dancing on her short leg as she walks!
sunday morning pamela ( Polio Woman Polio Leg braces Polio Crutching Polio Short Leg)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153711860625240?id=10640 As Pamela prepares for Sunday services, we enjoy watching her get ready. She transfers from her bed to her wheelchair, wheels to the bathroom and transfers to the floor to crawl though the narrow door. Then she returns to her wheelchair and back to her bedroom to put on her leg braces. With one brace on she struggles to walk with her weak leg dangling behind. She returns to the bed to put on the second. She's now ready to prepare to walk to church.
Ginger sweet as candy  ( polio legs wheelchair polio woman crippled feet)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153955906725305?id=10640 What an eye popping sweetheart. Gingers adjusting to her life as a Chairem model and getting accustom to showing us the things we love to see. After leaving her bedroom Ginger comes to the livingroom and puts on a pair of sandles before leaving to go outside. She really wants to spend some time in the sun. After leaving the apartment, she soon discovers its not the best day for suntanning so instead she returns to the apartment. once there, Ginger undresses and shows her drop dead swim suit. She lays out a town by the sliding glass door and soaks up some lotion before soaking up some sun. Then she raises to her knees to craw away.
Polio woman walks
Polio woman
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Donna expressions in beauty (woman in polio leg braces walking and showing her legs)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/152693074325029?id=10640 We're graced to spend time with Donna who walks so carefully to the stairs to show how she is challenged by them. Then its a walk outside to a beautiful spot in the sun where she reaches out to you for assistance to sit in the cool grass. There, she removes her braces and manipulates her legs and feet by hand, applying lotion so calmly and generously for your pleasure. With you assistance she'll stand again and walk for you once more, slowly swinging each steel clad leg through the grass.
Crippled Lillianas paralysed polio leg banquette
PURCHASE HERE; http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/144284424622194?id=10640 Lilliana doesnt mind showing you her legs. She knows that she's not the most attractive woman but somehow she has found new beauty in herself knowing that wonderful men find her legs so attractive. Lilliana shares her legs and braces in a feast.
An incredible parapelgic and beautiful polio cripple come together
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/11922172806885?id=10640 ATHENA & DELICIA: CHAIREM GIRLS BRACE PARTY Athena has asked Delicia to bring her a pair of leg brace to try and when she gets there the fun begins! Delicia drive in and gets out of he car. She walks up a few stairs to Athena's apartment. Once there, she's greeted by Athena and welcomed in. They sit down and Athena inspects Delicias braces. Then they leave to go to get a large bag containing a second set for Athena to try on. Between the two of them the struggle to get the large heavy bag from the car and return to the apartment with it and into the bedroom. Athena lifts herself onto the bed and pulls herself over making room for Delicia to come onto the bed too. Delcia shows Athena how she takes off her braces and they bring out the set for Athena to try on. They put the flashy black leather and steel braces on Athena and Delcicia takes her step by step through the process. they compare their legs and feet. Once they discover the braces fit but need final modifications, they remove Athena's braces and then they transfer off the bed and its off to the living room. Delicia's very interested in Athena's method of transfers and asks her to transfer to the sofa for her and then to the floor and back. Filmed by Chairem President Fred Nelson in the style of our classic premium videos who many know so well. 45 minutes long with nonstop action.
Polio Crystals Unique ways ( polio woman crawling, paralysed legs, crippled feet)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153902416225296?id=10640 It's wonderful having Crystal back. She is the only woman we've found who uses hand crutches to walk. Her polio ravaged leg have never allowed her to stand upright, instead, she must crouch down and hop with every step. Today she wakes and leaves her bed to the bathroom to shave her legs. Upon returning to the bedroom, she lotions her legs and then lowers to the floor to crawl to the living room. With her legs bound with a belt she struggles to try to stand to get a drink, then must resort to dragging a chair into place, lift herself up onto it and then even higher up onto the counter. She returns to the floor, to her bedroom and back to the living room before leaving. Her unique qualities always captivate and turn a man turgid.
Polio crippled girl working on farm.
Pretty polio crippled girl dragging her lifeless legs over the farm helping with the crops.
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Brendas polio makes her perfect ( polio woman paralysed legs crippled feet, wheelchair transfer)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153956114325307?id=10640 Brenda's been with us long enough to know what we enjoy watching. now she even asks us what she can do to turn men on. We tell her, manipulate those paralyzed legs, touch and fondle her crippled feet and find ways to make her polio beautiful. From struggling off her bed, to playing with her legs and going outside, Brenda had one think on her mind and that is to use her useless polio legs, legs that are motionless and crippled to do all she can to turn you on and for that, her polio makes her perfect.
Chairem President Favorite Scenes volume 1: paraplegics, quadraplegic, polio, leg braces, amputee
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/152873976725050?id=10640 Since 1999, Chairem has brought you women with disabilities from around the world who are proud of themselves and allow you a look into their lives. Its hard to pin point all my favorites into one video so I have selected from my private clips to share with you. Many are no longer available and some have never been seen. Double amputee, multiple paraplegics, polio leg brace wearers and wheelers. This are all guaranteed to make your heart race. * Not all clips are shown in this sample from this 30 minute volume of the Chairem Internationals favorite scenes.
crutchmans china trip tape 1 ( polio Crutch walking limp legs floppy feet crippled women)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153955700125303?id=10640 Crutchmans tapes are brought to you exactly as they come out of the box. No editing or adjusting unless its to brighten dim lighting. This is one of many tape he filmed on a trip to China to attend a polio conference. All the time he was there, he made sure to keep that camera rolling and boy, did he get some incredible Candid video.
rayanne leather bound  and crutching ( Polio legs, paralysed foot)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/152935616325053?id=10640 Rayanne struggles to walk even with her post polio syndrome increasingly making walking more difficult. She has been told a wheelchair is more appropriate but she refuses. She feels leg braces would be better but has no money for them. Instead she is learning to bind her legs in leather to walk. This may be a short term solution but she is an incredible woman who strongly fights to retain her legs.
Aria's Polio Short Leg Walk About Sexy thin floppy polio leg and terrible limp
I am coming home, after a day of work at my job. I know you enjoy looking at the way I use a cane for walking and sometimes with or without my brace so I do much as I can in this video for you. The stairs are all over in the city, and for It is part of my living. they make me very tired but I must climb up and down them and will do it for you too. Inside home, I relax, removing my brace and not using the cane, just like I do when I am at home, then I will show you more of me, because I am sure you will enjoy looking that. Share with me these 38 minutes, it will be my pleasure to be with you!
rayannes days of walking are numbered ( crutches, polio legs, pretty feet)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/144156536022169?id=10640 Rayanne has fought a good fight against the polio that has weakened her leg since childhood. We've watched her terrible limp grow since being a Chairem Woman till today. Now she is struggling to learn to use crutches full time as her polio effected leg can no longer hold her weight and is painfully ravaged by Post polio Syndrome. Without a proper brace, she cant trust the leg log to buckle under her while walking so she has taken to just letting it hang. Soon, that leg will atrophy and be totally useless but for now, it's still beautifully contoured, soft and loving. See all polio women here: http://chaireminternational.tv/category/polio/
My beautiful Polio Hand  ( crippled polio hand, and polio limp)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/144580202222288?id=10640 Kara's polio ravaged her left arm leaving her hand flaccid and completely useless. Somehow she finds ways of making the hand do some things but generally, it hands motionless and of no value. Karla does everything to try to complete some obstacles we have created for her to prove that while that hand is valueless, it can be attractive and watching her struggle to do anything functional with it can even be very stimulating.
Polio Woman Leg Brace wheelchair high heel 5
Polio Woman leg brace wheelchair high heel 5
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donnas cold steel and warm heart ( polio  leg braces, paralysed legs,  crutch walking)
PURCHASE HERE: https://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153962873825311?id=10640 Donna always smiles. Even though she lives a life struggling from the effects of polio, legs wrapped in cold steel and leather, her smile shines. She is using her wheelchair much more than in the past and today she wheels outside. Then when she enters her apartment she really begins to warm things up. She transfers to the bed to remove one brace from her weakest leg and ( at the request of a fan) walks allowing her leg to drag behind. Her toes curled under her foot slowly drag across the tile and curl so beautifully. She returns to the bed and removes the other brace before lowering herself to the floor to manipulate her paralyzed legs for your viewing pleasure.
Polio walk on 2 crutches with lame legs
Beautiful crippled girl with lame deformed legs crutching without her feet touching the ground?
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Crutchmans Braces annie sharry and favorite ( polio leg braces, polio walking, sharry konopski)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153409926925146?id=10640 Crutchmans collection is huge and one of his favorites is Annie, a polio survivor walking on steel and leather. Another was a woman struggling on braces and of course Sharry Konopski struggling to learn to use braces. He wrote on his cassette: Beautiful braced women. I think you'll agree.
darling polio leg braces
This polio crippled shows how she walks in braces and how its a struggle to walk without one, then both of them. Great polio legs, floppy feet and a nearly useless arm! Own it on your Use tube account or buy and download from our page. BUY AND DOWNLOAD HERE: http://chaireminternational.tv/2016/03/13/new-polio-rental-download/
cleo exploring new heights (Paraplegic woman struggles with staircase, transfers leg manipulation)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153238427825113?id=10640 We gave Cleopatra the Stair challenge. She masters the struggle out of her wheelchair and up and down the stairs until one problem becomes a major obstacle when her foot gets stuck between two stairs. I know I'd love to rescue that crippled foot.
Her polio arm crippled legs
PURCHASE IT HERE: https://chaireminternational.tv/2016/05/14/new-polio-rental-download-3/ This young polio cripple has learned how to get the most out of her weak withered arm and her legs wrapped in steel and hard plastic. She's a delight and we call her Sissy.
shortleg PG 2 xvid
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braced leg 2
Views: 4798 little smart
crippled leg ryan
ryan mills at his best
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woman polio   Swinging in the stairs
woman polio great
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Shortleg African girl trying crutches.
Struggling to use her left leg, the girl tries forearm crutches.
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Indian polio woman
Beautiful Indian polio woman taking support of her husband to walk with a beautiful gait
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Female Spinal Cord Injury Walking in Kafo Leg Braces for the 1st time in 8 years
Hi and welcome back to my channel! If you already haven't, please subscribe to my channel! It would mean the world to me. This is a short video of me walking with full length leg braces February 2017.... which was my first time standing up and walking in them in 8 years! Because I am an incomplete spinal cord injury with anterior cord syndrome at the T10 level, I still have use of my hip flexors. I by no means believe this will have me walking like I once did, but I do know standing is important for blood flow, and body health. I try to stand/walk whenever I am able to currently. I don't want to give anyone false hope thinking they can walk like they once did when they see this video. I got these braces early in my injury, and once I went through a lot of crap, i just stopped using them. Once I lost weight and realized I was stronger than ever I wanted to try and stand and walk again. In my head I knew I could do it still. It was like riding a bike in my head, I knew it was still possible even though its been the better part of a decade!
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