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N Scale Layout.wmv
N scale model railroad inspired by the mining industry in 1900 Arizona. Construction is still in progress. Music from Once Upon a Time in the West. Composed and conducted by Ennio Morricone.
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HOn 30 Narrow Gauge Coal Mine Railroad
A 24" x 56" HOn 30 Narrow Gauge Coal Mine Railroad. The whole Layout is constructed of 1" thick extruded foam insulation board; There was NO wood used anywere. It is very light in weight.
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N Scale Micro Layout
See a list of some products used on this layout below. More on my website: http://www.steves-trains.com After watching this video, check out a series on building a 2x3 foot N Scale layout: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBicIqyKswmZwTGPxhVW1F2M4Fr1WFD6Q Links to some items I used on this layout: - Compact Track Set: http://amzn.to/2CYowKb or http://goo.gl/RVN5CH - 4 7/8” bridge: http://amzn.to/2FC4N4z - terminal rail joiners: http://amzn.to/2EfnPMS - The mine is a kit bashed glacier gravel kit: http://amzn.to/2FyCLqT A small 15" x 20" (I said 14" x 18" in the video) micro layout in N scale that I recently completed. The layout is built out of 1" thick foam insulation board that has been layered and glued together. After the terrain was carved out of the foam, a layer of plaster was painted onto all the non-flat areas of the layout. A few rock castings were also added with the remaining plaster areas roughly carved and scraped into a rock-like texture. Part of the backside of the layout between the two tunnels actually had to be chiseled out of the plaster since I didn't leave enough room for the track. The scenery was then painted using various cheap acrylic paints, mostly in the form of washes. Ground cover consists of Woodland Scenics ground foam along with some grass fiber from Noch I think. Trees are a mix of Grand Central Gems (evergreen) and Woodland Scenics (deciduous). The track is all Kato unit rack and is just a simple loop with 6" radius curves. I added a few sets of feeder wires and soldered some of the rail joints together such that every track section either has a feeder wire attached to it or is soldered to a section of track that does. Overkill probably, but not much extra work for such a small layout and that should prevent any track power issues down the road. The track was ballasted using the Kato ballast, with the track rails then painted with Neolube. The track and ballast was then weathered using weather chalks. Since the chalks kept rubbing off on my hands when handling the layout, I sprayed the entire layout with dull coat out of a spray can. The track of course then had to be cleaned with a cleaning block and alcohol. I used a two-part resin for the water in the creek/pond and the mine building is a kit bashed Walthers Glacier Gravel Co. kit. Power is supplied with a simple plug in AC to DC power converter that has a variable voltage output (selected with a slide switch) that varies between 3 and 12 volts. This allows for speed control. On/off/direction is controlled by two toggle switches on the front of the layout. A standard power pack could of course also be used, but really isn't needed for this type of simple layout, so I chose to use the basic AC adapter/power converter instead to keep things simpler. Thanks for watching. Favorite books: Carl Arendt's Small Layout Scrapbook: http://amzn.to/2AZkqzM How to Build a Switching Layout: http://amzn.to/2t0xXE5 How to Operate a Modern Era Switching Layout: http://amzn.to/2ut8nfn How to Design a Small Switching Layout: http://amzn.to/2ujJ2nt 8 Realistic Track Plans for Small Switching Layouts: http://amzn.to/2ujBOQd Building a Model Railroad Step by Step: http://amzn.to/2ut23Ev Rebuilding a Layout from A to Z: http://amzn.to/2v2oP32
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Summat Colliery
British Railway Modelling magazine presents the amazing OO gauge model railway layout 'Summat Colliery'. Owner Ian Mellors describes the layout - see it in action! Read more about Summat Colliery in the November 2013 issue of BRM. Download all issues of BRM today, from https://www.pocketmags.com/viewmagazine.aspx?titleid=856&title=British+Railway+Modelling
Dunmovin Mine Pt8 – Model Railway Layout
17.4.15. The final details are added such as Lichen, and Sea Foam trees. You can spray non-scented hairspray over these and sprinkle green scatter for leaves if you wish to. PVA glue dries clear. Varnish is added to create a small amount of water (it is still drying so it appears white in this video). The skull with red LEDs from skeleton Creek is still here as a fun element. The bird grit idea I got from ULC35 - he makes similar quick layouts. Then I get to run a mixture of Southern and Union Pacific, a GP50 diesel, and a Big Boy. They would never have met really, and operated in different times too. But this gives an idea of how the layout looks with either steam or diesel. Really I want a small switcher for this layout. I may also run Anglo trains on here but I have to admit it does suit the American trains best I think. So ‘Trio’ has changed into ‘Double Take’ layout and is booked in for a show in Romford in November. Who knows I may add further small details but this layout is essentially finished. Finished to ‘stage 1’. After one month. Music is from Walking with Beasts and Master & Commander. Internet search 'Calvertfilm'. Calverton web page: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/calvertfilm/Calverton7.htm
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N-Scale Layout Update: Coal Mine
Quick update video showing the work completed on the mine tipple scene. The video isn't the greatest quality, but you get the idea. The scene is a little complicated with making the snow look right since the scenery changes from fall to winter.
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Model Railroad Coal Mine, How To Make An N Scale Coal Loader! Save $$
http://www.djstrains.com to purchase my n scale scratch built stuff. How To Make An N Scale Coal Loader. Why spend $40. on a kit that everybody else has, when you can make a unique coal loadout in a small space. Perfect for any era. Can use same techniques to make an HO scale one too. Subscribe to my channel for new videos each week. Thanks, DJ
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ManCave Visit - Gn15 Home Layout - DaBob's ManCave 🚂🚋
Gn15, have you ever heard of this scale before? I take you on a tour of a local layout that is just that, unique. G scale on HO track representing 15" gauge tourist railroads in Europe and other small mining railroads. The simplisticness of this makes it very unique in the modeling community. Imagine HO having a 5" min radius with 1:24 scale bodies and scenery. For more info about Gn15 here are some links. 👇👇👇👇 http://www.gn15.info/ http://www.trainweb.org/nzgr/Gn15/Gn15.html https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace/miniatures/trains/?tag=gn15 https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/32136 http://www.iholmes.com/pages/gn15/gn15home.html Bi-weekly videos about model railroading in N scale. Product Reviews, How To's, Train Shows, and Rail Fanning videos. Please Subscribe to my channel and Like my videos. Click the bell to be notified of new content when it comes available. 👇👇👇👇 Like Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/DaBobsNScaleManCave/ Become Facebook Friends. https://www.facebook.com/dabobs.nscalemancave.92 Follow Google+ Page. https://plus.google.com/u/0/101938822252922631272/posts Tweet on Twitter. https://twitter.com/DaBobsNScaleMan Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/dabobsnscalemancave/ All music is from the YouTube audio library and is royalty free. ---------------------------------------------------------- http://www.scaletrains.com/ http://www.athearn.com/ https://www.micro-trains.com/ http://www.broadway-limited.com/ http://www.dccconcepts.com/ http://www.bowser-trains.com/ http://www.atlasrr.com/ http://www.bachmanntrains.com/ http://www.barmillsmodels.com/ http://www.peco-uk.com/ www.katousa.com http://hunterline.com/ http://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/ https://www.nscaleenthusiast.com/ https://www.con-cor.com/ https://www.walthers.com/ http://www.esu.eu/startseite/ http://rapidotrains.com/ http://www.intermountain-railway.com/ http://www.springcreekmodeltrains.com/ http://www.scenerymadeeasy.com/ http://www.digitrax.com/
How my Hon30 modular layout is working
Hello, this video shows the easy and flexible assembly of my modular Hon30 logging railroad layout. It's a real "plug&play" system. You'll find more about this model train layout and other projects in my blog at www.waldbahner.de More about the plug&play connectors is posted here http://blog.waldbahner.de/?p=803&lang=en
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HOn30 mining layout
Got some more scenery done. Cars and loco body are from Marsh Creek Miniatures available at Shapeways. Changed the coal mine from the last video. I like the size of this one better. Layout is 13x44 inches.
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130526  On30&18 Mine Micro Layout
It is a 1/48 On30 16.5mm narrow gauge and On18 9mm narrow gauge's mine micro layout. Layout size is w:403 d:297 h:190mm Wireless controlled marklin DCC system CS2 in iPad.
Small Wonders in Model Railroading and Railway Modelling N Scale
This beautiful model train layout is built in N Scale. And, it's called "Grumpy Valley Mining". The name suggests a large model railway or a large industrial plant, but this model railroad was built on less than 1 square meter. It's a small world in N scale presenting a US coal mine and many lovingly crafted scenes. Please, take a look at http://www.pilentum.de
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Model Railroading Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Model Train Layout
http://www.modeltrainclub.org/free.html Model railroading can be great fun, but before building a model train layout it is important to spend time in planning what you want to do. Plan what era you want to model, and how big you want your model railroad layout to be, decide your scale - HO scale, OO gauge, N scale, or perhaps the smaller Z scale. Plan as much as you can in advance, because you don't want to get half way through the construction process to suddenly find out it is not what you want, or the train scale is wrong. This video will help you get started, give you some ideas, and help you avoid making some expensive mistakes. Enjoy!
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N scale Pacific Northwest logging layout
www.smarttinc.com presents . . . Majestic scenery emulating the Pacific Northwest is the overriding theme of this N Scale layout. The key industries of the region are aptly represented by a coal mine and a spacious lumber mill, while leaving plenty of room for the enthusiast to add many more structures and industries at his leisure in the area around the expansive double-ended yard and sprawling flatlands. The unspoiled beauty and towering majesty of the regions mountains hide a 24 radius helix that lets locomotives wend their way upwards to cross a lengthy wood trestle bridge before descending to the shallow hills below. Other bridges at various levels cross back and forth over the deep blue waters and stark cliffs lending further excitement to the lucky operator of this two-track mainline layout that packs so much into a compact 10' x 14' space. See more at www.smarttinc.com
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Small n Working Micro Layouts
A light hearted display of working N in what might seem impossibly small spaces: a toolbox, lunchboxes, CD, minidisk and even in a Coconut. They feature an English Village, Japanese Tram layout, Motorbikes and for the children;Thomas the Tank Engine Lunchbox plus Underground Ernie and friends having a BBQ. The cry or moan “I don’t have room for a layout” should not be heard any more. The layouts were featured in Model Rail Magazine in May 2010 in their Show & Tell feature. (text taken from the website http://www.smallnworking.co.uk/default.html) please like and share
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N scale Model Train Layout  N gauge
http://www.raschstudios.net/ N scale: Saluda & Southeastern. by: Rasch Studios. THIS LAYOUT CAN BE BUILT CUSTOM FOR $15,000 AND PERSONALLY DELIVERED... Featuring: Seaboard & Atlantic Coast Line. This layout was custom built to resemble the outskirts of Atlanta Georgia. With both Seaboard and Atlantic Coast Line main lines. Louisville & Nashville, and Southern freights also share trackage rights. Features include: both DC and DCC capabilities. A Helix circling down to a hidden staging yard below, and a vintage riverfront. The layout is in the shape of an "L" measuring 10 feet by 7 feet, and has over four scale miles of track. FUTURE PROJECTS : Nscale: Harper's Ferry West Virginia with the trade mark four portal tunnel and town of Harper's Ferry. HO: western mining town with HO N3 routes. This layout will stand six feet tall with floor to ceiling scenery. Nscale Pennsylvania four track mainline layout with Altoona PA. This layout will have prototype pennsy signals, and the sand streaks down the three and four westbound tracks. A fully lit town of Altoona, River side running, and three tracks of DC and one track of DCC. One track of Code 80 for standard micro trains wheels and three tracks of code 55 for updated Micro trains wheels... For more pictures visit FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/raschstudios/
Model Railway Layout “Hawthorn Dene Colliery” in N scale by Les Richardson
This N gauge model railway layout represents the North Eastern Region’s Durham Coast mainline, somewhere around Easington in the late steam period. The British railway modeller Les Richardson, member of the Bingham Model Railway Club, has built this layout. The old Hawthorn Dene Colliery no longer winds coal, but it is still in use, mainly preparing household coal for merchants and for the nearby landsale yard. Colliery locomotives bring empties from the exchange sidings to the south for weighing and taking on to the screens, while full wagons are removed from the screens, weighed and taken to the exchange sidings. Buildings are typical of the area, though not modelled in the right places realative to each other. The layout is digitally controlled, using NCE Power Cabs. The semaphore Signal is by Dapol.
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Build An N Scale Train Layout - Part 16 - Mine Yard, Sawmill, Expansion
Been a while, glad to be back. Things are starting to take shapy nicely and an expansion looms on the horizon. The Mine zone is almost in place and we've added a Lumber mill in the open section of the layout. Progress in all corners! Expect regular updates from here! Subscribe!
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The Yellow Ridge Uranium Mine - Minimum Gauge Micro Layout by Nick Wright
This model railway layout in 1/24 scale is set in the 1970’s and depicts a small Uranium mine somewhere in the Canada. The diorama was presented as minimum gauge micro layout at the Warley Model Railway Exhibition. Although the layout is not based on an actual mine, Nick Wright has tried to capture the industrial “run on a shoestring” look and feel of a typical mine of this size. Generally, these minimum gauge or micro layouts are small model railways, usually less than three or four square feet in area, that have a clear purpose and offer a degree of operating potential. Photo Gallery: » https://www.pilentum-television.com/yellow-ridge-uranium-mine-minimum-gauge-micro-layout-nick-wright.htm
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N Scale Mining town & Circus tent Layout
Base coat down and added a little black paint with dry brush technique. Still have to attach the tunnels and mountains before I can go any further
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HO scale Walthers Cornerstone Coal mine and the track plan
a bit of a update on the layout, been full of set backs this last month and not done with them yet. but in saying that I can get some more track laid . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ttx4ejxDJawjGQBlBdI7Q check out the links at the end for some nice channels, and other videos to watch So I get going again on the HO scale model train layout, getting the walthers cornerstone mine building set up close to the right spot. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Live swap meet , how you can take part, Wednesday night live chat" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMNvU1fv2rI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Running Coal Trains On My N-Scale Layout
I don’t have any coal mines or power plants on my layout. So how do I justify the movement of my coal trains? In this video, I tell you how.
Building Model Railroader's HO scale Virginian Ry. model railroad
http://mrr.trains.com/ -- Managing editor David Popp takes you on a tour of the HO scale Virginian Ry. He'll show you some of the key features of this expandable 4 x 8 model train layout. You'll also learn how the prototype railroad inspired the design. The first part of the Virginian Ry. series appears in the January 2012 issue of Model Railroader. Be sure to check http://mrr.trains.com/ for regular updates on this model train layout and more how-to videos.
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N scale oil tanks and chemical facility. Scratch building model train layout industry
http://www.djstrains.com to purchase my n scale scratch built stuff. I review a Kibri twin tanks kit, and show how I scratch built a building for my industrial section of the layout. Also shows my new Athearn tank car in action! Subscribe to my channel for new videos each week, and to comment or ask questions. Thanks, DJ
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Build An N Scale Train Layout - Part 12 - Building Tunnel, Mine Shaft, Track Bed
Got a new C420 Loco, We've added and nearly completed the tunnel on the lower main line. Modeled and started the mine shaft section and layed some new track bed due to positive track plan changes.
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UnderGround Mine  N scale Model
FOR MORE INFO AND VIDEOS, CHECK OUT MY WEB PAGE : www.ModelTrainDetails.com See ya there. What IF you had a Huge Knife and cut away the mountain side to expose the Gold Mine operation below ground . ? . This video answers that question. An Introduction to an UNDERGROUND MINE Model that I built and added under my N Scale Train Layout.
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N Scale Train Layout - Part 8 - BIG UPDATES! - Tunnel, Mountain, Coal Mine, Bridge Piers etc.
We've mad A TON of progress in the past 2-3 weeks, nearly finished the tunnel/mountain, added bridge piers, got a new coal mine, added a ton of land/foamscape and MUCH MORE!!!! Subscribe!!!!
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Highly detailed model train layout, Fleischmann, N-scale.
Would you like to inspire those around you with a customized scale structure diorama? We can design and build you an attention-grabbing platform that will leave your visitors amazed! They will see you as an inspirational role model that can be admired for choosing to display such an unusual decorating option! Our personalized diorama projects are guaranteed to satisfy our customers because we will include them in the process of planning, designing and creating it. Don't hesitate another moment to order one of these for yourself after visiting our website at http://www.railwaysmodel.com
N-Scale BendTrack Modular Layout
In the spring of 2017, the Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders Annual Convention was hosted in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. The Eastern Benders traveled to PEI to participate in the show, allowing us to have one of our largest layouts in the last few years. This show also debuted a total of 4 brand new modules, including the three new group-built yard and service facility modules. They operated well and were well received by the spectators. Be sure to check out the Eastern Benders on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/EasternBenders
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N-Gauge on Baton Rouge layout
See two n-gauge freight trains run on two of the mainlines of the Greater Baton Rouge Model Railraoders n-gauge layout
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N-scale - Old Layout
This is a compilation of video segments from an old layout. It was approximately 3'-6" by 5'-5". It had a double track mainline that met at a single track bridge and a lower loop that ran between a coal mine spur and a flood loader. It was an incredible amount of "stuff" crammed into a small space, but was good practice for the future Allegheny Northern.
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N Scale Model Train Layout
http://www.raschstudios.net/ N scale Model Train Layout "Lackawanna Junction" This layout is a custom built project. The layout is wired for DCC and features: A centralized town, and old town section, elevated trackage, a scenic waterway, Multiple neon signs animating the town, and full night time light animation. We chose to feature Erie, and Erie Lackawanna trains just by chance. It was a coin flip between B&O and EL. We are currently in the process of moving from Portland, Or to Stockton, CA. Once relocated we will be starting many new projects. Future projects: a much larger "Southern Pacific Coast Line" in N scale featuring: a big Staging yard, Chatsworth rocks, Beachside running, Ice Docks, and prototypical Southern Pacific details. A big Z scale project with three foot tall scenery, buildings, trestles, and canyons. An HOn3 mining town layout. And last, but not least a big western desert layout featuring Santa Fe circa 1950 to 1970. in N scale. The layout will feature deep canyons, gorges, and the classic western feel of a warbonnet running through the desert.
Model Train Layout Bavarian Mining City
Another master piece of Model Train Layout by Jiri Pecha. Check my website at http://www.railwaysmodel.com http://www.ebay.com/itm/281292260648?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
Running Trains on the N Scale Mini Layout!
The layout isn't done yet, with some major items still left to attend to, but I wanted to post a video of some trains running. I was lazy and didn't clean the track, so there a few spots where the trains stutter a bit, but overall things are running good. I still have some details to add, including a cell phone tower, but the major project left is to build the control box that plugs into the back of the layout with the throttles, switch machine controls, and light controls. Video recorded on an iPhone 6 Music by audionautix.com
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10 - Update on mine area
The model railway directors present an update on the Werami N scale layout. In this update we look at the completed mine area which includes realistic rocks, weathered mine cars and vehicles, model eucalyptus trees, static grass scrub lands and the mine area itself with mine shaft, equipment and underground mine tunnel.
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Layout Update 011 - Barnaby Mine Operations
Hello everybody! In this layout update we run some trains over the newly created Barnaby Iron Mine! We show how trains will switch out the mine and bring in empty cars and take out loaded cars! Come and join us for some fun on the Mascoutin Valley Railroad! If this is your first time here please SUBSCRIBE to continue to see videos on my journey in the hobby of model railroading. Please comment on what you liked or did not like about the video! I really care about what you have to say and always enjoy feedback! Thank you for watching, Andy Connect with me on - website: https://cnwmarshlinesub.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andy.dorsch/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/969069293258141/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/3putzdorsch
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Great Little 2' x 6' On30 Layout
Saw this the weekend of Oct 5th 2015 in Concord California. It is done by Jim A. Really was the hit of the show, he has operating sessions on it as well. A big thank you to Jim for bringing it out.
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36 x 36 N Scale Train Layout Build-Up
Watch this picture journal and video footage of our build. This is an N scale coal train layout based on 1950s coal camps. This was a project for a coTake a gander at our award winning HO scale layout, too by visiting the rest of the channel. Like, comment, and subscribe below!
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N scale Model Train Layout 2
http://www.raschstudios.net/ THIS LAYOUT HAS SOLD We are Rasch Studios. We build fine quailty model layouts in Z, N, and HO scales.. Upcoming Projects that will be for sale soon include: A Pennsy four track mainline of the middle division. Circa 1958 to 1968 with beautiful river scenery and a full yard . Will come in both DC and DCC modes. DCC sound will be included in buildings such as mines and industries. This layout will be a statement and we are putting everything we have into it! An HO western desert inspired layout with a mining facility and an old west style town. Will be wired for both DC and DCC. A Z scale John Allen inspired layout with dramatic three foot drops and trestles spanning deep canyons. The mainline will be set at eye level and since I am 6 ft 1 the layout will be nearly six feet tall with three levels of mainline running. So one train will be at you eye level one train will be at waist level and one train will be nearly touching the floor. This layout will be dramatic to say the least. If you know what John Allen the pioneer used to do than you'll have an idea of what this this layout will be about. Trains will be included... Fine quailty Nscale Model Train Layout for sale. Run up to Five trains simultaneously on three scale miles of track. Features include: Complete night time light animation, Working signals, and Wireless controls. This layout has the capabilities to allow you to sit back and watch the trains roll by or for the serious operator: switch trains, spot cars, and set time tables. My name is Albert Rasch, and I built my first layout in 1967. Joined by my son Joe we specialize in high detail smooth running custom built layouts. This layout was intended to represent both the North West and North East with heavely wooded areas and scenic waterways. The scenery represents late summer to early fall with a change in colors from shades of green, yellow, orange, and red foliage.
Sea Quarry N-scale Automated Model Train Layout
An end-to-end, N-scale layout on 3 levels, about 13" (33cm) by 20" (50cm), almost bookshelf size, train runs up and down automatically. One siding, also automated, 6 tunnel portals. See scottpages.net/PortableRailways.html and click on the "Sea-Quarry N" link for more details.
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027: How To Detail A Logging Camp On Your Model Railroad Layout
AND THE LOGGING CAMP IS FINISHED! In this episode I complete all of the remaining work on the logging camp, "and did it myyyyyy wayyyyy! LOL! We are really proud of how this turned out. It has been a great few months and we have really enjoyed sharing this experience with all of our viewers. Tell us what you think in the comment section and rail on my friends! Our N gauge layout is featured in both Sidetracked, and It's My Railroad showing you tips, techniques, and failures from a regular guy point of view. Whether you are enjoying Z scale, N Scale, HO Scale, or any other scale of model railroad layout, we know you will enjoy every episode and probably learn a little something along the way. So, what are we waitin for? Lets get on this right now! Episode 2 Demolition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMPEY1EiZKI Episode 8 Hot To Make Logs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfdCKscoyxU On Facebook https://fb.me/itsmyrailroad Products Used On The BSR: Chalk Paint: https://amzn.to/2Ih0Vql 1/8" Dowels: https://www.michaels.com/1%2F4in-x-36in-dowel-by-woodgrain-millwork/10529255.html Sculptamold: http://amzn.to/2DMWhxA PECO Insulfrog #6 RH Turnout: http://amzn.to/2uaiLt0 PECO Insulfrog #6 LH Turnout: http://amzn.to/2DM5oii PECO Code 80 Flex Track: http://amzn.to/2pyU4kj Midwest Products Cork Roadbed: http://amzn.to/2Gg7UT9 Woodland Scenics Fine Ballast Gray: http://amzn.to/2Gi1djD Digitrax AR-1 Auto Reverser: https://amzn.to/2rorrra Digitrax DS64 Stationary DCC Decoder: https://amzn.to/2I0FppZ Dgitrax BD4 Block Detector: http://www.digitrax.com/products/detection-signaling/bd4/ Tortoise Switch Motor: https://amzn.to/2KHC0OH It's My Railroad Theme: "Happy Rock" at www.BensoundMusic.com All other music from YouTube free music n scale, kato, atlas, sawmill, diorama, layout, ho scale, kathy millatt, ken patterson, bachmann, n gauge, luke towan, diorama, wireless
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Dunmovin Mine Pt7 – Model Railway Layout
10.4.15. The past two evenings I have been adding gravels and some other details such as fencing. I use a mixture of 'wet' and 'dry' ballasting techniques. 'Wet' ballasting is where glue is put down, and then gravel added over it. 'Dry' ballasting involves putting the gravel down first and then saturating it with a glue/water mix. I find doing the two together usually ensures it dries solid first time fully. But any lose bits you can always glue again with the glue/water mix. So only a couple more weeks and it should be finished. What is still to do? Well I need to add plants in the form of lichen. I need to add dead trees in the form of Sea Foam Trees. I need to do something with the river bed. Plus a few other details. But the end of tonight saw it all decorated at least. Music is from HP8 Deathly Hallows. Internet search 'Calvertfilm'. Calverton web page: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/calvertfilm/Calverton7.htm
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N Scale Mine Hill Layout Slideshow
An slideshow featuring Andrew Kiely's Mine Hill N scale layout.
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April 2019 Layout update! Major Projects underway!
Hey everyone, I am back! I know the uploads have been few and far between recently; however, school is just wrapping up which means I'll have 4 months to deliver slightly more frequent content. This layout update covers everything that I have completed since December of 2018. I hope you enjoy!
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N Gauge micro layout track test while in construction
Still bits to go yet but thought i better test track.
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On30 Mine with full underground
We are back to Steve Strbel's On30 railroad so see the fabulous mine area which features a full underground mining operation. While the mine buildings are huge and impressive, the Shoe Kill mine features a head frame with hoist to a lower level where all typical hard rock mining operations can be see. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Trains of Santa Cruz California" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv0S8Sa18mY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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N Scale CNW Layout
Here are a few moments on my micro N Scale layout based on a town in southern Minnesota along the Chicago & North Western's "Alco Line". Appropriate diesel audio is used when possible taken from a CD distributed by the C&NW Historical Society. The layout measures 28"x49", with a removable dual layer staging yard(s) that extends another 36". I used Atlas code 55 sectional track with all joints soldered and plenty of feeders. Due to the small size and tight radius this is best suited for smaller equipment. I run the long streamliner cars, but clearance is close. Here is an updated download link to the pdf of the July 2010 N Scale Magazine article with track diagram; http://www.mediafire.com/?9vns65vs5uybukg
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AE #6 SLRG switching on freelanced Colorado N Scale layout
SLRG engines #116 and #8242 are todays power for switching coal hoppers at Jeremia Mine. Godfather himself is at day 5 working at the Colorado landscape. Bedienfahrt an der Kohlenmine auf meiner Spur N Anlage nach US Vorbild. Im Colorado Teil meiner Anlage ist erst Tag 5 nach Beginn der Erschaffung der Welt. Der "Schöpfer ;-) " hat also noch ein bißchen was zu tun. Musik aus der YouTube Audiobibliothek Music from YouTube Audio Library #AlexE #Bahn #Eisenbahn
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N Scale railroad trestle near Norris Mining Co.
Freelanced n-scale railroad layout, based on a Rocky Mountain locale.
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N scale Model Railroad layout - 424 VMK
N scale Model Railroad layout - 424 VMK