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WoW TCG Poland - Block Matchup - Hunter vs Lock/Rogue
-Hero: Mistress Nesala Allies: 30 4 Neferset Shadowlancer 4 Jadefire Scout 4 Faceless Sapper 4 Bazul, Herald of the Fel 4 Pygmy Firebreather 3 Thrall the World-Shaman 4 Pygmy Pyramd 3 Commander Ulthok Abilities: 10 2 Banish Soul 4 Boundless Hellfire 4 Poison Bomb Equipment: 11 3 Miniture Voodoo Mask 4 Feeding Frenzy 4 Bottled Void Quests: 9 4 Wake of Destruction 3 Rescue the Earthspeaker! 2 Seeds of Their Demise http://wowtcg.cryptozoic.com/articles/keys-armory-dual-class-options -Hero: Gaxtro Bilgewater Marksman Abilities: 4x Quick Trap 4x Obliterating Trap ToF 4x Concussive Barrage Allies: 4x Daedak the Graveborne ToF 4x Hemet Nesingwary 4x Gnash 4x Yertle 3x Lorthemar Theron Regent Lord ToF 4x Jexali 3x Jaron Herald of the Hunt 4x Alethia Brightsong 4x Mazukon Equipment: 4x Breathstone Infused Longbow Quests: 4x Seeds of Their Demise 3x Signed in Blood Locations: 3x Shadowfang Keep http://stefan-the-mighty.blogspot.com/2012/08/byc-albo-nie-byc-przygotowanym-blok.html
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