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Meningitis - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology
What is meningitis? Meningitis describes inflammation of the meninges, the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Find more videos at http://osms.it/more. Hundreds of thousands of current & future clinicians learn by Osmosis. We have unparalleled tools and materials to prepare you to succeed in school, on board exams, and as a future clinician. Sign up for a free trial at http://osms.it/more. Subscribe to our Youtube channel at http://osms.it/subscribe. Get early access to our upcoming video releases, practice questions, giveaways, and more when you follow us on social media: Facebook: http://osms.it/facebook Twitter: http://osms.it/twitter Instagram: http://osms.it/instagram Our Vision: Everyone who cares for someone will learn by Osmosis. Our Mission: To empower the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. Learn more here: http://osms.it/mission Medical disclaimer: Knowledge Diffusion Inc (DBA Osmosis) does not provide medical advice. Osmosis and the content available on Osmosis's properties (Osmosis.org, YouTube, and other channels) do not provide a diagnosis or other recommendation for treatment and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosis and treatment of any person or animal. The determination of the need for medical services and the types of healthcare to be provided to a patient are decisions that should be made only by a physician or other licensed health care provider. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.
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(Bacterial) Meningitis Pathophysiology
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Meningitis and Encephalitis: Causes and Treatment
A detailed discussion of the causes, diagnosis and management of the causes of Meningitis and Encephalitis. Includes bacterial, viral, fungal and autoimmune conditions as well as treatment of these conditions. Includes antivirals such as Aciclovir and Ganciclovir as well as IVIG and plasma exchange for autoimmune encephalitis. Stock images courtesy www.pexels.com
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New Test Finds CNS Infections Fast
www.rxwiki.com A new test for meningitis and encephalitis could bring the time needed for results down from three days to one hour. The FilmArray Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) Panel, approved for marketing Thursday by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), uses a small sample of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to look for meningitis and encephalitis. This new test, from BioFire Diagnostics L.L.C. in Salt Lake City, looks for 14 pathogens that can indicate these two conditions, according to the FDA. Testing for multiple pathogens at one time could help doctors make diagnoses sooner than they can with current testing methods, which can take up to three days to bring results. The FilmArray ME Panel could give results in about an hour.
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Viral Encephalitis Part 2
Medicine Lectures,Viral encephalitis, Encephalitis, Inflammation of spinal cord, Encephalomyelitis,Enterovirus,Antivirus,Herpes virus,Rabies virus,Mumps virus,AIDS virus,Influenza virus,Japanese encephalitis virus,Seizures, Encephalopathy, Hemiplegia,Aphasia,Cranial nerve deficits,Cerebral features, Altered consciousness, Delirium, Agitation, Hallucination, Intracranial pressure,CSF,Cogwheel rigidity, Tremor,Choreoathetoid movements,Mask like face,Parkinsonian syndrome, Confusion, Disorientation, Olfactory hallucinations, Dexamethasone, Acyclovir, Oseltamivir
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Aseptic meningitis
Aseptic meningitis, or sterile meningitis, is a condition in which the layers lining the brain, meninges, become inflamed and a pyogenic bacterial source is not to blame. Meningitis is diagnosed on a history of characteristic symptoms and certain examination findings. Investigations should show an increase in the number of leukocytes present in the cerebrospinal fluid, obtained via lumbar puncture,. The term aseptic is frequently a misnomer, implying a lack of infection. On the contrary, many cases of aseptic meningitis represent infection with viruses or mycobacteria that cannot be detected with routine methods. While the advent of polymerase chain reaction has increased the ability of clinicians to detect viruses such as enterovirus, cytomegalovirus, and herpes virus in the CSF, many viruses can still escape detection. Additionally, mycobacteria frequently require special stains and culture methods that make their detection difficult. When CSF findings are consistent with meningitis, and microbiologic testing is unrevealing, clinicians typically assign the diagnosis of aseptic meningitis—making it a relative diagnosis of exclusion. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Tick-Borne Disease Working Group Meeting - May 10, 2018
Part 1 (Welcome, Introductions, Overview) - https://bit.ly/2ydmepe Part 2 (Disease Vectors, Surveillance, and Prevention Subcommittee Report) - https://bit.ly/2Nq6UeC Part 3 (Pathogenesis, Transmission, and Treatment Subcommittee Report) - https://bit.ly/2NqoNdo Part 4 (Testing and Diagnostics Subcommittee Report) - https://bit.ly/2NpTL57 Part 5 (Access to Care and Support to Patients Subcommittee Report) - https://bit.ly/2P9BsCV Part 6 (Vaccines and Therapeutics Subcommittee Report) - https://bit.ly/2O6v5nu Part 7 (Other Tick-Borne Diseases and Co-Infections Subcommittee Report) - https://bit.ly/2CuhQqD Part 8 (Public Comments and Next Steps) - https://bit.ly/2OGKLgM -- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) http://www.hhs.gov HHS Privacy Policy http://www.hhs.gov/Privacy.html

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