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WoW tcg Booster box Dark Portal Pt.1
Hey everyone its grimlocl. I got the booster box on aug 10 th 2011 and couldn't wait 2 open the packs and tried to record it but to many interruption and went to my college on aug 11th 2011 and didn't want 2 be 2 load and my cam was being screwy and i do apologize about the sound and the crapy video but i got this out so yaye! and is what i got from the box is here as well Tyrus sheynathren 1 Wisp 1 Echoes of the shifting sands 1 Phadalus the enlightened 2 Katsin bloodoath 2 Pads of the dread wolf 1 Vanish 1 Escape artist 1 Unraveled plans 2 Branu wildbloom 2 Trophy kill 2 Korthas greybeard 2 The perfect stout 2 Test of faith 2 Point blank 1 Bretander of the claw 2 Unwelcome visitor 2 Last peons 2 Intercept 2 Reverend tobias 2 Deep freeze 2 Goldenmoon 1 Cerwyn 2 Inner fire 1 Telrander 1 Blistering fire 2 Power word: shield 2 Primalist naseth 1 Kalnuf eagleheart 2 Magran proudstep 2 Lightwell 1 Crushing blow 2 Greater heal 1 Wrath 2 Guardian steppestrider 1 Avanthera 2 Thwarting kolkar aggression 2 Wristguards of true flight 1 Cannibalize 1 Grumpherys 1 Hidden enemies 2 Scout omerrta 1 Meekway hummzinger 1 The dying balance 2 Turn aside 2 Arc of flame 2 Shiv 2 Dampen magic 1 Darnassus sentinels 2 Nature's majesty 2 Warden ravella 2 Kavai the wanderer 2 The green hills of stranglethron 2 First to fall 2 Dayna cousin-of-sun 2 Mya, dragonling wrangler 2 Elven chain boots 1 Thysta spirtilasher 1 Hellreaver 1 Moonkin form 1 Haruka skycaller 2 Poison water 2 Distract 2 Tiril dawnrider 2 Raul "fingers" maldren 2 Flash of steel 2 Durdin hammerhand 2 Mind vision 2 A new plague 2 Lady kath 1 Dual wield 1 Renew 1 Heart of the wild 1 Aleyah dawnborn 2 Barnathrum, lord of pain 2 Cat form 2 A donation of silk 3 Elithys firstorm 2 Flame shock 1 Kralnor 1 purloin 2 Ramstein's lightning bolts 1 Penelope's rose 1 Inner focus 1 Valanos 2 Ritual sacrifice 2 Outrider zarg 2 Vambraces of the sadist 1 Swift assault 2 Raene's cleansing 2 Arcane missiles 2 Vestia abiectus 2 Lightning reflexes 1 Crown of the earth 2 Furious resolve 2 Vigilance 2 Nyn'jah 2 Steelsmith joseph carroll 1 Conjured sparkling water 1 Ancestral spirit 2 Bulkas wildhorn 2 Field repair bot 74a 1 Brother rhone 2 Plagueborn meatwall 1 Gretha, the old crone 1 Scaramanga 2 Commanding shout 2 As the crow flies 2 Prey on the weak 2 nature of the beast 1 Undaunted defense 1 Morfiel 2 Rest and relaxation 1 Mojo mender ja'nah 1 Leeza, tomb robber 2 Claw 1 Ra'chee 2 Hammer of wrath 2 Booneshanks 2 Lessons in lurking 2 Infusion of light 2 Greefer 2 Margaret fowl 1 Shadow word: death 2 Curse of tongues will of arlokk 1 Jin'do's judgement 1 Victoria jaton 1 Flame shock 1 Solanian's belongings 2 Slam 1 Clarity of thought 1 Dark cleric ismantal 1 Overseer oilfist 3 Revenge 1 Lilnas the calm 2 Tim 2 Argent defender 1 Halberd of smiting 1 War stomp 1 Felendren the banished 1 Savin lightguard 1 Miner moggun 1 Bluffwatchers 2 Shock and soothe 1 Grunt baranka 2 Righteous vengeance 2 Fire nova totem 1 Rexxar 1 Desperate block 2 Finkle einhorn, at your service 2 Ghank 2 Bhenn checks-the-sky 2 Mind-numbing poison 1 Rite of vision 1 Nathressa darkstrider 2 The scourge cauldrons 2 Waz'luk 2 Vindicator enkallus 2 Guardian steppestrider 1 Shred soul 2 Chops 1 Lightning storm 1 Ja'zaron 2 Immolation trap 1 Field commander olinnae 1 Jin'do's bag of whammies 1 Pagatha soulbinder 1 Arcane torrent 1 Earth elemental totem 1 Archorite kalinna 1 Lynda steele 2 Morik 2 Jeleane nightbreeze 2 Mugger's belt 1 Piztog 2 Apprentice merry 2 Cyclone 2 Surge of life 2 "chipper" ironbane 2 Magiskull cuffs 1 Slice and dice 1 Protect the master 1 The lobotomizer 1 Challenging shout 1 Koringar the heavy 1 Stoneform 1 Wanted: hogger 1 Zenith shadowforce 1 Divino-matic rod 2 Wing clip 2 Shadowmeld 1 Araelun 2 Hootie 2 Heroic presence 1 Fel iron hatchet 1 Convalescence 2 A refugee's quandary 1 Stone guard rashun 1 Morganis blackvein 2 Blessing of freedom 1 Julia graves 2 Ice block 1 Malfunction 2 Dramla lifebender 1 Manhunt 2 Debros cousin-to-moon 2 Sister rot 2 Vanda skydaughter 2 Kallipssa 1 Clara graves 1 Crimson felt hat 1 Bubula del kissel 2 Point blank 1 The unstoppable force 1 Mana burn 1 Morova of the sands 1 Tanwa the marksman 1 Seal of the crusader 1 "lowdown" luppo shade fizzle 1 Ruby gemsparkle 1 Spellsteal 1 Eye of kilogg 2 Scout omerrta 1 Inoculation 2 Margaret fowl 1 Operation recombobulation 1 Daspien bladedancer 1 Crown of destruction 1 Flametongue weapon 1 Azarak worlfblood 1 Trance stone 1 Samophlange 1 Viking warhammer 1 Mortal delights 1 Gamon 1 The immovable object 1 Berserking 1 Consecration 1 Ps. heres the link 4 all of them wow tcg sets http://www.wowtcgdb.com/
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RGN Episode 3- War of the Elements, Part I
RGN Episode 3- War of the Elements, Part I
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HEX TCG - Card Breakdown - Warlock Inquisitor
The 45th episode in the Card Breakdown series -- this time looking at the Warlock Inquisitor! (as requested by Jose Contreras, William Ryder, and neoikaruga) Leave a comment on which card YOU would like to see in my next breakdown and please subscribe for more Hex content! Head to Utopian Chaos at http://www.utopianchaos.com/ - for all your dTCG news and strats! Hex TCG at http://hextcg.com/ Hex Forums at http://forums.cryptozoic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=102 Hex Data Mine at http://www.hex-datamine.com/ Hex TCG Wiki at http://hextcg.gamepedia.com/
Let's Look At: Hex: Shards of Fate
Hex: Shards of Fate is a TCG (Trading Card Game) that was successfully kickstarted and now it is in beta! How good is this game? Let's Look at Hex: Shards of Fate and get a good first look! ======================================= Subscribe: http://bit.ly/11sjUVP (5-6 Daily Videos) Twitter: http://bit.ly/1uileqh (Chat With Me) Twitch: http://bit.ly/13asGH7 (Live Almost Daily) (ง •̀_•́) งBecome a Mablin Today! (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง The Mabfather demands it! (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง ======================================= Watch Epic Build Off (EBO): http://bit.ly/1BXzBTG Watch The Mablin Podcast: http://bit.ly/YAdmac Watch Mabi Vs Terraria: http://bit.ly/1rY0Fmt Watch Mabi Vs 7 Days To Die: http://bit.ly/WNYxii Watch Mabi Vs The Binding of Isaac: http://bit.ly/1oxfOEa Watch Mabi Vs Pixel Piracy: http://bit.ly/1nO32kG Watch Mabi Vs Invisible Inc: http://bit.ly/1tNfU1l Watch Mabi Vs Don't Starve: http://bit.ly/1xOrQCP Got an idea for a Video/Let's Play Mabi should undergo? Let your opinion be known in the comment section below! Mabi will always respond back to you! ======================================= OVERVIEW HEX combines the amazing community and roleplaying aspects of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMO) with the compelling collectible and strategic gameplay of a Trading Card Game (TCG) to create an entirely new category of a game, the MMO/TCG. Cryptozoic is a leading TCG publisher with years of experience building a real, fully featured, and balanced TCG (World of Warcraft TCG). HEX has the same attention to detail and offers the finest digital TCG experience available. You’ll get a free Starter Deck (a $10 value) upon account creation. In addition to the 300 cards available via the PVE campaign, there are over 350 cards to use in Set 1 which you can win in tournaments or find in Booster Packs. HEX can do things a paper TCG can only dream of doing. Socket gems in cards to give them additional powers, use card powers to transform them into different cards mid-match. The Double Back makes each card an individual collectible. Cards gain experience and have individual achievements that allow you to unlock extended art and foil versions. Deck statistics give you instant feedback about your deck’s composition, its record, and other statistics. Are you wheeling and dealing? You can make trades in the chat client, or you can automate all your transactions in the Auction House. If you’re in need of that final card to complete your new deck or you’re looking to take some of that shiny gear and turn it to gold, this is the place for you. Create and customize your champion with talents, gear, and game altering abilities that revolutionize the Trading Card Game. Take up the side of good with either the heroic humans, noble coyotle, proud orcs, or the creative elves. If you have more sinister goals, then play as the destructive dwarves, zealous vennen, aggressive shin’hare, or cunning necrotic.
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HEX TCG: Socketing and Gems Explained
Gems and Socketing in HEX and how they work. HEX's Official Website - http://hextcg.com HEX Kickstarter - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cze/hex-mmo-trading-card-game HEX Wiki - http://hextcg.gamepedia.com
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5 Shard Deck Destruction Dream!
Probably one of the most fun drafts I've ever played! It's always fun to explore new spaces like this! :) Subtitles by Ytterbite Play HEX at http://www.hextcg.com Follow on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/alucard2004 Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/alucard2004
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HEX Shards of Fate Interview with Cory Jones
Blake sits down and chats with Cryptozoic Entertainment's President and CCO Cory Jones about their upcoming game, and first ever MMO TCG, HEX Shards of Fate! To find out more about HEX and to sign up as a Slacker Backer to gain access to the closed alpha head over to www.hextcg.com Follow us on twitter: @geekyweek, @profrobot Check out our Facebook: facebook.com/weekingeek And don't forget to Like and Subscribe!
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