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ODM 11gR2 - Dropping the Repository
Dropping and removing the Oracle Data Mining 11g R2 repository from the database.
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Create a self-restricting join using a column filter: Information design tool 4.x
Visit us at http://www.sap.com/LearnBI to view our full catalog of interactive SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite tutorials. Check out the SAP Business Analytics Blog: http://blogs.sap.com/analytics/
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SQL Tutorial - Clustered Indexes OLTP
Another video brought to you by BeardedDev, bringing you tutorials on Business Intelligence, SQL Programming and Data Analysis. You can now support me on patreon - https://www.patreon.com/beardeddev In this video tutorial we talk all about Clustered Indexes in SQL Server. Indexes allow data to be retrieved quickly but we have to respect a proper indexing strategy as too many indexes can cause DML operations to be come slow. Working with indexes is all about finding the balance between read and write operations on the database. Code featured in the video to allow you to follow along: -- Add Table IF OBJECT_ID(N'dbo.Employees', N'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.Employees; CREATE TABLE dbo.Employees ( EmployeeId INT IDENTITY(1, 1) NOT NULL , EmployeeFirstName VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL , EmployeeLastName VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL , EmployeeDateOfBirth DATE NOT NULL , EmployeePosition VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL , EmployeeStartDate DATE NOT NULL CONSTRAINT DF_EmployeesNew_EmployeeStartDate DEFAULT (GETDATE()) , EmployeeEndDate DATE NULL , EmployeePayrollId INT NOT NULL ); -- Add Data INSERT INTO dbo.Employees (EmployeeFirstName, EmployeeLastName, EmployeeDateOfBirth, EmployeePosition, EmployeeStartDate, EmployeeEndDate, EmployeePayrollId) VALUES ('Tony', 'Smith', '19860415', 'Sales Executive', '20180101', NULL, 123456) , ('Robin', 'Jones', '19860415', 'Sales Manager', '20180101', NULL, 123457) , ('Michelle', 'Parker', '19860415', 'Sales Executive', '20180101', NULL, 123458) , ('Alex', 'Weaver', '19860415', 'Sales Executive', '20180101', NULL, 123459) , ('Paul', 'Attenborough', '19860415', 'Sales Assistant', '20180101', NULL, 123460) -- Retrieve Data SELECT * FROM dbo.Employees WHERE EmployeeId = 3; -- ADD CLUSTERED INDEX TO EXISTING TABLE ALTER TABLE dbo.Employees ADD CONSTRAINT PK_Employee_EmployeeID PRIMARY KEY (EmployeeId); -- DOES THE TABLE HAVE AN INDEX? SELECT name , syspart.index_id FROM sys.tables AS systab INNER JOIN sys.partitions AS syspart ON systab.[object_id] = syspart.[object_id] WHERE systab.name = 'Employees'; -- WHAT TYPE OF INDEX? SELECT name , [type] , type_desc FROM sys.indexes WHERE name = 'PK_Employees_EmployeeId'
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Part 4   Delete duplicate rows in sql
Link for all dot net and sql server video tutorial playlists http://www.youtube.com/user/kudvenkat/playlists Link for slides, code samples and text version of the video http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2014/05/part-4-delete-duplicate-rows-in-sql.html In this video, we will discuss deleting all duplicate rows except one from a sql server table. SQL Script to create Employees table Create table Employees ( ID int, FirstName nvarchar(50), LastName nvarchar(50), Gender nvarchar(50), Salary int ) GO Insert into Employees values (1, 'Mark', 'Hastings', 'Male', 60000) Insert into Employees values (1, 'Mark', 'Hastings', 'Male', 60000) Insert into Employees values (1, 'Mark', 'Hastings', 'Male', 60000) Insert into Employees values (2, 'Mary', 'Lambeth', 'Female', 30000) Insert into Employees values (2, 'Mary', 'Lambeth', 'Female', 30000) Insert into Employees values (3, 'Ben', 'Hoskins', 'Male', 70000) Insert into Employees values (3, 'Ben', 'Hoskins', 'Male', 70000) Insert into Employees values (3, 'Ben', 'Hoskins', 'Male', 70000) The delete query should delete all duplicate rows except one. Here is the SQL query that does the job. PARTITION BY divides the query result set into partitions. WITH EmployeesCTE AS ( SELECT *, ROW_NUMBER()OVER(PARTITION BY ID ORDER BY ID) AS RowNumber FROM Employees ) DELETE FROM EmployeesCTE WHERE RowNumber ] 1
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Oracle SQL Tutorial 23 - Intro to Data Types
Every column within a table has to be given what is known as a datatype. A data type is a fairly simple concept when you dissect the word. It is literally the type of data. Why do we use types, though? The biggest benefit is so that Oracle knows how to interpret and work with our data. It also makes the database better at rejecting incorrect data. If we had to concept of a data type, there would be a lot more work involved in forcing data to be of the right format. It would also be harder for us to get the database to treat the data in the correct way. In addition to this, a database can optimize storage and performance for a column if everything is of the same data type. Because of this, each column can only support one data type. There are numerous different data types in Oracle and it helps us if we categorize them. The first types of datatypes we should learn about are: String, Numeric, Temporal Now, there are few more categories we could make, but these are the main ones. We will worry about the other ones another day as I am only introducing the topic. A string data type is anything within quotes. Most databases use single quotes for string data. Inside of the quotes can be any number of characters. What is a character? Think of any letter, number, or symbol you can type. Some people call these letters, numbers, and symbols alphanumeric. Numeric data type includes only numbers. These data types are often used for data that you plan on using for mathematical calculations. Temporal data types are data types that are used for dates and times. Now, each data type is probably going to have some options you'll need to worry about, but one that comes up with every data type is storage. The reason we need to consider storage is because we may end up with millions of rows in a table and the difference between a few bytes for each row will make a huge difference when we look at the whole picture. When a data type gives you the option of size, you will want to a size that will be able to hold what you need, but nothing more. In the upcoming videos we are going to discuss the available data types in more detail. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support me! http://www.patreon.com/calebcurry Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/JoinCCNewsletter Donate!: http://bit.ly/DonateCTVM2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Links~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More content: http://CalebCurry.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CalebTheVideoMaker Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CalebTheVideoMaker2 Twitter: http://twitter.com/calebCurry Amazing Web Hosting - http://bit.ly/ccbluehost (The best web hosting for a cheap price!)
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What are Junk dimensions?
A Junk Dimension is a dimension table consisting of attributes that do not belong in the fact table or in any of the existing dimension tables. The nature of these attributes is usually text or various flags, e.g. non-generic comments or just simple yes/no or true/false indicators. The have low cardinality and usually don't come under SCD. If you require any clarifications for this video, Please drop me a comment and I will try to answer asap.
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Market Basket Analysis: Using Hive and Data Miner
In this video, you are shown how to write a Hive UDT, and a simple drag and drop method for building association rules in Oracle Database
How to change columns in column selectors
I wanted to share a little tip on how to change columns in an Oracle BI report when they are being using in combination with a column selector. This has changed from Oracle BI R10 to R11 and as I was initially a bit puzzled, I thought this was a great excuse to start a series of tips and tricks I hope you like them !
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30 Ways Google Sheets Can Help Your Company Uncover and Share Data Insights (Cloud Next '19)
Google Sheets enables your users to work with datasets big and small, within a collaboration-driven environment. Do your users think they can't move off of Excel? Give them some of the tips and tricks you'll learn at this session, and have them try out Sheets — they'll be pleasantly surprised by this tool for intelligent productivity. Team collaboration with Google Sheets → https://bit.ly/2UiZfaa Watch more: Next '19 Collaboration & Productivity Sessions here → https://bit.ly/Next19CollabProductivity Next ‘19 All Sessions playlist → https://bit.ly/Next19AllSessions Subscribe to the G Suite Channel → https://bit.ly/G-Suite1 Speaker(s): Daniel Gundrum, Andrew Rudd, Ryan Weber Session ID: CP129 product:BigQuery,G Suite Apps,Sheets; fullname:Daniel Gundrum,Andrew Rudd,Ryan Weber;
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How To Import Large .CSV File Into SQLite Database On Ubuntu Linux
How To Import Large .CSV File Into SQLite Database On Ubuntu Linux In this tutorial I will shows you how to import CSV data into an SQLite table using sqlite3. we will be using as an example a lagre CSV file from The yellow and green taxi trip records that include fields capturing pick-up and drop-off dates/times, pick-up and drop-off locations, trip distances, itemized fares, rate types, payment types, and driver-reported passenger counts. The data used in the attached datasets were collected and provided to the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) by technology providers authorized under the Taxicab & Livery Passenger Enhancement Programs (TPEP/LPEP) 🌸 Support channel & make donation : https://www.paypal.me/aminenina/5 🌸 Subscribe for more videos : Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/aminosninatos 🌸 Follow me On Social Media Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/aminosninatos/ *********************************************************************** 🌸 How To Insert Multiple Rows At Once in SQLite Database On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/O93WywOa0tE 🌸 How To Optimize SQLite Databases Using The Vacuum Command On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/k8B9ugQjeBc 🌸 How To Compare Two SQLite Databases On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/pVstBo81h-8 🌸 How To Work With Multiple SQLite Databases At The Same Time On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/Oe6JExv1yNM 🌸 How To Run SQLite Transaction That Rolls Back On Any Error On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/veOffamwNNg 🌸 How To use SQLite Index And Explain Query Plan Command On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/OY6sB91-OE4 🌸 How To Prevent SQLite Injection Attacks On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/3cDaSweDp1Q 🌸 How To Use SQLite Functions On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/rdBcK1Cu5oQ 🌸 How To Optimize SQLite Performance Using In Memory Database On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/LSmC0-1k72Y 🌸 How To Import Large .CSV File Into SQLite Database On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/PTkZBrl1FWM 🌸 How To Use The Full Text Search Feature in SQlite On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/THwYPhCfVpY 🌸 How To Customize SQlite Output And Make It Permanent On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/79ZhRDCFze8 🌸 How To Encrypt SQLite Database Using SQLCipher On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/FkaGAsywNmU 🌸 How To Install SQlite DataBase On Ubuntu Linux https://youtu.be/n5Ed3DA2sbE ***********************************************************************
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Customize LOGIN PAGE Using css! Oracle Apex [ARABIC]
Customize LOGIN PAGE Using css! Oracle Apex CSS Inline Code: -------------------------- body{font-family: 'Droid Arabic Kufi', sans-serif; font-size:1.3rem;} .t-PageBody--login .t-Body { background-image: url(#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#BG.jpeg); background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-size: cover; background-color: #45484d; background-color: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #45484d 0%, #000000 100%); background-color: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #45484d 0%,#000000 100%); background-color: linear-gradient(to bottom, #45484d 0%,#000000 100%); } body .t-Login-title , .t-Login-region { background-color: rgba(128, 152, 180, 0.51); color: #F8F8F8 } .t-Login-body { text-align: right; } .popup { z-index: 10; margin:100px auto; display:block; text-align:center; -moz-box-shadow: 0 0 10px rgba(0,0,0,.18); /* drop shadow */ -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 10px rgba(0,0,0,.18); /* drop shadow */ -o-box-shadow: 0 0 10px rgba(0,0,0,.18); /* drop shadow */ box-shadow: 0 0 10px rgba(0,0,0,.18); /* drop shadow */ -webkit-transform-origin:top center; -moz-transform-origin:top center; -o-transform-origin:top center; transform-origin:top center; -webkit-animation: iconosani 1.2s forwards; animation: iconosani 1.2s forwards; -moz-animation: iconosani 1.2s forwards; -o-animation: iconosani 1.2s forwards; } .apex-icons-fontawesome .t-Login-logo{ font-size: 50px; color: #fff; } #P101_PASSWORD , #P101_USERNAME { background-color: #0e0d0d00; color: #292929; font-size: 1.5em; border-bottom-color: #0464a9; border-width: 0 0 3px 0; }
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Excel Magic Trick 1215: Filter Data Set & Chart Disappears: Change Chart Properties!!!
Download File: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm Learn how to change Chart Properties so that chart “doesn’t move or size with cells” Thanks to Michi Karpfen and Awafi at YouTube!!!
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Excel Magic Trick 1335: Power Query We Couldn’t Refresh The Connection Data Source Not Found Error
Download File: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm In Power Query see how to use deal with the Refresh Error Message: We couldn’t refresh the connection. Here is the error message we got: [DataSource.NotFound] File or Folder: We couldn’t find the folder.
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How to Install Oracle Database 11g on Windows 10 By Manish Sharma
Detail tutorial on How to install Oracle database 11g enterprise edition on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit. Full installation under 9 mins. You can follow the steps for installing Oracle 11g on Windows 10 32 bit home or any other version. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ►►►LINKS◄◄◄ Previous Tutorial ► Download Link http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/index.html ►Create Database using DBCA https://youtu.be/enFFezPYhCg ►How To Unlock User using ALTER USER https://youtu.be/sMqq9MSVmQo ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and be the 1st one to see my videos! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ►►►Find me on Social Media◄◄◄ Follow What I am up to as it happens on https://twitter.com/rebellionrider https://www.facebook.com/TheRebellionRider http://instagram.com/rebellionrider http://in.linkedin.com/in/mannbhardwaj/ You can also Email me at for E-mail address please check About section Please please LIKE and SHARE my videos it makes me happy. Thanks for liking, commenting, sharing and watching more of our videos This is Manish from RebellionRider.com ♥ I LOVE ALL MY VIEWERS AND SUBSCRIBERS
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Key NewTransformations in Oracle Big Data Discovery version 1.1
This video covers the key new data transformations available in Oracle Big Data Discovery version 1.1. This video is intended for data analysts or anyone wanting to learn how to perform the key new data transformations available in Big Data Discovery version 1.1.
Excel: How to Best Import External Data into Excel & Import data from the Web to Excel
Get the full course: https://courses.xelplus.com Excel has various tools that can help you easily clean up your raw data for further analysis. Apart from using formulas and formatting, there are two useful Excel features that let you easily clean up. One method is text to columns feature and the other to import external data. The Get External Data tool can be used to import and analyse data from other systems. This tool is also useful for importing data to run your dashboards or do further analysis using pivot tables, etc. Usually you can get data extracts from any system (e.g. “.dat” or “.csv” from Oracle, “.xml” files from SAP, etc.). These can be imported into Excel. Importing External Data also gives you control over the decimals and thousand separator, especially if you’re dealing with international companies. In the US, the decimal is dot and the comma is a thousand separator and in most European countries it’s the other way round, where the comma is a decimal and the dot a thousand separator. It’s always safest to Import it properly with the Excel Data Import wizard! After importing press Ctrl + T to create a table out of it. You can create a pivot table off this one, and when you do, even if you add more data to it, the pivot reflects the new data. Importing Data from the Web / Internet into Excel – creating web queries that refresh automatically: In Excel you can also import data directly from the web. You basically create a web query which you set to refresh automatically based on your preference. ★ My Online Excel Courses ► https://courses.xelplus.com/ ✉ Subscribe & get my TOP 10 Excel formulas e-book for free https://www.xelplus.com/free-ebook/ EXCEL RESOURCES I Recommend: https://www.xelplus.com/resources/
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Firebase Database Querying 101 - The Firebase Database For SQL Developers #3
Learn more about qureying in the official documentation: https://goo.gl/iLDAvS Welcome to the third video in the Firebase Database for SQL Developers series! Querying may be less powerful in NoSQL databases than compared to SQL databases, but there's still a lot you can do with the Firebase Database. Watch more videos from this series: https://goo.gl/ZDcO0a Subscribe to the Firebase Channel: https://goo.gl/9giPHG
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Build an Accounts Receivable Aging Report in Excel
A viewer asked my help in building an A/R Aging Report. She wants to see the total for invoices that are "past due" 1 - 30 days, 31-60 days, etc. In this video I use the =TODAY(), =IF(), =AND() and =WEEKDAY() functions to build this report. If you have an Excel question, send it to me, I will answer it as soon as I possibly can do so. My DVD-ROM, "The 50 Best Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Excel 2007" is now available for sale. Visit my website - www.thecompanyrocks.com/excels - for details on how to purchase it.
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Excel for HR: Use Data Validation and Auto-correction to Control Text Input Format
***HR Analytics with Excel*** Business Scenario: You want to control the content/format for your datasheet so that user can input faster and more accurately Excel Function: Data Validation, Auto-correction Time for Formula: Data validation 3:20, Auto-corretion 5:00 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to create a Merit Matrix for Salary Increase with Goal Seek function" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZRixDI8Zws -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- ******Follow-up Consulting Services****** If you have specific question regarding your issue, you can email me at the email here https://goo.gl/WejijZ Note that there will be a fee of US$50 charged for solving your issue. The turnaround is within 24 hours. Any follow-up issue in 3 days will also be answered with no charge. Payment link: https://www.paypal.me/caripros ******More Videos in Playlists****** Excel for HR https://goo.gl/JdeVnd Excel for HR - Master Class https://goo.gl/LYfq2f Excel Macro - Beginner https://goo.gl/Yae5nc Excel Macro/VBA - Splitting a Master File https://goo.gl/m8CHya Excel Charts Data Visualization https://goo.gl/2ao6BP Excel Vlookup Function https://goo.gl/kP2Wpz Excel Pivot Table Function https://goo.gl/rukkPs Excel Array Function https://goo.gl/i4sQH8 Excel Index and Match Function https://goo.gl/i7VGU4 Excel Solver/Goal Seek Functions https://goo.gl/FTkTnj Excel Cell Formatting Solutions https://goo.gl/gpa6MY HR Analytics - Merit Matrix https://goo.gl/Koy7co HR Analytics - Salary Structure https://goo.gl/uZBnFa Excel Tricks https://goo.gl/TeqGDw Excel Troubleshooting https://goo.gl/bdY5by Fun HR Topics https://goo.gl/7zVg8h For more successful stories, view at: http://caripros.com/index.php/success-stories/ ******Tools I use for this channel****** Channel management: https://www.tubebuddy.com/HRAnalytics "I Love Spreadsheets" Mug: https://amzn.to/2D0bYmL #ExcelforHR#HRAnalytics#Excel#HR
Hive External Table
how to create Hive External Table
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How to draw Bar Graph using data from MySQL table and PHP | ChartJS
In this video we will learn to draw Bar Graph using data from MySQL table, PHP and ChartJS. TUTORIAL LINK: https://goo.gl/WtP4Us Next Video: https://youtu.be/2F5iTlPgaV8 Important Links: ChartJS: https://www.chartjs.org jQuery: https://jquery.com XAMPP: https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html MAMP: https://www.mamp.info/en/ Tell me which video should I make in the comments :-) Find me on =============== facebook https://www.facebook.com/yusufshakeel twitter https://twitter.com/yusufshakeel google+ https://plus.google.com/+YusufShakeel pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/yusufshakeel website http://www.yusufshakeel.com DYclassroom https://www.dyclassroom.com Algorithm Playlist https://goo.gl/Z89n9o Data Structure Playlist https://goo.gl/Eu4vDh Floyd's Algorithm https://youtu.be/X6n30V6qCWU Heap Sort https://youtu.be/51JGP4VVlDc Quick Sort https://youtu.be/3OLTJlwyIqQ Radix Sort https://youtu.be/YXFI4osELGU Shell Sort https://youtu.be/SCBf7aqKQEY Counting Sort https://youtu.be/TTnvXY82dtM if you find my videos interesting and enjoy watching them then please give a thumbs up, share and subscribe my channel and comment. Subscribe my YouTube channel http://goo.gl/cFA9in thanks for watching see you in the next video stay happy and keep smiling :-)
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00031 - How To Calculate The Manpower Required For A Project Using Microsoft Excel
How To Calculate The Manpower Required For A Project Using Microsoft Excel Tutorials. Project Manpower Requirement Calculation using MS Excel. Manpower Resource Loading. Calculating the requirement of a project. MS Excel Tutorials, Microsoft Excel Tutorials, Basic Tutorials of Excel, Microsoft Office Tutorials, Formulas in Excel, How to Use Formulas in Microsoft Excel, Formatting Cells in Excel, Simple Formulas in Excel, Currency Formatting using Microsoft Excel, Today Function in Excel, How to use Fill and Down in Excel, Text Function in Excel, How to do Conditional Formatting using Excel, Maximum function in Excel, Max function in Excel, Custom Formatting in Excel, Roundup Function in Excel
Excel for HR: Find and Replace Text in Employee Name
Business Scenario: How to extract Employee Names from a long text efficiently Excel Function: Find(), Mid(), Replace(), Trim() -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to create a Merit Matrix for Salary Increase with Goal Seek function" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZRixDI8Zws -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- ******Follow-up Consulting Services****** If you have specific question regarding your issue, you can email me at the email here https://goo.gl/WejijZ Note that there will be a fee of US$50 charged for solving your issue. The turnaround is within 24 hours. Any follow-up issue in 3 days will also be answered with no charge. Payment link: https://www.paypal.me/caripros ******More Videos in Playlists****** Excel for HR https://goo.gl/JdeVnd Excel for HR - Master Class https://goo.gl/LYfq2f Excel Macro - Beginner https://goo.gl/Yae5nc Excel Macro/VBA - Splitting a Master File https://goo.gl/m8CHya Excel Charts Data Visualization https://goo.gl/2ao6BP Excel Vlookup Function https://goo.gl/kP2Wpz Excel Pivot Table Function https://goo.gl/rukkPs Excel Array Function https://goo.gl/i4sQH8 Excel Index and Match Function https://goo.gl/i7VGU4 Excel Solver/Goal Seek Functions https://goo.gl/FTkTnj Excel Cell Formatting Solutions https://goo.gl/gpa6MY HR Analytics - Merit Matrix https://goo.gl/Koy7co HR Analytics - Salary Structure https://goo.gl/uZBnFa Excel Tricks https://goo.gl/TeqGDw Excel Troubleshooting https://goo.gl/bdY5by Fun HR Topics https://goo.gl/7zVg8h For more successful stories, view at: http://caripros.com/index.php/success-stories/ ******Tools I use for this channel****** Channel management: https://www.tubebuddy.com/HRAnalytics "I Love Spreadsheets" Mug: https://amzn.to/2D0bYmL #ExcelforHR#HRAnalytics#Excel#HR
Expert Analytics - Change the data type of a column: SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0
In the Expert Analytics interface of SAP Predictive Analytics, you can change the data type of columns in the Prepare room or in the Predict room. In this tutorial, we will use both methods to convert a date column that is formatted as a string into a proper date format for analysis.
Chapter 19 View in Sql Server in Hindi
SQL CREATE VIEW Statement. In SQL, a view is a virtual table based on the result-set of an SQL statement. A view contains rows and columns, just like a real table. The fields in a view are fields from one or more real tables in the database. Why do we use views in SQL? SQL - Using Views. A view is nothing more than a SQL statement that is stored in the database with an associated name. ... A view can contain all rows of a table or select rows from a table. A view can be created from one or many tables which depends on the written SQL query to create a view. What do you mean by view in SQL? A database view is a searchable object in a database that is defined by a query. Though a view doesn't store data, some refer to a views as “virtual tables,” you canquery a view like you can a table. A view can combine data from two or more table, using joins, and also just contain a subset of information. What are views used for? Views can be used as security mechanisms by letting users access data through the view, without granting the users permissions to directly access the underlying base tables of the view. Views can be used to provide a backward compatible interface to emulate a table that used to exist but whose schema has changed.
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Excel and DataTables Automation 3.3
Learn how UiPath operates with Excel and Data Tables: - Excel application scope - Opening a workbook - access modes - Read and write range - Output datatable Watch a practical example of how to sort data in an Excel file and iterate through all rows.
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Identification and Classification of Usage Patterns in Long-Term Activity Tracking
Identification and Classification of Usage Patterns in Long-Term Activity Tracking Jochen Meyer, Merlin Wasmann, Wilko Heuten, Abdallah El Ali, Susanne CJ Boll CHI'17: ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Session: Self-tracking Mental Health Abstract: Activity trackers are frequently used in health and well-being, but their application in effective interventions is challenging. While research for reasons of use and non-use is ongoing, little is known about the way activity trackers are used in everyday life and over longer periods. We analyzed data of 104 individuals over 14,413 use days, and in total over 2.5 years. We describe general tracker use, periodic changes and overall changes over time, and identify characteristic patterns. While the use of trackers shows large individual heterogeneity, from our findings we could identify and classify general patterns for activity tracker use such as try-and-drop, slow-starter, experimenter, hop-on hop-off, intermittent and power user. Our findings contribute to the body of knowledge towards the successful design of effective health technologies, health interventions, and long-term health applications. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/3025453.3025690 WEB: http://chi2017.acm.org/
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Scaling Postgres Episode 31 | CTE Warning | PG 11 Features | Death by DB | Correlation
Subscribe at https://www.scalingpostgres.com to get notified of new episodes. In this episode of Scaling Postgres, we review articles covering a CTE warning, Postgres 11 new features, death by database and column correlation. Links for this episode: https://medium.com/@hakibenita/be-careful-with-cte-in-postgresql-fca5e24d2119 https://lwn.net/Articles/764515/ http://www.craigkerstiens.com/2018/09/20/postgresql-11-a-first-look/ http://momjian.us/main/writings/pgsql/features.pdf https://info.crunchydata.com/blog/why-covering-indexes-are-incredibly-helpful https://blog.2ndquadrant.com/partitioning-improvements-pg11/ https://ovid.github.io/articles/death-by-database.html https://www.cybertec-postgresql.com/en/column-correlation-explained/
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Bitcoin - Satoshi Announces The Next Move (Long Term Analysis)
Trade Like a Professional - The Art and Application of Technical Analysis: http://krown-trading.teachable.com/courses/349734 ***Master Your Options*** - https://krown-trading.teachable.com/p/master-your-options/ - Years as a Professional Market Maker Authorized Trader synthesized down into a 42 Module Road Map for the Purpose of Derivative Domination Use Discount Code BF20 for 20% Off for the Month of November! ***Krown Jewel Indicator Mastery*** https://krown-trading.teachable.com/?affcode=236462_6ozjtirq My preferred method of scalping by timing both entries and exits in a trifecta of three unique oscillators Complimentary 10% off trading fees for BitMEX https://www.bitmex.com/register/4l6ovV Complimentary 10% off trading fees for Deribit ***https://www.deribit.com/reg-1170.7653*** Instagram - Krowncrypto ***Cave Discord*** https://discord.gg/hzKU7qe ***Frontier Discord*** https://discord.gg/vYf3AMS Please do consider gently tapping the like & subscribe button as I update my thoughts on the market daily! ***Complimentary Portfolio Tracking and Balancing Tool*** https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y8WtgxCZen4yt8UwAmqxQjfDR42-kFQ8iRx_3rJi0CI/edit#gid=1158545460 **Project Fundamental Analysis*** - SECRETS of the Cave is live.. all sign-ups before May 1 receive a massive 40% discount. Check it out here.. https://www.krownscryptocave.com/secrets/index.html If you feel so inclined to support my Coffee and Ground Beef diet then here is a link to my BTC address - 3QnMhH3QKjoNMprArJ2PyY2t8MWPCDtmJv Recommended Reading for Learning the Art of Trading - Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits https://amzn.to/2qQAz7A Reminiscences of a Stock Operate https://amzn.to/2F3WD3G S9 Antminer (Cryptocurrency mining rig) - https://amzn.to/2F58crm Checkout my favorite exchange Bitmex - https://www.bitmex.com/register/ou4vcl this link will give you reduced fees. Also checkout my Steemit Account as I do post exclusive content here - https://steemit.com/@realcrowncrypto Twitter for Intra-day Mini Update - https://twitter.com/KrownCryptoCave #Bitcoin #BitcoinNews #BitcoinAnalysis Disclaimer - The content in this video and on this channel are not intended to be financial advice. The content in this video and on this channel are only intended for entertainment purposes only!
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CS50 2018 - Lecture 8 - SQL
00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:50 - Hackathon Teaser 00:02:23 - Week 7 Recap 00:05:35 - C$50 Finance 00:07:47 - Cookies 00:15:46 - store 00:22:22 - Databases 00:27:15 - Mock Database 00:29:07 - SQL 00:39:32 - SQLite 00:51:52 - phpLiteAdmin 01:12:54 - lecture 01:38:39 - Race Conditions 01:45:57 - SQL Injection Attacks
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Nielsen Connected System and Snowflake: Enabling modern data analytics in retail - BRK2428
Hear Nielsen Buy CTO, Srini Varadarajan and Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia share how Nielsen’s Connected System, powered by Snowflake's cloud-built data warehouse on Microsoft Azure, empowers FMCG manufacturers and retail companies connect Nielsen data and insights directly into their enterprise to achieve sustained, profitable growth. Take a deep dive into how Snowflake's unique architecture enables Connected System to seamlessly integrate large volumes of global, retail, point-of-sale data that enable manufacturers and retailers to democratize data across the business, spot performance gaps, and act on new growth opportunities.
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PostgreSQL Export Table To CSV File
Learn how to use Export Table To CSV File in PostgreSQL Shell Windows.
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MySQL VB.NET Tutorial 14 : Search data in database and Filter in datagridview
Code for searching data from database using Visual Basic Visual Basic Search in database VB.NET how to search data in database in asp.net with Visual Basic VB.NET how to search data with data grid in asp.net using Visual Basic VB.NET how to make search in sql database in asp.net using Visual Basic To Search The Data From Database Using Visual Basic.net(Visual Basic) VB.NET Search as you type implementation in Visual Basicusing Sql Database Visual Basic display data from database using sqlparameters VB.NET Visual Basic - Displaying selected data in a datagridview VB.NET Visual Basic - How to Display data in datagridview from access database VB.NET updating data in database using datagridview Visual Basic Datatable Search
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Build hybrid data platform with Azure SQL Database and SQL Server - BRK2185
This session presents how to migrate, replicate, and synchronize data between SQL Server, SQL VM, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, across on-premises, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud platforms to build a real hybrid data platform. We introduce our current technology choices, deep dive in customer scenarios, and use cases, and share product roadmap.
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How Facebook tracks and manipulates everyone, everything, and everywhere - Delete your Facebook now
Facebook tracks you online and offline, creating profile for targeted advertisements. Facebook knows what you buy and what sites you visit. Do you know where Facebook sells your private information? They have so much they can turn masses against their own government or manipulate people's emotions by tweaking their social media feeds. The cost of letting somebody know everything about you is just too high. You should stop using Facebook. My bitcoin address: 1NmqcqYRZVmbCWweaREigX6qZVdtGND6Mx Follow me: https://twitter.com/The_HatedOne_ https://www.bitchute.com/TheHatedOne/ https://www.reddit.com/user/The_HatedOne/ https://www.minds.com/The_HatedOne Facebook tracks you online and offline | Facebook privacy policy It's known that Facebook collects and sells all of your personal information on their social network for their Facebook ads.Facebook tracks your online and offline activities everywhere you go. With newly introduced Facebook IDs, Facebook will recording your browsing history through social media plugins and like and share buttons on websites, and use Facebook mobile apps to track your offline activities, physical location, and telemetric data. Stop using Facebook | Facebook sells your information Facebook privacy issue is a severe threat to our current democracy. Facebook stands behind big data broking marketing industry that collects your personally identifiable information, creates a personalized profile on you, and sell that information to retailers and governments around the world. There is no privacy protection. It's not explained in the Facebook privacy policy. You have no idea to know where Facebook sells your private information Facebook targeted advertisements | Facebook privacy Acxiom collects Facebook data and matches them with your personally identifiable information. The goal is to sell customer recognition to its retail clients. Will you stop using Facebook? Sources: Facebook Atlas ad platform https://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/29/business/with-new-ad-platform-facebook-opens-the-gates-to-its-vault-of-consumer-data.html https://atlassolutions.com/2014/09/29/meet-the-new-atlas/ https://atlassolutions.com/product-tour/ https://atlassolutions.com/partners/ https://atlassolutions.com/why-atlas/introduction/ Facebook privacy policy https://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykosner/2013/08/31/new-facebook-policies-sell-your-face-and-whatever-it-infers/#2bb368f0273a Facebook ads sharing your personally identifiable data http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/social.media/10/21/facebook.gay.ads/index.html Facebook apps collecting and selling personal information https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2010/10/many-faceook-apps-found-to-be-collecting-selling-user-info/ Facebook tracking through social like and share buttons and plug-ins https://securehomes.esat.kuleuven.be/~gacar/fb_tracking/fb_plugins.pdf From social media service to advertising network. A critical analysis of Facebook’s Revised Policies and Terms http://www.law.kuleuven.be/citip/en/news/item/facebooks-revised-policies-and-terms-v1-2.pdf Acxiom data broker http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/05/technology/acxiom-lets-consumers-see-data-it-collects.html Acxiom Audience Operating System https://adexchanger.com/analytics/acxiom-prepares-new-audience-operating-system-amid-wobbly-earnings/ Acxiom customer recognition and 360 degree view on consumers http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/17/technology/acxiom-the-quiet-giant-of-consumer-database-marketing.html?pagewanted=all FTC seeks privacy regulations and Acxiom is aware http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/27/business/ftc-seeks-privacy-legislation.html?pagewanted=all https://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/28/technology/ftc-urges-legislation-to-shed-more-light-on-data-collection.html FTC report on data broking marketing industry https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/reports/data-brokers-call-transparency-accountability-report-federal-trade-commission-may-2014/140527databrokerreport.pdf Epsilon security breach http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/05/business/05hack.html?_r=1 Surveillance economy http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/09/business/company-envisions-vaults-for-personal-data.html Ranking of consumer according to their monetization opportunity http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/19/business/electronic-scores-rank-consumers-by-potential-value.html Advertising is NOT anonymous Stanford research http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/blog/2011/10/tracking-trackers-where-everybody-knows-your-username http://www.centerfordigitaldemocracy.org/sites/default/files/20100407-FTCfiling.pdf Do not call law http://donotcallus.net/federal-laws.asp Credits: Shadowlands 1, Dark Frog, Satiate, Stormfront, Bicycle by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Databases & DPA 12.0: Tune Tables Too! - SolarWinds Lab Episode #70
Learn more: https://slrwnds.com/Lab70Eps2 In this episode, Head Geeks™ Patrick Hubbard and Thomas LaRock will walk through the latest version of Database Performance Analyzer, as they explore advances in query performance insights, PerfStack™ integration, and the brand new table tuning advisor. Connect with SolarWinds: THWACK IT Community: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolarWinds Twitter: https://twitter.com/solarwinds LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/solarwinds Instagram: http://instagram.com/solarwindsinc/
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Tableau Training for Beginners Part 1 | Tableau Tutorial for Beginners Part 1 | Edureka
** Flat 20% Off (Use Code: YOUTUBE20) Tableau Training: http://www.edureka.co/tableau-training-for-data-visualization ** This Edureka Tableau Training for beginners (Tableau Tutorial Blog: https://goo.gl/DaqKvp) helps you understand about Tableau Dashboard in detail. This Tableau Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master up their Tableau concepts. Check our complete Tableau playlist here: https://goo.gl/NTpehs - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above: https://goo.gl/6ohpTV Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edureka_learning Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edurekaIN/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/edurekain LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/edureka - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #Tableau #TableauDashboard #TableauTraining #TableauTutorial #TableauCertification How it Works? 1. This is a 5 Week / 15 day Instructor led Online Course, 30 hours of online training, 20 hours of assignment and 15 hours of project work 2. We have a 24x7 One-on-One LIVE Technical Support to help you with any problems you might face or any clarifications you may require during the course. 3. Towards the end of the Edureka Tableau online training, you will be working on a real-time project. Once you are successfully through with the project (reviewed by an expert), you will receive a Tableau certification with a performance based grading. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - About the Tableau Training Edureka’s online training on Tableau will cover various concepts of data visualization in depth, including conditional formatting, scripting, linking charts, dashboard integration, Tableau integration with R and more. The course includes a hands-on project on Tableau that will help you test your Tableau skills gained from our Tableau training. You will be awarded with a Tableau certification on successful completion of the online course. --------------------- After the successful completion of Edureka Tableau Certification Training, you will be able to: 1. Understand the need for visualization 2. Make advance insightful visuals 3. Perform scripting 4. Create comprehensive dashboards 5. Connect with multiple sources 6. Integrate Tableau with R ------------------------------------------- Who should go for Edureka Tableau online training? The following professionals can go for this Tableau course : 1. Data Scientists 2. Business Analysts 3. Statisticians and Analysts 4. Project Managers This Tableau course is a foundation for anyone who aspires to get into analytics and present data in a more sensible manner. Also, Edureka is proud to have happy learners from different parts of the world – India, United States (US), United Kingdon (UK), Singapore, Australia, UAE etc. who have taken up our Tableau training. ------------------------------------------- Pre-requisites There are no prerequisites for Edureka’s Tableau training. Knowledge of R language would be an advantage. ----------------------------------------- Why learn Data Visualization with Tableau? • Tableau Demand on Rise – According to IDC, by 2020, the world is set to generate 50 times the amount of data as in 2011. Tableau – the four time leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant – helps you mine the data and visualize business opportunities • Higher salaries - Tableau professionals are getting paid the best salaries in the industry, with an average of $106,000 in the US and a median of Rs.5 lakh in India • Great Career Opportunities – The career prospects for Tableau look great with top companies looking for Tableau talent. Top companies include Facebook, Dell, Applied Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, NetJets, Groupon, General Motors, Sony Electronics, Sunguard, Bank of America, KPMG, Verizon and many others Read more about career opportunities with Tableau here ----------------------------------------------- Please write back to us at [email protected] or call us at IND: 9606058406 / US: 18338555775 (toll-free) for more information. ------------------------------------------ Customer Review: Kirthi Krishnamurthy, BI Developer, says: “I learnt Data Visualization with Tableau in Edureka which was my best Online Session that was available at a very reasonable price. I had best course ,instructors and support team . Live sessions and interactive classes were enjoyable to learn lots of new concepts... Edureka Team is quick to respond to all the queries.LMS is great - can listen to previous lectures whenever we overcome doubts in any concepts!!! Thank you Edureka for making my career shine!!! I would recommend Edureka training to all my friends who wants to learn or enhance their technical skills.”
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Creating Basic Ad Hoc Reports in Smart View
In this tutorial you learn how to use ad-hoc analysis to create reports and analyze data in Smart View for Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service.
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BizNet Software Project Accounting
Create powerful, dynamic Excel project accounting reports by customer, project, employees and service classifications using BizNet Software. If only you could start with a blank Excel worksheet, you'd transform the organization's current Project Accounting reports into meaningful, real-time business information ... You can with the Project Accounting Content Pack from BizNet Software ... and better yet, you can apply powerful new features to your existing reports. Like tracking top projects by customer, Project ID, and even the numbers behind all the supporting tasks to date and by fiscal or calendar period Or showing the Actual, Budgeted, Committed and Estimated at Completion amounts for each project, grouped by customer
Bitcoin To Hit $91,000, USD Pegged Crypto And Coinbase Expands
***IMPORTANT NOTE*** : There have been a number of scams going around recently as well as people pretending to be me on social media. - If ANYONE contacts you personally saying that they are me, If someone offers advice in exchange for crypto, or if they contact you asking them for money in anyway, make sure to promptly send them a photo of a middle finger as your response. I will NEVER ask you for money in exchange for something, nor will i ever ask you to send me money first in exchange for compensation after. Many of these scams appear to be taking place on Telegram, which i do NOT use - My main platforms are Youtube and Facebook where I post videos and Twitter where I continue on my never ending crusade to clear up misconceptions about XRP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Genesis Mining Discount Code! Receive 3% off of your Genesis Mining Contract Instantly! uDWPVB Simply post the above code into the website and receive an instant 3% rebate! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign up and buy on Coinbase to receive $10 for Free! https://www.coinbase.com/join/529b4566229f2d548e000092 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me On Facebook ! https://www.facebook.com/TheModernInvestor https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-5HLi3buMzdxjdTdic3Aig ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open An Account With Binance! https://www.binance.com/?ref=22170588 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XRP Transaction Cost And Coin Burn: https://ripple.com/build/transaction-cost/ Is Ripple Centralized?: https://ripple.com/insights/how-we-are-further-decentralizing-the-ripple-consensus-ledger-rcl-to-bolster-robustness-for-enterprise-use/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Looking To Help And Support The Channel? Bitcoin Donations Address: 1Dp1CgxPskzCnSrFHcVeYVTQat5PiHRSHV Ripple Donation Address: rLEPja8B7Z8p5epyfv5fhkFqngQ8zDgLsg Litecoin Donation Address: Lh7dbMcXHTxaEAKg4tigKxoXCikceU4ZnM Ethereum Donation Address: 0xf04Ae476bE26B08Bb2B616B7ef1Fc936478B1136 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo Credit To: https://i0.wp.com/digitalassetuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/bitcoin-to-moon-13.jpg?ssl=1
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Get web page data into Excel using VBA
Our Excel training videos on YouTube cover formulas, functions and VBA. Useful for beginners as well as advanced learners. New upload every Thursday. For details you can visit our website: http://www.exceltrainingvideos.com/complete-automation-of-getting-web-page-data-into-excel-worksheet-using-vba/ In this video we show the complete automation of how to get data into an Excel worksheet using VBA. 1. We first study the website and find out the elements we'll need to access a form and the subsequent results. When you study the web page's HTML source code you'll note that the actual results are wrapped up in DIV containers. 2. Next we write the VBA code We use the getElementById method to get a reference to a single object and the getElementsByTagName method to get a collection of all the elements. Next we loop through all the elements and get the text properties or data ('innertext') of all the elements we wish to have. Our code instantiates our web browser (Internet Explorer) and navigates to the URL of our choice and then helps to get or extract the data using events. We also ensure that the code is placed in appropriate columns and rows so that any further analysis is made easy. Finally we use a recorded macro to format the data to make it more presentable to the human eye. You can view the complete code at: http://www.exceltrainingvideos.com/complete-automation-of-getting-web-page-data-into-excel-worksheet-using-vba/ Interesting Links: http://www.tushar-mehta.com/publish_train/xl_vba_cases/vba_web_pages_services/index.htm http://officevbavsto-en.blogspot.com.br/2012/06/vba-internet-acessing-web-pages-through_15.html?m=1 Get the book Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA: http://amzn.to/2kDP35V If you are from India you can get this book here: http://amzn.to/2jzJGqU
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AWS re:Invent 2018 - Global Partner Keynote
Watch the Global Partner Keynote featuring Terry Wise, Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels, AWS. Learn more about re:Invent 2018 at - https://amzn.to/2BCsNF6. Featured Guests: - Pebbles Sy-Manalang, CIO, Globe Telecom - Ramin Sayar, President & CEO, Sumo Logic - Brad Jackson, CEO, Slalom - Bernd Heinemann, Board Member, Allianz Germany
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S P SHARMA CLASSES - Pie Chart & Resource Allocation Dashboard in Excel
This videos show how to create pie and column chart /dashboard in excel. Parashar Technologies are specialized in providing professional Web Design and Development services. We specially create websites that maximize ones company's potential. We are more goals oriented rather than functioning of web application. Enhance your web presence with us and experience most impressive and interactive responsive web designs. Become an expert in IT and Software Development. Hurry up & Join “Er. S.P.SHARMA” (A well known writer, IT Trainer and Software Developer with 06+ years experience) Classes. C & C++ Website Designing ASP.Net with C# Core Java J2EE and Struts Oracle and MySQL/SQLSERVER
Lumension Patch Tuesday Security Briefing - January 2014
This month's Patch Tuesday aligns with January's of past... issuing a low number of patches and giving IT a reprieve to start the year. We have just 4 new bulletins this month covering 6 CVEs. None of the bulletins are rated critical and only one bulletin was known to have active exploits prior to today's release. After you deploy the few needed patches this month, consider taking the extra time to get caught up on what you may have missed over the holidays. First on your list of priorities should be MS14-002 which is a patch for the elevation of privilege vulnerability discovered in late November with active exploits against Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users. This bulletin addresses one CVE and has only been seen used in conjunction with a vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat that was patched in May as part of Adobe Security Bulletin APSB 13-15. This was typically exploited by an attacker sending your user a spear phishing email with a bad Adobe link. Once clicked, that attacker could then gain administrator access to the machine. Keeping your Adobe applications fully patched will mitigate this vulnerability, but it's important to apply MS14-002 as a defense in depth. MS14-002 replaces Security Advisory 2914486. This bulletin is only given a severity of "Important" for a variety of reasons, including the fact that Microsoft will end support for XP in April. If you're still using XP, this will be an important patch to deploy. And, hopefully you are working on your platform migration plan. Second on your list of priorities should be MS14-001. It's a vulnerability in Office that could allow a remote code execution and it covers 3 CVEs. While there are no known active attacks, the vulnerability has an exploitability index of 1 meaning exploit code is likely within the next 30 days. This bulletin is applicable to all currently supported versions of Microsoft Word on Windows. Microsoft Office for Mac is unaffected. MS14-003 is a vulnerability that could lead to an elevation of privilege in Windows Kernel mode drivers. It covers one CVE for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 and has no known active attacks. Microsoft gives a deployment priority of 2 and should be third on your list this month. Finally, MS14-004 is a vulnerability in Microsoft Dynamics that could allow a denial of service. It covers one CVE as well and there are no known active attacks. The exploitability index is 3. This is a server side vulnerability and note that the updated service will not automatically restart, so if you are applicable, it would be best practice to manually restart the impacted service after applying the update. In addition to the 4 patches, Microsoft has also re-released MS13-081. There were stability issues in some cases with 3rd party USB drivers so we recommend reinstalling the update to ensure you have the latest version of that patch. They have also released Security Advisory 2755801 for updates to vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player for IE.
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Excel Power Query in Telugu
Download https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=39379 1.Microsoft Power Query for Excel: Power Query enhances self-service business intelligence (BI) for Excel with an intuitive and consistent experience for discovering, combining, and refining data across a wide variety of sources including relational, structured and semi-structured, OData, Web, Hadoop, and more. 2.With Power Query, you can Find and connectdata across a wide variety of sources.Merge and shape data sources to match your data analysis requirements or prepare it for further analysis and modeling by tools such as Power Pivot and Power View.Create custom views over data. 3.Power Query Data Sources Web page Excel or CSV file XML file Text file Folder SQL Server database Microsoft Azure SQL Database Access database Oracle database IBM DB2 database MySQL database PostgreSQL Database Sybase Database Teradata Database SharePoint List OData feed Microsoft Azure Marketplace Hadoop File (HDFS) Microsoft Azure HDInsight Microsoft Azure Table Storage Active Directory Microsoft Exchange Facebook
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Accurate Keyword Research - Keyword Generator Tool
Download: http://dock29i.com/wp/accurate-keyword-research-keyword-generator-tool/ Looking for an accurate keyword research keyword generator tool? There are likely hundreds of keywords that someone may type into Google to find your product/service locally. That's not to mention all the local cities that you serve in and around your location. Plus consider that someone may type in the keyword then the city, or the city and then the keyword... Plus plus - there are likely many derivatives of those product/service keywords to consider... Net net...you're talking quite a few thousand keywords even for the most basic small business search engine marketing program. DaDaDaDaa - We've created a basic Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to quickly buildout a massive keyword list. You can then use this massive keyword list, in conjunction with the Google Adwords Editor tool (http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwordseditor/‎) for upload of those tens of thousands or millions of keywords. Thus powering a beautifully efficient long-tail Google adwords PPC program or to identify the best keywords to target for organic search engine optimization. For more organic search engine optimization go to: http://dock29i.com/ Take a peek at the video to see how the spreadsheet works. You can download the keyword generator tool by going to http://dock29i.com/wp/accurate-keyword-research-keyword-generator-tool/. Tags: Keyword Generator, Keyword Research, Adwords Keyword Tool, Youtube Keyword Tool
PowerPivot introduction in Swedish
PowerPivot introduktion på svenska. Med PowerPivot kan man flytta kraften av Business Intelligence från IT-avdelningen och sätta det direkt i händerna på ekonomi- och försäljningsavdelningarna. Excelanvändarna har aldrig tidigare erbjudits sådana möjligheter -- och dessutom är det helt gratis! Det som fascinerar oss mest är att PowerPivot är så extremt enkelt och blixtsnabbt. Enkelt: En person utan kunskaper i databaser kan utan problem koppla ihop ett par olika tabeller i Excel. (I vissa fall kan t o m programmet göra kopplingarna automatiskt). Snabbt: Att uppdatera, vända och vrida på informationen som baserar sig på en tabell med flera miljoner rader i PowerPivot tar inte längre tid än några tusentals rader i vanliga Excel. Följande möjliggör PowerPivot: 1.Skapa pivottabeller från mer än en miljon rader. Inga problem. Teoretiskt ligger gränsen omkring en miljard rader. 2.Sammanställa data från flera kalkylblad utan att behöva använda letarad-funktioner eller dylikt. Inga problem. Genom att man kan sätta relationer mellan tabellerna fångar man upp kopplingar mellan olika kalkylblad. 3.Importera data från olika källor. Inga problem. Textfiler, Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, SQL Server, Atom, Informix, IBM DB2, Azure Data Mart, Excel eller andra källor som stödjer ODBC eller OLEDB. 4.Asymmetriska pivottabeller, inga problem. Det går att skapa pivottabeller med en kolumnerna Utfall 2010 och Budget 2011 jämte varandra. 5.Time Intelligence funktioner som kan hantera räkenskapsår, parallella perioder etc. 6.Det nya formelspråket DAX (Data Analysis Expression) möjliggör långt mycket mer än "beräknade fält" i vanliga pivottabeller. Klara likheter finns till MDX-formler för dem som känner till det.
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Borderlands 2 - Part 2
Klaige - https://www.twitch.tv/klaige Mecharichter - https://www.twitch.tv/mecharichter Murphagator - https://www.twitch.tv/murphagator PJDiCesare - https://www.twitch.tv/pjdicesare
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iOS and Podcasts with Rob Walch
Listen to the full episode here: http://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2017/05/30/ios-and-podcasts-with-rob-walch/ Apple controls the iOS ecosystem. As an accident of history, Apple also controls the podcasting ecosystem. Unlike most ecosystems within Apple’s dominion, podcasts remain open. A podcaster merely has to record an mp3, distribute it via RSS feed, and submit that RSS feed to the iTunes podcast portal. Podcasting has thrived in recent years, but very few technology companies have managed to take advantage of that growth. Libsyn is the most popular place to host a podcast. Libsyn is a combination of a CDN, a hosting service, analytics, and place to get an RSS feed for a podcaster. There have been many clones of Libsyn over the years, but the company remains the industry standard. For people who are confused–iTunes does not host any audio files. It is just an index of feeds. A podcaster needs to host audio files somewhere in order to give iTunes access. Today’s guest Rob Walch joins the show to talk about podcasts–including his podcast Today in iOS. I had a great time meeting Rob at the Microsoft Build conference. Special thanks to Bharat Bhat for organizing the podcast booths at Microsoft Build. Transcript Transcript provided by We Edit Podcasts. Software Engineering Daily listeners can go to weeditpodcasts.com/sed to get 20% off the first two months of audio editing and transcription services. Thanks to We Edit Podcasts for partnering with SE Daily. Please click here to view this show’s transcript. Sponsors Dice.com will help you accelerate your tech career. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or need insights to grow in your role, Dice has the resources you need. Dice’s mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to get ahead. Search thousands of jobs from top companies. Discover your market value based on your unique skill set. Manage your tech career and download the Dice Careers app on Android or iOS today. And to check out the Dice website and support Software Engineering Daily, go to dice.com/sedaily. Oracle Dyn provides DNS that is as dynamic and intelligent as your applications. Dyn DNS gets your users to the right cloud service, CDN, or data center, using intelligent response to steer traffic based on business policies, as well as real-time internet conditions, like the security and performance of the network path. Get started with a free 30-day trial for your application by going to dyn.com/sedaily.  After the free trial, Dyn’s developer plans start at just $7 a month for world-class DNS. Rethink DNS. Go to dyn.com/sedaily to learn more and get your free trial of Dyn DNS. Ready to build your own stunning website? Go to Wix-DOT-com and start for free! With Wix, you can choose from hundreds of beautiful, designer-made templates. Simply drag and drop to customize anything and everything. Add your text, images, videos and more. Wix makes it easy to get your stunning website looking exactly the way you want. Plus, your site is mobile optimized, so you’ll look amazing on any device. Whatever you need a website for, Wix has you covered. So, showcase your talents. Start that dev blog, detailing your latest projects. Grow your network with Wix apps made to work seamlessly with your site. Or, simply explore and share new ideas. You decide. Over one-hundred-million people choose Wix to create their website – what are you waiting for? Make yours happen today. It’s easy and free. And when you’re ready to upgrade, use the promo code SEDaily for a special SE Daily listener discount. Terms and conditions apply. For more details, go to Wix.com/wix-lp/SEdaily. Create your stunning website today with Wix.com, that’s W-I-X-DOT-com.
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Sponge Plugin Tutorial: Setting up your Workspace | Episode 1 | 1.10.x
Hello! This is our first Sponge Plugin Tutorial! We are planning on doing plenty more Sponge development tutorial in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Sorry the audio for HassanS6000 was too loud in this episode, we'll have it fixed in the ones yet to come. Negafinity Social Media: Website: http://www.negafinity.com/index.html Twitter: https://twitter.com/Negafinity Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/negafinity GitHub: https://github.com/NEGAFINITY Links: JDK 8 Downloads: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html Setting up JAVA_HOME for Windows: https://confluence.atlassian.com/doc/setting-the-java_home-variable-in-windows-8895.html Setting up JAVA_HOME for Mac OS X: https://www.mkyong.com/java/how-to-set-java_home-environment-variable-on-mac-os-x/ Eclipse Website: http://www.eclipse.org/home/index.php Gradle Website: https://gradle.org/ Sponge Docs: https://docs.spongepowered.org/ Oracle Documentation on Annotations: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/annotations/ Sponge Website: https://www.spongepowered.org/ We used the Spongie mascot in our thumbnail under the rights given in the documentation here: https://docs.spongepowered.org/master/en/about/assets.html Thanks for watching! Don't forget to drop a like, and subscribe. Feel free to ask questions in the comments!
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