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Mining Unstructured Healthcare Data
Deep Dhillon, former Chief Data Scientist at Alliance Health Networks (now at http://www.xyonix.com), presents a talk titled "Mining Unstructured Healthcare Data" to computational linguistics students at the University of Washington on May 8, 2013. Every day doctors, researchers and health care professionals publish their latest medical findings continuously adding to the world's formalized medical knowledge represented by a corpus of millions of peer reviewed research studies. Meanwhile, millions of patients suffering from various conditions, communicate with one another in online discussion forums across the web; they seek both social comfort and knowledge. Medify analyzes the unstructured text of these health care professionals and patients by performing a deep NLP based statistical and lexical rule based relation extraction ultimately culminating in a large, searchable index powering a rapidly growing site trafficked by doctors, health care professionals, and advanced patients. We discuss the system at a high level, demonstrate key functionality, and explore what it means to develop a system like this in the confines of a start up. In addition, we dive into details like ground truth gathering, efficacy assessment, model approaches, feature engineering, anaphora resolution and more. Need a custom machine learning solution like this one? Visit http://www.xyonix.com.
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What is the data protection Act of public or GDPR
This video presents you with a detailed explanation about GDPR. I hope you will be impressed and thankful for watching. entry datadash data science data database data fragments destiny 2 data structures data structures and algorithms data entry tutorial data analysis data enjobs data data analytics database data science data mining data scientist datacamp dataminr data analyst data entry jdata data science datavac data wise datacomm 50-3323-wh-kit flat panel tv cable organi data science for business data visualization datacomm electronics datavac electric duster data analytics data science from scratch data entry jobs from home imdb movie database big data tractor data hodgdon reloading data city data tn property data public data data recovery first qatar data flow data recovery database data flow saudi data flow ksa data flow login datasheet data mining data recovery free download data flow status data flow qatar a data 64 gb micro sd 8pin usb data cord ipod touch 4th generation charger with data cable data cable retrieving data. wait a few seconds and try to cutmappin gdpr gdpr compliance gdpr explained gdpr training gdpr explained simply gdpr for us companies gdpr implementation gdpr compliance explained gdpr wordpress gdpr data mappin gdpr gdpr compliance gdpr overview gdpr requirements gdpr compliance checklist gdpr text gdpr fines gdpr date gdpr privacy policy gdpr compliance gdpr overview gdpr meaning gdpr regulations gdpr compliance checklist what is gdpr eu gdpr gdpr wiki gdpr compliance requirements gdpr training Act action movies action point trailer action bronson action movies 2018 active self protection action action movies 2017 act like you riding a stick challenge activated tee grizzley action movies 2017 full movie english act active montgomery action point act test dates act scores activated charcoal action movies actinic keratosis action bronson actuary activated charcoal activated charcoal teeth whitening action camera active wow teeth whitening act mouthwash act prep book 2018 activated charcoal capsules activated charcoal powder activity tracker activity books for kids ages 4-8 act.org act scores action movies act registration active.com affordable care act act test dates action actinic keratosis act test action camera action comics 1000 action figures action figure lot activated charcoal activity tracker action comics 1 action comics 1000 variant action comics action camera 4k the data protection Act of public does the data protection act stop the publication rotection of publication act data protection act place of publication protection of publication act 1977 protection of publication act 1956 protection of public participation act protection of public participation act 2015 protection of public information act protection of public morals act protection of public officers act protection of public property act What is the data protection Act of public or (GDPR)
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Is Your Employer Checking up on Your Health?
Thom Hartmann comments on a Wall Street Journal article that says employers are mining data on their employees in an effort to reduce health insurance costs. If you liked this clip of The Thom Hartmann Program, please do us a big favor and share it with your friends... and hit that "like" button! http://www.thomhartmann.com Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thom_hartmann Subscribe to The Thom Hartmann Program for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thomhartmann
DATA & ANALYTICS - IoT - from small data to big data: Building solutions with connected devices
Recorded on Mar 23 2016 at GCP NEXT 2016 in San Francisco. Businesses can improve visibility into the health of their products and services using data from connected devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn how to use the big data and analytics capabilities of GCP to build end-to-end solutions that collect, transform, and analyze this torrent of IoT data. From connecting devices to generating business and customer insights from specific use-cases, learn how to to make IoT work for you. Speakers: Preston Holmes, Google & Gayathri Rajan, Google
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Congress investigating Obamacare website problems
The problems plaguing healthcare.gov, the national website for Obamacare, persist two weeks into its national rollout. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is asking the Obama administration and the website's private contractors if the problems are in their hardware systems or in the software. Wyatt Andrews reports.
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Consumer's voice in security of healthcare information
Gary Baney of Advanced Server Management Group, Incorporated (ASMGi) in Cleveland asked H. Stephen Lieber, president and CEO of Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) about data security for medical information and the consumer voice for security of healthcare data. Lieber spoke at the City Club of Cleveland at a special event hosted by One Community. http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/other/reviews/events.htm
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What's at Stake?
For the 37th time, Congress is voting to repeal the health care law, the Affordable Care Act. Learn what's at stake for Americans if the law were repealed. How would it affect you? Learn more at http://www.healthcare.gov/. Sign up to receive email updates from HHS.gov: https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/USHHS/subscriber/new -- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) http://www.hhs.gov We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy: http://www.hhs.gov/web/socialmedia/policies/comment-policy.html HHS Privacy Policy http://www.hhs.gov/Privacy.html
"A Systems Approach to Data Privacy in the Biomedical Domain" (CRCS Lunch Seminar)
CRCS Privacy and Security Lunch Seminar (Wednesday, May 13, 2009) Speaker: Bradley Malin Title: A Systems Approach to Data Privacy in the Biomedical Domain Abstract: The healthcare community has made considerable strides in the development and deployment of information systems, with particular gains in electronic health records and cheap genome sequencing technologies. Given the recent passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and the HITECH Act in particular, advancement and adoption of such systems is expected to grow at unprecedented rates. The quantity of patient-level data that will be generated is substantial and can enable more cost-effective care as well as support a host of secondary uses, such biomedical research and biosurveillance. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that such records are accessed and shared without violating a patient's privacy rights. The construction and application of data privacy technologies in the biomedical domain is a complex endeavor and requires the resolution of often competing computational, organizational, regulatory, and scientific needs. In this talk, I will introduce how the Vanderbilt Health Information Privacy Laboratory builds and applies data privacy solutions to support various biomedical settings. Our solutions are rooted in computational formalisms, but are driven by real world requirements and, as such, draw upon various tools and techniques from a number of fields, including cryptography, databases and data mining, public policy, risk analysis, and statistics. Beyond a high-level overview, I will delve into recent research on how we are measuring and mitigating privacy risks when sharing patient-level data from electronic medical and genomic records from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center to local researchers and an emerging de-identified repository at the National Institutes of Health. Bio: Brad Malin is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics in the School of Medicine and an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University. He is the founder and director of the Vanderbilt Health Information Privacy Laboratory (HIPLab), which focuses on basic and applied research in a number of health-related areas, including primary care and secondary sharing of patient-specific clinical and genomic data. His research has received several awards of distinction from the American and International Medical Informatics Associations and the HIPLab is currently supported by grant funding from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Veterans Health Administration. For the past several years, he has directed a data privacy research and consultation team for the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) project, a consortium sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute. He has served as a program committee member and workshop chair for numerous conferences on data mining, privacy, and medical informatics. He has also edited several volumes for Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, a special issue for the journal Data and Knowledge Engineering, and is currently on the editorial board of the journal Transactions on Data Privacy. He received a bachelor's in biology (2000), master's in knowledge discovery and data mining (2002), master's in public policy & management (2003), and a doctorate in computation, organizations & society (2006) from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. His home on the web can be found at http://www.hiplab.org/people/malin
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Obama: NSA Is Not Listening to Your Phone Calls
June 7 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama defended classified programs to collect data on U.S. residents' telephone calls and foreign nationals' Internet activity as "modest encroachments" on privacy legally authorized by Congress and essential to thwarting terrorist attacks. (Source: Bloomberg) -- Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.
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Moneyball (2011) Movie Trailer - HD - Brad Pitt
The story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players. Director: Bennett Miller Writers: Steven Zaillian (screenplay), Aaron Sorkin (screenplay) Stars: Brad Pitt, Robin Wright and Jonah Hill Via: http://movies.yahoo.com/trailers/
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The Health Data Revolution: Improving Outcomes, Protecting Privacy
Will the next great medical insight come from a clinical trial, a laboratory study — or a database search? Today, health systems and insurers have access to a mountain of data about millions of Americans: what medications they take, their health history, even, in some cases, their genetics—plus an emerging body of mobile health data. Using “big data” techniques, doctors and researchers are already mining this data to deliver better care and to gain insights into the kind of hyper-specific questions that clinical trials and observational studies struggle to answer. The approach promises major, rapid-fire, highly-personalized discoveries. At the same time, with the specter of cyberattacks and hacks looming, the need for rugged privacy protection has never been greater. In this Forum, experts in healthcare data and privacy will discuss the potential for future discovery, practical steps to enable progress, and how information can be kept secure. Part of the The Dr. Lawrence H. and Roberta Cohn Forums, this event was presented jointly with HuffPost on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Watch the entire series at ForumHSPH.org.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies on data scandal for a 2nd day before Congress
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces a second a day of testimony in front of the House energy and commerce committee amid concerns over privacy on the social media site. It was revealed Facebook shared the information of 87 million users with data giant Cambridge Analytica. To read more: http://cbc.ca/ »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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5 Ways Obama Could Fix The NSA
With mounting opposition to NSA privacy abuses, President Obama has promised he'll review a more than 300-page list of 46 recommendations to reform the National Security Agency's sweeping surveillance programs. In this video John Iadarola reviews a list of the five biggest recommendations Obama must consider on his Hawaiian holiday. Do you think any of these recommendations will actually be put into effect? Let me know in the comments! Find out more here: http://dft.ba/-7Aty And don't forget guys, if you like this video please Like, Favorite, and Share it with your friends to show your support - It really helps us out! See you next time! ****************************************­************* SUBSCRIBE for more videos throughout the week! http://tinyurl.com/d5o5tg3 ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TYTUniversity ON TWITTER: @jiadarola Every week John Iadarola recaps some of the most interesting news stories covering politics, world events, entertainment, tech, and more! ‪http://youtube.com/user/johniadarola‬ ****************************************­**************************************** TAGS: "nsa panel" "nsa recommendations" "national security agency" "nsa" "president obama" "obama" "edward snowden nsa" "edward snowden espionage" "obama nsa""nsa" "intelligence" "nsa scandal" "prism" "wiretapping" "5 WAYS OBAMA COULD FIX THE NSA" "data mining""snowden" "political news" "media news" "politics" "news" "john iadarola" "the young turks" "tytu" "tytuniversity"
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Full Show 6/10/13: The Rise of the Security State
Thom discusses the latest news from the NSA spying program with a panel of concerned experts and talks with "The Nation's" Lee Fang on the Republican members of Congress who continue to vote to repeal Obamacare while accepting Obamacare related federal funds. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses the rise of the security state.
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The Complete Moderate's Guide to Welfare
Welfare reform is part of every politician's speech, but what programs do we already have and how could they be improved? Try Skillshare for two months for free by going to http://skl.sh/knowingbetter4 Patreon ► http://patreon.com/knowingbetter Twitter ► https://twitter.com/KnowingBetterYT Facebook ► https://facebook.com/KnowingBetterYT/ Reddit ► https://reddit.com/r/KnowingBetter/ --- Thanks to donoteat01 for explaining housing assistance: https://www.youtube.com/user/donoteat01 https://twitter.com/donoteat1 Check out his video on Public Housing: https://youtu.be/xqJbE1bvdgo --- General Sources https://www.cbo.gov/publication/53624 https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines Tax Credits https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R43805.pdf https://www.eitc.irs.gov/eitc-central/statistics-for-tax-returns-with-eitc/statistics-for-2017-tax-returns-with-eitc https://www.cbpp.org/research/federal-tax/chart-book-the-earned-income-tax-credit-and-child-tax-credit https://www.taxpolicycenter.org/publications/refundable-credits-earned-income-tax-credit-and-child-tax-credit/full Education https://trends.collegeboard.org/student-aid/figures-tables/pell-grants-total-expenditures-maximum-and-average-grant-and-number-recipients-over-time Lifeline https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/09/millions-could-lose-cheap-phone-service-under-fccs-overhaul-of-lifeline/ TANF https://dfcs.georgia.gov/tanf-eligibility-requirements https://www.georgialegalaid.org/resource/an-overview-of-temporary-assistance-to-needy https://www.cbpp.org/research/family-income-support/tanf-benefits-remain-low-despite-recent-increases-in-some-states SNAP/WIC https://www.cbpp.org/research/food-assistance/a-quick-guide-to-snap-eligibility-and-benefits Medicaid/CHIP/ACA https://www.kff.org/medicaid/state-indicator/total-medicaid-spending/?currentTimeframe=0&sortModel=%7B%22colId%22:%22Location%22,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D https://www.medicaid.gov/medicaid/program-information/medicaid-and-chip-enrollment-data/report-highlights/index.html https://www.cbsnews.com/news/obamacare-subsidies-to-jump-10-billion-in-2017/ Unemployment https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/BUDGET-2016-BUD/pdf/BUDGET-2016-BUD.pdf https://oui.doleta.gov/unemploy/content/data.asp https://tcf.org/content/report/unemployment-trust-fund-recovery-helping-employers-not-workers/?agreed=1 https://newrepublic.com/article/97971/would-extending-unemployment-benefits-increase-unemployment https://www.aboutunemployment.org/faqs/best-and-worst-states-for-unemployment-benefits/ https://www.businessinsider.com/heres-how-long-unemployment-benefits-now-last-in-each-state-2014-1 http://www.savingtoinvest.com/maximum-weekly-unemployment-benefits-by-state/ Social Security https://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/chartbooks/fast_facts/2016/fast_facts16.html https://www.ssa.gov/budget/FY18Files/2018BST.pdf Universal Basic Income https://interestingengineering.com/the-15-most-promising-universal-basic-income-trials https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2018/04/26/the-lapsing-of-finlands-universal-basic-income-trial https://www.marketplace.org/2016/12/20/world/dauphin --- Photo Credits - https://www.taxpolicycenter.org/sites/default/files/publication/139841/01_2.png https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:USDA_Food_Pyramid.gif https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/newsroom/blogs/2016/06/americas-age-profile-told-through-population-pyramids/Chart-1.png Thumbnail - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Homeless_is_sleeping_at_bus_stop.JPG Video Credits - Original Obamaphone Lady: Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone - RealFreedom1776 - https://youtu.be/tpAOwJvTOio Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI - Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell - https://youtu.be/kl39KHS07Xc Music Credits - "Furious Freak" and "Inspired" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Intro and Channel Art by PoetheWonderCat https://poethewondercat.tumblr.com/ https://patreon.com/poethewondercat --- Hashtags: #government #state #welfare #tax #taxes #care #money #reform #welfarestate #system #socialsecurity #medicaid #medicare #foodstamps #unemployment --- This video was sponsored by Skillshare.
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Facebook buys Oculus Rift? Turkey Bans YouTube and Obama's ACA - DKNews with 8byte
I've scoured my sources so we can take a look at Oculus and Facebook, Turkey banning Facebook and YouTube and the ACA in the US. Please be sure to subscribe for more videos each week and hit the like button to show your support! With thanks to all of my staff: Caitlyn Muckell - Assistant Writer: http://www.youtube.com/user/donkeyclm Jon New (Jonny Rock) - Musician: https://soundcloud.com/laudianrite/ John Kirkwood - Field Camera man ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------- Sources: Google: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2014/03/18/google-sued-for-data-mining-students-email/ Earthquake: Multiple sources Robot jounalism: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2014/03/18/google-sued-for-data-mining-students-email/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------- Director's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/DKNewHD Video Submission Form (For Partners Only!):http://8bn.yt/1neAaRD Partner with 8byte - http://8bytenetwork.com/partnership/ If you have any questions about 8byte, the directorship program, or if you are not partnered with 8byte and still want to upload to the hub channel, please email [email protected] . Thank you for watching this video!
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Raising the Digital Trajectory of Healthcare
Table of Contents Q&A 1:14:29 Should healthcare be more digitized? Absolutely. But if we go about it the wrong way... or the naïve way... we will take two steps forward and three steps back. Join Health Catalyst's President of Technology, Dale Sanders, for a 90-minute webinar in which he will describe the right way to go about the technical digitization of healthcare so that it increases the sense of humanity during the journey. The topics Dale covers include: • The human, empathetic components of healthcare’s digitization strategy • The AI-enabled healthcare encounter in the near future • Why the current digital approach to patient engagement will never be effective • The dramatic near-term potential of bio-integrated sensors • Role of the “Digitician” and patient data profiles • The technology and architecture of a modern digital platform • The role of AI vs. the role of traditional data analysis in healthcare • Reasons that home grown digital platforms will not scale, economically Most of the data that’s generated in healthcare is about administrative overhead of healthcare, not about the current state of patients’ well-being. On average, healthcare collects data about patients three times per year from which providers are expected to optimize diagnoses, treatments, predict health risks and cultivate long-term care plans. Where’s the data about patients’ health from the other 362 days per year? McKinsey ranks industries based on their Digital Quotient (DQ), which is derived from a cross product of three areas: Data Assets x Data Skills x Data Utilization. Healthcare ranks lower than all industries except mining. It’s time for healthcare to raise its Digital Quotient, however, it’s a delicate balance. The current “data-driven” strategy in healthcare is a train wreck, sucking the life out of clinicians’ sense of mastery, autonomy, and purpose. Healthcare’s digital strategy has largely ignored the digitization of patients’ state of health, but that’s changing, and the change will be revolutionary. Driven by bio-integrated sensors and affordable genomics, in the next five years, many patients will possess more data and AI-driven insights about their diagnosis and treatment options than healthcare systems, turning the existing dialogue with care providers on its head. It’s going to happen. Let’s make it happen the right way.
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Bill O'Reilly vs Karl Rove Over NSA "Data Mining"
i think the real question here is a possible difference between what the law says and what people are actually doing, the IRS scandal has shaken the already fragile confidence and trust many people had in the government.
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U.S. Rep Stephen Lynch talks ObamaCare on Boston Herald Radio
U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch speaks about the Affordable Care Act on Boston Herald Radio, mentioning the plan's delay, taxes, and says a repeal is impossible because of the 31 million new Americans under the plan.
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Data Standards with Karen DeSalvo
Karen DeSalvo, Office of the National Coordinator, Stan Huff, and Marc Probst discuss data standards and reaching true interoperability. For more HIMSS15 videos visit www.intermountain.com/HealthyDialogues
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Ann Coulter Attacks Obama For NSA Snooping: Cares More About 'Harassing Americans'...
(June 6, 2013) - Ann Coulter did not object to the news about NSA phone snooping on principle, but does have a problem with it under this particular president. She told Sean Hannity tonight that under an "honorable administration," the government should be able to collect phone records, but said that President Obama, with all the other scandals that have come out, has proven to be untrustworthy and he cares more about "harassing Americans" and his political opponents than actually fighting terrorism. Coulter first commented on Eric Holder's involvement in the James Rosen snooping case, declaring the national security claims to be "nonsense." On the NSA collecting Americans' phone records, she made it clear that the NSA is just looking for patterns and not the content of phone calls, which is perfectly fine "under an honorable Democratic administration, if you can think of one." But Coulter said people just "can't trust" Obama at this point, because "they don't care about terrorism, they want to spy on their political enemies." She claimed that unlike the Bush administration, the current one does not take terrorism seriously, and prefers "harassing Americans" and their political opponents. Hannity brought up legal precedent establishing protections for the content of phone calls. Coulter decided that since this "unbelievably corrupt administration" can't be trusted with such personal information, she suggested Congress should pass a law preventing the government from accessing those records until January 2017. Hannity brought up the PRISM data-mining program exposed tonight by The Washington Post, though Coulter said she thinks the paper is "wrong." Hannity gave some rare words of praise to the New York Times for saying Obama has lost credibility. Coulter concluded, "You need a virtuous man in the presidency, so choose wisely next time, America."
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Donald George, PRISM Communications - MIT Information Quality 2013 - #MIT #CDOIQ #theCUBE
Donald George, Chief Architect at PRISM Communication Systems, explained his company's approach to proactive in-home healthcare through monitoring, analysis, and visualization of data relating to both illnesses and patient behavior, with theCUBE co-hosts Dave Vellante and Paul Gillin, live at the MIT CDOIQ Symposium. "Data is the core issue" in healthcare, George said. Currently, "many of us connect in such a way, using our phones to connect to our physicians," which generates more data. That data brings about a challenge of data management in terms of how you make that data actionable. "We look at how to provide a total care system in the home, looking at the patient from a proactive view point so that we deliver the best possible healthcare." Healthcare takes to the cloud The healthcare industry is changing, making room for another care delivery system that does not require the physical requirements of brick and mortar erections. Smartphones are being used to check blood pressure and then transmit it to an intelligent platform. Patients "will see a visual graph of how your health is doing" over days or months. Based on this data visualization, care providers can take proactive measures. "No matter where you are in the world, access to doctors won't be a question in a while," George stated. Patients will be able to always get care no matter where they are. That care can by analyzed in terms of what is happening around a patient, lifestyle, things they should not do, their environment etc. When it comes to patients apprehension to having machines monitor them and decide for them, George said that in healthcare, the mindset is evolving in the right direction. In cardiology, small wearable devices, cardiac electronic devices, that track patients are already being widely used. The same progress should be made for "some of the less risk-averse aspects of care of chronic illness," such as diabetes. Diabetes is currently happening in "much younger individuals than we have seen before," obesity and sedentary lifestyles being part of the problem, George explains. A solution would be to "automatically get a small amount of blood, have a device check the blood sugar," deliver the data and the behavior of the patient, and have physicians act on it. Care for the illness & behavior proactively "Not all problems can be solved with a pill," George said. "You begin to take care of the whole patient — not just the illness, but also their behavior." In the case of diabetes, if there is a set of clinical guidelines for the patient and they stay on task, their progress can be monitored and help them have a better outcome. Asked what was the right solution to deal with the large amounts of data collected in healthcare, George said it was to stratify data. "We have to look at age, race, sex... things that would help you scope the health risk of a patient." It's also about checking what's evolving in the patient's environment. Understanding the disease and the effects of the environment and behavior helps provide a holistic care. "Data becomes the central point of triggering processes," and of automating clinical guidelines. PRISM brings "not only care, but better intervention," catching issues before they happens. "You want to make it visual, simplistic," and also engage the patient, George said. The cloud rolls in affordable healthcare Having and effective home delivery system helps save money as well. The greatest saving potential is in the follow-up process. Using telemonitoring for a patient to understand their trends, there no longer is a prolonged issue of having them come to a facility for follow-up. "We make the center of care our patient at the point of care," their home or another location, George explained. Devices means access to the patient, monitor, and provide care, instead of having them commuting between the home and clinic/hospital. Besides saving money, this method helps save time for physicians and nurses who can better allot their resources amongst patients. Data is the core: clean & secure "Data is the core," George reiterated. "We have to have information that's shareable between providers and teams of care providers. When we look at the central focus of where we are is making that data actionable, you need data that is clean, that we can drive over repeatable cycles." For the future, the company focuses on "predictive modeling that will help us better manage the patient care." While security in data access is and issue and breaches have fueled the public's fears, George pointed out that as the US transforms its healthcare system and brings about achievability with correct data," the matter of security concerns will be overcome. As an example, he chose the intervention of EMTs who can provide limited care due to a lack of medical history. "With sharing of data and the access to that data, you can see care be done right." @thecube #MITIQ
President Obama -  Weekly Address - 30 May, 2015 - Pass the USA Freedom Act
The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release May 30, 2015 Weekly Address: Pass the USA Freedom Act WASHINGTON, DC — In this week's address, the President addressed critical pieces of national security business that remained unfinished when the Senate left town. This Sunday at midnight, key tools used to protect against terrorist threats are set to expire. The USA Freedom Act strikes a balance between security and privacy, reauthorizing important measures that give our national security professionals the authorities they use to keep us safe, while also implementing reforms that enhance the privacy and civil liberties of our citizens. But currently, a small group of senators is standing in its way. The President asked Americans to speak with one voice to the Senate to put politics aside, put the safety of the American people first, and pass the USA Freedom Act now. The audio of the address and video of the address will be available online at www.whitehouse.gov at 6:00 a.m. ET, May 30, 2015. Remarks of President Barack Obama Weekly Address The White House May 30, 2015 Hi, everybody. As President and Commander in Chief, my greatest responsibility is the safety of the American people. And in our fight against terrorists, we need to use every effective tool at our disposal -- both to defend our security and to protect the freedoms and civil liberties enshrined in our Constitution. But tomorrow -- Sunday, at midnight -- some important tools we use against terrorists will expire. That’s because Congress has not renewed them, and because legislation that would -- the USA Freedom Act -- is stuck in the Senate. I want to be very clear about what this means. Today, when investigating terrorist networks, our national security professionals can seek a court order to obtain certain business records. Our law enforcement professionals can seek a roving wiretap to keep up with terrorists when they switch cell phones. We can seek a wiretap on so-called lone wolves -- suspected terrorists who may not be directly tied to a terrorist group. These tools are not controversial. Since 9/11, they have been renewed numerous times. FBI Director James Comey says they are “essential” and that losing them would “severely” impact terrorism investigations. But if Congress doesn’t act by tomorrow at midnight, these tools go away as well. The USA Freedom Act also accomplishes something I called for a year and a half ago: it ends the bulk metadata program -- the bulk collection of phone records -- as it currently exists and puts in place new reforms. The government will no longer hold these records; telephone providers will. The Act also includes other changes to our surveillance laws -- including more transparency -- to help build confidence among the American people that your privacy and civil liberties are being protected. But if Congress doesn’t act by midnight tomorrow, these reforms will be in jeopardy, too. It doesn’t have to be this way. The USA Freedom Act reflects ideas from privacy advocates, our private sector partners and our national security experts. It already passed the House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support -- Republicans and Democrats. A majority of the Senate -- Republicans and Democrats -- have voted to move it forward. So what’s the problem? A small group of senators is standing in the way. And, unfortunately, some folks are trying to use this debate to score political points. But this shouldn’t and can't be about politics. This is a matter of national security. Terrorists like al Qaeda and ISIL aren’t suddenly going to stop plotting against us at midnight tomorrow. And we shouldn’t surrender the tools that help keep us safe. It would be irresponsible. It would be reckless. And we shouldn’t allow it to happen. So today, I’m calling on Americans to join me in speaking with one voice to the Senate. Put the politics aside. Put our national security first. Pass the USA Freedom Act -- now. And let’s protect the security and civil liberties of every American. Thanks very much
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Congresswoman Clarke - Student Data Privacy
Rep. Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY), Ranking Member of the Committee on Homeland Security's Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies, delivers her opening statement for the hearing on: How Data Mining Threatens Student Privacy - June 25, 2014
Voters First Forum: Ted Cruz on health care, message to voters
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz answers important questions about health care and offers his message to voters at the Voters First Forum. Subscribe to WMUR on YouTube now: http://bit.ly/1lOjX9C Get more Manchester news: http://www.wmur.com/ Like us: https://www.facebook.com/wmur9 Follow us: https://twitter.com/WMUR9 Google+: http://plus.google.com/+wmur
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Going Too Far? - President's Executive Order On Cyber security - Judge Andrew Napolitano
Going Too Far? - President's Executive Order On Cyber security - Judge Andrew Napolitano
Rand Paul: Obama Said He Would Protect 4th Amendment And Privacy But Does The Complete Opposite
Paul told Hannity that President Obama is losing his "moral authority" in light of the recent scandals. "The other thing I think people don't like is hypocrisy," he added. Referring to the NSA's data mining program, the senator said, "[Obama] said he was going to protect our privacy, he said he would protect the Fourth Amendment, he appeared to care and he still sounds like does, but then he does the complete opposite." Watch the full interview to see what Sen. Paul had to say about upholding the Constitution and immigration reform.
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Data Dialogs — Data Science Conference, November 14, 2014, at the UC Berkeley  School of Information
Data Dialogs — November 14, 2014 — UC Berkeley What's Everyone Talking About? They're Talking About Data! Whether you’re interested in finance, gaming, travel, security, education, health care, commerce or science – data will play an increasingly important role in your life and decision-making. Data Dialogs brings together folks from academia, industry, and non-profits to discuss data and data science in an intimate and stimulating environment. Through talks, panels and demos we will encourage conversations on issues ranging from new technologies and visualization tools to the policy and ethics of “big” data. Like our DataEDGE conference, this conference is not just for computer scientists and math geeks. Join us on the Berkeley campus, alongside social scientists, engineers, statisticians, designers and other professionals (even computer scientists!) for an intense day long dialog about data.
Donkey Voting 101 I The Feed
The fastest growing political groups in the country; the donkey voter. Andy Park explains. The Feed airs weeknights at 19:30 on SBS 2. You can also follow us on Twitter at @TheFeedSBS2, or 'LIKE' us on Facebook to stay in the loop.
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How To Apply For Samajik Suraksha Yojana | Samajik Suraksha Yojana West Bengal | Bangla
How To Apply For Samajik Suraksha Yojana | Samajik Suraksha Yojana West Bengal | Bangla West Bengal Labour Department introduces Samajik Suraksha Yojana, 2017 for unorganised workers MAY 11, 2017 | LABOUR | 0 With a view to integrate and cover common benefits to all workers of unorganized sector, the Department of Labour, Government of West Bengal (“State Department”) has introduced a consolidated Social Security Scheme named Samajik Suraksha Yojana, 2017 (“Scheme”). Background: The Government of West Bengal had earlier launched a number of Social security schemes for the workers of the unorganised sector, which aimed at providing these workers with a degree of income security when faced with the contingencies of old age, survivorship, incapacity, disability, bringing up children, gender disparity, curative or preventive medical care and empowerment. The Scheme is applicable to the following: (a) wage earners which includes a self-employed person who is in the Unorganised Sector as has been listed out in Part A and Part B of the Schedule (attached herewith). (b) Unorganised workers who are already registered under erstwhile State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund for Unorganised Workers (SASPFUW), West Bengal Building & Other Construction Welfare (WBB&OCW) Scheme & West Bengal Transport Workers Social Security (WBTWSS). However, the Construction Workers and Transport workers who are already enrolled under WBB&OCW Board and WBTWSSS may continue to avail benefit/s under their respective scheme but to the extent as provided in the WBB&OCW scheme and WBTWSS as amended. The key highlights of the Scheme are as follows: In order to be eligible to apply for registration and getting benefits under the scheme a beneficiary should conform to the following criteria (a) He or She must be a resident of West Bengal. (b) He or She should be between 18-60 years of age. (c) His or Her family income should not exceed Rs. 6, 500/- per month except construction & transport workers. For construction & transport workers family income has no upper limit. (d) The period for calculation of average family income will be 12 months prior to the month in which application is made. Like Our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/bengalitechsquad Follow Me On Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bengalitechsquad/ Follow Me On Twitter - https://twitter.com/BengaliTechsqu1 Official Website - http://bengalitechsquad.blogspot.in
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NSA data collection alternatives rife with drawbacks
Following public outcry, President Obama announced that the government should no longer store massive amounts of Americans' phone records. An independent review panel has made several recommendations, but, as Nancy Cordes reports, all of those options have serious drawbacks.
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Sen. Merkley: Obama Took NSA Surveillance 'Very Lightly'
more at nbcnews.com
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Mark Udall 'This Week' 'Americans Don't Know the Extent to Which They're Being Surveilled'
The Democratic Colorado senator on privacy vs. security over NSA surveillance.
Views: 3072 ABC News
NSA under fire in France
Le Monde's Executive Editor Natalie Nougayrede tells CNN that more than 70 million calls were intercepted in one month.
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SMU Masters – Introduction to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
This video provides an introduction for SMU Masters students on the importance of Personal Data Protection in Singapore, and to the use, disclosure and care of Personal Data on campus. The key learning points include: - Definition of Personal Data - Examples of the type of information that constitutes Personal Data - Definition of Anonymous Personal Data - Key Obligations of Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore, such as consent obligation, protection obligation, retention obligation, transfer limitation. - Information for SMU Personal Data Protection and Intranet resources For more information, students can visit the following websites: - SMU Personal Data Protection Privacy Statement – https://www.smu.edu.sg/privacy-statement - General Guide to Personal Data Protection – https://smu.sharepoint.com/sites/admin/pdp
2013: Maxine Waters on Obama 'Database'
But wait; there's more! http://www.blackandblondemedia.com/2017/03/24/2013-maxine-waters-warned-powerful-obama-database/ FAIR USE The use of media materials is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism, and education.
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A Greater Mekong Health Security Partnership
Please join us for a lunchtime launch of an important new CSIS publication, A Greater Mekong Health Security Partnership, which argues there is a unique, time-sensitive opportunity for a targeted, major U.S. initiative to improve health security in the Greater Mekong Subregion. A U.S. push to strengthen partnerships with Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos -- to manage pandemic threats, control resistant malaria, and improve maternal and child health -- will advance both U.S. strategic interests and bring real health benefits to millions. It can be done if there is high-level U.S. leadership, better leveraging of the substantial civilian and military U.S. health engagement efforts already underway, and focused integration of the skills and expertise of Thailand and China. Welcoming remarks will be given by Dr. John Hamre, CSIS President and CEO. Keynote addresses will be given by Admiral William Fallon, U.S. Navy (retired) and Lieutenant General James Peake, U.S. Army (retired), who co-chaired this effort. These remarks will be followed by a roundtable discussion on how the United States can creatively and cooperatively utilize its health capacities and good will to strengthen partnerships and improve health security in South East Asia, which will be moderated by Dr. J. Stephen Morrison, Director of the Global Health Policy Center. Panelists will include Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Fuchs; Rear Admiral Scott Dowell, U.S. Public Health Service, Director of the Division of Global Disease Detection & Emergency Response at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Dr. Bernard Nahlen, President's Malaria Initiative; and Rear Admiral Dave Smith, U.S. Navy (retired), Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Health Protection and Readiness. This event will be webcast live at www.SmartGlobalHealth.org/Live Lunch will be served Programs GLOBAL HEALTH AS A BRIDGE TO SECURITY, GLOBAL HEALTH POLICY CENTER Topics DEFENSE AND SECURITY, GLOBAL HEALTH, GLOBAL HEALTH POLICY, GLOBAL HEALTH DIPLOMACY Regions SOUTHEAST ASIA
Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Cillian Zeal for the Conservative Tribune reports, President Donald Trump’s method for rebuilding coal towns that have fallen on hard times has been pretty simple: Remove the government red tape around coal mining and power and let the recovery happen. Barack Obama had a different idea to fix the problem — and while it got a lot of positive press, results were a different matter. See the report here: https://youtu.be/AtNo2uASmZo Read More/Source/Credit(FAIR USE): https://conservativetribune.com/obama-fix-coal-town/ Got Kids or Grandkids? Take a break at our new Kids Channel: (( SUBSCRIBE )) http://bit.ly/sub-to-Banchi-Brothers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUPPORT THE NETWORK WITH THE LINKS BELOW! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Patreon $5/mo: http://nnn.is/monthly-gift-5 Give Once: http://nnn.is/one-time-gift Give BTC: 13Hd1HFqS5CDLCMcFQPWu9wumubo6X2hSM Bad-ass T-Shirt Shop: http://nnn.is/get-your-gear-here Teach Your Child About Liberty: http://nnn.is/1HvxU37 Get the PAIN RELIEF device you need! https://denaspainreliefstore.com/denas-pcm-6.html And Coach Jimmy K right now! Call Now - 503-395-4142 Learn How To Make Easy Money Trading: https://www.tradegeniusacademy.com 50% off with PROMO CODE: Makemoney Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! https://www.virtualshield.com/nextnews Enter Promo Code: nextnews for 20% OFF ! Watch Us on Tiger Steam! http://www.tigerstream.tv/buytigerstream --- $50 off promocode: BUYTIGERSTREAM Get The Tea! http://GetTheTea.com Stock Up On Survival Food Today! http://www.foodforliberty.com/nextnews GET YOUR TACTICAL GEAR! https://www.ruggedreserves.com Get The Survivor Flashlight - https://ruggedreserves.com/pages/the-original-rugged-reserves-tactical-flashlight-survivor Get The Night Protector Flashlight - https://ruggedreserves.com/pages/the-original-rugged-reserves-tactical-flashlight ---------------------------------------- FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL! --------------------------------------- http://Facebook.com/NextNewsNet http://Twitter.com/NextNewsNet http://NextNewsNetwork.com Hashtag: #N3 Copyright Disclaimer: Citation of articles and authors in this report does not imply ownership. Works and images presented here fall under Fair Use Section 107 and are used for commentary on globally significant newsworthy events. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Community Guidelines Disclaimer: The points of view and purpose of this video is not to bully or harass anybody, but rather share that opinion and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about the subject to encourage conversation and awareness.
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GovHack 2014 Data Jam - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
In the lead up to GovHack 2014, a Data Jam was hosted at Geoscience Australia to show case the data and technology that will be available for the competition. The AIHW gives a lightening talk on the data sets being made available for GovHack 2014.
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Behind the Scenes at Puget Systems (Custom Computer Builders) - Smarter Every Day 2
Original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jweQNDCe218 Link 1: NVLink on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti in Windows 10 http://puget.systems/go/s_nvlink_win10 Link 2: NVLINK on RTX 2080 TensorFlow and Peer-to-Peer Performance with Linux http://puget.systems/go/s_nvlink_linux Link 3: "Optimizing Storage for Premiere Pro" video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7zI7MYSY_0 Link 4: All Puget Systems publications http://puget.systems/go/s_publications Link 5: Puget Systems Oil Immersion Cooling http://puget.systems/go/s_immersion Link 6: Thermal Paste Application Techniques http://puget.systems/go/s_thermal_paste Link 7: Estimating CPU Performance using Amdahls Law http://puget.systems/go/s_amdhal Click here if you're interested in subscribing: http://bit.ly/Subscribe2SED ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ HOW TO BUILD A COMPUTER 1. DON'T BUY THE MOST EXPENSIVE MACHINE. 2. RESEARCH ACTUAL BENCHMARK DATA 3. BUY HARDWARE BASED ON YOUR SOFTWARE APPLICATION 4. More cores doesn't mean it's better for you! Side note: The fast rendering capability of this new machine actually let me eat dinner with my family on the first night I used it. This is incredibly important to me. A special thank you to Puget Systems for allowing me to visit and for helping me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION I asked Jon to put together the specs on the computer I spec'd out https://www.pugetsystems.com/go/smarter Amdahl's Law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amdahl%... Moore's Law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore%2... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tweet Ideas to me at: http://twitter.com/smartereveryday I'm "ilikerockets" on Snapchat. Snap Code: http://i.imgur.com/7DGfEpR.png Smarter Every Day on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SmarterEveryDay Smarter Every Day on Patreon http://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Smarter Every Day On Instagram http://www.instagram.com/smartereveryday Smarter Every Day SubReddit http://www.reddit.com/r/smartereveryday Ambiance and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery did the outro music the video. http://ashellinthepit.bandcamp.com/ The thought is it my efforts making videos will help educate the world as a whole, and one day generate enough revenue to pay for my kids college education. Until then if you appreciate what you've learned in this video and the effort that went in to it, please SHARE THE VIDEO! If you REALLY liked it, feel free to pitch a few dollars Smarter Every Day by becoming a Patron. http://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Warm Regards, Destin
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Data Warehouse FAQ Session- Claims and Update on Medicaid Match
In this webinar, we introduce the Claims package, show deidentified Voucher Run Date, Summary by Service Code, and Claim Detail reports. Clay explains the difference between when to use the PAWS Utilization and Claims reports. We also give an update on our Medicaid Match data, which is running more frequently to give counties better information as we near the end of the year and the time for the MER Snapshot.
The Five Takes Sides In GOP's Christie Vs. Paul Fight: 'Best Thing That Could Happen To The Left'
7/26/13 - The top story Friday afternoon on The Five was the renewed divide in the Republican Party between "conservative" New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and "libertarian" Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). The hosts took sides, expressing which wing of the party they believe should represent the future of the GOP. The debate came after harsh words flew back and forth between the two Republicans, with Christie calling Paul's libertarianism "dangerous" and Paul tweeting that Christie was only worried about the "dangers of freedom." "I think this rift is the best thing that's happened to the left and to President Obama," Greg Gutfeld said. He congratulated The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald for creating an atmosphere in which we have "one side accusing another of shredding the Constitution" and "the other side accusing them of being soft on terror." What gets lost, he said, is the middle ground of "reasonableness." Eric Bolling was perhaps less willing to embrace "reasonableness," saying, "the rule of law is now dangerous to Governor Christie. You lost a fan in me, sir." He added, "Let me get this straight. Rand Paul is dangerous but President Obama and 'Carlos Danger' are okay in your world right now?" He then talked extensively about his own experience surrounding the 9/11 attacks to explain his credentials when it comes to security. "I think I have an idea of what terrorism looks like, and it is not innocent Americans being data mined by the NSA," Bolling said. "It is Islamic terrorists." He confirmed that after these latest comments, he's "done with" Christie for good. Gutfeld fought back against Bolling's comments, saying, "Christie was talking specifically about data mining, and the fact is to find a needle, you need a haystack. The problem with Rand Paul is that he thinks the needles just show up." "Why can't it be both?" Andrea Tantaros asked. She said ideally she would want someone like Christie who "wants every good tool at their fingertips to prosecute terrorists" and someone like Paul who wants to "have a debate about civil liberties in the era of Obama." Ultimately, Bolling rejected the conservative vs. libertarian narrative, arguing that "Rand Paul is conservative and libertarian and I think Chris Christie has lost his conservative cred over this." "I don't think you can say Chris Christie lost his conservative credentials," Tantaros responded, pointing to "incredible" record as a U.S. attorney. If the hosts could agree on anything it was that infighting between potential GOP presidential candidates this far out from 2016 cannot be good for Republicans. As Bolling put it, "Chris Christie going there was a big mistake. They need to be uniting."
Views: 6709 MichaelSavage4Prez
Judge Napolitano: Obama Wants Shutdown to Be as Painful as Possible
Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends to discuss the controversy surrounding WWII vets being denied entry into the D.C. memorial due to the government shutdown.Then again, the judge pointed out that the shutdown hasn't stopped surveillance operations at the NSA. With some help from members of Congress, the elderly vets eventually did bypass the barricades, but Napolitano believes President Obama wanted this shutdown because it helps him politically. Like with the sequester, Napolitano said the Obama administration wants the shutdown to be as painful as possible, and has the ability to "increase the pain or decrease the pain" on the American people.
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Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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The NSA has collected your address book, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald - Truthloader
If you've got an email address, use webchat services or pretty much do anything on the Internet, chances are the NSA has got hold of your contacts. They collect so much information on Internet users that they had to come up with a special presentation called SCISSORS, which shows people how to sift through it. That news plus Edward Snowden getting a Sam Adams awards from other whistleblowers, Glenn Greenwald setting up a new media venture and Brazil abandoning Microsoft email services because of spying. StoneOcean's music: www.stoneocean.info StoneOcean's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RatedmusicOfficial Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/TRUsub Why you should subscribe to Truthloader: http://bit.ly/17SR1Yj More videos from Truthloader: 7 things you need to know about Vladimir Putin: http://bit.ly/1h4oa1Z Somalia's al-Shabaab -- the people behind the terrorist attacks in Kenya: http://bit.ly/18ZphRu The five worst weapons still in use: http://bit.ly/16byMpR A race for what's left of the planet: http://bit.ly/1anzi92 Putin says US is lying about Syria: http://bit.ly/1fPFeIp UFOs -- Generals, Pilots and Government officials go on the record LIVE: http://bit.ly/1amCJjS Kim Jong-Un's ex-girlfriend executed in North Korea?: http://bit.ly/1aXu6LK IDF troops dance Gangnam Style with Hamas: http://bit.ly/1cu8apw Syria chemical weapons -- Sarin gas attack near Damascus?: http://bit.ly/19Jptpa Who are the Carlyle Group?: http://bit.ly/14mq384 What you're not being told about Booz Allen Hamilton and Edward Snowden: http://bit.ly/16FxSUH Who are Hezbollah?: http://bit.ly/18J0jmt How many kids have US drones killed in Pakistan?: http://bit.ly/17bxg7P How the war on drugs in Mexico began (Part 1 of 4): http://bit.ly/1aSY156 The 3 best documented UFO encounters: http://bit.ly/1dBMFlj Is the Five Eyes Alliance watching you?: http://bit.ly/13pcTBM A history of the NSA: http://bit.ly/10AteZQ Check out our top 20 videos playlist: http://bit.ly/V55Vna Follow us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/truthloader Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/truthloader Join us on Google+: http://google.com/+truthloader Read our reddit: http://reddit.com/r/truthloader Truthloader is a channel dedicated to citizen journalism. We find the best examples of crowd-sourced video and independent content, then use our expertise to add context and analysis. We respond to the stories you're interested in, so if you've got a story you'd love us to get to the bottom of, tweet us, Facebook us, or respond to our videos with a comment - and perhaps check out our reddit.
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Data debate: Is the scale of NSA spying justified?
A former deputy director of the CIA says the intent of the NSA's extensive surveillance is all-important, but remains of privacy in the modern world, even for world leaders? .Sign up for Snowmail, your daily preview of what is on Channel 4 News, sent straight to your inbox, here: http://mailing.channel4.com/public/snowmail/remotebox.jsp Missed Channel 4 News? Catch up on the last seven days here: http://www.channel4.com/news/catch-up/ Channel 4 News weather forecast, with Liam Dutton: http://www.channel4.com/weather/ All the latest blog posts from the Channel 4 News on-screen talent: http://blogs.channel4.com/news/
Views: 664 Channel 4 News
Bernard Whitman Discusses Adam Levine Being Tapped For Obamacare's Social Media Campaign
Bernard Whitman visits Fox News' "The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson" to discuss Adam Levine being tapped for a social media campaign for Obamacare. He says this campaign is a great idea - featuring celebrities that young people look up to and admire to carry important information de-politicizes Obamacare and gets the word out about the benefits they are eligible for. For more on Bernard, follow him on Twitter @BernardWhitman and visit www.whitmanstrategies.com
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Obama answers outcry over NSA
CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks about the NSA's second surveillance program. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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October Event 2018 — Apple
Apple Special Event. October 30, 2018. Check out all the new updates for iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini. 8:59 - Introducing the new MacBook Air Learn how the new MacBook Air brings many of our most advanced technologies — including a brilliant Retina display, Touch ID, a powerful eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, the latest-generation butterfly keyboard, and the Apple T2 Security Chip — to this iconic design for the very first time. Learn more at https://apple.co/2Dh6sir 25:38 - Introducing the new Mac mini Experience how mighty the new Mac mini is. And see how this insanely petite device delivers out-of-this-world performance. Learn more at https://apple.co/2PutqYY 43:08 - Introducing the new iPad Pro Discover how powerful and versatile the new iPad Pro is. Now with an all-screen design, Face ID, and USB-C, and introducing the new Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio. Making it the biggest change to iPad since iPad. Learn more at http://https://apple.co/2Q8vvGZ
Views: 987955 Apple