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DW03 : Architecture of data warehouse ||  Data Mining and  Warehouse  || in Hindi
Welcome to our new series i.e. the new subject Data mining And Data warehousing . In this video I will tell you about the Architecture of data warehouse #learnwithsahuji #dwhmwithsahuji
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DW02. Data warehouse project planning and management  ||  Data Mining and  Warehouse  || in Hindi
. In this video topics like Elements of data warehouse Trends in data warehousing Data warehouse project planning Data warehouse project management this is just in breif coverage of of the Subject #learnwithsahuji #dwhmwithsahuji
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DW01. Introduction to the subject || Data Mining and  Warehouse  || in Hindi
This video is first video of our new series i.e. the new subject Data mining And Data warehousing . In this video topics like data , database, data mining , data warehousing , warehouse , need for data warehousing , data mart this is just in breif coverage of of the Subject #learnwithsahuji #dwhmwithsahuji
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"What's Behind the Numbers? A Guide to Exposing Financial Chicanery" | Talks at Google
About the book: Learn to detect corporate accounting sleight of hand: the aggressive accounting tactics companies use to make their numbers look better than they are, from "channel-stuffing" to inventory tricks. This knowledge lets you avoid the risk of investing your savings in companies that are playing with -- rather than by -- the numbers. The book also presents an integrated long-short investing strategy to take direct advantage of such shenanigans, but, whether you go all the way to a long-short portfolio, or just focus on avoiding landmine stocks that will blow a hole in your financial security, the book will help improve your investment approach. About the authors: John Del Vecchio is the cofounder and co-manager of The Active Bear ETF, a fund dedicated to shorting individual stocks with fundamental red flags. Previously, he managed a hedge fund for Ranger Alternative Management, L.P. In addition, he worked for well-known short seller David Tice and famed forensic accountant Dr. Howard Schilit. Del Vecchio co-advises the Motley Fool Alpha long-short newsletter. Tom Jacobs, Portfolio Manager of Motley Fool Special Ops, applies this book's earnings quality tests to his value and special situations long side to form a long-short portfolio. He is managing partner of holding company Complete Growth Investor, LLC, principal of The Marfa Group, Inc., and a real estate investor. This talk was hosted by Alex Martelli on behalf of Authors at Google.
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Essential Python for Datascience - 2
This session covers Pandas, dataframes, subsetting and matplotlib
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Lec-1 Introduction
Lecture Series on Programming and Data Structure by Dr.P.P. Chakraborty, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in
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Indian Knowledge Export: Past & Future
My lecture started with an outline of Indian knowledge export in botany to Europe. This was the primary "spice trade" of 6 major "East India Companies" established in Portugal, France, Britain, Holland, Denmark and Sweden. This transfer (or theft?) launched European botany for medicine and agricultural uses, and funded the major empires. I then discuss how there are similar projects today for uncontrolled knowledge transfer which India does not protect or even take seriously. In particular, I highlighted the West's mining of Indian expertise in Consciousness Studies, both experiential and theoretical. Some of these ultra-ambitious (moon shot) projects could produce major breakthroughs. Should India remain once again a mere bystander? Even though it was the day before Divali, a room full of JNU students heard my lecture very attentively and participated in Q&A. The following day (Divali), I was invited for coffee at a restaurant by a group of JNU students wanting to explore ways of working with me. We identified a few concrete projects that will be pursued. To donate to Infinity Foundation’s projects including the continuation of such episodes and the research we do: इनफिनिटी फ़ौंडेशन की परियोजनाओं को अनुदान देने के लिए व इस प्रकार के एपिसोड और हमारे द्वारा किये जाने वाले शोध को जारी रखने के लिए: http://infinityfoundation.com/donate-2/ To Subscribe to Rajiv Malhotra Official: राजीव मल्होत्रा ऑफिसियल की सदस्यता लेने के लिए: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk85J3pqkn1y--k2wNMbthA?sub_confirmation=1 Join Rajiv's discussion (राजीव की चर्चा से जुडें): https://rajivmalhotra.com/get-involved/join-rajivs-egroup/ भारतीय ज्ञान निर्यात: अतीत और भविष्य यूरोप में वनस्पति विज्ञान में भारतीय ज्ञान निर्यात की रूपरेखा के साथ मेरा व्याख्यान आरम्भ हुआ | पुर्तगाल, फ्रांस, ब्रिटेन, हॉलैंड, डेनमार्क और स्वीडन में स्थापित 6 प्रमुख "ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनियों" का यह प्राथमिक "मसाला व्यापार" था | इस हस्तांतरण (या चोरी?) ने दवा और कृषि उपयोगों के लिए यूरोपीय वनस्पति विज्ञान आरम्भ किया, और प्रमुख साम्राज्यों को वित्त पोषित किया | फिर मैं चर्चा करता हूँ कि अनियंत्रित ज्ञान हस्तांतरण के लिए किस प्रकार आज भी समान परियोजनाएं हैं, जिनका भारत रक्षा नहीं करता है या गंभीरता से भी नहीं लेता है | विशेष रूप से, मैंने अनुभवजन्य और सैद्धांतिक - दोनों चेतना अध्ययनों में भारतीय विशेषज्ञता का पश्चिम द्वारा खनन पर प्रकाश डाला | इनमें से कुछ अति-महत्वाकांक्षी (मून शॉट) परियोजनाएं बड़ी सफलताएं उत्पन्न कर सकती हैं | क्या भारत को पुनः एक दर्शक बना रहना चाहिए ? भले ही यह दिवाली से एक दिन पहले था, एक भरे कमरे में जेएनयू के छात्रों ने मेरा व्याख्यान बहुत सावधानी से सुना और प्रश्नोत्तरी में भाग लिया | अगले दिन (दिवाली) में मुझे जेएनयू छात्रों के एक समूह द्वारा एक रेस्तरां में कॉफी के लिए आमंत्रित किया गया था जो मेरे साथ काम करने के माध्यमों को ढूँढने के इच्छुक थे | हमने कुछ ठोस परियोजनाओं की पहचान की है जिनपर काम किया जाएगा | #BioTheft #RajivMalhotraJNU #KnowledgeExport
Hadoop interview questions   map reduce vs traditional data processing
This video explains how map reduce solves a problem easily where traditional data processing requires you to do a lot of stuff. It talks about how distribution and parallelism is taken care of by mapreduce framework.
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Indian black money
In India, Black money refers to funds earned on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. The total amount of black money deposited in foreign banks by Indians is unknown. Some reports claim a total exceeding US$1.4 trillion are stashed in Switzerland. Other reports, including those reported by Swiss Bankers Association and the Government of Switzerland, claim that these reports are false and fabricated, and the total amount held in all Swiss banks by citizens of India is about US$2 billion. In February 2012, the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation said that Indians have $500 billion of illegal funds in foreign tax havens, more than any other country. In March 2012, the Government of India clarified in its parliament that the CBI Director's statement on $500 billion of illegal money was an estimate based on a statement made to India's Supreme Court in July 2011. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Managing Business Intelligence: Preparing Project Facilitators thru a Graduate Degree Concentration
Russell Walker, Professor, DeVry University in the College of Business & Management
Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT, sometimes Internet of Everything) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to exchange data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices based on the infrastructure of International Telecommunication Union's Global Standards Initiative.[1] The Internet of Things allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure,[2] creating opportunities for more direct integration between the physical world and computer-based systems, and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.[3][4][5][6][7] Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020.[8] The term “Internet of Things” was coined by British entrepreneur Kevin Ashton in 1999.[9] Typically, IoT is expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications.[10] The interconnection of these embedded devices (including smart objects), is expected to usher in automation in nearly all fields, while also enabling advanced applications like a Smart Grid,[11] and expanding to the areas such as Smart city.[12][13] Things, in the IoT, can refer to a wide variety of devices such as heart monitoring implants, biochip transponders on farm animals, electric clams in coastal waters,[14] automobiles with built-in sensors, or field operation devices that assist fire-fighters in search and rescue.[15] These devices collect useful data with the help of various existing technologies and then autonomously flow the data between other devices.[16] Current market examples include smart thermostat systems and washer/dryers that utilize Wi-Fi for remote monitoring. Besides the plethora of new application areas for Internet connected automation to expand into, IoT is also expected to generate large amounts of data from diverse locations that is aggregated very quickly, thereby increasing the need to better index, store and process such data.
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मराठी शब्दकोश न.1 ! how to marathi  Dictionary fact work ,
This English to Marathi or Marathi Daily words with sound help you to learn English.This Daily words also help to learn English to Marathi Translation . It is like small English to Marathi or Marathi to English Dictionary.This book also help you to speak or spoken in english. This Daily words also helpful kid or kids to learn simple words .Here you also get most common words or daily necessary words or vocabulary . In this app you will get many types of words . This app need for every one especially class four , five , six , seven , nine , ten https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordbookmara.marathi
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