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Cryptopsy - Phobophile (Bass Cover)
Cryptopsy - Phobophile Bass Cover by Bruno Rodrigues. Album - None so vile ------------------------------------------------------------------ I recorded the video and the audio separately. I do NOT own and did NOT write this song. I am ONLY playing this in honor of the artists that it belongs. ------------------------------------------------------------------ My links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brunobassrodrigues https://www.facebook.com/TheViewFromTheGround Twitter: https://twitter.com/ViewFromGround Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/brunobassrodrigues Blog: http://madeira-walking.blogspot.pt Gear: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Harley Benton 6 String electric bass Ernie Ball roundwound nickel bass strings Behringer guitar link Cubase 5 Amplitube 3
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Cryptopsy (we bleed) guitar video! by mike
Here I try to play the cryptopsy's song "we bleed" corectly! This is fast and brutal!!
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TRAUMA - Blade under your throat (guitar cover)
one of my favorite songs from Trauma (polish death metal veterans) made on 7 strings
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Cryptopsy (With Lord Worm) - Phobophile (Live at Amnesia Rockfest)
Montebello, June 15th 2013, https://www.facebook.com/CryptopsyMetal
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Cryptopsy - Graves of the Fathers (guitar cover)
From the Album "None so Vile" (1996) Gear : - Schecter Damien Elite 7 - Korg Ax 3000G - Lexicon Alpha Check my death/black project "Ad Nihilos : https://www.facebook.com/AdNihilos https://soundcloud.com/ad-nihilos
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Featuring current members of First Fragment, Chthe'ilist, Funebrarum, Benighted & Sutrah, international combo Serocs revives the tech-death style of the late 90s/early 2000s, a pure neural ecstasy! For fans of Spawn Of Possession, Cryptopsy, Severed Savior and Gorguts Release date: October 26th 2018 (CD/DIGITAL) spring 2019 (LP) [BUY CD / MERCH / BUNDLES] https://goo.gl/NzFqFY [BUY DIGITAL] https://goo.gl/SjqJNY Composed between 2008 and 2018. Recorded between Summer 2017 and Spring 2018. Reamped, mixed and mastered by Hugues Deslauriers at Roarrr Sound Studio, Montreal. Vocals engineered and recorded by Laurent Bellemare. Guitars (Left channel) engineered by Antonio Freyre at Serocs Studios, Guadalajara, MX. Guitars (Right channel) engineered by Phil Tougas at Stygian Studios, Longueuil QC, CA. Bass engineered and recorded by Antoine Daigneault. Drums recorded by Kévin Paradis at Paradise Lounge Studio, FR. Original lyrics by Josh Smith, arranged by Laurent Bellemare. Cover art: "June 27 - Crowned" by Nicola Samorì www.everlastingspew.com www.facebook.com/everlastingspew everlastingspewrecords.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/serocsband
CRYPTOPSY   Los Angeles, CA.  11-24-2017
CRYPTOPSY -- Church of the 8th Day Proudly Presents Blackest of the Black Friday - Volume 3 @ Union Nightclub Los Angeles, CA. 11-24-2017
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Cryptopsy - We Bleed (LIVE LORD WORM) (Subtitulos Español y Lyrics)
11 cancion de la tanda de Cryptopsy, espero que les guste, ya solamente queda una cancion para finalizar, y vamos a finalizar con la cancion "Back to the Worms" en el video, en donde se puede apreciar a Lord Worm realizando su acto de comer gusanos en vivo. espero poder subirla hoy mismo tambien. Mi canal: http://www.youtube.com/user/AndresMetalSubtitula
cryptopsy live at bbkings 3/27/05
lordworm did vox
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Crave en la Taboo el pasado 15 de Febrero
Esto fue el último concierto de Jose, antiguo bajista de Crave, en esta ocasión, presentando su primera canción en español.
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Torture killer-sewers (guitar cover) enjoy!!
This song is under the copyright of *torture killer*
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Probably the best video ever in the history of man
song- benedictine convulsions band- cryptopsy show- the Glenn Russell show
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Final Exit 2015-11-19 El Puente
Final Exit live at El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan on Thursday the 19th of November, 2015. Recorded by KingBean. Video: Samsung Galaxy S6 → .mp4 Audio: Sony ECM-DS70P → Rockboxed iRiver h320 (line-in @ 16bit 44.1kHz wav, +7.0db gain) Lineage: .mp4 and .wav files → Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (editing, fades, audio sync) → .mp4 file → YouTube
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Cryptopsy - "Graves of the Fathers"(bass cover)
Standart B Spector Legend Classic 6 - FL Studio - Ampeg VST.
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Here's FORBIDDEN performing 'Off the Edge' and 'Follow Me' at Hellfest which was held in Clisson, France on the 22nd of June 2008. The whole set was filmed. www.freewebs.com/davestrades
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Hostile - Malebolge
Primera canción de Hostile. Página: https://www.facebook.com/hostileband Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hostile.thrash.7?fref=ts
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Aborted - Necrotic Manifesto/Hecatomb [Live in Montreal]
Aborted (https://www.facebook.com/Abortedofficial) performing "Necrotic Manifesto" & "Hecatomb" live in Montreal, June 5, 2015. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Dr. Light Productions (https://www.facebook.com/Dr.LightProds). Show produced by BCI (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brave-Concerts-International/451381104905546).
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Nile - Live @ Open The Road Festival III 2015
Open the road music festival III, live in São [email protected] Clash Club. COMPLETE SHOW. ENJOY FUCKERS :)
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Protest The Hero  cover @ Shibuya Guilty'11
東京都市大学−Fxxksong club 画質が悪いですが楽しんで頂ければ幸いです
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Agony - Megatonic/An Instrumental Agony/Orbital Hide Out/Perpetual Breeders (93/95/98)
Agony from Canada,-Montreal-Quebec are along with Gorelust, Cryptopsy, early Kataklysm and Necrotic Mutation, the sickest from this Country!! Agony formed in 1991 as Oprobrium and changed the Name quickly to Agony, after the guitarist Remy was murdered... :( So they can describe the feelings back then. The track "Megatonic" is from the "Eve of Destruction" demo, recorded in 93. In 95 they recorded the second "demo"/Album:, "Apocalyptic Dawning". It was self-released by the band and only available as tape, like the 93 demo. In 97 they recorded the second Album: "L.i.f.e. But this time on CD and not on Tape, but also self-released. Shortly after the recording, Erik (the drummer) committed suicide. :( But Agony is such a brutal, crushing band!! The style and the way they sound, it's just Killer!! The Apocalyptic Dawning Album was reissued in 2006, also for the first time on cd, with the 93 demo as bonus!! Great, but limited to 1000 pieces! It's getting rare!! Ebay never had any Agony stuff :( and the second Album is nowhere to find, because it's limited self-released!! Agony are active again. Eve of Destruction Demo (1993) Apocalyptic Dawning (1995) L.i.f.e. (1998)
Eric Langlois no pity for a coward vocal cover
this vocal cover orginal No pity for coward sucide silence I own no rights to this song
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Archspire - Lucid Collective Somnambulation (bass cover)
My bass cover of Archspire ''Lucive Collective Somnambulation'' Bass tuning: B E A D G I use an Ibanez BTB 405 EMG pickups Rotosound strings (45-130) Subscribe on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrCampsBass Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CampsBassPlayer/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CampsBass DISCLAIMER: The music belongs to its respective owners and is not owned by me in anyway.
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Vital Remains - Hammer Down The Nails (Subtitulos Español)
Y con este exelente tema termino mi tanda de vital remains, ya con esta son 7 canciones traducidas de esta gran banda que podran encontrar en mi canal. Disfrutenla, suerte para todos. Banda: Vital Remains Cancion: Hammer DownThe Nails Album: Icons Of Evil (2007) Concierto: Evil Death Live (2007) (DVD) Entra al canal para mas Metal traducido http://www.youtube.com/user/AndresMetalSubtitula