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Re-structuring the DPDK Device Driver Framework
Expanding DPDK to support non-PCI devices e.g. platform bus devices in a SoC
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Cryptodev API - Deepak K Jain
This presentation describes the cryptodev API, a framework for processing crypto workloads in DPDK. The cryptodev framework provides crypto poll mode drivers as well as a standard API that supports all these PMDs and can be used to perform various cipher, authentication, and AEAD symmetric crypto operations in DPDK. The library also provides the ability for effortless migration between hardware and software crypto accelerators.
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DPDK optimal performance everywhere  (Rallying with a Formula 1)
This presentation will be about the fundamentals of DPDK. First of all, the DPDK userspace drivers process packets at lightning speed. And it runs on several architectures with a long list of supported devices. But the real uniqueness of DPDK is to combine optimal performance with a broad hardware support and à la carte packaging. Surprisingly, there are always some new promising optimizations to unlock the full power of the hardware. Also, after 5 years of existence, the project is still making some progress to be easier to use in more and more environments. Finally it is essential to remember that these improvements are possible thanks to an amazing and fast growing Open Source community.
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DPDK Performance Lessons Learned in vRouter
Stephen presented on DPDK performance lessons learned in developing Brocade’s vRouter, including their experiences with QoS and LPM.
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