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Texas Ghost Town old coal mining town!
One of the few ghost towns in Texas located in Thurber, Texas! It is supposed to be an abandoned town - one of the few true "ghost towns" near Dallas fort worth. The video shows the abandoned buildings that reflect the town's demise, not the supernatural! In its day coal mining was the largest operation here, in fact, Thurber Texas was at one time one of the "largest bituminous coal-mining towns in Texas - a true historic landmark. Today a few of the old coal mine's abandoned buildings provide for a "ghost town" walkthrough. If you're curious, watch the footage..the abandoned buildings are a bit eerie, unfortunately there aren't too many deserted buildings left. There is a nice cafe to eat at though!
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Centralia Burning Ghost Town - Pennsylvania USA
Centralia, Pennsylvania was nearly entirely evacuated following a coal mine fire, burning beneath the town since 1962. Centralia’s fire started in 1962, when residents turned an old strip mine into a dump, and setting the rubbish alight. The fire spread through an unsealed opening to the underground coal mines, igniting a seam of coal, and the fire has been burning to this day. In 1992, Pennsylvania condemned the town and claimed it under eminent domain in an attempt for force the remaining residents out. Some sued, and were allowed to stay. A section of State Route 61 was abandoned after it began to buckle and crumble from the underground fire. The fire stretches 12km, and burns underneath an area of 15 square kilometres, 300 feet below ground, authorities say the fire could burn for another 250 years. The town now mostly attracts tourists who visit an abandoned highway, where many profanities and obscene pictures are spray painted onto it, over time the highway has earned the nickname Graffiti Highway. Centralia is rumored to have inspired Silent Hill. Thanks for watching ____________________________________________________________________ CREDIT LINKS ► Joey Underground Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/kurtishamilton1986 ► Abandoned Town of Centralia - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TNYN3rEBws ► ABANDONED_PA Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw8JkFvrKJY ► ABANDONED_PA Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw8JkFvrKJY ____________________________________________________________________ ► Wonder World Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wonderworld.ytc.10 ► Wonder World Twitter - https://twitter.com/WonderWorld_YTC For business enquiries, content submission or copyright concerns or disputes, please contact us at [email protected]
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The Texas Bucket List - Thurber Ghost Town
Thurber Ghost Town If you can’t get enough of the eerie and unnatural, pop on over to Thurber, a ghost town that is all that’s left of a Texas brick manufacturing industry. Who were the people that were forced to leave this place? More importantly, what did they do with their deceased loved ones that they had to leave behind?
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Ghost Towns: Abandoned But Not Forgotten
These towns, often far off the beaten path and rooted in the mining industry, couldn't survive when the gold, silver, copper, and coal were gone. Check out the stories behind these boom-towns. For more stories --- http://allday.com/ Follow our twitter accounts --- https://twitter.com/historyinpics Follow our Instagram -- http://instagram.com/historyphotographed -- http://instagram.com/itsabandoned 1. Goldfield, Arizona Goldfield, Arizona, as the name suggests, was a gold town that thrived in the 1890s, but was abandoned by the late 1920s. Today, Goldfield has been reconstructed as a tourist stop, with a focus on kitsch rather than historical accuracy. Rhyolite, Nevada Rhyolite, Nevada was named for silica-rich volcanic rock in its corner of Death Valley, and saw significant investment from Charles M. Schwab in the early 20th century. By 1907, the town even had its own stock exchange, but its population dwindled in the years afterward. Terlingua, Texas Terlingua, Texas was built up around mercury mining in the mid-1880s, but was abandoned in the 1940s when production dwindled. Today, Terlingua is mostly a tourist destination for visitors to nearby Big Bend National Park. Bodie, California The town of Bodie, California was founded in 1859 and was once California's third-largest city behind San Francisco and Sacramento. The town closed in 1962 after the local gold mine stopped producing and has since become a attraction for tourists. Thurmond, West Virginia During the heyday of coal mining in West Virginia, Thurmond was a prosperous town, but its population dwindled into the single digits by the 2000s. Today, much of Thurmond is owned by the U.S. National Park Service. Calico, California Calico, California was a booming silver-mining town during the 1880s, but was totally abandoned by 1907. Calico underwent extensive restoration in the 1950s under the direction of Walter Knott, of Knott’s Berry Farm fame, and became a tourist attraction for the state. Thistle, Utah The primary industry was servicing steam trains for rail companies, and saw a decline during the switch-over to diesel engines. The real incident that killed the town, however, was a 1983 landslide that flooded the city. Much of it remains submerged today. Virginia City, Montana Virginia City, Montana was founded on gold mining in 1863, but the gold ran out by the end of the century and the town was abandoned. Today Virginia City is owned by the state of Montana, and serves as a tourist stop for travelers headed for Yellowstone National Park. Kennecott, Alaska The copper mine in Alaska produced $200 million worth of copper ore between 1911 and 1938, but was too remote to survive when the mine ran dry in the early 40s. Kennecott became a tourist landmark by the 1980s, and was designated a historic landmark. Written By: Shea Huffman Edited By: Charlie Benavides Image Credit: Getty Images Music: YouTube Music Library
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#L50V2 Thurber and the Development of Texas Coal
The industrial town of Thurber, Texas
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Expedition Texas 1007 - Thurber Texas
The lost town of Thurber Texas is the topic of this week's expedition.
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Belcherville a Texas Ghosttown
My brother and myself made a visit to this north Texas ghosttown back in September of 2006. A decade ago back in 1992 we went there with my sister and her friend back when we were in our early 20's and shot a few pictures on an old polaroid which I've included to show as a then/now comparison. In that time a few of the buildings that were standing had collapsed and the elements were starting to take a toll on those that remained. There are still some residents that reside in the area on farms and ranches around these few remaining buildings. Some of the artifacts I found in one of the houses dated to the late 1980's. We left everything in the buildings as we found them and took only pictures so that other folks that find there way there for an afternoon of exploring can also see things as we saw them.
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Eye On Luminant: Safest Large Mining Operation in the United States
Luminant’s mining employees are digging into the record books. The team recently achieved the lowest injury rate in the nation among the largest mining companies, according to a review of the 2015 MSHA Recordable Injury Rates. Learn more at http://ow.ly/JUhG300va59.
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Winkelmann, TX - A ghost Town
Was driving home from Houston when I stopped at this ghost town on the side of the road. Creeeeepy!
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The World's Largest Abandoned City - Ordos
Ordos The World’s Largest Abandoned City The development of the city of Ordos is a unique tale. Ordos is a city designed from scratch and built within 10 years. This city came to fruition after private mining companies were given the rights to dig into deposits in the late 90’s and 2000’s. This generated a lot of tax revenue making Ordos the 2nd highest income per capita city in China. Ordos is a city located in Inner Mongolia that has been constantly been burdened with water shortage issues. Instead of trying to revamp the current infrastructure the Chinese government decided to rebuild the city from scratch which is called “New Ordos” just 16 miles or 25 km kilometers away from the existing city now called “Old Ordos”. The people of Old Ordos refer to New Ordos as the Kangbashi district of Ordos, these new and old labels are basically not supported by anyone locally. Two villages built around the Wulan Mulan River were demolished and construction started in 2005. 161 billion dollars in infrastructure was invested to build the Kangbashi District over the first 5 years. Regardless if anyone lives in this new city, this is a major plus to the government of China as it increases China’s GDP. The government gave kickbacks to developers who helped boost GDP so building anything anywhere is promoted. The old city of Ordos or Dongsheng is home to over ½ a million people, it was expected that many of them would move to the new city as it became completed. As explained by many locals, a working couple only makes $800 a month combined of which ⅓ is taken for rent. The new apartments in New Ordos sell for 70 - 100 thousand dollars making it virtually impossible for locals to live there. Sales were slow at first but eventually investors snapped up many of the units in the new city. This has left New Ordos with a ton of infrastructure and no residents. The city was originally designed to hold 1 million people but was scaled down during construction to 500,000 then to 300,000 after coal prices crashed. The city features a 5 story shopping mall, impressive monuments and statues, art and city museum, the Ordos Dongsheng Stadium that seats 35,000 people, opera house, a brand new airport and a modern designed mosque. The city streets are lined with skyscraper after skyscraper that are almost completely empty. A toy store is one of the only stores in the massive 5 story mall, the man who runs the store says he sells something every few days and if the government doesn’t step in soon to fix it, he may have to move back to Dongsheng. It is estimated only 2 % of the buildings were ever filled the rest remain abandoned. Outside the mall an elaborate water show is put on every night with only a few people found to be watching it. A water show this size in a normal city would draw thousands of viewers daily. The city has everything it needs to be a great thriving new city like extra wide roads with bike lanes like what is found in Taipei, modern amenities and infrastructure but simply no people. The initial wave of 30,000 people that moved to New Ordos all lived in a 4 to 5 block radius just north of central park. A few years later that grew to 60,000 and now 12 years after the start of construction there are around 150,000 residents in a city that was originally designed for 1 million. The city has been doing many things to attract people to live there like moving the best schools from Dongsheng to Kangbashi. While some areas of Kangbashi aren’t a ghost town at all today, many still are. One abandoned project is the Ordos 100 Project, which is a project that was to have 100 different extreme luxury villas designed. Instead of the government doing it themselves they invited 100 different architects from around the world to each design a luxury villas to be placed on the map. Land sections were given out with the utmost creative freedom except the design was not to look like traditional Mongolian designs such as Yurts. Each architect designed their villa and construction started. Within the Ordos 100 Project site multiple half finished villas can be found. While many lay half finished some have progress going forward. Music: Melopsych-Between Mechanics n Soul Check out some of our other videos: Top 10 Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRdgPyZF45g&feature=youtu.be For copyright matters please contact: [email protected] Intro music thanks to Machinmasound: Rallying the Defense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruPk4RD19Nw Titan Top List is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com
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2013 Lone Star Lands Steward: Jewett Lignite Mine - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]
The Jewett Lignite Mine, located between Houston and Dallas, is a winner of the Texas Parks and Wildlife 2013 Lone Star Land Steward Award. Part of the Texas Westmoreland Coal Company, the 35,000 acre mine is noted for its innovative land reclamation techniques including restoration of native grasses and natural stream functionality. The mine is working to restore bobwhite quail and has protection measures in place for the Interior Least Tern, an endangered species that nests there. The mine is located in Leon, Limestone and Freestone counties. For information about the Lone Star Land Steward Awards, including how to nominate a property, visit http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/landwater/land/private/lone_star_land_steward/
Eeriest Most Abandoned Ghost Towns
From spooky abandoned prison colonies to villages washed away by floods, here are the eeriest most abandoned ghost towns Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. Thurmond West Virginia Once a thriving center of Coal mining in West Virginia, Thurmond was a prosperous place of commerce and businesses along the Ohio Railway. It popped up in the 1880’s in the center of the state and consisted of popular hotels, casinos, banks, schools. It was a fairly well organized city with strict laws on drinking. In 1888 a rail station was built which allowed for tourism in the area and also to carry the coal out of the hills. The population reached a peak of 462 people 1930 but steady downfall would occur not too long after. A popular hotel was burnt to the ground which which had startled much of the population and would finally reach 0 in the year 2000. You can see the contrast between the cities built out in the west and out in the east during this time. There was much more technological advancements and the addition of coal to a city at this period of time would allow them to heat their homes. Surprisingly the city hasn’t received too many vandals and much of it’s past is preserved. 5. Glenrio, Texas This mysterious ghost town straddles the border of New Mexico and Texas and is found along the mainstreet of American, or route 66. Although the population never got to be more than a few dozen people, being located on the border of two different states posed some unique problems. Some mail would have to be delivered to the post office in one state, and then delivered to the post office in the other state before it could get distributed. Gasoline prices were different one side, and drinking laws even differed across the border. Various highways that were constructed made the traditional route 66 that ran through the town a little less necessary and the ones who did live here moved around. What’s left are some derelict buildings and gas stations, stuck in time. 4. Adak Island, Alaska Sometimes places become abandoned because they are so remote from the rest of the world. This island located at the eastern part of the Aleutian island chain was once home to Alaska’s southernmost town. It’s been home to both the native inuit people, the russians and also the americans. The harsh winds and cold temperatures certainly make living here a challenge. However due to it’s strategic location, after world war II, about 6000 American military men who saw previous combat were stationed here. Fresh food was hard to combine, very few women to comfort them and the soil was quite difficult to cultivate any crops on. This was about as close as the americans could get to russia so it was an important piece of land to fortify. Today, only 110 people have decided to stay here and US army buildings are now empty. The airport still remains in use but it’s certainly not an easy place to get to. 3. Sewell Chile Completely surrounded by the Chilean Andes mountains, this remote abandoned place is found at an altitude of over 6000 feet, making it quite difficult to access. It was founded in 1906 by the braden Copper company in order to extract copper ore from the mountains. By 1915, the town was well organized with the addition of a hospital, a fire department and a social club. Building were mostly made of timber and were displayed with bright colors like we see here. The large town grew up to 12,000 people in 1918 and at its peak in the 1960’s that number grew to 16,000 people. Also known as the city of staircases, it’s built on the side of a mountain which certainly made transportation by car a little bit tricky. It turned out that staircases were the best way for inhabitants to get around. In 1967 the decline began when the kennecott copper company lost ownership of the site and the Argentinian government sought to control the land. Plus most people were beginning to move to other locations where more copper was being found. The chilean government decided to keep the city as a ghost town and it’s now a unesco world heritage site. You can actually explore this place quite well on google maps. A lot of the buildings still look to be in good condition but you can tell no one’s living there. 2. Kayakoy, Turkey Also known as the Rock Village, this town was built in the 1700’s but was fled after the beginning of the Greco-Turkish War. Much violence swept over the town due to religious differences among the Greek Orthodox and the Anatolian Muslims of turkey. Many greeks suffered brutal treatment for their beliefs and their cries for help were silenced In 1923, it was decided that for peacekeeping reasons it needed to be abandoned. The village we see today, serves a museum and a historical monument. 1...
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Dryden Texas (Ghost town)
https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dropbox.com%2Fs%2Fz4him5jwtkv6h6g%2FArt%2520Of%2520Silence.mp3%3Fdl%3D0&event=video_description&v=3V-pYCGx0C4&redir_token=b0ABdXPTqbmiuJYalhu9P3UjLcF8MTUxNjE3Mjk0NkAxNTE2MDg2NTQ2 https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Funiqofficial&redir_token=Ypwqa-pVU4y5V3zy1DYF87Yd5T58MTUxNjE4NTExMEAxNTE2MDk4NzEw&v=3V-pYCGx0C4&event=video_description
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Houston Ghost Towns, 2010
These are some of the photos I've taken of local "ghost towns" in Houston; that is, areas or pockets of abandoned buildings in the Houston Area. #1 Freedmans Town, Downtown Houston: Freedmans Town, (AKA, the Fourth Ward) was Houstons Harlem in the 1920s. The town was settled by freed slaves in the 1800s and was very prosperous until the town fell into disarray as the Houston Harlem socialites got older. By the 1970s, Freedmans Town had become a ghetto. In the 1990s, a gentrification effort was undertaken and most of the original Freedmans Town structures were bulldozed but a few buildings remain. #2 Hempstead Highway, Houston's West Side This highway was one of the most important transport corridor in Houston. With the advent of a modern highway system, Interstate 10 took this highway's place and relegated the thriving mom-n-pop business to ruin. Most of the original structures were demolished to make way for business parks, but a few crumbling buildings remain. #3 The Country, Houston's North Side US Highway 75 has a history much like that of Hempstead Highway. In the 1920s, Hwy 75 was the most direct rout to take from Houston to Dallas. In 1987, Interstate 45 directed traffic away from the sections of Hwy 75 still in existence and decimated the small businesses that had made the drive to Dallas full of character. What you see in these shots are, of course, abandoned buildings and, most haunting for me, an abandoned mom-n-pot motel. I was amazed to find clothes still hanging in some of the closets. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions!
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Goodnight, Texas - "Jesse Got Trapped In A Coal Mine"
Pick up our debut album on iTunes, "A Long Life of Living": http://smarturl.it/GNTXLLL Our new album "Uncle John Farquhar" will came out August 5th, 2014 on Tallest Man Records! Get it on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/UJFiTunes Website: http://hiwearegoodnighttexashowareyou.com https://www.facebook.com/goodnighttexas https://twitter.com/Goodnight_Texas Presented by: Avi Vinocur and Patrick Dyer Wolf Town Council - Goodnight, Texas
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[Part 1]  Ghost town find near Chillicothe, Texas!!
I happened to drive by this amazing place and had no clue it would hold so many amazing treasures. Pass this video along if you enjoyed it and weren't too disturbed by my random comments :P I plan to be back next weekend with a fresh 32 GB memory card so I can record exploring the rest of this place without running out of memory haha. If anyone can identify the make and model, engine type, ect of the random vehicles through the video Id love them forever.
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Risky Business: The Ghost Town of Kirwin - Main Street, Wyoming
The story of Kirwin, an abandoned mining camp deep in Wyoming's Absoroka Mountains and the risk takers involved in its history. From early explorers, outlaws and hard rock miners, to arctic adventurers and Amelia Earhart; this remote location drew a remarkable cast of characters. Today, its natural beauty and rich past continue.
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8 Forgotten Abandoned Places in America
From desert ghost towns and mines; to hidden metropolitan locations; these are 8 Forgotten Abandoned Places in America 8. Glenrio | TEXAS, NEW MEXICO | Don’t STOP, KEEP GOING Even google decided not to drive through this area again, look at the quality of the pictures, so 2007 ! Glenrio was originally known as Rock Island, it was founded over 1,000,000 …. Hours ago. (120 years), if you can’t do the math in your head, the year was 1903. What made this ghost town popular was its prime location, half of it being in Texas, and the other half in New Mexico, it was also a pitstop on the famous Route 66. Many people find beauty in the abandoned gas station and surrounding buildings, others try to scurry away as fast as possible. 7. Clairton | Pennsylvania What used to be…. Clairton is the home of the largest coke manufacturing facility in the U.S.A, and no, we are not talking about the Refreshing Soft Beverage Coca Cola; rather, the “fuel” created from black coal. It is used in the manufacturing of steel. Clairton is one of those towns that you hear about on the news, you know, “coal country” or in this case its better to say “steel country” . Traveling around the town on google maps, you can see many abandoned homes, overgrown sidewalks, just avenues of broken dreams. Perhaps the most striking neighbourhood is located on Lincoln Way, every house on this street was abandoned… No one really wants to talk about it; or even give exact reasons as to why this neighbourhood was affected so much more than the rest... In 2015, Lincoln Way was ravaged by a fire, some of the 30 or so homes were completely destroyed. Local authorities have vehemently opposed any stories about supposed hauntings or ghosts, “I don’t know where people are getting these stories. People are listening to them and then they’re running with it….. This town has a lot of good history. But as far as Lincoln Way is concerned, I don’t know why it stands out.” Maybe because a streetful of people decided to leave ? Granted it wasn’t an overnight operation… but still, makes you wonder. 6. Sideling Hill Tunnel | PENNSYLVANIA See you on the other side In the 1940s the Pennsylvania Turnpike was nicknamed the “Tunnel Highway”, having not 6, not 8 but 7 tunnels in its path ! By the 70s the road was so busy that expansions had to be made. Some smart people did some math and found out that the best thing to do was to bypass 3 tunnels; and merge the other 4. At this point, Sideling Hill Tunnel became a post apocalyptic dream location; no traffic, no people, just you and the dilapidated road. The site was used to train soldiers for the iraq war; policemen used parts of it as a shooting range and a small company called Pike 2 Bike tried to make it a tourist destination. Oh yeah, almost forgot, the critically acclaimed movie The Road also shot a bunch of scenes there! 5. Two Guns | ARIZONA 4. Animas Forks | COLORADO This picturesque deserted mine is hidden along the Alpine Loop in Colorado. The first settlers came around 1873; and it took only a few years for Animas Forks to become a full fledged community. Just like most bustling mine towns of the time; as soon as the profits dried up, so did the town. These days; Animas Forks is owned and operated by the Bureau of Land Management. QUICK QUESTION: How much land does the BLM own ? About 247.3 Million Acres; or about ⅛ of the country. Anytime you are driving through the middle of nowhere USA and wonder who owns the land; chances are it's the BLM. 3. Pleasure Beach | CONNECTICUT 2. Grain Silos | INDIANA What is the most forgettable state? Seriously; what do you think the most forgettable state is ? Comment away ! Indiana is home to hundreds of abandoned grain silos that have somehow managed to survive longer than their surrounding communities. A great example is Corwin; Indiana. Apparently; its not even a ghost town; being described as an “extinct” town…. Hmmmmm. We also have the town of Sloan ; Dunn ; and many many more. 1.1964 New York World’s Fair Pavilion | NYC
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Most Toxic Place in America Is An Eerie Apocalyptic Ghost Town
The Most Toxic and Deadliest City in America Is An Eerie Apocalyptic Ghost Town as originally reported by Huffington Post journalist Seph Lawless years ago as the photojournalist releases never before seen video footage since his images of the ghost town went viral in 2015. Subscribe Now: https://www.youtube.com/c/SEPHLAWLESS WE ARE SOCIAL: Verified Facebook Fan Page: https://m.facebook.com/sephlawless/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/sephlawless Twitter: https://twitter.com/seph_lawless SEPHLAWLESS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2016
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Texas Ghost Towns
Find out some of the backstory of these Texas ghost towns in this exclusive video from Studies Weekly. Learn more about history and science with Studies Weekly at www.studiesweekly.com.
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Manny Saenz - Ghost Town (Benavides, TX)
Manny Saenz on guitar and vocals! Written by Manny Saenz. Video by Chumbe Salinas http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mannysaenz1
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Ghost Town (Thurber, TX)
We actually went to several abandoned places in Thurber, TX. Some we were not able to go in, because of the "No Trespassing" signs. But we hope you enjoy our new video, and stay beautiful! ;-) Music From: http://www.bensound.com Follow us @ Facebook - The Haunting Tour https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheHauntingTour/
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Abandoned Kaymoor Mining Town
January 2, 2017: Abandoned Kaymoor mining town near Fayetteville, West Virginia along the New River.
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East Texas ghost town adventure 6/14/11
After striking out hunting arrowheads today we decided to take our adventure on the road. We stumbled across an abandoned store, an old church and a couple more interesting sites....including vintage Slim Jims and wedgie posters... We can always find something to get into! Nigton, Goat Hill, Groveton
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Ghost Towns and Graveyards
These are photos of the best ghost towns and graveyards I've seen over the past few years: Chinese Camp, CA, Bodie, CA, Rhyolite, NV (Death Valley), The Pirate Jean Lafitte's home, the Galveston, TX graveyard and the forgotten graveyard next to downtown Houston. Also, the audio is Weaver001 A Step Aside. 1.) Main Street in Chinese Camp, CA 2009 - Chinese Camp is the site of the first Tong War in America. 2.) Bodie, CA 2009 - Once, the most violent town in America. 3.) Rhyolite, NV (Death Valley) 2008 - The industrialist Charles M. Schwab's dream town. 4.) The Pirate Jean Lafitte's Home, Galveston, TX, 2008 - All that remains of his amazing "Maison Rouge". 5.) Galveston Graveyard, 2007 6.) The Forgotten Graveyard, 2008 - Downtown Houston
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Ghost Towns - Sowers, Texas Ghost Town Cemetery
A brief history of Sowers, Texas. A ghost town located within the city limits of Irving, Texas. Music by: https://www.bensound.com/
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Colorado Experience: Ghost Towns
According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado "has more than 1,000 ghost towns, over 600 of which have some sort of remains." Visit St. Elmo, Animas Forks, and Ashcroft, three of the best-preserved ghost towns in the state, and meet the spirits of Colorado's mining past.
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Found!  Secret Gold Mine and Mining Camp Hidden in the Mountains
We recently stumbled upon this secret, hidden, abandoned mine and mining camp high up in the mountains. We explored one mine tunnel as well as the surface structures. A shed onsite contained an old vintage Silvertone radio/record player from 1940, a winch, a newspaper from 1957, and other artifacts. Inside the mine, we found more artifacts used by the miners, and we demonstrate in the video how those artifacts were used by the miners long ago. #ExploringAbandonedMines #AbandonedMines #MineExploring #UndergroundExploration
Amazing Underground Waterfalls in a Flooded, Abandoned Mine
The flooded, abandoned mine in this video features several thousand feet of winding, wet, water-filled workings. During our exploration and documentation of this mine, we came across an impressive waterfall cascading down a timbered and laddered raise. Farther in the mine, we found ourselves at the bottom of a large, wooden headframe with ladders and platforms which had water dripping and trickling down it from upper levels. The amazing footage in this video was originally shot in the spring of 2009. However, I misplaced the memory card that held this footage and only found it recently. The card was still intact, and the footage it contained was pristine as the day it was shot. Enjoy! View and use the information in my videos at your own risk. All abandoned mines (especially the ones in my videos) are very dangerous and should not be entered under any circumstances. Potentially life-threatening, dangerous, or legal decisions and assumptions should not be made based on any information in my videos. #ExploringAbandonedMines #AbandonedMines #MineExploring #UndergroundExploration #UndergroundWaterfall
Haunted Helena Texas Ghost Town - The Texas Old West
The Graveyard Shift (Connie and Dan LaFave and their friends) explores with group of people the haunted old west Helena, Texas ghost town. See what was witnessed and encountered. People run into very scary haunting things sometimes. People did not want to be in this house when things happened. Many said the whole experience was very creepy for them. Unique Texas historical place.
Exploration of the Ghost Town of Richards, TX
The area was settled in the 1830s by Anglo-Americans, but didn't really become a town until the train came by. Technically, Richards began in 1907. Richards, TX has a lot of vacant lots, delapidated buildings, etc. Population is now less than 300. As of the 1990s it is said to only have 3 businesses. Some old buildings are seen, but the town was too small and open for us to get out of the car much and technically explore. We also spotted a bunch of dogs cruelly put in an livestock cage. There might have even been some possible squat locations. Unfortunately, a lot of dialogue between Gareth and I is muffled by the wind, but my windows are slightly tinted and dirty so I wanted them down while we filmed. While we were in the area, we talked to the locals and found Longstreet Cemetery, where we held an EVP session (using a different method this time). The ghost hunting video should be up in a few days.
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Texas Ghost Town of Royalty
We continue the West Texas Ghost Town Series of motovlogs with a trip to Royalty, Texas. Along the way, we stop for a visit to Imperial Reservoir, cross the bulging Pecos River, and have lunch at the famous Fermin's Restaurant in Monahans, Texas. Come ride along! Music: "My Own Kind of Brand" by Tim Kreitz and Joe Kent Performed by Tim Kreitz Band Produced and Engineered by Tim Kreitz http://www.timkreitz.com "Sancho Panza Gets a Latte" by Kevin McLeod http://www.incompetech.com
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Texas Ghost Towns of Stiles & Texon
We take advantage of a perfect autumn Sunday and ride to the West Texas Ghost Town of Stiles. Afterward, we make a visit to the historic Santa Rita #1 site near Texon. Come ride with us! Music: "I Wanna Be Like Waylon" by Creed Fisher Produced and Engineered by Tim Kreitz Performed by Creed Fisher, Tim Kreitz, Britt Parker, and Prince Ricker All other music royalty-free from the YouTube Audio Library http://www.timkreitz.com
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Barstow, TX and the road to Dallas
Barstow is kind of a ghost town, but we found some good food and fun people. http://www.carsforagrand.com
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@TxRRC Staff Tour Calvert Coal Mine
Staff from the Railroad Commission of Texas gain firsthand knowledge of the surface mining industry they regulate with a tour of a mine near Calvert, TX.
Sanco Texas Ghost Town
Members of the Graveyard Shift Paranormal Team visit and check out the mysterious Sanco, Texas ghost town for the first time which is said to sit near old indian burial grounds. This ghost town was named after the Comanche chief Sanaco. During the visit, they were filming and captured some ghostly EVP's (voices speaking) on their camcorders. More exciting things to come.
Centralia - Full Documentary
The documentary about Centralia, "The town that was" I do not own the video. For more info: thetownthatwas.com CNN article: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/pennsylvania-graffiti-highway/index.html Let me know if you have some recent footage from Centralia on YouTube and I will link it/pin it. Thanks.
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Thurmond, West Virginia # 1 - An (Almost) Ghost Town in Fayette County
Thurmond, WV is almost a ghost town these days in what was once a thriving railroad community in the 20th century. Once home to hundreds, Thurmond is now home to fewer than 10 people. At one time, Thurmond had upwards of 20 passenger trains made a stop in their depot per day (not counting the coal trains that passed by). It is still in use as a train station for Amtrak but is their second lowest-used stop (just ahead of Sanderson, Texas). This video shows the drive into town down the lonesome backroads of West Virginia up until I got stopped by a coal train.
Haunted Helena Texas Ghost Town Public Paranormal Investigation Episode 1
Check out this Episode 1 video from October 26th (2013), where Dan & Connie LaFave, Javier Martinez, J.C. Cortez, and Edward De La Rosa (of The Graveyard Shift) along with Barry Harrin and sons and the Karnes County Museum sponsored an exciting public paranormal investigation event where the public came out to explore the haunted Helena, Texas ghost town where a lot of spooky and creepy things have been taking place. There will be multiple videos of this investigation which showed a lot.
Sutherland Springs Texas GHOST TOWN Bank
Urban Exploration of Sutherland Springs abandoned Ghost Town Bank!!! Cool walk-in safe!!! Always testing features on my Sony FDR AX33 Recorded in Standard HD Lots of manual adjustment of Exposure to help with overcast day. Documented experiences of what we believe has potential to be true paranormal activity. Our experiences are only ours and ours alone. These are only our opinions that are expressed and all the material is property of Shadow Light Paranormal San Antonio TX.
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Not Mine (Short Documentary)
Not Mine takes a look into the hazardous and lasting effects the Dos Republicas coal mine has on the residents of Eagle Pass, Texas.
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ABANDONED PLACES : Ghost Town in Union Level Virginia
Join me as I explore this abandoned ghost town that seems like it has been frozen in time. Location : Union Level, Virginia #Abandoned #AbandonedVirginia #Exploring
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Ghostly Woman EVP - Sanco Texas Ghost Town
This ghostly woman EVP captured directly on camcorder as we were walking around the historic Sanco Texas ghost town. Sounds like she is answering one of our questions directly.
Texas Ghost Town with EVPs
The Ghost town of Carter is located close to Springtown, Texas Also know as Cartersville, Texas
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In Part 2 John leaves the mainline to take us on a tour of the Coal Mine Branches. Nine mines and small company towns inspire the modeler to explore the hobby. Ideas for signals, bridges and scenery that depicts the mountains of West Virginia in the 50's. Have fun and enjoy.
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Metal Detecting Waneta Texas Ghost Town
Finding a Token
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Very Exciting - Haunted Helena, Texas Ghost Town - Episode 5 - Public Paranormal Investigation
Be sure to check out and watch this very exciting Episode 5 video here from October 26th (2013), where Dan & Connie LaFave, Javier Martinez, J.C. Cortez, and Edward De La Rosa (of The Graveyard Shift) along with Barry Harrin and sons and the Karnes County Museum sponsored an exciting public paranormal investigation event where the public came out to explore the very haunted Helena, Texas ghost town where a lot of spooky and creepy things have been taking place. Many people have experienced scary things in Helena. See what this video shows you as to spirit direct communication. There will be multiple videos of this investigation which showed a lot. Watch what scary ghostly things the people who came to Helena experienced. Be sure to also watch the episodes before and after this one.
Stiles, Texas Ghost Town
Stiles is a ghost town in Reagan County, Texas and was the county seat when it was founded in 1903. The town was bypassed by the railroad leading to its demise. Big Lake became the county seat in 1925. Stiles also has a cemetery with a Spanish-American War veteran buried there, along with cowboys, victims of rattlesnake bites, shootings, a variety of sicknesses, and others who lived the challenging life of the West Texas terrain. Some believe the Stiles courthouse to be haunted.
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Old town named Olive Texas
via YouTube Capture
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