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Fish First - A Story about People and Salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska
Fish First is a celebration of the salmon and people of Bristol Bay, Alaska. This story explores what makes Bristol Bay the most productive and well managed fishery on earth. Luke Wallace is a folk musician from Vancouver with a passion for communities and the earth. Growing up in Vancouver, Luke was inspired to initiate this project through his connection to wild salmon. Once it was discovered that the company behind the Pebble Mine was based in Vancouver, he knew it was time get involved. Follow Luke at http://www.lukewallacemusic.com Go to https://www.standforsalmon.org to find ways to take action and protect wild Alaskan salmon.  Produced by Luke Wallace, Alex Harris, Reuben Sadowsky, Joey Stokes Supported by Guayaki Yerba Mate in association with Come To Life and the Philip & Muriel Berman Foundation Special thanks to Stand for Salmon
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Red Gold: The Pebble Mine Debate.  Bristol Bay, AK
http://www.wayupstream.com http://www.feltsoulmedia.com This short film clip by Felt Soul Media frames the debate on the proposed gold mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay in AK. Learn More. Get Involved.
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Alaska Initiative To Protect Wild Salmon Could Kill Off A Massive Open-Pit Mine (HBO)
BRISTOL BAY, Alaska — Alaska voters are considering a ballot measure that would make the state's already strong protections for salmon fisheries even stronger, and make new mining and oil exploration projects difficult — if not impossible. The measure, called Proposition 1, is intended to protect Alaska’s salmon runs, especially in Bristol Bay, the designated site of the massive proposed open-pit mine project, the Pebble Mine. The site contains some of the largest undeveloped copper and gold deposits in the world. As things stand, the state has to prove that any big project would not impact healthy salmon waterways. If Prop 1 passes, the roles reverse, and the project would have to prove the habitat is not home to salmon at all, a drastic change to current regulation. "Salmon streams don't recover. That's the point of this ballot measure," said Morgan Jones, a third-generation fisherman supporting Prop 1 and opposing the Pebble Mine. "Once you dig up a salmon nest, it's gone. It's not like you can re-lay a place where salmon can spawn." Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Bristol Bay in Alaska Threatened by Trump White House
The headwaters of the great salmon runs of southwestern Alaska are under threat from the foreign owned Pebble Mine which will destroy huge pristine areas with a massive gold mining operation. In return for $300 billion in profits the mine's stakeholders will destroy the salmon fisheries and the jobs and culture of thousands of indigenous people as well as the local commercial fishing industry. The project is opposed by the people of Alaska but supported by the Alaska state government. The EPA hd been suing the mine to block the permit process, but Trump's EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, a well known pro-industry hack who wants to destroy the EPA, has settled the case allowing the permit process to begin. Hear the story on Trump Watch with Paul DeRienzo. Since joining NRDC, Taryn Kiekow Heimer has played significant roles in two of the organization’s major campaigns: stopping the development of the environmentally disastrous Pebble Mine project proposed in Alaska’s Bristol Bay and putting an end to commercial whaling. She also leads our work to protect beluga whales in Cook Inlet, Alaska. More info www.savebristolbay.org
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Deantha Crockett Testimony at EPA Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment
Deantha Crockett, Executive Director of the Alaska Miners Association, testifies at the EPA Bristol Bay Watershed Assesment held in Anchorage, Alaska on June 4th.
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Stop Pebble Mine and Protect Bristol Bay's $1.5 Billion Fishing Economy
Celebrity chef Tom Douglas joins Bristol Bay fishermen speaking out to protect Bristol Bay's salmon fisheries. Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to the world's largest and most valuable wild salmon fishery. The fishery is threatened by the proposed Pebble Mine and these are the people who earn their living in the Bristol Bay fishery. In 2010, Bristol Bay generated an astounding $1.5 billion in value across the country and provided 14,000 sustainable jobs. Learn more at www.fishermenforbristolbay.com
How To Save Bristol Bay, No Pebble Mine! - Cross Current TV - Episode 3
Help spread the word to save Bristol Bay! Chris Cravens talks on a subject important to us and the future of Alaska. Clickable links that were featured in this video follow below: E-mail Governor Sean Parnell: http://gov.alaska.gov/parnell/contact/email-the-governor.html Websites for more information: http://www.SaveBristolBay.org http://www.BristolBayAlliance.com http://www.RenewableResourcesCoalition.org Find out more about Cross Current Fishing Adventures here: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cross-Current-Fishing-Adventures/107912202577585 Homepage: http://www.CrossCurrentTV.com
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KTVA Web Extra: Rhonda McBride interviews John Shively about Bristol Bay Forever initiative
During this election cycle, the Pebble Partnership has been mostly silent about Ballot Measure 4, also known as “Bristol Bay Forever.” Although the language of this initiative does not specifically name the Pebble Mine, it is clearly directed at preventing the project from going forward. It the ballot measure passes, any large-scale mining project in Bristol Bay would be subject to legislative approval. Groups like the Alaska Miners Association have come out against Ballot Measure 4. It warns that additional regulatory hurdles, even though specific to one region of the state, could potentially affect develop elsewhere in Alaska. KTVA’s Rhonda McBride talks with John Shively, chairman of the board for the Pebble Partnership, about why the company has chosen not to campaign against Ballot Measure 4, despite its opposition against it.
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Who Needs Pebble Mine?
When the world has a tsunami of electronics waste, much of it going into landfills, who needs a new giant Pebble Mine that could ruin one of the world's richest remaining salmon runs? Forget Pebble, let's mine the waste for gold (Au) and copper (Cu) and other precious metals.
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EPA Plans Final Bristol Bay Assessment This Year
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans to issue a final report this year on the impacts of large-scale mining in the Bristol Bay region. That's according to regional director Dennis McLerran. EPA last year released a draft watershed assessment, which underwent peer review. Some panelists raised concerns about things like missing data and incomplete information. EPA announced in November that it would address the concerns raised by the panel, first with a revised draft. McLerran, in prepared remarks to the Alaska Forum on the Environment, says the agency is arranging to have the original experts review the revised assessment and evaluate whether it is responsive to their comments. EPA plans to release the draft to the public for comment concurrently. He says EPA intends to complete the assessment this year.
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Wild Salmon or a Pot of Gold?  The Public Policy Battle over Alaska's $500 Billion Pebble Mine
Conversations on Social Issues: Winter 2014 Wild Salmon or a Pot of Gold? The Public Policy Battle over Alaska's $500 Billion Pebble Mine Moderator: Jeb Wyman
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Should Donald Trump reverse hunting laws in Alaska?
Donald Trump’s White House is looking to reverse Obama’s hunting regulations in Alaska, making environmental groups furious. Right now, hunting bears and other wildlife using bait and artificial light is prohibited. Should these practices be brought back or are the cruel and inhumane? Guests: Jim Adams Regional Director National Parks Conservation Association Bonnie Rice Senior representative Sierra Club's Greater Yellowstone and Northern Rockies Ross Feingold Former Asia chairman of Republicans Abroad
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Thank You to Commercial Fishermen For Bristol Bay!
Fishermen across the country ask President Obama and the EPA to protect Bristol Bay and its commercial fishing jobs from Pebble Mine ANCHORAGE, Alaska, March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay announced that 77 commercial fishing groups from Alaska to Maine have sent a letter to the Obama Administration urging it to protect Bristol Bay, its epic salmon runs and the commercial fishing jobs that rely on them. The groups include the Maine Lobstermen's Association, Gloucester Fishermen's Wives, Maryland Watermen's Association and Southern Shrimp Alliance. In all, they represent more than 16,000 commercial fishermen across the country. "Today, commercial fishermen from across America stand shoulder to shoulder in support of the most valuable wild salmon fishery on earth, and the thousands of commercial fishing jobs threatened by development of the Pebble Mine," said Bob Waldrop, a leader of Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay. In a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, fishing leaders express support for the agency's scientific watershed assessment, which is investigating impacts of large-scale development on Bristol Bay's productive salmon streams and rivers. The groups urge the agency to use its authority under Section 404(c) of the Clean Water Act to block a required federal dredge-and-fill permit for the mine, if the bay's natural resources would be harmed or compromised by large-scale mining. The mine is expected to produce and store 10 billion tons of toxic waste behind earthen dams, upstream of the bay's salmon-spawning headwaters. "This is the first time I can remember commercial fishermen from the entire country speaking so clearly in support of a regional fishery," said Sig Hansen, a Bering Sea crab fisherman and star of The Deadliest Catch. "It's clear that fishermen and consumers across the country value Bristol Bay salmon and will not let a mega mine jeopardize it." The direct value of Bristol Bay's salmon averages $350 million per year, and the commercial fishery is the economic engine of the region. Now 130 years old, the commercial fishery supports about 8,000 fishing jobs, and another 4,000 processing and industry positions. Waldrop added: "Bristol Bay is a national issue. Our fishermen hail from 38 states where they spend their earnings, pay taxes and support local economies." For more information, visit: www.fishermenforbristolbay.org
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Pebble CEO John Shively won't promise zero problems with the mine
Pebble mine CEO John Shively spoke to a crowd in Seattle on March 20, 2013. Here's a scary zinger from his remarks: "Will I stand here and say there will be zero problems with the mine? No. I'm not going to stand here and say that ocean acidification may not do in the salmon industry long before we do."
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Stop Pebble Mine | Save Bristol Bay, Save The Worlds Largest Wild Salmon Stock
Buy wild salmon Alaskan salmon https://www.vitalchoice.com/?idaffiliate=527871 Stop Pebble Mine and help save Bristol Bay's wild salmon industry. Chef Marcus Guiliano has been an advocate for over 10 years on healthy, sustainable, local & real food. He found his mission in cooking when he reversed over a handful of medical conditions including 28 years of asthma. For more information visit http://www.chefonamission.com. Chef Guiliano owns and operates Aroma Thyme Bistro which Certified Green© by The Green Restaurant Association. His latest project is http://www.truthinmenu.com My Central Channel: http://www.MarcusG.tv Restaurant Lies http://www.TruthinMenu.com My Twitter: http://twitter.com/healthychefdude
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Bristol Bay Sockeye - July 6
After most of the season was mostly wet and rainy, we finally got a little reminder of what the sun looked like this day. After three furious days of hot fishing, the run had dropped off again. Most thought it was just a lull, but I had the strange intuition that the run was already over - sadly I was once again all too correct with my gut instincts. It was all over but the sniveling.....but at least we were getting a little Vitamin D.
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Bristol Bay Song: Thunda N Shakin. Stop Pebble Mine
STOP PEBBLE MINE: Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay http://www.musiciansunited.info/ Our economic system rewards short-term profits, like the proposed Pebble Mine -- such a silly project even a child can see that. Buckminster Fuller said: "There is one important fact about Spaceship Earth: no instruction book came with it." The love of money is not only the root of all evil, it could kill our Spaceship Earth. Just say NO to Pebble Mine. No, No, No! Songs reach the hearts of people. Democracy works well when we stand up, speak and sing out the truth. That's why I made Thunda N Shakin. Peace. - John Lopker Bristol Bay vs Pebble Mine: see www.MusiciansUnited.info/membersmusic.html Can you hear the thunda rollin? Can you feel the earth a shakin? Can you see the storm arisin? Can you hear Alaska shoutin? No! No! No! You will not rape our motherland Now take that drill out of your hand. No! No! No! You will not gratify your lust We will defend her sacred trust No. No. No. You will not kill our salmon streams Dirty copper, dirty gold, dirty minds, and dirty dreams [CHORUS] No! No! No! You will not poison our pure water You will not lead us to your slaughter No! No! No! You will not build that deadly pond That dam will fail, we won't be conned No! No! No! You hide the facts, the truth you disguise The Devil's in the details, and in your eyes [CHORUS] No! No! No! You will not kill our way of life You will not stab us with that knife No! No! No! Corporate Canada go away America owns Bristol Bay No! No! No! The tides have turned, the winds are blowin Goodbye Pebble Mine, the stone's been thrown [CHORUS] No! No! No! You will not rape our motherland Now put that drill back in your pants. You are welcome to perform the song. Copyright 2012 John Lopker. All Rights Reserved. CC Attribution License. Fellow musicians, cover the song, make it your own. Record it in your style. The important thing is that Bristol Bay be protected and Pebble Mine stopped. Peace -- John Lopker Special thanks to: Lightning strikes by Filenstyle: https://vimeo.com/filenstyle Alaska-US-Zoom by maps4tv https://vimeo.com/maps4tv Killer Dam by Bernie Lopez http://www.youtube.com/user/eastwind7 Photo: Toxic Sludge in Hungary; copper mine tailings pond by NASA Earth Observatory: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/ Lightning on January 25th (Flag) by Carlos Pena: https://vimeo.com/user9045087 Quick Lightning Time Lapse by Josiah Enninga: https://vimeo.com/aurorarain Robert Redford states: "Imagine a pit two miles wide by 2,000 feet deep, and an underground mine a mile deep. This gargantuan gold and copper operation would produce an estimated 10 billion tons of contaminated waste -- 3,000 pounds for every man, woman and child on Earth. Massive earthen dams -- some taller than the Three Gorges Dam in China -- would be constructed to hold back that waste forever. Now imagine all this in an active earthquake zone at the headwaters of the largest sockeye salmon runs in the world. The threat to Bristol Bay just below is unimaginable. No wonder the Pebble Mine is opposed by nearly 80 percent of Bristol Bay residents. The growing coalition to stop this disaster-in-the-making is led by Native village corporations, associations and tribes from around Bristol Bay. They've partnered with commercial and recreational fishermen, sportsmen and conservation groups to protect the thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars that come from Bristol Bay's renewable economic engine: wild salmon. The greed of corporations looking for short term gan is littered with one pollution disaster after another" toxic contamination that spans the globe: from Indonesia to Bolivia to Utah. Do you trust these companies to take a catastrophic risk with one of our last and greatest wild places?"
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Pebble Mine CEO speaks to Northwest Fisheries Association
John Shively, CEO of Pebble Limited Partnership, speaking at a Northwest Fisheries Association meeting in March. Shively's company is gunning to open the world's largest open pit mine at the headwaters of the world's largest sockeye salmon run.
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Bristol Bay Fishermen Want Livelihoods Protected From Pebble Mine
Bristol Bay's commercial fishermen talk about how important the salmon fishery is to their livelihoods and way of life. Then they ask you to take action to protect their jobs from a giant proposed mine called Pebble.
Business leader Nancy Blakey explains Bristol Bay's economic power
Nancy Blakey, who built Snopac Products to process Bristol Bay sockeye with her husband Greg, talks about the economic impact that the commercial salmon fisheries have. She also discusses her shock at first hearing about the Pebble mine and her hope that President Obama and the EPA will protect the fish and the businesses that depend on salmon.
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Alaska DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan addresses Alaska Mining Association
Alaska Department of Natural Resource Commissioner Dan Sullivan addresses the Alaska Miners Association regarding the Challenges, Opportunities and Initiatives in 2013, February 15, 2013.
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Pebble Mine: Toxic Gold and Global Impact (11/10/11)
Pebble Mine: Toxic Gold and Global Impact Note new date! Rescheduled from October 6 Michael Kowalski, Chairman and CEO, Tiffany & Co. Joel Reynolds, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council Kimberly Williams, Executive Director, Nunamta Aulukestai Wendy Schmidt, The Schmidt Family Foundation -- Moderator The proposed Pebble Mine would be one of the largest gold and copper mines in the world, located at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed in southwest Alaska. Proposed by a consortium of international mining giants -- including Anglo American, Rio Tinto and Northern Dynasty Minerals -- the mine would include an open pit 2,000 feet deep and two miles wide and an underground mine 5,000 feet deep. Opponents argue that it would generate an estimated 10 billion tons of waste, laced with toxic contaminants, stored in perpetuity behind giant earthen dams taller than the Three Gorges Dam in China -- all within an active earthquake zone. It would require construction of major power plants, slurry pipelines, heavy industrial traffic-bearing roads across the mountains, and a deep-water port in Cook Inlet, home to a federally protected population of endangered Beluga whales. Some 50 leading jewelry companies, including Tiffany & Co., have taken the "No Pebble Pledge," committing not to source minerals from the mine. They join Alaskan natives, commercial and recreational fishermen, conservationists, sportsmen, and local and regional businesses in an unprecedented coalition opposed to the mine. Come hear a panel of opponents of the mine discuss this project that has the potential to re-shape the land, wildlife and people in its path.
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3MMI - Sockeye Salmon Makes a Comeback in Bristol Bay
3-Minute Market Insight: - With a smaller than normal run, offers will be limited and prices will be firm moving forward as processors speculate high prices ahead. TradexLIVE - http://live.tradexfoods.com Seafood Offers - Added All Day Long, Updating Live and in Real-time. Subscribe to our 3-Minute Market Insight - http://www.tradexfoods.com/l/3mmi Exposing Seafood Fraud & Deception - http://www.tradexfoods.com/school-of-fish Follow us @TradexFoods for Twitter Seafood Specials & Seafood News - http://twitter.com/TradexFoods Website: http://www.tradexfoods.com
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2015 ASAA/First National Bank Alaska 2A Boys Basketball State Championship
Highlights of the 2015 2A Boys Basketball State Championship between the Glennallen Panthers and the Dillingham Wolverines.
Bristol Bay: EPAs Scott Pruitt met with mining CEO
Bristol Bay: EPAs Scott Pruitt met with mining CEO Within hours of meeting with a mining company CEO, the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency directed his staff to reverse protectionsBristol Bay: EPAs Scott Pruitt met with mining CEO ---Source: Cnn.com-- #Bristol #Bay: #EPAs #Scott #Pruitt #met #with #mining #CEO #politicalnews #politicalnewsusa #breakingnews #worldnews #dailynews
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Chairman Smith Speaks on EPA’s Predetermined Efforts to Block the Pebble Mine
Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 10:00am Location: 2318 Rayburn House Office Building Examining EPA’s Predetermined Efforts to Block the Pebble Mine, Part II Witness The Honorable Dennis McLerran Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 10 https://science.house.gov/legislation/hearings/full-committee-hearing-examining-epa-s-predetermined-efforts-block-pebble-mine
Chefs Ask Congress to Stop Pebble Mine
We asked partner chefs across the country what they think of the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Their answer was adamant: Stop Pebble Mine and save Alaska's sockeye salmon. Chefs are the gatekeepers of our food system- share your voice. www.savebristolbay.org About Sea to Table: http://sea2table.com Sea to Table partners with local fishermen from small-scale sustainable wild fisheries, finding better markets for their catch. Delivering overnight, direct from the source, reducing time and cost, allowing diners to know the 'who, how and where' of the impossibly fresh fish they enjoy, creating a direct connection from fisherman to chef.
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Subsistence Living on the Alaska Peninsula
Bristol Bay Native Association youth ambassador film intern Lakota Thompson interviewed residents on the Alaska Peninsula about subsistence and their lives. The film was edited at Alaska Teen Media Institute with the help of Michael Stallworth, Michael Stormo, Michael Johnson, and Francisco Martinez. Support was provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Music: "Little Dipper" by Podington Bear (Artist Granted Permission)
Pebble Mine Hearing
AUGUST 12, 2014 The Con side to Pebble Mine
Robert Glenn Ketchum No Pebble Mine!
Southwest Alaska is a vast complex of lakes, rivers, streams, and tundra that drain into Bristol Bay and support the most productive salmon fishery in the world. The landscape is defined by some of America's most spectacular and least known national parks, Katmai and Lake Clark; two national wildlife refuges, Becharof and Togiak; the largest state park, Wood-Tikchik; and Walrus Islands State Game Reserve. Most all of these locations also support coveted recreational fishing that adds millions more to the economy. The proposed PEBBLE mine would be sited adjacent Lake Clark National Park and in the headwaters of the two most important rivers in the entire salmon fishery. The mine would be the largest open-pit copper and cyanide gold-leach mine in the world, use more electricity on a daily basis than the city of Anchorage, and the cyanide-slurry containment ponds would be series of "lagoons" covering about 20-square-miles. Robert will present his years of work dedicated to the NO PEBBLE MINE campaign which helped him earn the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award from the Explorer's Club of NY, recognizing him as a "Visionary of Conservation."
Pebble Mine Alaska, Dave Egdorf Speech
Every outdoorsman needs to look at this and do something. Pass it on, embed it, make a donation at www.tu.org.
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Protest of Pebble mine's Keystone science meetings
Coverage of a protest by more than 120 people in response to Pebble mine's bought and paid for Keystone science "process" in October 2012. Many also testified at the public part of the meetings and said they asked for EPA's independent analysis of mining in Bristol Bay and don't trust Pebble's science.
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Pebble CEO John Shively disses the sportsmen economy of Bristol Bay, Alaska
Pebble Partnership CEO John Shively tries to minimize the broad contributions of the sportsmen economy to Bristol Bay -- including lodging, gear sales, guiding, transportation and more -- by saying much of the sportsmen tourism industry in "Bristol Bay" is corporate money in the form of "tax writeoffs." See a great response from lodge owner Brian Kraft here: http://www.flyrodreel.com/blogs/tedwilliams/2012/october/researcher-criticizes
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Alaska Pebble Mine
Views: 255 Teresa Muldoon
Pebble Partnership
The Pebble Project is a mineral exploration and development project owned by the Pebble Limited Partnership, an Alaska limited partnership formed between a wholly owned US subsidiary of Anglo American PLC and a wholly owned entity of Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, the Pebble Partnership is focused exclusively on the responsible development of the Pebble Project in a way that will optimize benefits for local communities while protecting important environmental values and traditional ways of life. The partnership was formed to advance the Pebble Project, one of the most important concentrations of copper, gold, molybdenum and silver in the world, toward permitting, construction and operations.
Salmon Rock Movie email
Pebble is a large-scale gold-mining activity proposed in the headwaters of Bristol Bay,which supports the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world.With a pit up to 2 miles wide and as much as 2,000 feet deep, Pebble would be the largest open pit mine in North America. Mine waste would be disposed in giant tailings ponds enclosed by earthen dams, the largest measuring far bigger than Grand Coulee Dam). The Pebble site is an active seismic zone prone to frequent earthquakes. And if matters could possibly be worse, the firm that designed the Mt. Polley tailings pond dam in British Columbia that burst on August 4, 2014, (releasing four billion gallons of mining waste into salmon streams) also worked on plans for Pebble Mine.
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Dan Rather Reports:  Red Gold - Interview with John Shively, CEO of the Pebble Partnership - Clip #1
On last night's LIVE broadcast of "Dan Rather Reports," Pebble Partnership CEO John Shively gave Rather the company's take on the controversial plans to build what could be the world's largest open-pit copper mine in the head waters of Bristol Bay.
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Second Take: Pebble mine debate
Creamer Media's Shannon de Ryhove speaks to Mining Weekly editor Martin Creamer about the great Alaskan Pebble mine debate.
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EPA Boss Pruitt To Visit Gold King Mine Spill Site
The Environmental Protection Agency chief is in Colorado discussing coal and water.
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Recycled Fish On Ice - No Pebble Mine
Across the ice belt, we were spreading the word this winter: Pebble Mine is the wrong mine in the wrong place. Well, that message made sense to ice fishermen, and we hope it does to you, too. Visit www.savebristolbay.org to learn more and lend your voice to the millions of sportsmen standing up for America's last great wild salmon fishery.
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