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Filmed and commentated by Steve Thomas over a four and half day period at Condobolin Mine, New South Wales, Australia during April 2010. During this time Butler bored and fired 23meters from the rise. DAVID "BUB" BUTLER : Renowned Australian underground hard rock miner. *Certificated Western Australian Shift Supervisor. *Contracted miner at 34 Australian mines & in Indonesia & P.N.G.. *Pulled 12.3meters in one shift from a Rise at the Marvel Loch Mine. In the mining sport of Rockdrilling Butler has won: *3 World Titles. *110 Singles titles. *Over 40 combined Australian titles in Singles,Doubles, NO PUSHER & 4 Man Team events. *Twice drilled the time of 27seconds for a single block stand at Rosebery(Tas.) and Cobar(N.S.W.) *Drilled 4 single block stands at Cobar(N.S.W.) in 1minute 59.45seconds(under 30seconds per stand average). Video footage: Steve Thomas(c)2010 Soundtrack: "Brick of Steel" : Chris Laurie(Amputation Productions(c). Video Production: AMPUTATION PRODUCTIONS All Rights Reserved 2016.
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Transfer Raise Miner drilling a round.swf
Transfer Raise Miner drilling a round.swf
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ZIBO ZHAOHAN VACUUM PUMP CO.,LTD offer liquid ring vacuum pumps and complete vacuum systems to process industries, especially for the pulp and paper industry, mining industry, filter and power industries for OEMs and Engineering-Contractors. We focus on demanding applications, like paper manufacturing, power generation, mining industry, petrochemical industry and industrial processes where a reliable technology is required. Our pump is interchangeable with other famous brands of commonly used liquid ring vacuum pumps; we offer same outline dimensions for bolt-on replacement and equivalent performances. We also supply spare parts for original pump repair. Our workshop is equipped with modern machinery dedicated to the production of large vacuum pumps with suction capacities up to 38000m3/h. The quality insurance system is ISO 9001:2000 and CE certified. 1. 2BV series vacuum pump and compressor 2. 2BE1 series vacuum pump and compressor 3. 2BE3 series vacuum pump and compressor 4. 2BE4 series vacuum pump and compressor 5. CL series vacuum pump and compressor 6. AT series vacuum pump and compressor 7.SX series vacuum pump and compressor 8.TC vacuum pump 9. Original NSK / TIMKEN/ FAG / SKF bearing for original Siemens or Nash pump 10. SY, 2SY series high pressure vacuum compressor 11. Vacuum system according to clients detail requirement Min Capacity: 27 m³ /h Max Capacity: 38,000m³/h Min Vacuum: 33 mbar Min Power: 0.81 KW Max Power: 800 KW We are able to assist for pump selection, system design, engineering, installation and start up. We also provide service, field inspection, and can deliver accessories like separators, motor, cooling towers, and all equipment required to build a complete vacuum system. Welcome client from home and abroad to contact us for future cooperation. Learn more about ZHAOHAN VACUUM at www.zhaohanpump.com
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What is SHAFT MINING? What does SHAFT MINING mean? SHAFT MINING meaning & explanation
What is SHAFT MINING? What does SHAFT MINING mean? SHAFT MINING meaning - SHAFT MINING definition - SHAFT MINING explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Shaft mining or shaft sinking is excavating a vertical or near-vertical tunnel from the top down, where there is initially no access to the bottom. Shallow shafts, typically sunk for civil engineering projects differ greatly in execution method from deep shafts, typically sunk for mining projects. When the top of the excavation is the ground surface, it is referred to as a shaft; when the top of the excavation is underground, it is called a winze or a sub-shaft. Small shafts may be excavated upwards from within an existing mine as long as there is access at the bottom, in which case they are called Raises. A shaft may be either vertical or inclined (between 45 and 90 degrees to the horizontal), although most modern mine shafts are vertical. If access exists at the bottom of the proposed shaft and ground conditions allow then raise boring may be used to excavate the shaft from the bottom up, such shafts are called borehole shafts. Shaft Sinking is one of the most difficult of all development methods: restricted space, gravity, groundwater and specialized procedures make the task quite formidable. Historically mine shaft sinking has been among the most dangerous of all mining occupations and the preserve of mining contractors. Today shaft sinking contractors are concentrated in Canada and South Africa. The most visible feature of a mine shaft is the headframe (or winding tower, poppet head or pit head) which stands above the shaft. Depending on the type of hoist used the top of the headframe will either house a hoist motor or a sheave wheel (with the hoist motor mounted on the ground). The headframe will also contain bins for storing ore being transferred to the processing facility. At ground level beneath and around the headframe is the Shaft Collar (also called the Bank or Deck), which provides the foundation necessary to support the weight of the headframe and provides a means for men, materials and services to enter and exit the shaft. Collars are usually massive reinforced concrete structures with more than one level. If the shaft is used for mine ventilation, a plenum space or casing is incorporated into the collar to ensure the proper flow of air into and out of the mine. Beneath the Collar the part of the shaft which continues into the ground is called the Shaft Barrel. At locations where the Shaft Barrel meets horizontal workings there is a Shaft Station which allows men, materials and services to enter and exit the shaft. From the station tunnels (drifts, galleries or levels) extend towards the ore body, sometimes for many kilometers. The lowest Shaft Station is most often the point where rock leaves the mine levels and is transferred to the shaft, if so a Loading Pocket is excavated on one side of the shaft at this location to allow transfer facilities to be built. Beneath the lowest Shaft Station the shaft continues on for some distance, this area is referred to as the Shaft Bottom. A tunnel called a Ramp typically connects the bottom of the shaft with the rest of the mine, this Ramp often contains the mine's water handling facility, called the Sump, as water will naturally flow to the lowest point in the mine. Shafts may be sunk by conventional drill and blast or mechanised means. The industry is gradually attempting to shift further towards shaft boring but a reliable method to do so has yet to be developed. The shaft lining performs several functions; it is first and foremost a safety feature preventing loose or unstable rock from falling into the shaft, then a place for shaft sets to bolt into and lastly a smooth surface to minimise resistance to airflow for ventilation. In North and South America, smaller shafts are designed to be rectangular with timber supports. Larger shafts are round and are concrete lined. Final choice of shaft lining is dependent on the geology of the rock which the shaft passes through, some shafts have several liners sections as required Where shafts are sunk in very competent rock there may be no requirement for lining at all, or just the installation of welded mesh and rock bolts. The material of choice for shaft lining is mass concrete which is poured behind Shaft Forms in Lifts of 6m as the shaft advances (gets deeper).
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ʬ How Raise Drill Works YouTube
ʬ Raise drilling is used to create large drill holes -- up to 7.6 meters in diameter. The holes, or tunnels, are used to connect mine shafts, power plant tunnels or channels for rainwater and surplus water, as well as for ventilation between different levels in a mine. This type of drilling is performed in two stages. First you drill a smaller pilot hole and then you swap the smaller drill bit with a reamer. The reamer is equipped with reels made of hardened metal which have the same diameter as the final hole. The hole is expanded as the reamer crushes the rock using both pressure and rotation. Raise drilling can be used for holes and tunnels of up to 1100 meters in length, which makes this method very practical for many applications. ʬ How Raise Drill Works YouTube
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Alimak Breakthrough
Breakthrough round of an Alimak raise, the camera survived!
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Airleg mining
Working in Kalgoolie
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History of Cornish Mining - Cornish Mining the Raise - Drilling
Film trip to Holmans Test Mine run by CSM Camborne School of Mines. Mark Kazmarek drills a raise towards a sub level that will have a dog leg. 303 Holman drill on jack/air leg. First in series on Cornish Mining and will included the blasting of this round.
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NZG Wirtgen Surface Miner 4200 SM by Cranes Etc TV
This is the Cranes Etc TV review of NZG's 1/50 scale model of the Wirtgen Surface Miner 4200 SM. The model number is 874. The full review is on the Cranes Etc website: http://www.CranesEtc.co.uk.
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Excavator Final Drive Installation (HD)
Excavator Final Drive Installation (HD) - In this video, watch our staff install a Final Drive on one of our HALLA HE-130LCE Excavators at our shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. The old Final Drive was worn out and in definite need of repair. This video shows "how to" re-install the final drive, bolt it in, and reconnect the hydraulic lines. We hope you enjoyed this video. If so, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to stay up to date with each new video we post. As always, Thanks for Watching. W.C. Black and Sons, Inc. is a state licensed general contractor based in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in residential and commercial Demolition, Excavating, Grading, Land Clearing, and Hauling Services. Our company is family owned and operated and has served the Carolinas for over 35 years. If you need a reliable general contractor for you next Demolition, Excavating, Grading, Land Clearing, and or Hauling Project in the Charlotte Metro Area, check us out on the web at: http://www.wcblackandsons.com. Video Services By: Tier 1 SEO, LLC - http://www.tier1seo.com Cameras Used For This Video: SONY A65
Highway Concrete Machines At Work
Close up steady video laying down a big slab
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Scaffolding Training Video
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MWRB83 Stoper Drill
The MWRB83 Stoper Drill is a powerful pneumatic rock drill that can quickly and effectively penetrate hard rock. These units are used worldwide for underground mining and construction projects. Mid-Western has over 70 years experience in the rock drill industry. Our drills and parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Please visit our website at www.mwdrill.com for more information.
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Jumbo Underground Drill
Took this clip on my cell phone at work, the jumbo is drilling and inserting mesh and bolts to help stabilize the mine.
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Conrad Liebherr T 284 Mining Truck by Cranes Etc TV
This is the Cranes Etc TV review of Conrad's 1/50 scale model of the Liebherr T 284 Mining Truck. The model number is 2766. The full review is on the Cranes Etc website: http://www.CranesEtc.co.uk.
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JAMAICA NOW: MoBay flooded... NIDS bill passed... Ninja Man guilty... No mining in Cockpit Country
NOVEMBER 24, 2017: Massive flooding in Montego Bay, St James... Mother facing criminal charges after brutal beating of four-year-old... Ninja Man, co-accused found guilty of murder... Twelve shot, four fatally in St James in one night... Prime Minister declares no mining in Cockpit Country... Contractor General cites Lisa Hanna, councillor for criminal probe.
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REDTRAX Raise Drill Transporter
Redpath Mining Contractors and Engineers Continue to Innovate for the Raisebore Mining Industry. Following in the footsteps of Redpath’s in-house manufactured line of Redbore raisedrills, Redpath Raiseboring Limited, a member of The Redpath Group, has introduced an innovative raisedrill carrier to their fleet, the Redtrax. One year in the making, the Redtrax unit was designed and manufactured for the intent purpose of transporting raisedrills and related materials. The unit was a necessary progression of Redpath’s mining contractor operations toward self-sufficiency. Redtrax practically eliminates the dependence on other resources to move raisedrills throughout the mine site resulting in saved time and increased efficiency. Introducing Redtrax to the raiseboring work flow, frees previously required mine equipment such as telehandlers, forklifts and Load Haul Dump machines to perform other duties simultaneously, elsewhere at the mine site. Redtrax, compared to similar industry units, is the most modern drill carrier designed for purpose as opposed to retrofitted equipment, offering the lowest profile, modern operating systems and is environmentally conscious. Redtrax is diesel driven and leaves the lowest environmental footprint possible by using powerful motors and drive systems to meet emission standards and to significantly reduce job site noise levels. Redtrax offers clients increased productivity at both the raisedrill site and additional mine development areas where other equipment can continue to work uninterrupted. Designed for any typical mine site landscape, Redtrax is compatible with sand, mud, and water, both on surface and underground. Its high load bearing capacity makes swift work of transporting a variety of raisedrills. The current model will accommodate many drills on the market but is designed to host the Redbore 30, 40, 50 and 70 raisedrills. Future Redtrax models are currently on the drawing board for the remainder of the Redbore fleet. Additionally, carousels are being designed to increase Redtrax’s versatility to include the transport of rods, stabilizers, power packs and other related materials. This stable transporter is radio remote control capable or available with umbilical controls, to suit client preference. Several safety features include the operator’s ergonomic body harness, brake systems, fire suppression, tilt switch shut-down, directional lighting, back-up alarms and optional track insets to accommodate concrete surfaces. Operator training will be included in the established Redpath Raisebore Training School, facilitated by the company worldwide. Learn more about the Redtrax raisedrill transport system by writing: [email protected]
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National Security, Rare Earth Elements & The Thorium Problem
"The only operating rare earth mine in the United States sends all of their valuable resources to China for processing. Congress does not know this. They think this [mining] company is supplying the U.S. value chain, [and] is supplying the military. It is in-fact, the opposite. They are part of the Chinese monopoly. They're taking powder and shipping it to China, and it comes back as a magnet, or an alloy, or a bolt-on component." - Jim Kennedy To address this issue, contact your legislators to support H.R.4883 https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr4883 Why can't Molycorp, Lynas or any other 'western' rare earth company succeed? China's production and market advantage in Rare Earth Elements (REE) is largely the result of NRC and IAEA "Source Material" regulations with unintended consequences. Source Material: Materials containing any ratio or combination of Thorium and Uranium above .05%. Producing or holding these materials within the regulatory threshold (.05%) requires extensive and wide-ranging licensing, storage, transportation, remediation disposal and compliance costs, including prohibitive liability and bonding issues. Consequently any potential supplier of byproduct / co-product rare earth resources that would be designated as "source material' disposes of these valuable resources to avoid liability and compliance issues. NRC / IAEA regulations regarding "Source Material" played a key roll in undermining the economic viability of all 'western' rare earth producers and are a critical factor in China's current 'market advantage'. Producers like Molycorp and Lynas, with low Thorium deposits, can never compete with China. Resources are abundant and available: U.S mining companies currently mine as much as 50% of global Rare Earth Elements demand every year. But these resources are diverted in tailings lakes or are redistributed back into the host ore body, due to NRC and IAEA regulations defining Monazite and other Thorium bearing rare earth resources as "Source Material". H.R. 4883 would solve the "Thorium Problem" by creating a federally chartered multinational Thorium Energy and Industrial Products Corporation ("Thorium Bank"). Privately funded and operated, this would decouple thorium from rare earth production. The Thorium Corporation would also have Congressional Authority to develop Thorium energy systems and industrial products. Environmental regulations are not scaled back... rather this enables thorium to be stored safely & securely, rather then being treated as "waste". https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr4883 H.R. 4883 thus also addresses the U.S. Weapons Systems current 100% Dependency on China for Rare Earths. http://thoriumenergyalliance.com/downloads/TEAC6/USWeaponsChinese.pdf Federal Legislation governing Strategic Materials, 10 USC 2533b, does not specify rare earths, but includes metal alloys containing limited amounts of manganese, silicon, copper, or aluminum, chromium, cobalt, columbium, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tungsten, vanadium, nickel and iron-nickel, cobalt, Titanium and Zirconium alloys. Federal Regulations require that these materials be melted in the U.S. Most of these materials are utilized in rare earth alloys, magnets and components in the defense industry. The bill does NOT reclassify thorium. It does NOT alter current environmental protection. It simply resolves "The Thorium Problem" which cripples United States domestic rare earth mining, processing and value-adding processes. Source Footage: Jim Kennedy @ IAEA: http://youtu.be/fLR39sT_bTs Jim Kennedy interview @ TEAC6: http://youtu.be/Dih30mUexrA Jim Kennedy Talk @ TEAC6: http://youtu.be/CARlEac1iuA Stephen Boyd @ TEAC6: http://youtu.be/z7qfOnMzP9Y Stephen Boyd @ TEAC4: http://youtu.be/J16IpITWBQ8 John Kutsch @ TEAC6: http://youtu.be/MgRn4g7a068
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Case 580SM For Sale
For Sale Used 2008 Case 580SM Loader Backhoe On Yard stock# 2B313U 4439 hours 56000.00 CAD http://www.equipmentlocator.com/asp/edetails.aspx?loc=na-en&eqid=1357248 Call OFFICE 613-443-3300 JR Brisson Equipment Ltee. 121 St Pierre Rd Vars Ontario Canada K0A 3H0 http://www.jrbrisson.com • A/C-RIDE CONTROL-RADIO-AIR SEAT-W/WASHER- STANDARD INT.-PILOT CONTROL-1 MIRROR- 1 DOOR- BEACON- BLOCK HEATER- 900LBS- 2 BATTERIES- BIC FENDERS- FRONT & REAR AUXILIARIES - BOOM GUARD-TOOL BOX-FLIP OVER PADS- 4IN1 82'' - 24'' REAR. • Stock #: 2B313U • Category: For Sale • Status: On Yard • Class: Used • Available: Immediately • Make: Case • Model: 580SM Diese • Year: 2008 • Est Hours: 4439 • Notes: A/C-RIDE CONTROL-RADIO-AIR SEAT-W/WASHER- STANDARD INT.-PILOT CONTROL-1 MIRROR- 1 DOOR- BEACON- BLOCK HEATER- 900LBS- 2 BATTERIES- BIC FENDERS- FRONT & REAR AUXILIARIES - BOOM GUARD-TOOL BOX-FLIP OVER PADS- 4IN1 82'' - 24'' REAR • Enclosure: Cab w/Air and Heat • Ride Control: Yes • Seat: Air • Auxiliary Hydraulics: Yes BOTH • Dipper: Extendable • BackHoe: Fixed • Quick Coupler: Yes • Backhoe Bucket: Gp 2 • Backhoe Controls: Standard • Loader Bucket: 4 in 1 • Bolt On Cutting Edge: Yes • Stabilizer Pads: Flip Over • Paint Condition: Good • Overall Condition: Good • Price: 56000 CAD Call Call
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Conrad Liebherr R 960 Demolition Excavator by Cranes Etc TV
This is the Cranes Etc TV review of Conrad's 1/50 scale model of the Liebherr R 960 Demolition Excavator. The model number is 2205. The full review is on the Cranes Etc website: http://www.CranesEtc.co.uk.
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2007 Caterpillar 430E IT backhoe for sale | sold at auction October 31, 2013
SOLD! Construction Equipment Auction This asset was for sale and sold for a contract price of $58,300 in an absolute, no-reserve Internet auction by Purple Wave on October 31, 2013 View a detailed listing of this item at http://purplewave.co/H6759 2007 Caterpillar 430E IT backhoe 2,737 hours on meter Caterpillar 3054C four cylinder diesel engine 97 HP Power shuttle shift transmission Four speed Four wheel drive AC and heat AM/FM/CD Ride control Pattern changer Extend-a-hoe Auxiliary hydraulics Caterpillar quick coupler Caterpillar 24" backhoe bucket Outrigger with street shoes Counter weight 1.5 cu. yd. loader bucket Bolt-on cutting edge Auxiliary loader hydraulics Caterpillar pallet fork attachment 54" x 5" forks 5'W carriage 12.5/80-18 front tires Fewer than 200 hours on tires 19.5-24 rear tires 16,066 lbs. base operating weight Serial CAT0430EJDDT00347 It was located in Wathena, KS, and we sold it to the highest bidder for $58,300. Purple Wave makes all auction prices available on our auction results page at http://www.purplewave.com/sold
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Rock Falls - Preventing Rock Fall Injuries in Underground Mines
http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/mining/works/coversheet1835.html “Rock Falls - Preventing Rock Fall Injuries in Underground Mines” is a close companion to the video Miner Mike Saves the Day! or Ground Support... It's Important!. Rock Falls teaches the importance of proper roof scaling in underground mining to avoid injury and improve work conditions. The video breaks down scaling methods in five easy steps.
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Vertex Mining Tools MFG. Ltd.
We are committed to a better drilling economy. In open pit and underground mining operations from production drilling to precision longhole and rock bolting we have met the requirements of some of the major Canadian and off-shore mining companies . Our contributions in heavy construction range from hydro projects to our services and involvement with tunnelling contractors in North America and Asia-Pacific. You can depend on our quality rock tools to deliver the faster penetration rates and lower drilling costs. From special designs to our standard product lines, we ensure that every product dispatched from our warehouses conforms with the strictest industry quality standards. We believe in improvement and efficiency. We have worked closely with mines and quarries since inception and will respond to your requirements within your project time limits. We are located in the proximity of international air cargo terminals which enables us to expedite time critical shipments and minimize your production down-time. Vertex offers flexibility in design and a fast manufacturing turn-around .New products are developed within weeks of client request. Any additions to our product lines are extensively field tested and monitored prior to marketing and distribution. Please contact us for rock-bolting accessories and special application tools which may not be available from other manufacturers. 31 Villarboit Crescent Concord, Ontario L4K 4R2 905-738-9487
35t excavator vs pulley
Had to get pulley and torque converter off a gearbox on a crushing plant. Just happened to be on really well and the bolt couldn't be turned with a 1 inch gun or by hand. 35 ton excavator did it easy. Had to do it over and over for 2 hrs though. Sped up 2x
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Excavator with Ripper
Volvo EC290LC ripping hard ground
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Golden West Engineering & Construction - Drilling
Golden West Engineering & Construction offers portable drilling for property owners, contractors, and others, in the greater San Francisco Bay area.
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How to Remove a Boulder - This Old House
This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shares his secrets for busting up big boulders. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thisoldhouse Full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59kdGYIuUFM&list=PLkJADc1qDrr8JnEkf1GX2utInAXW6t2XP&index=12 How to Remove a Load-Bearing Wall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZsS_4HiHT8&list=PLkJADc1qDrr_0NxtmzECiOWkr5de82kXV&index=303 How to Transplant Mature Trees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAKQNSIVdo8&list=PLkJADc1qDrr_0NxtmzECiOWkr5de82kXV&index=45 How to Deer-proof Shrubs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zetCNgv08DE&list=PLkJADc1qDrr_0NxtmzECiOWkr5de82kXV&index=14 Shopping List for How to Remove a Boulder: - a big rock that's in the way Tools for How to Remove a Boulder: - pointed shovel, used to dig around rock - electric rotary hammer and 1/2-inch-diameter masonry bit, used to drive screws and drill screw holes - bulb-type syringe, for blowing dust out of holes - feathers and wedges, used to split the rock - 3-pound sledgehammer, for pounding in the wedges - long-handled pry bar, used to break off split pieces of rock - diesel-powered air compressor and rotary rock hammer, for drilling and splitting large rocks Follow This Old House: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisOldHouse Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisoldhouse Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thisoldhouse/ G+: https://plus.google.com/+thisoldhouse/posts Instagram: http://instagram.com/thisoldhouse Tumblr: http://thisoldhouse.tumblr.com/
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WSI Volvo FM + Nooteboom 'Van der Vlist' by Cranes Etc TV
This is the Cranes Etc TV review of WSI Model's 1/50 scale model of the Volvo FM with Nooteboom 5-axle trailer in the colours of Van der Vlist. The model number is 01-2416. The full review is on the Cranes Etc website: http://www.CranesEtc.co.uk. Support Cranes Etc using Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CranesEtc
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720 shaft 012.avi
Plugger/JackLeg Drilling an Alimak Bench RND
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Government tasked to explain sand mining activities in Lwera swamp
Members of Parliament have taken to task the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development over the failed implementation of a parliamentary committee resolution on sand mining in Lwera along the shores on Lake Victoria. Last year, Parliament adopted the report of the Committee on Natural Resources that ordered the halting of sand mining in Lwera until clear guidelines had been set by the ministry and the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). Minister of Energy and Mineral Development Irene Muloni pledged that by June, her ministry would have drafted design the sanding mining policy and could then implement the ban. Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit http://www.ntv.co.ug Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ntvuganda Like our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/NTVUganda
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Classic earthmovers: The John Deere 5010 scraper
The John Deere 5010 scraper: an overview by Richard Campbell A direct development of Deere’s first elevating scraper, the model 840, the model 5010 incorporated many improvements over its predecessor. John Deere to many people are better known for their agricultural equipment and are in fact one of the oldest established manufacturers of ag equipment being founded in the late 1830s. Deere ventured into the construction industry via their agricultural track type tractors and are now well established as a producer of construction and logging equipment as well as catering for folks down on the farm! The original John Deere model 840 was a 3-axle elevating scraper and utilized a bowl manufactured for Deere by Hancock of Lubbock Texas. Hancock, recognized as the originator of the elevating scraper concept, had already been manufacturing this type of bowl for some years and built them in several sizes. They were originally designed for land levelling and intended to be towed behind agricultural tractors or small track type tractors, an area in which John Deere excelled. A manufacturing agreement was set up between Deere and Hancock in 1957. John Deere were something of a pioneer in respect to elevating scrapers being the first company to offer this type of machine as a motor scraper on a commercial production basis. The John Deere 840 sold in relatively small numbers but was sufficiently successful that Deere considered it worth developing and subsequently in 1962 the model 5010 was introduced. Deere also chose a 3-axle configuration for the model 5010 and powered the machine with one of their own 6-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engines. This engine produced 129 flywheel horsepower and drove an 8-speed manual transmission with live PTO through a double 11 inch power assisted clutch. A top speed of 26 mph was attainable in 8th gear which was very respectable for the time. The live drive PTO (power take off) was essential for drive to the scraper elevator whose operation was entirely mechanical via a complex series of reduction gearboxes and drive shafts. This may seem rather odd but hydraulic technology was still basically in its adolescence and hydraulic motors of sufficient capacity to drive the elevator simply did not exist. Having 3 axles made the JD5010 a smooth rider which no doubt endeared it to operators. Power assisted steering and hydraulic brakes were standard equipment and a partial cab could be fitted as an option. The operator was placed on the left of the machine with good visibility in all directions and a fully adjustable seat. An instrument cluster was directly to his right so a handy eye could be kept on vital functions during loading and unloading. Bearing a remarkable similarity to the model 400 Hancock elevating scraper fitted to the previous model 840 (why change a good thing), the model 5010’s bowl was in fact manufactured by John Deere and held 8 cubic yards. Deere had made several small refinements including changing the profile of the elevator’s flights and modifying the geometry of the cutting edges and sidecutters. As mentioned previously, drive to the elevator was through a series of gearboxes and shafts which drove the 16 flight elevator at 227 rpm. Dumping was achieved by the common method of sliding floor and doze out ejector. Bolt on teeth could be fitted to the cutting edge to aid in loading tough materials. At 8 feet wide, and with an axle loading of only 11 tons the John Deere 5010 was legally roadable just about anywhere making it a very flexible tool. Interestingly, elevating scrapers were only type of scraper that John Deere offered during the 40 years that motor scrapers were listed in their sales catalogues. The John Deere model 5010 was discontinued in 1965 and replaced by the model 760, also a 3-axle scraper. Thanks for checking out NZ Contractor magazine's John Deere 5010 clip. These clips are made from images published in conjunction with classic machine reviews at http://www.contractormag.co.nz/category/classic-machines/ Captions and associated images have all been uploaded to Pinterest https://nz.pinterest.com/ContractorMag/ Author Richard Campbell has sourced these images; Richard also blogs at http://www.contrafedupdate.me -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Remember this company? https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=YOAp53GXLcM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Dropping a big rock down a 1500 foot deep hole
I'm throwing a rock down a 450 meter deep hole (1500 ft). Info of how the hole was made can be found at the raise boring contractor homepage at http://www.orefields.com/en/ Animated description of how and why this hole was made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V69z9VFI4rs This is a video of the drill (sorry for the bad quality): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec3N0ltc_0Y The hole is in Austria at the bottom of lake Feldsee, and it is a part of a hydroelectric power plant. During the day, when the price of electricity is higher, a lake will be emptied, producing 70 MW of electricity. During the nighttime when the electricity is cheaper, the generator will be used as a pump, refilling the lake. The pump will have a capacity of 11,3 cubic meters per second. The total drop height will be 524 meters, where this hole is 450 meters deep.
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Drum Explodes During Welding, Killing Worker
A worker welding on an empty acetone drum is killed when residual acetone in the drum ignites and explodes.
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How to Cut and Shape Stones
Watch the full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfu0X8t5H58 Roger Cook demonstrates how to cut and shape stones for hardscaping projects. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thisoldhouse Shopping List for How to Cut and Shape Stones: - Stone of various sizes and shapes Tools List for How to Cut and Shape Stones: - Gas-powered cut-off saw with diamond blade, for sawing stone Right-angle grinder with diamond blade, used to cut stone - Rotary-hammer drill with masonry bit, for boring holes into stone - Small sledgehammer, used to strike hand tools - Wedges and feathers, for splitting stone - Hand tracer, for splitting stone - Stone buster, used to crack larger stones - Handset, for trimming edges of stones - Hand point, used to chip off high spots - Bushing hammer, for finishing surface of just-cut stones Steps for How to Cut and Shape Stones: 1. Use a gas-powered cut-off saw or angle grinder to cut stone. 2. To hand-split a stone, begin by using an electric rotary hammer and masonry bit to drill holes spaced 4 inches apart across the stone face. 3. Insert a steel wedge and pair of steel feathers (shims) into each hole. 4. Use a hammer to alternately tap each wedge into the hole. 5. Continue to lightly tap each wedge until the stone cracks in two. 6. To split a stone with a hand tracer, set the tracer on top of the stone and tap it with the hammer. Move the tracer down an inch or so and strike it again. 7. Continue in this fashion until you’ve a cut line across the stone. 8. Move the hand tracer back to the beginning and repeat, tap it, move it, tap it, move it, until the stone splits in two. 9. To crack large stones, use a stonebuster tool. Set the buster on top of the stone, then strike it sharply with a hammer to cut a line across the stone. Repeat until the stone splits. 10. To trim the edge of a stone, use a carbide handset. Hold the handset at an angle to the stone, then strike the handset with a hammer to chip off small pieces of stone. 11. Use a carbide-tipped hand point to chip protrusions and high spots off of a stone face. 12. To smooth and even out the surface of a stone, lightly tap it with a bushing hammer. 13. Continue to tap the stone until achieving the desired level of smoothness. Follow This Old House and Ask This Old House: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisOldHouse Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisoldhouse https://twitter.com/asktoh Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thisoldhouse/ G+: https://plus.google.com/+thisoldhouse/posts Instagram: http://instagram.com/thisoldhouse Tumblr: http://thisoldhouse.tumblr.com/
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Weekly Round-up: Mobay flooding... Ninjaman guilty... OCG urges probe into Lisa Hanna
Dancehall deejay Ninjaman was on Monday found guilty of a murder committed eight years ago which was sparked by a domestic Gardens. Then on Tuesday, the Office of the Contractor General recommended that a criminal investigation be launched into the constituency office of South East St Ann Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna and the St Ann Municipal Council. And, flood waters wreaked havoc on that resort city of Montego Bay on causing major damage to buildings and vehicles. Watch as OBSERVER ONLINE wraps this week for you.
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FOUNDATION FOR NEW HOUSE ON THE OCEAN VIDEO BY ASAP CUSTOM HOMES 904-993-3433 AND ASAP GENERAL CONTRACTING STATE CERTIFIED GENERAL CONTRACTOR SERVING ALL OF FLORIDA AND GEORGIA CUSTOM BUILT HOMES SPEC HOMES MODULAR HOMES DESIGN AND BUILD SERVING ALL OF FLORIDA AND GEORGIA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Modular buildings and modular homes are sectional prefabricated buildings, or houses, that consist of multiple sections called modules. "Modular" is a method of construction (v. "stick-built" and other methods such as off-site construction. The modules are six sided boxes constructed in a remote facility, then delivered to their intended site of use. Using a crane, the modules are set onto the building's foundation and joined together to make a single residential, or commercial, building. The modules can be placed side-by-side, end-to-end, or stacked up to 6 stories in height, allowing a wide variety of configurations and styles in the building layout. Modular buildings, also called prefabricated buildings, differ from mobile homes, which are also called manufactured homes, in two ways. First, modular homes do not have axles or a frame, meaning that they are typically transported to their site by means of flat-bed trucks. Secondly, modular buildings must conform to all local building codes for their proposed use, while mobile homes, made in the United States, are required to conform to federal codes governed by HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). There are some residential modular buildings that are built on a steel frame (referred to as on-frame modular) that do meet local building codes and are considered modular homes, rather than mobile homes. Modular buildings are often priced lower than their site-built counterparts, for a variety of reasons. Manufacturers cite the following reasons for the typically lower cost/price of these dwellings: Speed of construction/faster return on investment. Modular construction allows for the building and the site work to be completed simultaneously, reducing the overall completion schedule by as much as 50%. Indoor construction. Assembly is independent of weather, which increases work efficiency and avoids damaged building material. Favorable pricing from suppliers. Large-scale manufacturers can effectively bargain with suppliers for discounts on materials. Ability to service remote locations. Particularly in countries in which potential markets may be located far from industrial centers, such as Australia, there can be much higher costs to build a site-built house in a remote area or an area experiencing a construction boom such as mining towns. Modular homes can be built in major towns and sold to regional areas. Low waste. With the same plans being constantly built, the manufacturer has records of exactly what quantity of materials are needed for a given job. While waste from a site-built dwelling may typically fill several large dumpsters, construction of a modular dwelling generates much less waste. Environmentally friendly construction process. Modular construction reduces waste and site disturbance compared to site-built structures. Environmental benefits for used modular buildings. Modular buildings contain 100% reusable components. This means you have the ability to take the building down and relocate it. Should a company's needs change, the modular room can be moved and they never lose their original investment. Pre-owned modular buildings in particular are recognised by the UK Government as being extremely environmentally friendly compared with an equivalent new manufactured building. When a used modular building is relocated with minimal alterations, then the amount of energy used is approximately 3% of the energy that is required to manufacture a new equivalent modular building when minimal alterations are made. The reason for this is that the embodied energy contained within a modular building is transportable and is locked within the fabric of the building Flexibility. Conventional buildings can be difficult to extend, however with a modular building you can simply add sections, or even entire floors Healthier. Because modular homes are built in a factory, the materials are stored indoors in a controlled environment, eliminating the risk of mold, mildew, rust, and sun damage that can often lead to human respiratory problems. Traditional site-built homes are always at risk from these threats. According to manufacturers, modular homes are designed to be stronger than traditional homes by, for example, replacing nails with screws, adding glue to joints, and using 10-20% more lumber than conventional housing. This is to help the modules maintain their structural integrity as they are transported on trucks to the construction site; however, it is difficult to predict the final building strength since the modules need to endure transportation stresses that traditional homes never experience.
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How to Wire Normally Open (NO) VS Normally Closed (NC) Switch
*SUBSCRIBE* A simple breakdown of how a normally open switch (NO) should operate vs how a normally closed switch (NC) should operate when wired correctly. We use a multimeter to test the electrical connections. I was having trouble understanding this until I actually got my hands on a switch and played with it. These switches are about $2 and I would say pick one up and play with it, you'll have it figured out in no time. Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/makertable?ref=hdr_shop_menu Website: http://www.Maker-Table.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makertable1776/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maker.table/ Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/maker-table
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Grand Coulee Dam: A Man-Made Marvel (Full Movie)
Grand Coulee Dam: A Man-Made Marvel, produced by the Bureau of Reclamation's Pacific Northwest Region's Public Affairs Office, is now showing to enthusiastic audiences at the dam's Visitor Center. This film, newest in their lineup, is loaded with historic construction footage, photos, and newsreels from Reclamation's legendary hydropower workhorse.
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Klondike Alaska: A Rail History
For most people, railroads in Alaska and the Yukon are synonymous with the Alaska Railroad and the White Pass and Yukon Railroad whose passenger cars provide tourists with vistas of awe-inspiring terrain. That same terrain provided enormous challenges for early settlers of both territories. Railroads were an integral part of overcoming those challenges. Dozens of other railroads also laid track in Alaska, the Yukon, and northwest British Columbia and provided the means to transport supplies to settlements and to transport the region’s raw materials to outside markets. Klondike Alaska charts the history of many of those railroads. ©KUAC 2005 DVD's of this program are available for purchase at www.kuac.org.
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How To Add a 120V 240V Circuit Breaker
Shannon from http://www.house-improvements.com/electrical shows you how to add a 120V and/or 240V circuit breaker to your residential load center (breaker box). The process is pretty straightforward, however we strongly recommend you call a certified electrician to do any electrical work!
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cranes, lifts, steel erection
Older videos spliced together...as I recall, St. Louis, Houston, a few CT - some taken as a "tourist" from the sidewalk, others on site. NOTICE: You will see unsafe acts. Keep in mind that some shots are pre-subpart R...yes, Marie, they really did used to do that.
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Chef Fail - Don't Treat Your Employees Like This..
Follow Me: www.facebook.com/thechefchrishill www.instagram.com/The_ChrisHill www.twitter.com/@bachkitchen My Newsletter: www.mybachelorkitchen.com/newsletter
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Rock Drilling
Brief demonstration of Rock Drilling which will be competed on 9th Indonesian Students Mining Competition & 1st South East Asian Students Mining Competition
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Two Story Mezzanine  || NationWide Shelving || 801-328-8788
http://www.nationwideshelving.com/utah-mezzanines.php Space Saving Mezzanine Mezzanines can be designed and configured to overcome a number of storage problems. By building up rather than out, tall systems take advantage of factory space by capturing overhead area that is lighted, heated and paid for, while allowing valuable floor space to be used for more profitable activities. Benefits Free Up Floor Space by Making Use of Vertical Space Save Money Over Expanding the Property More Economical Employees Save Time with Storage in More Convenient Places Fast Construction Safe and Secure Applications Storage Field Office Security Office Gate Houses Towers Electric Sub Station Press Box Download PDF Brochure Download PDF Brochure Customization Mezzanines can have many variations depending on shapes, sizes, weight capacity and more. NationWide Shelving’s experts can design and customize the mezzanine to meet your specific needs and adapt to your space. Our experts will do site visits, measure your space, drawings, 3D rendering, and quotes. This is all a FREE, no purchase necessary service that NationWide Shelving provides with ALL of our products. Multi-Level Storage Systems Shelving has the structural integrity to allow for custom design of multi-level installations in countless arrangements. Clip, Rivet, and Wide Span shelving systems with our Pallet Rack works smoothly with our mezzanine storage options. Your NationWide Shelving experts can help you choose the perfect shelving and mezzanine to meet your needs. Stairs and landings are available for all mezzanines. OSHA Approved (BOCA or any other local standard as requested) Introducing solid steel structure and a powder coated finish, cage ladders are engineered to meet OSHA specifications. Ladders feature a flared entry for easy access and include a steel base mounting bracket. All styles include an integral kick plate for added safety. Features Heavy-duty columns & baseplates Modular bolt-together systems Heavy-duty prefabricated stairs and accessories Sturdy handrail with 4” kickplate 4-MIL powder coated steel components offer a greater level of strength against abusive, corrosive applications Standard Decking Options Advantech - This is a high quality product superior to ordinary plywood and OSB options due to its enhanced strength and moisture resistance ResinDek - This is high density composite flooring, recommended for mezzanines requiring a solid floor subject to heavy loads from the use of pallet jacks, carts or dollies Diamond Plate - This steel decking is considered to be our second most durable flooring Concrete Flooring - The most durable type of mezzanine flooring by far is concrete Press-locked Grating - This decking is a common choice in the waste management, mining, and food service industries Custom Design 801-328-8788 Our highly trained designers will take the measurements of your space, and assure you get the most possible storage. Simple or complex solutions for all Mezzanines and shelving, including sophisticated multi-level and modular applications. #Mezzanines #UtahMezzanines #SaltLakeCityMezzanines #IndustrialMezzanines #WarehouseMezzanines #OHSAApprovedMezzanines #MezzaninesforMaterialHandling #MezzaninesforStorage #MezzaninesWithShelving #SteelMezzanines #WorkPlatforms
Port Waratah Coal Services - Members Take Action
Maritime Union of Australia members are poised to launch protected industrial action against Rio Tinto's subsidiary Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) in Newcastle after an impasse in negotiation because of the company's strident anti-union posture. Workers at Kooragang Island and Carrington have voted on the motion to take protected industrial action against PWCS, which has achieved strong support from the workers. "Rio Tinto and PWCS need to understand that Australia is not Bangladesh," said Ian Bray, the assistant secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia. "In Australia, we have standards established over many years to make sure workers' have a voice, a decent standard of living and, most important, a safety and health regime so their life and limbs are safeguarded." PWCS' anti-union proposals are seeking to undermine the safety and health of workers, tear up long-standing settlement procedure of contract issues, and radically change the scope of matters that can be arbitrated. Newcastle Branch Secretary Glen Williams "PWCS management is poisoning a long history of mutually beneficial good relations with its aggressive anti-worker, anti-union approach," said MUA Newcastle Branch Secretary Glen Williams. "It's trying to stick it to workers at every turn, refusing our reasonable claim that sick or injured workers should have a right to leave without pay and salary continuance insurance to deal with their illness. It just shows the PWCS - Rio attitude that workers are expendable parts." "PWCS has even gone so far as to try to remove the dispute procedure clause that has been in the agreement for many years which would allow PWCS do as it pleases even if a dispute resolution procedure is underway," added Williams. Talks between union members and PWCS have seen more than eight months of negotiations. The single bargaining unit representing workers comprises the Maritime Union of Australia, the Transport Workers Union, the Electrical Trade Union, and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union. Mick Forbes, Branch Secretary of the Transport Workers' Union, Newcastle Branch, said the problem was that PWCS management was not willing to bargain in good faith. "PWCS is playing hardball -- they won't move on job security and proposed changes to the contractor's clause makes our members very nervous about what the company's real intentions are," Mr Forbes said. "We have enjoyed a long period of industrial harmony at PWCS through generations of enterprise bargaining agreements that continue to benefit both parties." "During the time PWCS has operated the coal loaders, we have seen a cooperative and consultative approach to industrial relations that has allowed PWCS to become the biggest bulk handling facility in the world. This has not happened by accident and our members are as much a part of the success of the company as management," Forbes added. Daniel Wallace, AMWU Organiser said: "This is union busting 101 and our members are determined that a few industrial relations extremists, who have been appointed to positions within the management of PWCS, will not destroy the flexibility and industrial harmony we have all worked so hard to achieve over many years." "PWCS are showing absolute contempt for their workforce and they need to come to the table ready to resolve these negotiations as matter of urgency," ETU organiser Russell Wilson said. "They have openly said that they will train non-skilled employees who do not have the requisite safety skills to do the job while industrial action is underway. They are determined to undermine their workers," Wilson added. In July last year, Glen Williams wrote to NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner seeking an independent report about the cause of a cancer cluster at Kooragang Island. The MUA is still awaiting a response to the letter but it is understood that Hunter Valley Area Health Service is providing an interim report to the Minister. Produced by Jamie McMechan Maritime Union of Australia - Film Unit. Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) http://www.amwu.asn.au/ Australian Services Union (ASU) http://www.asu.asn.au/ Australian Workers Union (AWU) http://www.awu.net.au/ Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU) http://www.cfmeu.asn.au/ Electrical Trades Union (ETU) http://www.etunational.asn.au/ Maritime Union Of Australia (MUA) http://www.mua.org.au/ Public Service Association of NSW (PSA) http://www.psa.labor.net.au/ Unions NSW (Unions NSW) http://www.unionsnsw.org.au/ Australian Council Of Trade Union (ACTU) http://www.actu.org.au/ International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) http://www.itfglobal.org/ International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) http://www.ituc-csi.org/
Jackson Roxborough - Design & Detail Models
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Chicago Pneumatic RX 22  Rock Breaker
Hydraulic Breaker model RX 22 Decade of experience and the latest innovation have gone into the design of Chicago Pneumatics’ Hydraulic Hammers following being just some of the features that ensure maximum economy: • Universal application • Long service life • High performance • High availability • Easy maintenance • Reduced strain on carriers • Longer Tensioning Bolt Life
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I-70 construction begins
I-70 construction begins
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