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Edison Gold Mining Claim - New Mexico - 2017
The Edison Mine is a historic lode and placer mine that was worked as early as the 1890s and through the 1930s by the Edison Mining and Milling Company. It is thought that the historic Anchor Mine and the Edison Mine are actually the same mine and the Anchor mine was the first prospect in the area.
Gold Mining With The BLM's LR2000 Report
Follow along as I show you how to use the sometimes complicated LR2000 report from BLM to help your gold prospecting and mining. Get more prospecting resources over at: http://www.egoldprospecting.com Also be sure to confirm Location Notices for any mining claim at your local county recorder's office...the LR2000 is only for general claim research!
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SOURCE: SFGATE ✔When asking seasoned miners about this year’s so-called gold rush in Northern California, it can be a challenge to obtain trustworthy information. ✔“People who are smart don’t advertise what they’ve found,” said Bob Van Camp, better known as “Digger Bob.” “If you’re finding nuggets in an area, you don’t tell anyone about it; I’ve made that mistake before.” ✔After all, if you’re a professional miner looking to make your fortune, it’s the nuggets you’re after. Flakes and dust are milquetoast – and altogether worthless – compared to heavy chunks of the shiny yellow stuff. ✔Northern California was pelted with record rainfall this winter, and miners predicted that once all the water washed away, gold would be left in its wake. It appears that their predictions are panning out.“Folks are finding more gold — ‘flood gold’ — than usual this year,” said Diana Clayton, president of the Shasta Miners & Prospectors Association, which owns seven claims throughout Northern California and boasts about 350 members. ✔“Many of our members have been mining for decades,” Clayton said. “They really know the area. And they know there’s been changes.”Bryant Shock, co-owner of Gold Prospecting Adventures in Jamestown, Calif., estimates that there’s been a quarter increase in professional miners heading up north – a sure sign of a legitimate gold rush, he says. ✔So too, Shock has seen bigger chunks of the mineral unearthed this season than in recent years, and not just near streams and rivers. Heavy rainfall triggers slides, he explained, which create cutouts in the hills and deposit small bits of gold in gulches and ravines. ✔“I’ve heard of people walking along, kicking the dirt and finding a piece of gold,” Clayton added. She said a Shasta Miner recently uncovered a nugget half the size of her pinkie finger – that’s a biggie. ✔Clayton wasn’t about to let SFGATE in on the location of the prized chunk – “That’s like asking fishermen where they found their best catch!” – but she did mention the prospects surrounding the Oroville Dam, where miners believe gold is buried in the bedrock and dirt washed away when the spillway flooded. ✔“There’s good gold in that gravel,” said professional miner Mike Abernathy definitively. ✔ Aspiring miners should take pause before heading to Oroville with a pan in their hand and visions of riches on their minds. The region surrounding the spillway is completely inaccessible to the public, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) vehemently refutes the treasure hunters’ chatter. The river channels affected by the flooding were extensively mined during the late 19th and 20th centuries, and having high flood waters would not expose additional gold,” a BLM spokesperson told SFGATE over email. ✔Nonetheless, a miner can dream — that’s what this gold hunting business is all about anyway. Odds of making a fortune in the goldfields of California are slim-to-none, but that’s not really the point. ✔Said Clayton, “It’s about having fun and maybe getting lucky.” SFGATE ARTICLE: http://m.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/A-mini-gold-rush-has-descended-on-Northern-11303830.php#1 DON'T YOU JUST LOVE MY SUPER AWESOME CHANNEL? THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET YOU CAN SEE MY MASTERPIECES OF DIVINATION! 🤓 SPONSOR MY INSPECTIONS OF THE MASTERMIND MAINSTREAM MEDIA & TOGETHER, WE WILL TRAVEL THROUGH THE RABBITHOLE INTO OZ, UNMASK THE VILLAINS IN OUR MAGICAL MYSTERY MACHINE & STRlKE WHEN THEY LEAST EXPECT US— LIKE A PACK OF FURIOUS VELOCIRAPTORS! WE ARE THOSE MEDDLING KIDS THAT WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH IT! ! 👷👦👱👧🐕🐿 Support My Channel & Work Here: https://www.patreon/JamesMunder
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Searching the Bureau of Land Management Website for Patents.wmv
What is the Bureau of Land Management? What records can you find there? How to search for records on the website.
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Department of Land Transfer Information Inc. Mining Claim Staking Service Overview
Department of Land Transfer Information Inc. Mining Claim Staking Service Overview or documentation
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What is GOLD PLACER CLAIM? What does GOLD PLACER CLAIM mean? GOLD PLACER CLAIM meaning - GOLD PLACER CLAIM definition - GOLD PLACER CLAIM explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. In the United States, a placer claim grants to the discoverer of valuable minerals contained in loose material such as sand or gravel the right to mine on public land. Other countries such as Canada, Mexico, and Australia grant similar rights. In the United States, the valuable mineral in a placer claim is almost always gold, although other nations mine placer deposits of platinum, tin, and diamonds. Another type of mining claim is a lode claim. A mining claim allows some security of tenure for the owner, providing an incentive to invest time and money developing the deposit. Mining claim laws vary from state to state, but claims staked over federal minerals follow federal mining law. Federal minerals are managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Mining claims staked under either State or federal laws (state claims may only be staked on state-owned and managed lands; federal claims may only be staked on minerals owned by the federal government) are limited to lands available for claim staking at the time the claims are staked. Thus, if the land is not available for mineral entry (example: withdrawn due to its status as a park or refuge), then the claim is said to be invalid ab initio. An additional requirement is "Discovery", which follows the "Prudent Man Rule." This means that a sufficient indication of valuable mineral(s) would encourage a "Prudent Man" to further invest time and money developing the deposit towards the goal of mining it. The holder of a mining claim does not own the surface, the water, or even the rocks and gravel. A mining claim grants the holder with the preferential right to extract the valuable minerals within the claim, and for uses incident to that goal, such as prospecting, exploration and development. Gold mining is one of the most common uses for the staking of mining claims. In Alaska, state mining claims may be up to 160 acres (0.65 km2), and there is no distinction between lode or placer claims. The boundaries of the claim must follow the 4 cardinal directions, with an exception being adjustments for existing valid claims. "Claim jumping", which happens to this day, is a case where one person overstakes the claims of another. This results in civil action, and sometimes violence. Claims staked on Federal-managed lands fall under Federal rules. Typically, the claim size is limited to 660'x 1320', or 20 acres (81,000 m2). The claim must be either placer or lode, and the discovery point must be clearly marked. The claim staking procedure includes setting a monument (a post of at least 3" in diameter and at least 3' visible above the ground, or a rock monument at least 3' in height) at the NE corner of the claim. This is known as the Number 1 corner, and it is here that the claimant places the location notice. Three additional monuments, one at each corner of the mining claim, must be set, numbered in a clockwise direction. Copies of the claim documents must be filed in the local offices of the land managers, and filing fees paid. This must be completed within 45 days of the staking. In addition, fees for annual rental, filing, and work (or payments in lieu of labor) to fulfill requirements of "annual labor" must be completed by the deadlines set by the regulations in order to hold the claim. Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in a declaration of abandonment, and the claim cannot be restaked by the original locator or a successor in interest for one year from the date of abandonment. During this time, the claim may be relocated by others.
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Mining Claims Part 1
A brief scholarly introduction to mining claims, captured on video in 1984 by Russell Hartill during Stephen Ryland's community college course on prospecting. Since the filming of these instructions, the BLM has issued a moratorium on any patents. Stephen Ryland owned Cal-Gold of Pasadena and was on the Board of Directors with Russ for the History of Mining, Inc. This unedited portion of his 6 hour class on prospecting is being released as a public service by the Mojave Underground and adoptamine.org. For more information on staking a mining claim, go to http://www.adoptamine.org
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State Sized Property Maps at the BLM Office
Toby Younis of A Gypsy's Kiss tells you about the State-sized property maps you can purchase from your nearest BLM office - in this case, Santa Fe, New Mexico it preparing for searching for Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure. Here's a link to the list of BLM offices on their website: https://www.blm.gov/locations Please click on the following link to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://agypsyskiss.tv Once you've subscribed, click on the bell in the upper right hand corner to enable notifications. With that, you'll receive a text or email letting you know when one of our life streams has started. Please click on the following link to make a small donation so we can continue to deliver quality content: PayPal.me/agypsyskiss/ Thank you! DISCLAIMER: While there are "facts" in our videos everything we provide as "assumptions," "conclusions," and/or "recommendations" are our opinions, and should not be interpreted as fact. Our policy on debate: While we appreciate all the benefits associated with rational debate, we will not debate or defend our positions. We present facts, theories, and hypotheses and express our opinions on them. Our viewers are free to accept them, or not. Our policy on your solutions: Please do not share your solution with us as we are actively searching for the treasure. It protects us and you. Our policy on comments on our videos: All comments require approval to publish. Comments that do not add to the conversation are deleted. Commenters who consistently do not add to the conversation are blocked. Our policy on partnerships: We have no interest in partnerships outside our own. Our policy on chasing your solution: Our fee is $1,000.00 per day, plus travel expenses, paid in advance. Send nice letters, drawings, photos of your search and gifts boxes to: A Gypsy's Kiss The Hunt for Forrest Fenn's Treasure 3167 San Mateo Blvd NE #232 Albuquerque, NM 97110
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How to Find Gold Claims
Using the BLM LR2000 database to research if a particular piece of land has gold claims, both active and closed. Also a brief overview of using the PLSS . Using the BLM LR2000 database to research if a particular piece of land has gold claims, both active and closed. Also a brief overview of using the PLSS . Find Gold in Old Abandoned Gold mines with our simple tips. Learn the basic techniques that will get you Gold from the mine Dumps ( Tailing piles ) of Old Gold . This tutorial guides you through using the Advanced Search Tool on any Land Matters Mining Claims Map to quickly locate a specific mining claim. Search by .
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No More SunStone Belt Runs in Plush???? Sunstone mines need your help!
Ron Jacobsen ....Boise field officer supervisor 208-334-1835 ---- Spectrum Mine http://www.highdesertgemsandminerals.com/ ----- Dust Devil mine http://www.dustdevilmining.com/ ----- Do you have Dig ideas? [email protected] Mining America T-Shirts https://www.etsy.com/listing/513727634/pick-axe-explosion-t-shirt Support Mining America https://patreon.com/user?u=3979473 To Support upcoming digs Send Money to Mining America paypal.me/MiningAmerica Mining America FB page https://www.facebook.com/MiningAmerica/ Mining America Fb group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1132467800137603/ Mining America Store on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpHaMMaZ-HL7OkmhF49VpRw MiningAmerica's shop on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MiningAmerica Twitter @CalekoDj Mailing address Not Available at this time
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How to search the BLM site for Oil & Gas Leases - Landman Training
How to research Federal Oil & Gas leases in New Mexico using the BLM's LR2000 website. Link to LR2000 site: https://reports.blm.gov/reports.cfm?application=lr2000
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A modern land run? trump move opens utah to mining claims under 1872 law
A modern land run? trump move opens utah to mining claims under 1872 law WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw federal protections from millions of acres of Utah wilderness will reopen much of the iconic terrain to gold, silver, copper, and uranium land claims under a Wild West-era mining law, according to federal officials. Starting at 6 am on February 2 – the moment Trump’s proclamation reducing the size of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments takes effect – private citizens and companies will be allowed to stake c...
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Mining Claim for sale - Watch before you buy - maybe a scam - don't be an EBAY sucker!
Mining Claims. Watch this before you ever buy a mining claim. Why are they selling it if it's so good? When was it filed? New filings are scams!
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New Mexico Treasure Hunters Association - Metal detecting New Mexico
This is a slide show of some f the hunts the club have been on, and some of the members. If you areinterested in treasure hunting, Feel free to check out our website. http://nmtreasurehunters.webs.com
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Dale Gold Mining Claim - California - 2017
The Dale Mine is located near the site of Old Dale, California. Historically this area was mined for native gold. It was reported that a single jack miner could expect to produce around 0.7 ounces per ton in gold. Many of the mines in the area were small operations worked by small miners and prospectors who vigorously defended their workings from all comers.
More NM Free Camping: Big Surprise, Gold Panning, and RV Cooking.
Free camping at Grape Vine Campground close the Gila Cliff Dwellings. Thanks www.freecampsites.net ! Big reveal on the hidden bike project. Getting back to nature. Solar maintenance and brainstorming. Getting a chance to start practicing gold panning, and some RV cooking! Want to support the channel?! Donate here: https://www.paypal.me/wanderingpatches Check out my Amazon store for my favorite stuff I use! http://astore.amazon.com/wandepatch-20 **Just using the link to purchase other items on Amazon gives us a small percent at no charge to you**
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Anaheim Gold Mining Claim - California - 2017
The Anaheim Mine is a well known producer in the famed Gold Park District, just south of Twentynine Palms, California. Historically the mines reported good free-milling gold values, averaging one ounce per ton. Sporadic high grade pockets would sometimes yield as much as 400 ounces at a single point.
Public Lands 101: What Are Public Lands?
We're back with our next installment of our Public Lands 101 video series! Today we're breaking down the term 'public lands'.
Radio Gold Mining Claim - Arizona - 2017
The Radio mining claim is located in the highly coveted Cherry Mining District, which is known for producing native gold from small, hand worked mines over the last 250 years. The Radio Claim is made up of a shaft and adit and some small trench workings. Supporting the workings are the foundations of a small processing plant, which included some sort of hoist. There are also hand built walls and roads, and the remains of an old miners cabin which appears to have had a small smelter inside.
Looking for Gold, New Mexico camping
We found this great campground just off I-40 in New Mexico State Park..
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Locating Lode Claim Markers
How to locate the corner markers of a lode claim
Independence Mine Reclamation - Nevada - 2016
Website: https://www.goldrushexpeditions.com/ Mining Claims for Sale: https://www.goldrushexpeditions.com/store/mining-claims-for-sale/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoldRushExpedinc Today Corey explores the historic remains of the Independence Mine in Pioche, Nevada. Government reclamation of the mine has left a path of devastation and destruction. Strewn about the site are remnants of a hoist house, water towers, and a rare headframe. The mine itself is still intact, but the decades of rich history in the structures of the site have been decimated. NDEP Nevada Abandoned Mine Lands Program http://ndep.nv.gov/bca/aml.htm NDEP Contact Page http://ndep.nv.gov/admin/phone.htm BLM http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en.html BLM Contact Page http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/info/directory.html USFS http://www.fs.fed.us/ USFS Contact Page http://www.fs.fed.us/about-agency/contact-us
NM Public Lands
NM Public Lands
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Found!  Secret Gold Mine and Mining Camp Hidden in the Mountains
We recently stumbled upon this secret, hidden, abandoned mine and mining camp high up in the mountains. We explored one mine tunnel as well as the surface structures. A shed onsite contained an old vintage Silvertone radio/record player from 1940, a winch, a newspaper from 1957, and other artifacts. Inside the mine, we found more artifacts used by the miners, and we demonstrate in the video how those artifacts were used by the miners long ago.
Nevada 150: Carlin Gold Trail
A brief history of the town of Carlin, Nevada as told by local historian Jan Petersen.
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Gold Rush! Bundy Ranch v2 0 Reloaded- BLM Takeover of Oregon Gold Mining Town
HAMMOND RANCH SEIZURE FOR MINING.zip https://archive.org/details/HAMMONDRANCHSEIZUREFORMINING Keep in mind a VERY important thing with all of this: This entire Hammond Ranch incident is being used as a front for an armed protest and seizure of Federal property the Hammonds do not approve of, and it is all being done with PERFECT timing for Obama's new attempt at a gun grab. I firmly believe the Hammonds are being thrown in jail by the government to provide a precedent for a fake armed protest by the government to justify a massive gun grab BY THE GOVERNMENT. It all fits. Especially with the Hammonds openly stating they do not agree with the protest, it just fits. Required read: This is very eye opening information on the Hammond Ranch situation that has additional information completely different from what I posted above, this is a job very well done and I'd say a required read. The video was uploaded one day before the scheduled protest , which was the same day the militia took over the federal refuge, or January 1st. Why would Obama order the ranch destroyed before any of the last 24’s events took place? From what YouTuber William Mount says, there is MUCH more to this story, and in typical Obama fashion, it’s all absolutely FILTHY… every damn bit of it. Mount says that “what the feds have” with the rest of the land surrounding the Hammond Ranch, is well documented in U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1740-B. Download it now before it gets taken down. It turns out that the land the feds own, and the land in question at the Hammond Ranch have enormous amounts of Natural Gas, Uranium, Mercury, and Arsenic. If you follow me regularly, you know I cover the economy and the looming financial implosion of the U.S. Dollar very closely, and I’ve been saying for some time that the Dollar collapse is imminent. William Mount reports that the Treasury Department is well aware of the pending crash and has plans to issue a new Dollar later in 2016, that will be backed by natural gas and oil, and the Hammond Ranch is the only thing holding up the extraction of the resources owned by the feds. Furthermore, Mount says in an effort to appease our largest creditor, Obama has already cut a deal with the Chinese to take the Uranium for their nuclear program. At this point, if you’re like me, you’re thinking that all sounds nice, a bit far fetched perhaps, despite the supporting U.S. Geological Survey, but not impossible right? BUT, how exactly is all that mining going to get done, who’s going to do it, and how is the Uranium allegedly going to get to China? Uh… Ok. I suppose THAT is how the the mining will get done, and the Uranium shipped to China. Wow. Mount says Obama’s feds have been harassing the Hammond Ranch very aggressively for a long time in an effort to get at the natural gas and Uranium resources the land holds, but to no avail. Now, the feds have simplified their plan: Toss the Hammond’s in prison for a grossly excessive sentence, and see to it that they meet unfortunate and untimely deaths while there. Remember, per the article, “In the Hammonds’ plea agreement in the 2012 trial, the BLM obtained the first right of refusal should the family have to sell their private land,” or if they should happen to come to an early dirt nap “retirement” so to speak. Property rights attorney Karen Budd-Falen from Cheyenne, Wyoming, brings up a fascinating point as it relates to the prison sentence. She says, “What totally amazes me is what these guys did – they burned 140 acres. If you compare that to the EPA spill in Colorado, it amazes me that NOTHING will happen to those EPA employees.” With respect to the EPA folks, she goes on, “You have cities down there [in Colorado] with no drinking water. The Hammonds didn’t do anything like that,” and with the well documented deposits they are sitting on, there sentence is all just a coincidence? Please! There are never coincidences with Obama. There are only schemes. HAMMOND RANCH SEIZURE FOR MINING.zip https://archive.org/details/HAMMONDRANCHSEIZUREFORMINING
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Cactus King Mine in the Rawhide Mining District of Arizona
Lode 20.66 acre claim on BLM land staked by the Department of Land Transfer Information LandTransfer.US.com eBay Auctions Seller: Scyros35
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Small scale mining claims in arizona for sale
Now chatting: http://www.leawaysschool.com/solution.html Contact Us: http://www.leawaysschool.com Gold Mines in Arizona - Gold Rush ExpeditionsGold mines in Arizona ... Arizona Mining Claims for Sale. ... shallow trenches or small exploration pits, ...Buy, sale, lease or partnership of gold mines, 鈥nternational listings of gold mining claims & property for sale, rent, lease or partnership. ... gold mining claims for sale, ... Arizona Property For Sale by ...Miners Warehouse - Small Scale Gold Mining 鈥INERS WAREHOUSE specialises in the supply and distribution of Mining Equipment to the small scale Artisinal Mining industry.AGE, Placer Mining Claims For Sale - Advanced 鈥lacer Mining Claims For Sale ... California Claims. Arizona Claims. Mining Claim ... Claim Staking. Rules & Regulations. Filing Service. Small Scale Mining Beginner ...5 Arizona Mining Claims for Sale, all or part鈥?5 Arizona Mining Claims for Sale ... These Yavapai County Arizona unpatented BLM land mining claims consist of four 20 acre claims and one 120 acre claim for a ...gold mining claims for sale eBay31 results for gold mining claims for sale ... Quartzsite Arizona Gold Mining Claim Claims Land Prospect Minerals Gold Mine. Nice Camping Spot. $500.00; 0 bids;Gold Mines For Sale in USAMINES FOR SALE . ... Eight contiguous 鈥淐rown Granted鈥?mining claims, ... 鈥ould be put into operation in a very short time and at a relatively small cost.Gold Mining Claims for Sale in Arizona - 鈥old Mining Claims for Sale in Arizona. ... Arizona Gold Mining Claims for Sale Go to the great state of Arizona and stake your claim for gold. ...ArizonaMiningClaims.com Arizona's Great Gold 鈥rizonaminingclaims.com ,gold ,mines ,mining ,land ,claims ,for sale, ... It is ready for your bulk sampling or small mining ... Arizona mining claims is where you ...Arizona 2 Patented Mining Claim, Lovelock, NV 鈥earch homes for sale, ... Arizona 2 Patented Mining Claim is in the 89419 ZIP code in Lovelock, NV. The average listing price for ZIP code 89419 is $130,540.Oatman AZ 86433 Patented Mining Claims For 鈥atman AZ 86433 Patented Mining Claims For Sale ... Oatman AZ 86433 Patented Mining Claims For Sale ... SEARCH FOR ARIZONA REAL ESTATE On The Beautiful 鈥igh Desert ProspectingNevada Placer Claims For Sale Nevada is a mining friendly ... Nevada placer claims for sale are ... This is an excellent opportunity for a small or medium sized ...'Haunted' Arizona gold mine for sale - CBS 5 - 鈥?Haunted' Arizona gold mine for sale Posted: Updated: Posted by Phil Benson. Email ... Strike gold: Own a piece of Arizona's mining past Strike gold: ...Gold Claims for Sale - Gold Mining Equipment for 鈥old Claims for Sale; Gold Mining Claims for Sale in Arizona; ... Gold Claims for Sale A gold mining claim allows some security of tenure for the owner, ...Mining Claims for Sale - Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc.At Gold Rush Expeditions we specialize in finding top ... We then offer these mining claims up for sale. ... Mining Claims. All Mining Claims for Sale; Arizona;AGE, Small Scale Mining Claims - Advanced 鈥mall Scale Mining Claims. ... Mining Claims for sale. California Claims. Arizona Claims. Mining Claim Details. ... 40 acres Small Trommel ideal! $4,500:Mining Equipment for Sale in Arizona - 鈥?.. prospectors ,mining claims ,for sale Rich ... Mining Equipment for Sale in Arizona. ... We have used this on every bulk sampling and small mining project we have ...Colorado Mining Claims for Sale - Land in 鈥olorado Mining Claims for Sale: ... Although there are thousands of these small mining claims in Colorado, the total amount ofMine Finder Gold Arizona Mining Claims For Sale 鈥rizona Mining Claims For Sale. Gold, Silver, Copper, ... Gold, Silver, Copper, Gemstones located in Arizona. Supersition, Bradshaw, Lode, Placer, ...Mine Finder Gold Arizona Mining Claims For Sale 鈥rizona Mining Claims For Sale. Gold, Silver, Copper, Gemstones located in Arizona. ... Current Mining Claims. BELMONT. HARQUAHALA. BRADSHAW. SUPERSTITION. 鈥npatented Mining Claims for sale in Arizona 鈥lacer mining claims for sale/lease ... You can avoid the fee by getting a small miner exemption ... There are no property taxes on claims in Arizona.Claims For Sale Gold Panning UtahClaims For Sale. An old photo of ... Mining Claims for sale (or lease) in Idaho ... The gold found on the claims is fine, generally coming in small granules, ...mining claims for sale eBayFind great deals on eBay for mining claims
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Death Canyon, Tooele County, Utah - Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. 2008
This video is an amalgamation of our exploration of Death Canyon. GRE, Inc. Death Canyon is mostly privately owned and private property on the mining claims. Lost Treasure USA has offered access to their sites if you contact them at [email protected] If you visit these sites, please be respectful and leave everything as you find it. This includes relics and any artifacts you may come across; the Antiquities Act of 1906 makes it a federal crime to move or disturb any relics or artifacts that could be of historical significance. Since 2004, Gold Rush Expeditions has been working to save these historic sites as a part of Utahs heritage. Unfortunately, the state is against us, Utahs Governor, John Huntsman, Jr. does not think these sites deserve saving. His office has been contacted numerous times and still the destruction continues. Additionally, the BLM, and the Office of Surface Mining has disregarded our arguments. Please take a moment to help us save Utahs mining heritage, visit our website at www.goldrushexpeditions.com and click on the "Action Items" to send an email to all of the interested parties with one simple click.
Glitter Mine up for review
BLM Arizona Strip seeking public input on Glitter Mine ST. GEORGE, Utah - + Video – The lease holder of a popular surface mine located in the Arizona Strip south of St. George is asking the public to respect his mining claim. Russell Feller of Feller Stone of Veyo, Utah, has requested from the BLM an Occupancy concurrence. If granted, the request would allow him to place signs and possibly even fence off the active mine site to prevent unauthorized collecting of minerals. The popular site holds a valuable unusual mineral called selenite. It’s referred to by Feller as “Utah Ice” and is known for it’s glittery sheen. Feller has actively mined and leased the claim for 25 years. The BLM Arizona Strip Field Office will accept public input on the application until December 6, 2017. (Via e-mail at Https://go.usa.gov/xnYCy) To contact the mine owner, or for more information about Feller Stone, go to Fellerstone.com
1 74 Acres beautiful lot near cripple creek
Affordable mountain land to build your Cabin or camping. You will have the beautiful Colorado mountain view all year long. It is only 7 miles from the City of Cripple Creek, a former gold mining camp located 44 miles southwest of Colorado Springs near the base of Pikes Peak.. Most of the property are hilly and heavily treed with lot of Aspens. This property adjoins thousands of acres of BLM on 2 sides and a small piece of BLM on another side. The other side adjoins another mining claim.
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Department of Land Transfer Information Inc April Placer Mining Claim in Lone Pine California Video2
Department of Land Transfer Information Inc April Placer Mining Claim in Lone Pine California Video2
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New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources, 2015
A short video produced by the staff of the NM Bureau of Geology that explains who we are and what we do for the State of New Mexico. Video Production Manager: Brigitte Felix Script: Matthew Zimmerer, Trevor Kludt, Andrew Jochems, Susan Welch, Jake Ross, Lewis Land, and Brigitte Felix Videography: Matthew Zimmerer and Kelsey McNamara Storyboard: Brigitte Felix, Matthew Zimmerer, and Susan Welch Voiceover: Trevor Kludt Video Editing: Rachel Montoya (NM Tech) Photos: Bureau of Geology, 1989 Earthquake by USGS-J.K. Nakata, 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption, USGS-P.W. Lipman
Examining the Bureau of Land Management Public Lands Leasing
Learn more at http://Oversight.House.Gov
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Little Katie Mining Claim
For more details click here: http://www.visualtour.com/showvt.asp?t=2404982 000 Lump Gulch Rd Clancy, MT 59634 $150,000, MLS# 268640 If you are looking for that hard to find secluded property with in driving distance to Helena this may be your dream site come true. Little Katie Lode Cos#4687 Surrounded by BLM land located just off Lump Gulch Rd. Great building site. Possible subdividable buyer would need to verify with county. Presented By: Ryan Swinney Bruce Swinney, Bruce Swinney & Associates 406-442-3616 http://www.swinneysells.com View My Inventory: http://www.visualtour.com/inventory.asp?u=192169
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Exploring the UUM 111 Gold Mine, GPS included
UUM's are "unnamed, unknown mines" as they are not in the historic database I cross reference for mine names. The mine was registered and claimed through the BLM at some point in time. I don't look up their claimed names as I have 100's of these mines plotted on Google Earth. I believe the last one I logged was 1,803 so to cross reference each for the name is terribly time consuming. The mine rails didn't match sizes inside or out so the plan of salvage for the rails is off the table for now. I lost about 20 seconds of the video on the very end, but you didn't miss much.
David H Rhodes Jr. The Night Before Heading to the Mining Claim to Lose Weight
June 1998. The tape was bad so never did anything with it. Will be posting Dave while living at the mining claim.
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Boondocking in Cibola National Forest Sandia Ranger District, NM
I boondocked in the Cibola National Forest Sandia Ranger District for about a week. I learned where it was ok to camp and filled my water tank at a nearby rv park. I also found bones in a tree, a snake, and a butterfly!
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Episode 1115 | Our Land: Wells Going Dry in the East Mountains
This month on “Our Land: New Mexico’s Environmental Past, Present and Future,” we take a trip over the Sandia Mountains to learn about what’s happening with groundwater levels in places like Sandia Park and Edgewood. In recent years, more and more people have seen their domestic wells dry up. Some people drill deeper wells, while others pay to haul water or try to hook into the local water utility. Issues of water will only become more important in the coming years, as the climate continues warming, and new developments demand more water. One important key to tackling the problems of water scarcity is understanding the aquifer itself—and what’s happening below the ground. (Funding for Our Land provided in part by the Neeper Natural History Programming Fund for KNME TV)
Mystery Desert Cabins Part 2 of 4: Grandpa's Man Cave
Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #211 *Note: I disabled comments on this video because of concerns that someone would post the name or other information identifying the location of this cabin. I have to respect the wishes of these cabins' caretakers...they want to keep the locations secret. If you have feedback regarding this or other videos, you can always contact me or post on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wonderhusssy The Mojave Desert is full of secret hidden volunteer cabins -- mostly old mining cabins that have been fixed up and are maintained by volunteers, who come out on the weekends to make repairs and stock the pantries and such. These cabins are available to any desert traveler seeking shelter on a first-come, first served basis. There is no charge to stay in such a cabin, but the code is to be gentle, clean up after yourself, and leave it better than you found it. On this adventure, I traveled around a corner of the Mojave and visited four different cabins in two days. Some were REALLY nice...and some are in need of TLC to get them up to speed. This is the second cabin I visited on the trip...and it was pretty nice, except for a little kangaroo rat that kept me company all night! wonderhussy, wonder hussy, ghost town, abandoned, abandoned town, abandoned house, volunteer cabin, public cabin,. desert cabin, BLM cabin, mojave desert cabin, mojave desert urbex, urbex, urban exploration, avawatz cabin, hollow hills cabin, valjean cabin, baker cabin, mojave cabin, staying in volunteer cabin, abandoned mine, mojave mine, mojave desert mining claim, abandoned mining claim
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Report Claims EPA to Blame for Massive Toxic Mining Sludge Spill
The mine blowout that turned a Colorado river a sickly orange for several days over the summer was caused by the Environmental Protection Agency team working on a clean-up project. That's according to an independent report by government investigators, which was delivered to the EPA Thursday. The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation's report on the Gold King Mine incident summarized how the spill was caused. It also offered recommendations on how to prevent future disasters. The report stated that the failures at Gold King Mine show larger issues within the procedures the government uses to remediate abandoned mines. http://www.buzzfeed.com/claudiakoerner/epa-error-caused-mine-spill-that-contaminated-a-colorado-riv?utm_term=4ldqpia http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit using http://wochit.com
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Mystery Cabins 3 of 4: Mad Max
Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #213 The Mojave Desert is full of secret hidden volunteer cabins -- mostly old mining cabins that have been fixed up and are maintained by volunteers, who come out on the weekends to make repairs and stock the pantries and such. These cabins are available to any desert traveler seeking shelter on a first-come, first served basis. There is no charge to stay in such a cabin, but the code is to be gentle, clean up after yourself, and leave it better than you found it. On this adventure, I traveled around a corner of the Mojave and visited four different cabins in two days. Some were REALLY nice...and some are in need of TLC to get them up to speed. This is the third cabin I visited on the trip...and it was in pretty rough shape! But it had some very interesting stuff inside..... wonderhussy, wonder hussy, ghost town, abandoned, abandoned town, abandoned house, volunteer cabin, public cabin,. desert cabin, BLM cabin, mojave desert cabin, mojave desert urbex, urbex, urban exploration, avawatz cabin, hollow hills cabin, valjean cabin, baker cabin, mojave cabin, staying in volunteer cabin, abandoned mine, mojave mine, mojave desert mining claim, abandoned mining claim
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Jackpot Testing
Jackpot Mine, testing for gold...
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SPOT: Lake Valley, New Mexico
This SPOT (Some Place Out There) is of the historic mining town of Lake Valley, New Mexico. The Lake Valley Mines were operated during the late 1880s. These days, Lake Valley is a "ghost town" and it is operated by the Bureau of Land Management. Lake Valley is located on NM Highway-27, which is part the Lake Valley Scenic Byway. On 12 November 2010, Lake Valley was open for visitation from Thursday-Monday, 9:00am-4:00pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.
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Colorado Land for Sale | Land for Sale in Southern Colorado 719-941-9919
http://www.adobegold.com/ Parcel B-2 on Santa Fe Trail Ranch is currently listed for sale by Adobe Gold Properties. To view the current price on this parcel please visit the website link above for up to date information. Some of the awesome things about this property is it great location on the ranch and how close it is to Trinidad Colorado. For more information on Trinidad Colorado check out http://www.trinidadco.com/ This 35 acre parcel has power, phone and get this....city water right to the property line. Can you believe that you won't have to drill a water well, this alone could save you $25-30,000 in not having to drill an 800 ft water well. That is like getting that much of a discount on this property! Santa fe Trail Ranch is a beautiful Colorado ranch development consisting of about 17,000 acres that borders I-25 on the east side and New Mexico on the south side. On the south side it also borders Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch. http://www.vermejoparkranch.com/ Adobe Gold Properties has current listing on Santa Fe Trail Ranch that you can view here http://www.adobegold.com/ranch/santa-fe-trail-ranch/ and also do give us a call at 719-941-9919 for more information or send us an email from the website. We look forward to helping you find your dream property in Colorado! Colorado Land For Sale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zVI78m09ug
Historic Gundaker Mine in the Sand Springs Mining District of Nevada
Mining claim for sale by Department of Land Transfer Information staked in 2016
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