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NN Tuned PI Controller for speed regulation in BLDC motor
Model can be downloaded from https://free-thesis.com/product/nn-tuned-bldc-motor/ The BLDC motor speed is controlled by PI controller but gain parameters of PI are very dynamic for a model and we used neural network to predict these. A reference model is developed which saves the gain parameters values for training first with corresponding speed and error. This one is used to test and set the PI gain values in the test model.
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PSO tuned MPPT control PhotoVoltaic MATLAB system
This simulink model is designed in MATLAB to track the maximum power form PV array. PSO optimization algorithm is used which is tuning the optimized duty cycle. The particles positions are duty cycle in each iteration for each cycle the duty cycle is fed into PSOmodel.slx, and output power is saved and compared in next iteration final duty cycle is loaded into the final model. Below results are shown for different PV array. Maximum Power is tracked in case of PSO. To get the model, please visit this http://imojo.in/ef21aw
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VANET Simulation using MATLAB
VANET is emerging as a connectivity network for a smart city as it can manage live traffic, send emergency messages to base station. In it every vehicle acts as a sensor node which collects the surrounding information and send them to base station.
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Digital Image Watermarking Using DWT and DCT optimisation
Digital Image Watermarking, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Discrete Cosine Transform, Hybrid algorithms, MATLAB, GUI. Download the code from http://free-thesis.com/product/digital-image-watermarking-using-optimized-dwt-dct/
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MATLAB GUI presentation for fuzzy logic Application: https://free-thesis.com
The free code for this video is available at https://free-thesis.com/product/matlab-gui-presentation-for-fuzzy-logic-application/ This is a video depicting the GUI constructed using MATLAB. It has the functionality to save the input and output in excel file along with the surface view plot option for each input. The fuzzy logic is evaluated using a button after loading the .fis file.
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License Number plate detection of moving vehicle
We have used openALPR to locate the license plate in each frame and to detect the moving vehicle license plate number. The GMM background subtraction followed by some morphological operations algorithm detects the moving vehicle and feed that cropped part to openALPR with some tweaking in its configuration to improve the accuracy. Some video feed is also directly fed to pre-built binaries generated .exe file of openALPR (downloaded from its release page). The accuracy is very less and even plate is not detected in several frames.
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Image Encryption using Elliptic Curve Cryptography in MATLAB
This video demonstrate the process of image encryption using elliptical curve cryptography. The complete code for it is available at https://free-thesis.com/product/image-encryption-decryption-using-ecc/. This is the code which simulates the encryption and decryption of an image using random and private keys in MATLAB. The elliptic curve cryptography is applied to achieve the security of any image before transmitting it to some one so that no other can see the data hidden in the image. At the receiver end the destined user will already have the decryption key used for this. If key is altered, image will not be decrypted.
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Human Action recognition data set generation
This video demonstrate how openCV can help in segmenting the main actor in action for the human action-recognition research, This data set is from the UT interaction dataset and the work is based on the paper by K. N. e. H. Slimani, Y. Benezeth and F. Souami, "Human Interaction Recognition Based on the Co-occurrence of Visual Words," 2014 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops, Columbus, OH, 2014, pp. 461-466. Though the main actor action segmentation was done manually in this work which we tested with semi auto segmentation method using python+openCV.
DCmotor fuzzy GA PSO
The DC motor speed control comparison by three different algorithms- fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm (GA, particle swarm optimisation (PSO)
ROI marking and vehicle Tracking
This video shows how to mark ROI interactively to detect the vehicle crossing and tracking of vehicle using python. The tracking algorithm used is mainly background subtraction using GMM along with some morphological operations. The free code for it is available at my github account, visit that and fork/star the code https://github.com/earthat/ROI-marking-for-traffic-surveillance-
Speaker Recognition using RBF neural netowrk trained LPC and MFCC features
This work is a demo video for speaker recognition form a data set of 5 speakers with different voice tones using MFCC and LPC features. these features are tuned and classified by RBFNN to match the accuracy.
WSN nodes Localization in MATLAB
The nodes localization in WSN is simulated with MATLAB for the hybrid optimization algorithm. The accuracy of unknown nodes location detection is upto 95.3% which is 13.8% higher than GWO optimization. The code can be checked here https://free-thesis.com/product/wsn-nodes-localization-by-hybrid-optimization/
Image Encryption using Arnold Cat Scrambling algorithm
Get Full code at http://free-thesis.com/product/image-encryption-using-logistic-map-and-arnold-cat-scrambling/. This video demonstrates the MATLAB work for image encryption based on chaos theory. logistic map is frequently used for this purpose but it has low key space and less secure. So we modified the logistic map and embed the key in scrambled image by Arnold cat map.
Microwave and antenna
This video shows the simulation of some important antenna bands using HFSS.
FIR filter design using PSO and BFo optimization
This video shows the execution of MATLAB code for the thesis of FIR filter design coefficients optimization using PSO and BFO. The code for it can be checked at https://free-thesis.com/product/fir-filter-design-by-hybrid-optimization/
GeoClustering and routing in Python
This project loads a raw excel file of addresses at which courier company has to deliver and to economically utilize the courier boys, we used DBSCAN clustering in python and used google API for routing plan of clustered locations. The clusters are marked on static google map in different colored markers. http://free-thesis.com
Genetic Algorithm based QoS optimization in cloud computing
This video gives you an insight of very basic with MATLAB and how Genetic algorithm helps in optimizing cloud computing QoS by optimally allocating virtual machine's resources to several user nodes. For complete code access, visit http://free-thesis.com/product/genetic-algorithm-based-qos-optimization-in-cloud-computing/
face mask detection
To detect the face markers and draw a grid on face to design face mask
Electricity Price Forecasting using Neural Network
Wind power Electricity Price forecasting by optimised neural network. The code for it can be downloaded from here you can get it from here https://www.instamojo.com/freethesis/electricity-price-forecasting-using-optimize Neural network based approach promises to be an effective forecasting tool in an environment with high degree of non-linearity and uncertainty. But due to premature convergence it can give erroneous results some time. So it has to be trained to full convergence. A hybrid optimization algorithm i.e. Bacterial foraging optimization (BFO) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) is used in our work to train neural network so that erroneous results can be avoided.
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Audio Watermarking using Optimized DWT-SVD
The source code for it can be purchased from http://free-thesis.com/product/audio-watermarking-by-dwt-svd-bfo/ This video shows the embedding of image watermark into an audio keeping originality and robustness of audio and imperceptible to hacker.
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Optimisation of Neural Network for MPPT control in PV grid
This is the MATLAB implementation of PV-grid power distribution system which is controlled by Neural Network (NN) for Maximum Power point Tracking (MPPT). The NN is made more efficient by optimally tuning its weights and biases. Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) is used for this purpose. The MATLAB model is developed in R2017a.
Highway sceanrio generation in VANET free thesis
This MATLAB code implements the highway scenario for VANET and clusters the vehicles which are in the vicinity of RSU. Fuzzy logic helps to select the new cluster head every time.
Image Compression Using Optimized Vector Quantization Algorithm
This demonstrates the MATLAB GUI for image compression by optimized vector quantization method. Detail can be checked at https://free-thesis.com/product/cross-layer-attack-detection-in-cognitive-radio-network/
Coloured Ball detection in MATLAB
This video shows a graphical user interface developed for different coloured balls detection with MATLAB.
parking lot detection
This demo demonstrates the interactive ROI marking in the video and parking detection of cars in c++ using openCV.
Image binarisation
The way to digitize the historical document to save them for long time.
Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation in MATLAB
The code can be found here: https://free-thesis.com/product/brain-tumor-segmentation-in-mri-images/ The brain tumor segmentation is a difficult task and we used fast processed adaptive morphological operations to segment tumor from T1 weighted MRI images.
ICI mitigation in OFDM by Kalman Filtering
Inter Carrier Interference Mitigation in OFDM using kalman filtering
EV Optimised charging Schedule
The MATLAB code for this video is available at https://free-thesis.com/product/intelligent-charging-strategy-of-electric-vehicle/. This video shows the scheduling of charging strategy of the electric vehicle with the nonlinear constraint in Ant lion optimisation
Credit Card Fraud Detcetion using Neural Network
Check out how Neural Network fights with credit card fraudsters , powered by GSA optimization in MATLAB. The thesis code is provided at https://free-thesis.com/product/credit-card-fraud-detection-using-neural-network/
Face Morphing
Warping of one face onto other.
Photo Mosaicing in MATLAB
This one show how photo mosaicing is done from a pool of some random images using MATLAB and optimisation
Countour detection using opencv
This project uses openCV to detect contours of hand. Hand is segmented by graph cut algortihm from rest of the background.
Charging vehicle movement in WSN field
This project is using MATLAB to deign the WSN field, clustering the WSN nodes and dividing the whole filed into the voronoi cell so that a charging vehicle can move and cover all cluster heads.
RGB2DKL Colosapce Conversion
Change of object color from initial gray to its original natural color by operation in DKL colorspace, a very useful colospace near to natural colors and very tricky one.
Motion Detection in a Store from webcam
This video demonstrates the motion detection in a store in real time. The movement in the store is tracked by motion detection algorithm which seems to perform upto expectation with some more noise pixels filters addition.
Co Ordination of Wind Hydro Plant for Revenue Maximisation
This work is in support of Paper on the link http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2711191. For Free code, kindly leave a message with your Email ID in visitor's post on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/computer20vision/ Any query and suggestion are warmly welcome
Moving Foreground Object Extraction from Dynamic Background
For detailed description, visit http://free-thesis.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=414&action=edit
facial landmark detection
The dlib is used with c++ to detect the facial landmarks and its pretty good.