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Comodo Firewall 10 vs WannaCry Ransomware
Music: Cowboy Junkies- Angel Mine
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The Horror of CCleaner
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NotPetya vs Comodo Firewall
Music: Linda Ronstadt- Crazy
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Qihoo Total Security- a Mechanistic Protection Test
Please note two things: 1). I didn't make clear in the concluding comments that the random ransom text boxes were from Unlock92h and not Exotic 2). I didn't point that Cloud caught 3 of the malware samples in the absence of local (on-demand) definition detection.
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A RansomOff Quickie
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Spora Ransomware
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A Quick Test of SuperAntiSpyware Pro
Music: Enya- Deora Ar Mo Chroi
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A BitDefender Internet Security test
Music: Momentary Bliss - Crush & NYD (vocals by Avril Lavigne ).
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A Ranstop by TemaSoft Overview
Please note that the 3rd ransomware file, Nemucod1, is really a Blackhat beta. Although it will encrypt files, it will NOT delete those files that have been encrypted. So the test here is if the product can detect and stop the encryption process and nothing else. It was included only as a prod to development.
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Shadow Defender vs TimeFreeze
Nothing earth-shattering, but just one thing to keep in mind when (and if) you choose a snapshot application.
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A Quick Comodo Firewall Video
In response to a discussion on Malwaretips.
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Windows Firewall Brief Test
Testing Windows Firewall against a Keylogger
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NotPetya and Standard User Account
Music: Orbital- Omen This video highlights a form of process elevation by malware which some may not be familiar with.
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Zemana Antimalware Portable against a Worm
Being the third and final part of the Worm series.
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A HitManPro Alert Quickie
This being Part 1 of a HMPA vs AppCheck Pro comparison.
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ID Ransomware
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Petya MBR Encryption Ransomware Test
Being Part 3 of More Fun with Ransomware
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Comodo Firewall against Ransomware
Music on this video: Julian Kruse - Fallen From The Sky CMA - Don't Look Back Electus - Temple Of Light
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FortiClient- An issue to be resolved
Music: Clannad - Coinleach Ghlas an Fhómhair
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Comodo Firewall vs A CryptoCurrency Miner
Music: Frank Zappa- Watermelon in Easter Hay
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Browsers vs In Browser CryptoCurrency Miners
This is a Monero webassembly/Jscript miner.
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More Fun with Ransomware
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Comodo Firewall 10 Setup
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AppCheck AntiRansomware
I don't know (yet) if they sell the product outside of Korea. But the Free version is available. It is really interesting!
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RanSim Ransomware Simulator
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Comodo Cloud AV vs a Keylogger
To verify if CCAV can natively protect against data loss from a keylogger.
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Avast Pro Antivirus 2015 vs a Zero day Scriptor
The same malware type used in the previous Emsisoft video, tried against Avast Pro with Hardened Mode at max.
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Windows Defender PUP Registry Tweak tested
Please note- these files could have been run from anywhere, including the Downloads and/or Temp folder yielding the same results.
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AppGuard on Windows 10- An Unconventional Use
Using AppGuard differently on an infected system. Special Guest appearance by Panda IS 2016 (as I had to make sure the system would get infected).
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Comodo, Sandboxie, and Shade vs an Exploit
Three sandboxes against a remote execution exploit.
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Comodo Firewall vs Fileless Malware
Music: Alice Coltrane- Blue Nile An article about the malware: https://arstechnica.com/security/2017/06/fileless-malware-attack-against-us-restaurants-went-undetected-by-most-av/ or more technically here (You can follow the prompts better if you read this first): http://blog.morphisec.com/fin7-attacks-restaurant-industry Cruel Comodo Settings (thanks to Rodney M): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0VMGJmBgyE
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Norton Security vs Zero Day Scriptor
Norton Security versus a simple Takedown Scriptor.
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A QuickHeal Internet Security test
This one brings the current video season to a close (which I'm sure will make a number of people quite happy); but I probably will push out a Comodo setup video when version 10 is released.
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A Fileless Malware Primer
Music: The Mothers- Directly From My heart To You. Note that this video was condensed from 30 min to 5 minutes so as not to waste your time. The malware actually had lag time built in.
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Mcafee and ESET- Boot Time Protection
A continuation of the Boot Time series.
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